Ten Inches After Tennis

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Linda was nervous about seeing him again. She met Mark a few weeks prior after discovering each other on-line and chatting. They had seen each other about every other weekend since. Now, she was meeting him again, but this time would be even more special Linda thought to herself. She smiled as she also reminisced about their conversations on the phone and the emails they traded, not to mention the sexy and naughty pictures he had attached to a few.

Mark was definitely not shy about his muscular body and well-hung manhood, which made her feel free within herself. Linda had always been reserved, but she desired to be wild with the right person to help set her free. What drew her to him were not the pictures of his body, but his sensitivity. She remembered one conversation where Mark had confessed his hurt about his last relationship when his girlfriend left him for a long distance job opportunity. She knew he was very sensitive and that he could fall deeply in love with someone he cared for. Linda realized in her heart that she wanted a man like Mark.

So here she was, about to meet Mark for the fourth time… But thinking that she knew him better than her ex-husband she was married to for 8 years. She drove for a long distance and his directions were perfect. Linda pulled into the park and saw the tennis courts he described. Her hands were sweating slightly on the wheel as she pulled towards the parking lot. He was there, standing outside his vehicle, looking up at the sky. She smiled despite her nervousness. He was wearing white shorts and a loose fitting polo shirt. His sunglasses covered his eyes, which disappointed her. She distinctly remembered how full of passion and intensity they were…and how deep blue.

She parked several cars down and took a deep breath before getting out. As she approached, he looked down and smiled. It was a warm, comforting smile that made her instantly at ease. He took off his sunglasses and put them on his shirt making her heart leap as he gazed upon her, seeming to put a spell over her. Mark wrapped up Linda in his strong arms and they kissed passionately. There tongues wrestled as Mark reached down and cupped Linda’s tight little bottom in his large hands. Her ass felt great he thought. Linda loved being in his arms and felt warm and safe.

“Are you ready to play, Linda?” He asked.

“Just take it easy on me, ok?”

“We’re just here to have some fun, not to get ready for the US Grand Slam.” He replied, laughing.

It had been a while since Linda had played so her game was rusty, but she was enjoying herself. It felt nice getting outside and running around, not to mention the smiles she kept getting. She felt like she was in high school again. Suddenly, while she was reaching to hit a ball, she felt her ankle give way. She went down hard and grasped her ankle, unsure of the damage. She had sprained ankles before and she knew that this wasn’t one of the worst, but it was going to be a little painful to walk on for a day or two. She felt a hand on her shoulder as Mark knelt down beside her.

“Are you ok? Oh shit. Can you walk?” He asked, holding her calf.

“I don’t know, it hurts,” she replied. Though she knew she could walk off the court if she had to, she wanted to see how Mark would react to the situation so she played helpless. His reaction was not what she expected, much to her delight.

Linda felt herself being lifted into his strong arms, his concern obvious in his eyes. As he carried her off the court, she laid her head on his shoulder. The pleasant smell of his cologne surrounded her and she felt herself relax into his arms. She also noticed how close his hand was to her breast. Her nipples became erect at the thought of Mark touching them. She felt herself wishing he had moved his hand higher when he lifted her, but quickly pushed the thought out of her mind. He gently set her down on the soft grass under the shade of a large oak tree.

“I’ll be right back,” he said.

Mark walked to his car and opened the trunk, pulling out a cooler. He carried it to where he had laid her and set it down beside her. Mark went back to his vehicle, searching for something. She saw him take a deep breath and walk back towards her.

“I don’t have anything to wrap the ice with so I’m going to use my shirt.” Mark said much to Linda’s delight.

Mark lifted off his shirt and placed it on the ground. He began placing cubes of ice from the cooler onto it as Linda took notice of his muscular chest and broad shoulders. Mark worked out regularly and was a weight lifter since high school. His chest muscles flexed as he reached to position Linda to be more comfortable. Her face was right in his chest. Linda instantly felt turned on as her pussy became wet. Mark was sexy and rugged and Linda could see power in his movements. As she sat watching him, looking him over, she felt as if she could feel completely safe with a man like Mark.

A rush of extreme cold against her ankle brought her back to reality. He moved it around her ankle…slowly…gently. Linda sighed as he cared for her injury and she laid back and her elbows, watching him. His concern was overwhelming illegal bahis to her and she felt a burning inside her. Linda’s pussy became inflamed and swollen. Slowly, she moved her uninjured leg apart, allowing her shorts to move away from her. She knew if he looked at her he would see her tiny thong. She felt naughty, yet passionate at the same time.

