The Balls To Play

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I had already missed two full weeks of practice when I showed up to the field that evening. I had been looking for a soccer team for quite a while, but hadn’t been able to find one with practices and games that fit my schedule – until I found the Rainbow League. The team was co-ed and primarily comprised of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered folks, although there were a few straight people – mostly women who were tired of being leered at by teammates on the straight co-ed teams.

Most of the men were your typical San Francisco gay men – white, clean cut, upper-middle class, wearing tight clothes, but still decidedly masculine – the women were more diverse. Like I said earlier there were a few straight women, all of whom looked very SF-soccer-mom, and a few lesbians, who could for the most part be distinguished from the straight women by their independent attitudes and short hair.

There was one woman, however, that I just couldn’t peg – she shared the lesbians’ independent attitude, but the straight women’s appearance. She was tall but not exactly a giant, probably 5’9″ to my 5’8,” and fairly broad in the shoulders, but curvy and feminine everywhere else and her clothing called attention to this. Even encased in her sports bra, I could tell she had naturally fabulous tits and the areas not covered by her clothing or shin guards revealed baby-smooth skin.

Maybe it was because I was watching her with great fascination, or maybe it was just luck, but she was the one to break out of the drill to welcome me to practice. I was sitting on the ground putting on my shin guards and cleats when she jogged over. I noticed the thin layer of perspiration at her hairline and the sweat seeping through parts of her tank top, rendering her nipples and aureoles visible through her saturated sports bra. She dribbled her ball over until it was a few feet away from me and then she sat down on it and started talking to me.

“Welcome to the Bloody Maries,” she said, “My name’s Kris. You’re Peter, right?”

“Yeah, I talked to Marty a couple days ago about joining the team…how long have you been playing?”

It was her 3rd season with “The Maries,” as they called themselves, and she was the female co-captain off the field and the star forward on the field. As I’m a defender, I would get to spend most practices and games staring at her ass from my position behind her. As we talked, she excused herself and leaned all the way backwards, doing something to stretch her back muscles and explaining that she needed her muscles to stay “warm” so she’d be ready when we were ready to join the drills. As soon as she leaned back, I noticed a flash of baby blue coming out from between her legs and adjusting my position, I realized that I was getting pendik escort a great crotch shot.

I remember thinking that she must have the biggest labia known to womankind. The crotch of her panties was puffed out a bit and a little roll of skin, lightly furred, stuck out slightly underneath the elastic legband. Seeing this, I felt my own cock start to harden as a little moisture seeped into my briefs. And then she caught me – she had sat up to continue our conversation and I had been so intently focused on that light blue patch that I hadn’t even noticed. I’m sure my face blended in with my maroon shirt as I turned my embarrassed gaze down toward my own hairy legs.

We joined the others and practiced until well past sundown – when the field lights went off, we finally had to call it quits. As we were packing up for the evening, I overheard her conversation with another teammate; they were discussing local haunts and it turned out she also lived on the other side of town, no more than a couple blocks away from me. At first she looked uncomfortable, and then she spoke.

“Is there any chance you’d be willing to give me a lift home tonight. I usually get a ride with Bob, but he’s not here, and it’s a really long bus ride.”

Thinking that opportunities like this rarely come my way I immediately agreed to give her a ride. We made pleasant conversation on the 20 minute ride to our houses and we were almost there when we passed by the grocery store and I remembered that I needed to grab a couple things for my lunch for work the next day. She was amenable and followed me into the store where I quickly grabbed all of the things I needed and then headed over to the booze aisle and picked up a few things I didn’t need – a six pack of Sierra Nevada – hoping Kris would give me a reason to buy them.

Back in the car for the last few minutes of the ride, she started talking about some of the plays that she and the male co-captain had been working on with the team. We were almost at my house when I realized that she had given me the perfect excuse.

“I feel really bad about missing the first couple weeks of practice and I want to learn the plays as soon as possible, but I’m not following them too well like this. I think it would help to see them written down, you don’t have copies of them, do you?”

I knew full well that she didn’t have any written plays with her – there was nowhere they could have been hidden except crumpled at the bottom of her dirty soccer bag. She looked indecisive for a moment, torn between doing her duty to the team and going home. She offered exactly what I had hoped: instead of just dropping her off, I was welcome to come inside for a drink, the beers I had just purchased, and a strategy session. When maltepe escort she said it, I hoped that “come inside” was foreshadowing, although she clearly didn’t intend it that way.

