Terminal Revenge Ch. 02

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As he boarded the plane, Michael suddenly worried about taking the flight, based on the probable demeanors of the disgraced pilots. He could only hope and pray that they were able to focus on the task at hand and not on what just transpired in the terminal. He could barely contain himself as he imagined Angela finishing her shift and curiously inserting the flash drive into a personal computer. He wondered how she would decide to use the recording, and whether she would be appalled, appreciative of his efforts, or both.

It was business as usual on the short trip, with no apparent disruption to the flight. As he sat near the rear of the plane alone, he booted up his laptop and muted the sound, once again viewing the recording. Unbelievable, he thought. He almost felt sorry for the very junior co-pilot, and wondered if he was forced to perform by the pilot, or if he actually was a willing participant.

After an uneventful landing, he gathered his carry-on and briefcase while waiting to disembark. As usual, the crew waited at the exit, greeting the passengers. He knew that both the pilot and co-pilot had an ulterior motive as they looked over each passenger. As he approached, he pretended to be powering up his phone, and had to resist the strong temptation to call the co-pilot “Angela,” instead just acknowledging them with a nod. He could tell by their reaction as he passed that they had no clue that he was the videographer on the other side of the stall.

As he checked in to his hotel, he struggled to focus on the business reasons for the trip and his mind kept returning to Angela. Despite his disgust at the act that he witnessed through the recording, he found himself becoming aroused as he thought back to Angela’s simple touch of his hand and the smile that accompanied it. He realized that he may never run into her again at the gate, but his mind conjured up her response nonetheless.

It took more than two weeks before his next trip was scheduled, and once again he had a connection through the same airport. He wasn’t surprised that he hadn’t heard from her after the recent experience, since her only way of contacting him would have been to pull his travel profile – that is, if she even knew his full name. He nervously headed to the gate, half-hoping that she wasn’t there, and not having a clue as to what her reaction would be.

Michael canlı bahis şirketleri took a deep breath as he approached, and his heart nearly stopped when he saw that she was once again behind the counter. He waited patiently nearby while she finished with other customers. When she saw Michael, her face lit up with a smile, and she gave him a discreet wink while blushing at the same time.

Looking around, she whispered, “Oh my God! I wasn’t sure if I would see you again to thank you. How did you pull that off without getting caught?”

“I can’t share ALL of my secrets, unless you twist my arm,” he said.

“Well, I need you to know that it was put to good use, and I have a gift for you as well. I hope you enjoy it.” Glancing around, she reached under the counter and handed him a gift bag.

Before waiting on the next person in line, she whispered, “You may want to open it in private.”

Michael took the bag and honored her recommendation, endured the flight and ultimately checked in to his room. Again, thanks to her – he was hard as he reached down, rubbing his bulge with one hand while pulling a box from the bag. Opening the box, he gasped, seeing a pair of sheer, lacy lavender panties.

He couldn’t resist the urge to bring them to his face, breathing in a combination of perfume and a hint of Angela’s womanly scent. Unzipping with one hand while holding the panties against his face, Michael imagined her warm, wet mound that was obviously pressed against the panties not long before. Looking down, he found a single airline ticket. Reluctantly dropping the panties, he picked the ticket up, reading the hand-written post-it on the ticket, “Compliments of our favorite pilot! I’d love for you to join me — Angela.”

In his hand was a first class flight to Montego Bay, attached to a voucher for the all-inclusive Hedonism resort in Negril, with a departure date that was only one week away. He took another look and pulled a bulging envelope from the box. Opening it, he found a flash drive and a Monopoly card, stating, “This card entitles the holder to ANY two sexual fantasies. See Angela to redeem. Expiration date: One month from receipt of this package. This offer is non-transferrable.”