“How does it look?” Linda asked.

“Well, it doesn’t look too bad,” he started but his words were cut short as he went to look at her.

She knew he had seen her but he tried to ignore it.

“I think it’s gonna be ok,” he replied, blushing slightly.

“It feels much better,” she said.

“Well it’s a little swollen,” he replied.

“Uh, when I asked how it looked, I wasn’t referring to my ankle, Mark” Linda admitted smiling.

She looked down at her shorts and pulled them to the side along with her thong, exposing her beautifully shaven pussy completely to him. He took a deep breath and she could see the passion in his eyes. Mark reached into his shirt and took an ice cube out. He looked around quickly to see if anyone was watching. Sitting between her legs, he began to run the ice across her calf. He began to move it higher, in tiny circles. She could not only feel the wetness from the ice running down her leg, but she could feel her own wetness forming, like a fire building within her.

“I think that I am more attracted to you than I have ever been to a man and I can’t believe I’m saying or doing this.” Linda whispered before continuing.

“I feel like I have known you forever and am comfortable with you. Every time I think of you I get goose bumps. I want you. I want you to make love to me.”

This said, Mark moved the ice higher just to her swollen lips. Linda gasped loudly and grabbed his hand, pulling him to her. Their lips met in a deep kiss. It was a soft slow kiss. She could feel his hardness against her as he lay on top of her and their tongues danced. Mark pulled back slowly, gently sucking her lip.

“I think we should go to your place and work on my ankle some more,” she said.

“That might be a good idea. Can you drive?”

“Yes, just help me to my car.”

Linda followed him to his house, her heart beating in her ears. She hadn’t been this excited in a long time, yet she felt something inside that made her warm all over. He pulled into the drive and she parked beside him. Mark approached and she opened her car door.

“You’ll have to unlock my door,” he said, handing her the key.

Linda took the key from his hand and he leaned into the car, sliding his left arm under her legs and his right around her torso. His hand rested just beneath her breast. As he lifted her, she could feel it fold over the top of his hand and her nipples instantly became erect once again popping through her thin white tank top. Linda could feel herself tingling between her legs and squeezed them together in an attempt to heighten the intensity. She wanted to feel his compassion and concern along with his enormous cock. Linda pushed her lips to his neck and kissed him softly, letting her tongue glide over his skin. It was salty from the sweat and that turned her on even more.

She unlocked the door and turned the handle. Linda pushed the door open and Mark closed it with his foot. She glanced around at his home. This was her first time at Mark’s. His house was very nice and clean, which made her giggle. She had never been with a man that kept things in such good order. Mark carried her up the stairs to his bedroom. The room was dimly lit from the sun’s penetration through the cracks in the drawn shades. He laid her on the bed softly and Linda pulled him to her, kissing him. She pulled his wet shirt off dropped it to the floor. Sitting up, she pulled her own top off, leaving only her sports bra. She slowly removed it, smiling at his warm gaze. He stood next to her and she began to unbutton his shorts. Her heart was racing and her hands were shaky, but she unfastened the button and slowly unzipped them. She could see his hardness standing straight up; his huge penis was just coming over the top of his briefs, as his dick grew bigger. Slipping her fingers inside, she pulled down his briefs and Mark’s large cock flopped down from its weight. His 10-inch dick was perfect Linda thought to herself. As he stepped out of his shorts, she couldn’t help but grasp it and pull it to her mouth. Linda love to fondle Mark’s big penis and loved even more sucking it. It was warm and hard, throbbing in her mouth. She felt her shorts being slid down her body and her skimpy soaked thong followed.

Linda felt his tongue and lips kissing her belly and legs. She moved over on the bed and he laid beside her, facing away. His fingers tickled the inside of her smooth shapely legs and she willingly spread them. She slid her lips over the head of his purple monster, taking him as deep as she could, her tongue circling his head. He moaned and slid his tongue inside her. She felt her wetness on his tongue as he slid it between her lips. His two fingers replaced his tongue and began to gently massage her g-spot. With his free hand, he spread her pussy illegal bahis siteleri lips and pulled back. She felt her wet clit totally exposed and his tongue began to glide over it slowly. She was in heaven. The pleasure was so intense she stopped sucking him and laid back. She had never felt such direct, intense stimulation. Her toes curled as he sucked gently on her clit and his fingers rubbed her inside. He began to lick faster; always making sure her clit was wet. She tried to fight her orgasm, wanting to prolong his heavenly touch. But as he sucked on her clit, she felt herself explode. Grasping him by the hair, she pulled his face into her steaming pussy, pushing her hips up, bucking as convulsions of pleasure consumed her. He continued to move his fingers inside her slowly, then, slowly pulling them out.