As I entered her house, I looked around for any sign that might tell me whether she was lesbian or straight and nothing helped me at all. So I finally just asked her.

“So what brought you to the Rainbow League?”

She smirked knowingly…she knew what I was really asking. “Well, I used to be on a straight team, but the men there kept trying to make passes at me so my girlfriend persuaded me to switch into this league.”

I was crestfallen. “She is a lesbian,” I thought dejectedly to myself, until she continued…

“And after we broke up I thought about going back to the straight league just because I liked the schedule better, but then I started dating a guy on my old team and we had a bad break up, I knew he would try to make my life hell if we were ever on the field together…so that’s why I’m here. How about you?”

“Well, mostly because the schedule fit with my work schedule, but I’m also bi, so it’s kind of nice to be on a team where I don’t have to pretend to be straight just so the other guys will talk to me.”

She cocked her head and looked at me strangely. “Bi, huh? I woulda pegged you for gay for sure.”

“No, I really do like women also, I swear.”

She still didn’t look like she believed me, so I leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

“If I were gay, would I do that?”

She didn’t respond…instead, she leaned over and kissed me back hard, probing my open mouth with her tongue. As we continued to kiss, I reached out to hold her and eventually started working my hands up under her tank top, feeling her tits through her sports bra and trying to tweak her nipples through the tight spandex fabric. Still attached to my lips, she swung her leg over on top of me so that she was now sitting on my lap, facing me, and then started running her finger nails over my stomach and pecs as we made out. This gave me the perfect opportunity to check out the rest of her goods. After feeling up her great ass for a little while, I moved one of my hands around to the inside of her thigh and stuck my hand up into her crotch through the leghole of her shorts. I ran my fingers gently over the patch of baby blue that I had seen earlier and was surprised by the way her fat, engorged labia moved under my fingers as she shivered in my arms. I pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and felt around for the source of the wetness, the heat, waiting to sink my fingers into that muscular channel between her luscious thighs…and as I searched, I finally realized that my searching was for naught – that what I thought were kartal escort her labia were actually testicles – and when I moved my hand beyond her testicles, I was rewarded with a throbbing, hard dick.

She tried to pull her mouth away from mine to explain but I held her face to mine with one hand while I moved the other one up and down her hard penis. She was so caught up worrying about her own endowment that she never stopped to think about mine – I would quickly put a stop to that.

I leaned back, causing her to lie on top of me, and pushed her panties and shorts off her with one hand while fondling her tits with the other. Finally, I felt her hard penis slap against my stomach. When I was done with her bottom half, I used both hands to remove her bra. Her heavy natural breasts fell with their full weight on top of my face. I nuzzled into them and pulled one of her fat nipples into my mouth, suckling while I worked to remove my own shorts and soaked briefs.

She tried to reach a hand down to fondle me, but I grabbed both of her hands and told her to wait, that I had a surprise for her. I placed her hands on my hairy chest and let go of one of her hands. With my now free hand, I reached down and stroked her penis, rubbing the foreskin up and down over the purple head, fondling her full and heavy balls. And then I placed her at my opening, put a hand on her ass, and pulled her dick into my dripping pussy. Her eyes sprang open and this time she forcefully pulled her mouth away from mine.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” she gasped in pleasure as my tight pussy clenched around her invading member.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you the same thing?” I replied.

She smirked and continued to fuck her hips into mine, over and over, burying her hot, hard shaft inside of me and then pulling it out, rubbing my g-spot on the way. I continued to fondle her breasts and suckle her nipples as she pounded into me, riding my pussy with her embedded dick.

I reached down to play with my dick – really a 2″ clit very enlarged by testosterone and able to get erect – and pumped my hips up against her as she pounded down into me. With my other hand, I reached around her to play with her balls, which were starting to tighten, and I felt the rest of her muscles begin to tighten up as well.

“I need to come…can I come inside of you or can you get pregnant?” she moaned.

“Come inside me…I want to feel your hot load in me.”

As I finished saying that, she bucked into me uncontrollably, thrusting deeper than she had before. I felt the swollen head of her penis press against my cervix as a hot rush of her thick cream spurted inside of me. Feeling her shoot so deep inside of me set off my own orgasm and I came hard, my pussy uncontrollably spasming around her throbbing member as she continued to empty her load deep inside of me. With her still on top of me and her member still hard inside of my cum-filled hole, I began to drift off to sleep dreaming about soccer matches to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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