Michael’s mind raced, envisioning a myriad of fantasies and wondering how far she would be willing to go. She did say “ANY” canlı kaçak iddaa fantasies, so that implied that she was open to whatever he could conjure up. Fingering the flash drive, he popped it into his laptop. Included was a Word doc and a video clip. Opening the document, he received a typed thank you from Angela that explained how long the pilot’s abuse had gone on and had gotten progressively worse without providing any graphic details, and finally how Angela chose to best use Michael’s gift.

She went on to share that she planned to do the right thing and destroy the recording, but was driven to use it only after he tried to force yet another act upon her. As soon as she pulled the flash drive from her purse, he became ashen, and she almost hoped that it would have killed him on the spot when she shared just a few seconds of the video.

Soon after that, she explained, he became an enlightened and willing contributor to both the local shelter for abused women and to the local animal rescue, sending each of them a generous donation in Angela’s name. He was not quite as willing to purchase the first-class tickets and the all-inclusive package, but when she subtly inquired about his family, he again saw the light.

Explaining further that his gift was the single greatest thing that anyone had done for her, she hoped that he would allow her to show her appreciation. She was clearly willing, and she finished by sharing that she made a short video in the event that he was unable to join her in Jamaica.

Reading the letter, Michael vacillated. Would he choose to take the high “gentlemanly” road, or the dark depravity-laced path? Was it her test to gauge the type of person he was, or was it the opportunity of a lifetime, to experience amazing sex with a woman who was clearly out of his league? Michael settled back onto the hotel bed as he clicked on the video, not sure what to expect.

Although the video quality wasn’t great, the content was a dream come true. He heard Angela’s voice as she briefly shared that she had never done anything like this before, but her friend Stacy — the videographer – convinced her to take a chance after hearing what he had done for her. Almost expertly, the video only showed her from the neck down in front of her bed, in mid-rise ripped jeans and a loose untucked white blouse.

Never showing canlı kaçak bahis her face, instead the camera focused on Angela’s hands, slowly reaching down to caress her breasts through the blouse. It took only seconds for the nipples to get hard, and they clearly showed through the light blouse as she pinched them between her fingers. She could hear heavier breathing — was it Stacy’s — as she played with her ample breasts through the top. Still buttoned, her hand dropped to her jeans, taking her time to toy with herself before cupping her mound.

As she did so, her other hand continued to rub her stomach, eventually dropping down to unsnap, then unzip the jeans. He gasped as he saw the lavender panties appear, and she laid down and used both hands to wriggle out of the tight-fitting slacks. Amazingly, there was already a dark spot forming in the crotch of the panties as her hips lifted and her pussy met her exploring hand. He heard her saying over and over, “I can’t believe I’m doing this!”

Stacy whispered, “Oh my God Angela, you’re so wet!”

She continued to rub herself through her wet panties as the video rolled. Her hips moved in rhythm with her hands as her thumb and forefingers played against her clit through the panties. Eventually another hand was in the scene as Stacy reached out to yank the panties to the side.

Angela giggled, “Stacy!” Her own hand now rubbed against her freshly shaved mound now as Stacy continued to film from up close with one hand. With her other hand, the videographer inserted first one finger, then a second as Angela continued to rub herself. Stacy’s moans were heard as the camera became unsteady. Pullling her fingers from Angela’s pussy, the digits were glistening, and the hand disappeared from the camera’s view.

Was Stacy licking her own wet fingers, drenched with her friend Angela’s juices? Although the camera never showed it, Michael jerked off, imagining that Stacy was actually tasting what Michael longed for. He took the lavender panties and wrapped them around his cock as he jerked off while watching the erotic show. Both women were moaning now, and the camera was unsteady. Eventually the hand reappeared and rubbed Angela once again before the video died. Just as it did, Michael spasmed, not bothering to catch the cummy stream before it hit the white comforter.

Spent, Michael looked across the bed at the gifts. He couldn’t decide what turned him on more, the panties that were balled up in his fist or the voucher for a week at Hedonism with Angela, but he knew he was about to have an incredible adventure. (to be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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