Linda pushed him onto his back and careful of her ankle, moved between his legs. She hungrily took his extreme boner again into her mouth, taking his balls in one hand and using the other on his shaft as she moved her mouth over him. She wanted to please him as much as he had pleased her. She moaned onto his organ and made sure it was nice and wet with her saliva before using her hand. It was slick and slid effortlessly up and down. Mark groaned deeply, thrusting his hips to her.

“That feels great baby,” Mark whispered encouraging Linda on.

She put his engorged round head back into her mouth and let him thrust into her. Linda felt so naughty but so good to have him sliding his stiff dick into her mouth. She always heard from men that women should act like whores in bed and she wanted to be Mark’s whore. She pressed hard on his gonads and could feel his orgasm building as Mark continued fucking Linda’s mouth.

Linda looked up longingly into Mark’s eyes and said “Cum in my mouth Mark. I want to taste you and swallow your cum honey.”

Mark nodded in agreement and whispered, “I would love to cum down your throat baby”.

Mark smiled as Linda again attacked his thick rod with her mouth and hands again, moving her head quickly up and down his long shaft. Linda slurped Mark’s pole and added her own saliva as her mouth watered. She pulled Mark’s long penis straight up and began licking the shaft with her slippery tongue. Her left hand grasped the base of Mark’s cock and squeezed it tight restricting the blood from returning to the rest of his body. The veins of Mark’s hard-on bulged as his cock became evermore engorged with blood. His cock’s large purple head turned 3 shades darker as it became rock hard. Linda skillfully and gently licked the sensitive underside of his cock’s head still clutching his prick in her left hand. Mark’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as Linda attempted to swallow his now huge, stiff head.

Mark’s breathing quickened and he let out a low moan. With her right hand, Linda grasped a fist full of Mark’s balls and gently tugged them down as she squeezed. She could feel his cock swell in her mouth and jerk as Mark’s huge phallus began its orgasm. His hot spunk shot to the back of her throat as Mark’s cock pumped it’s cream from his big balls. Linda began kneading Mark’s beautiful jewels making sure to get every drop. Mark shot more cum into Linda’s waiting mouth. She collected as much spunk as she could hold along with his cock in her mouth and swirled it around with her tongue coating the shaft of his stiff penis. She fought to get every drop, all the while, holding it in her mouth. His tool spasmed a few more times fell to rest.

Mark groaned a sigh of extreme pleasure. Linda moved her mouth over him slowly causing him to shiver and jerk. Not to be denied, Linda continued yanking on Mark’s cock to squeeze out every last drop held in its 10-inch shaft. Several drops oozed out of the tip of his head and Linda slurped them up. Linda’s mouth, now filled with Mark’s warm cum shot, felt very slick over his dick. She bathed his shaft with his own cumshot and exposed her work to him as Mark looked up. Stringy lengths of cum attached themselves from his cock and her mouth. They both laughed. Linda finished her fabulous blow job by slowly licking clean every last inch of Marks phallus as it slowly fell limp on his stomach.

“Guess I owe you a massage now,” he said.

This can’t get any better, can it? She thought.

He placed a towel on the bed and dropped one on the floor beside them. Placing Linda on her stomach, he adjusted the pillows for her head. Leaning over, he reached into his dresser drawer and pulled out a blue bottle. She heard a click and then his hands rubbing together. When he placed them on her back they were slick and she could smell something pleasant, but unknown to her. He moved his hands over her back and shoulders, pausing only to add more oil to his hands. He moved down her body and began to massage her calves, careful of her hurt ankle. He moved his way up her legs. The combination of the slickness of the oil and the firm pressure of his hands began to excite her. She spread her legs slightly, knowing he could see her wetness.

“Linda, I want to tell you something. I feel strange. Not in a bad way, but in a way that I have canlı bahis siteleri never felt before. I don’t want to scare you off but I think I should be honest with you. I love everything about you. They way you laugh, the way you smile, the way you look at me. I know we haven’t known each other long, but when I think about you I get butterflies in my stomach.”

