The Bed was Shaking

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The bed was shaking.

Almost imperceptibly, but it was definitely shaking. I suppose that was what woke me.

I say ‘woke’ but, still more than half-drunk, and with the beginnings of hangover, I struggled up to consciousness trying to make sense of the motion. No earthquakes here, no subway trains close by.


Soft breathing sounds next to me on the bed. I turned my head, carefully, so as not incite a return of the dizziness and looked across to my right. Her eyes were closed and her face was relaxed now, after all the earlier outpourings of emotion. It wasn’t a ‘pretty’ face, strong jaw & high cheekbones made it striking, but a long way from classically beautiful. Left knee slightly raised and the flowery summer skirt beginning to slide up her thigh.

I stared at the exposed portion of her leg with an almost intellectual interest; or was it just the focus/non-focus from the alcohol we’d consumed? I knew she swam and exercised regularly, but I’d not really realised what that could mean for her muscle definition. Either there was no fat there at all, or was there was a tenseness which didn’t match the relaxation in her face?

Was she asleep? The slow gentle rise & fall of her chest and her face suggested as much. Looking at her I’d forgotten the almost subliminal shaking. But now I noticed her right arm, furthest from me, was moving rhythmically. Was she? Could my sister be lying on the bed next to me and … masturbating?

I suppose I should back up a bit and explain how we got here. Anna and I had gotten drunk, very drunk, at lunchtime, poured out our troubles to each other and after several hours found ourselves struggling to keep our eyes open and decided a ‘lie-down’ was necessary. Quite why we’d chosen to lie down on the same bed escaped me. It was big enough for sure, but it would have been more in the nature of our brother – sister relationship for her to use the spare bedroom.

Still, there we were, next to each other, on top of the bed, somewhere between awake and asleep, between drunk and hung-over. I looked again, yes, what I could see of her arm was still moving, back and forth. I raised my head a fraction so I could see her hand. It was under the waistband of the skirt, and now I could see the rise and fall of her knuckles under the light material.

The growing certainty of what she was doing seemed to short-circuit the rational parts of my brain and go directly to my own groin. God I was hard! Harder than I’d been for months. But, my sister?

No, I’d never thought about her like that in all the forty or so years we’d shared on this planet. We’d never tried anything as kids, never even kissed each other beyond a peck on the cheek as adults. It didn’t mean we didn’t love each other, as a family we just weren’t that tactile. Even when earlier we’d worked our way through two bottles of half-decent Bordeaux, and then finished off with an immoderate slug of Talisker (a mistake that last, my head was telling me) we’d sat next to each other on the sofa, cried a bit about the ending of our respective relationships, but never so much as hugged each other for comfort.

Now, here she was, rubbing one out next to me. My erection was uncomfortably constrained in my pants. Checking her eyes were still closed, I slid my hand in to re-arrange things. It still wasn’t that comfortable so I left my hand where it was, stroking gently up and down my shaft as I watched her.

Was she doing this unconsciously in her sleep? Or was she awake, and just assuming that because she’d not heard me move, that I was still asleep? Long moments passed as I watched and thought, for the first time, of my sister in sexual terms. She was a big girl, nearly 5′ 10″, and had been a little chubby as a teenager, but that was long gone now. Now with her big bones, strong features and toned muscles she just came across as powerful, could be almost intimidating.

Earlier, when she’d been telling me of the breakdown of her long-standing relationship she’d been anything but powerful. Her insecurities about her body had been laid bare along with a vulnerability that I’d not really been aware of before. I remembered that she’d told me her bra-size, and that her ex had described an A cup on a 38″ chest as out-of-proportion, and started to wonder what they would look like in the flesh.

As if on cue, her nipples were just now erect enough to just be seen through her blouse. Was her hand moving a bit faster now? My own stroking just wasn’t enough for the growing level of excitement I was feeling but there wasn’t room for more until I reached down with the other hand to release the fastener at the waist.

Alerted by that tiny sound she stopped her hand suddenly, holding her breath, but keeping her eyes closed. I froze likewise, tried to breathe slowly and deeply to make it sound like I was still asleep, and closed my own eyes in case she decided to look at me.

