Teen Stud Pt. 01

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Note: this short story is set in a place where all activity that occurs is legal. All characters are at least 18 years old.


Matthew decided to go for a swim in the pool in the outside garden to cool down after his hard workout. He was very happy with how his body was coming on; he had a muscular physique with defined pecs and abs and thick muscle-bound arms and legs. Matthew walked outside wearing just his boxers; their house was isolated with just one neighbour nearby and he wasn’t worried about anyone seeing him.

Matthew swam a few laps before getting out of the pool and laying on a lounger to soak up some sun. He pushed his wavy blonde hair out of his eyes and put on some sunglasses. After a minute he heard a noise near the fence between his garden and the neighbours. He walked over to the fence and saw someone backing away – it was his neighbor Ava. Ava was 5 foot 7 inches tall, had long black hair and was 18 years old. She had her hand in her bikini panties.

“Matthew, I was just… Hi, how are you”, she quickly removed her hand.

“I’m good”, Matthew replied distractedly, looking at Ava’s tits barely covered by a bikini.

Ava had a great body and he sometimes watched her sunbathing from his bedroom window. He had jerked off multiple times watching her lay in her garden barely wearing anything. And it looked like she was doing the same thing to him.

“We’re you just…” Matthew asked, looking at her flushed face. She hesitated, her face getting even bahis firmaları redder, before nodding sheepishly.

Matthew looked at her fit, toned body again before saying “Come over here”.

Ava hesitated before complying. As soon as she stood before him, Matthew pulled her forward by her hips and kissed her. She let out a startled noise before wrapping her arms around his neck, melting into the kiss. Matthew had about 5 inches on her and she had to stretch to meet his mouth. Matthew bent down without breaking mouth contact and picked Ava up so that her legs were wrapped around his waist. When he pressed her back against the fence and deepened the kiss, his tongue entering her mouth, and she felt his hard arousal against her stomach.

Matthew broke the kiss and let her down, saying “Let me take care of that for you”.

He led her over to sun lounger and knelt down before her, removing her panties and bikini. He’d always fantasized about doing this to Ava, and here she was, her wet, hairless crotch right in front of his face. He wasted no time and licked from her opening up to her clit. Ava let out a whimper at the sensation and drew her hand through his soft wavy hair.

Matthew placed his hands on her ass cheeks behind her and licked again. He probed his tongue right into her cunt and swirled it around, eliciting more whimpers from Ava. He continued to do this for a minute before moving his mouth up and sucking on her clit. At the same time he pushed two fingers into her pussy. kaçak iddaa She was so tight but that didn’t stop him from pumping his fingers in and out. He curled his fingers so every time he hit her sensitive spot. This coupled with his mouth on her clit made Ava shudder violently as the most powerful orgasm she’d ever experienced ripped through her body. She flopped down on the sun recliner, gasping for breath.

“Matthew”, Ava groaned. He stepped back, giving her time to recover.

“This might be a bit late to ask, but are you home alone?”

Matthew nodded; his parents were away more than they were home and his younger brother Tom was at a friend’s house. Ava looked down and saw a sizeable bulge in his boxers; his arousal was evident.

“Are you a virgin?” Ava asked. Matthew nodded. “Let’s change that”, Ava declared, and she stood up and kissed him again

Matthew roped his hands through her hair, taking control of the kiss. He pressed his erection between Ava’s legs; he felt how wet she was, she felt how hard he was. She pushed him back so that he was lying on his back on the lounger and she straddled him. She pulled down his underwear and gazed down in shock. Matthew’s hard cock was 7 or 8 inches long and almost too thick for her to wrap her hand around.

Matthew, seeing her hesitate, lined his cock up with her slit. Although this was his first time he wasn’t nervous. He couldn’t believe that this was happening right now! Ava, taking the hint, began to ease herself down on kaçak bahis his thickness, inch by inch. She couldn’t believe how big be was and she loved the feeling of him stretching her tight walls, filling her up completely. Her own boyfriend was 4 years older than Matthew but his cock was nothing like this stud’s.

Matthew placed his hands on Ava’s hips when she was fully impaled on his cock, rocking them back and forward. Ava reached down and grabbed his tensed biceps, marveling at the chiseled body beneath her. He had an incredible, muscular physique for someone only 18 years old. Ava let out moans of pleasure and Matthew moved his hands from her hips to her breasts. He changed from rocking to pushing up into her body and she responded by bouncing up and down on his cock. She leaned forward and pressed her hands into his chest, this angle letting him penetrate even deeper.

Matthew grabbed her ass and started to fuck her quicker. His movements were becoming jerky and Ava’s breaths were coming faster; they both knew they were near. Seconds later Ava screamed out as another earth shattering orgasm overtook her body and she collapsed down on top of Matthew. Matthew quickened his pace yet again before pushing her ass down so that he was as deep in Ava’s cunt as possible. A second later he groaned from deep in his chest as he came inside her.

Matthew and Ava stayed like this for a minute longer; her lying flat on top of him, him still inside her with his hands resting on her ass. When she climbed off him, their mixed juices ran out of her cunt and down her leg.

Matthew gazed up at Ava and said, “This might be a bit late to ask, but are you on birth control?”

Teen stud part 2 coming soon

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