Linda had never heard such honesty and realized that she would probably never again meet anyone who would be willing to so freely express his emotions. She felt a tear roll down her cheek and she turned to him.

“I’m not going anywhere, Mark. I love what you said. I only wish I had guts to say the same to you. Know that everything you said is felt within me about you.”

Linda pulled him to her and kissed him softly. Her eyes swelled with tears as she felt so close to him at that moment. When she had regained her composure, she whispered in his ear with a slight sniffle.

“What happened to my massage, sweetie?”

Mark’s hands went back to her legs as he continued the massage. They moved up just to her pussy and stopped. She wanted to feel his touch badly, but realized he didn’t want to get any of the oil inside her. She smiled again at his consideration and moaned as his hands began to massage her ass. Wiping his hands on a towel, he reached into his dresser again, this time pulling out a smaller bottle. She heard a click and this time didn’t hear his hands rubbing together. When Linda finally felt his hand, it was directly on her pussy. He had placed some kind of lubrication on his hand and was rubbing her with it. Her pussy felt so slick and his fingers glided over her clit, causing her body to shake. He rubbed her for a few minutes, teasing her. He then moved on top of her. She could feel his large hardness between her ass cheeks. He placed more of the massage oil on his hands and began to rub her shoulders. This time, he also moved himself between her cheeks. She noticed that he was slick and he must have placed some of the lubrication on his cock.

As his stiff dick began sliding between her cheeks, she tried to arch her hips to get his head into her pussy, but he was keeping it just out of reach. Mark continued to tease her as he massaged her shoulders. Suddenly, he leaned forward, kissing the back of her neck and shifting his hips. He was now at her opening, she tried to push back on him but she did not need to try. He slowly pushed forward. The enormous head of his cock pierced Linda’s dripping pussy.

Linda let out a sigh as her vagina stretched to accommodate Mark’s thick cock. Mark grabbed her hips and slowly pushed in the length of his shaft. Linda’s pussy felt so tight despite how wet it was. Mark kept inserting himself until his hard on was completely inside.

Linda felt so full she could feel him against her cervix, his thickness stretching her love hole wonderfully. He began to move his hips in slow circular motions. Linda’s love hole was so slick and hot and he moved so slowly that she could feel every sensation. He bit her neck softly and sent her over the edge, her tight pussy grasping his large organ as she came. She wanted it all…she wanted him to cum inside her.

“Fuck me now, baby. I’m yours.” She moaned, pulling her knees up and arching her back.

He was still inside her and he began slowly but built up a rhythm. She could feel his balls slapping her clit as he thrust himself into her. He reached forward, pulling her up to him by her nipples. He squeezed them gently as he continued to thrust his thick shaft into her. She felt herself building up again as his pace quickened. He began to moan loudly and thrust himself deep inside her soaked snatch.

Mark reluctantly pulled out of her, as he wanted to be looking into Linda’s eyes when he came. He rolled her over gently and moved between her legs. He forced his cock inside her once more and rested his body on hers. He began to kiss her lips, cheeks, eyes, and neck. Linda felt so close to him, as if they were one person. She moved her hips in rhythm with his and she could feel his tension building again.

“I want you to cum inside me. Make me yours.” Linda sighed,

“You feel so good baby. I want to make you happy.” Mark replied.

“Look into my eyes.” Linda said.

Mark looked up at her and she placed her hands on his face. She held him with their eyes locked. The emotion they were both feeling was overwhelming. As Mark’s orgasm became eminent, he closed his eyes.

“No, look at me when you cum. I want to remember this moment forever.” Linda whispered

Mark’s eyes opened and when he saw the look in hers, he could hold back no longer. Linda could feel his dick swell even larger inside her. Linda’s pussy, stretched wide around his enormous penis, clamped down hard. Mark’s cock again erupted as Linda felt it spasm and pump another load of hot sperm up from his balls. It was more than she could handle as she came with him. Her orgasm sent her groaning as Mark smiled while spearing her pussy. The room was filled with moans of passion. As they finished, she lay on the bed and he rested on top of her, his massive tool still inside. Every once in while, Linda felt his cock produce a slight spasm. She turned her head and kissed him. Mark slowly pulled his still erect cock out of Linda’s swollen, dripping pussy with a noticeable slurp. They both laughed at the strange sound.

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