Evidently I succeeded in convincing her that I was still out of it, after a few seconds I felt the motion of the bed start up again. I risked opening my güvenilir bahis eyes. Yes, she was back to it. After a few moments she raised her right leg too, knees apart to give enough access to really work at herself. It seemed as though eyes closed were the order of the day for her, which meant I could watch to my heart’s content, although I tried to keep my breathing steady and deep to give at least the aural impression of a sleeper next to her.

Her own breathing was now speeding up though, interrupted by tiny gasps; and the shaking of the bed was more noticeable. Her nipples had grown too, pushing the light fabric into sharp peaks. An image of small breasts with huge nipples flashed across my mind. My excitement ratcheted up another notch, and my erection was almost painful. Even with the waistband undone I couldn’t get my whole hand around my erection as I usually would, and I was obliged to stroke it with just two fingers and thumb. What with trying not to shake the bed myself, the different sensations were exquisite and frustrating at the same time.

Evidently my actions lacked the necessary discretion, because suddenly Anna turned towards me, eyes flying open.

‘Rob?’ she gasped.

‘Anna’ I paused for a moment as her eyes seemed to grow as big as saucers with the realisation of what we were both engaged upon, ‘Don’t stop now. please…’

A whimper, almost a whine, escaped her lips as she stared at me then, seemingly against her will, her hips started to buck against her hand.

‘NNNNNggg!’ a sound that started as a moan and end as a grunt.

Then, ‘Fuck, I’m…’

‘Coming!’ I replied, and promptly did so.

‘Ooooohhhh!’ a long drawn out wail as Anna evidently climaxed, her back arching off the bed and her eyes rolling back in their sockets.

Seconds of silence seemed to stretch into minutes of embarrassment, both studiously avoiding looking at each other.

‘Rob,’ ‘ Anna’ we spoke each other’s names at almost the same time. I knew enough to keep quiet while she continued:

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t meant to…’

‘Don’t be,’ I replied, ‘it was about the most exciting thing I’ve seen in years’


‘No buts’ I interrupted her ‘we probably both needed that, even if doing it with a sibling isn’t perhaps the most usual thing’.

‘There’s only one thing though…’

‘What’s that?’ she asked with a worried look.

‘I need to get rid of the pants & underwear, I’ve made a bit of a mess.’

I got up and turned my back to the bed, undoing the zipper as I did so.

‘No, turn round, I want to see’ she ordered, to my surprise. I did as I was told, though.

‘Eeww! You did make a mess, didn’t you?’ now, she was grinning at me.

I threw the clothes into the laundry basket and slipped into the bathroom, where I quickly sponged away the evidence of what, for me, was a fairly substantial ejaculation. When I came back into the bedroom Anna was still lying on the bed, but now giggling softly.

‘You look a bit silly in just a shirt and socks’ she smiled.

‘I’ll get some more pants out…’

‘No, just lose the shirt … and socks’


‘Call it curiosity, but I’ve not seen you naked since you were nine years old’

‘Well, I’ve not seen you in the buff since you were seven’ I challenged her back, feeling slightly ridiculous with my dick hanging out in plain sight.

‘OK’ she responded, sitting up on the bed, and pulling the blouse off over her head. No bra.

Somehow my earlier imaginings as to what her breasts might look like was spot on. They were flat enough not to need any support, but the nipples… thick, rubbery, pink, almost like…? raspberries maybe? they certainly looked good enough to chew on.

‘And the skirt’


‘I’m naked and you’re only half’ I challenged her again as though this was some childhood game, although already the sight of her topless was starting to rekindle some interest down below.

She stood to undo and remove the skirt, and the panties, before lying back, looking faintly embarrassed, and then turned to face me as I joined her on the bed.

‘Earlier, when we talked, we kind of skirted round the subject of…’

‘…of what?’

‘You know, sex’

And so we resumed our earlier conversations, this time leaving nothing out. Telling each other more of the personal reasons why our respective relationships had failed, and then moving on to our kinks and fantasies, some of them as yet unfulfilled.

We found some of our darker ideas turning the other on unexpectedly. Anna professing a love of anal sex which I’d never had a chance to try , whilst she’d never tried, but expressed a desire to at least experience watersports, my secret kink.

As we talked of these things, and with the sight of each other’s naked bodies to fuel the imaginations, it was natural that we became turned on again, and after a first few tentative strokes, start to masturbate again in earnest, watching each other openly from the beginning this time.

I was fascinated by the way türkçe bahis Anna rubbed either side of the clitoral hood, teasing out the glistening pink nub underneath until finally she could grasp it like a miniature penis between finger and thumb and wank it back and forth.

From the occasional grunts which accompanied this motion it was clear she was getting very turned on, if not yet ready to cum.

‘Rob?’ she asked after a few moment’s silence.


‘You know how we are both effectively single now?’

‘Yeah?’ I thought, or rather I hoped, I knew where this was going.

‘And we can rely on each other’s discretion, can’t we?’

‘Of course.’

‘Would you think it weird if we…’

‘If we … what?’

‘You know’

‘No, tell me,’ I teased.

‘I need something inside me’ she admitted almost plaintively.

‘Shall I go get a cucumber from the refrigerator?’

Now she knew I was teasing her deliberately.

‘Too cold, I need something warm’

‘I’ve got some zucchini I could warm up…’

‘You ass,’ she giggled.

I decided to turn serious for a moment. ‘Listen Anna, it’s not that I don’t want to, I’ve been staring at your naked bod for the last half hour and finding you unimaginably sexy…’

Her eyes widened in surprise,

‘… but it’s a big step and there’s no going back’

‘I know that Rob, and right now there’s nothing I want more than to be loved, in every sense of the word, to be made love to, to be fucked, by someone who really cares about me… and, since you mention it, who finds me attractive.’

There wasn’t really an answer to that, so I just leaned forward to kiss her. To kiss her properly for the first time as a lover. Our tongues swirled around each other, exploring, savouring each other’s taste, but really we were both too impatient, and already turned on enough, for the main event. I broke away and moved my head down so I could suck on those luscious nipples.

‘Oh God, I love that!’ Encouraged I sheathed my teeth with my lips and pinched the nipple, drawing it out.

‘Fffarrk!’ she squealed, thrusting her hips at me.

I stopped biting, and lapped softly, then swopped to the other nipple, eliciting more groans and squeals.

‘Please Rob, fuck me already’

‘You want on top?’

‘No, can we try scissors?’

‘Scissors?’ I asked, baffled.

‘I’ll show you’ she breathed and lay back, but with knees up.

‘Put your legs under my knees’

I complied, ‘Now put your left leg over my right’

It felt like game of Twister but to my surprise I was now nicely lined up and was able to stroke the head of my erection up and down her slit, a very wet slit, before pushing between her lips and further into her hot tunnel.

I found it wasn’t a position for hard thrusting, for slamming against each other, but we could see each other’s faces, kiss if we wanted to and if I bent forward I could just get her left nipple to my lips. It was just sublime. If I pressed my left leg down it was pressing on her clit hood and our motion was clearly having its effect there. If I lifted my leg, I could reach her clit with my fingers, or let Anna reach in and give herself a bit of extra stimulation.

Mostly though, we just gently pushed against each other, looking into each eyes with a mixture of awe and love. It just seemed so incredible that we should have found such sexual delight, such trust, in someone we’d known for so long. It felt right that we should want to make it last and last.

Finally though, by unspoken consent, we needed to cum. I put my hand down towards Anna’s clit, put one finger either side and then pressed down with my leg. Thrusting as hard as I could, I could see it was having an effect, the panting, the face twisting up, all told of Anna’s build-up towards ecstasy – and that was having a corresponding impact on me.

Little squeaks and moans of delight accompanied our quickening pace. I wanted to make sure she came first and focussed my efforts on the angle and rhythm that seemed to be having the greatest effect on her but finally it became too much for me and I started that inevitable ascent towards ejaculation.

I put a bit more effort into driving my fingers up and down either side of her clit and squeezed them together a little more. With an anguished wail Anna was cumming, just as I felt that rush of semen up my own urethra. Simultaneous orgasm the first time we made love, that was something, but I had another surprise, as her legs started to jerk spastically and I felt a warm gush over my pubes and down onto my balls.

‘Oh my God!’ Anna breathed when she could finally talk, ‘did I just squirt?’

I nodded, ‘I think so’.

Relaxing her legs she turned towards me and threaded her left arm under my neck, right arm over my chest and pulled me in for the longest, deepest kiss I think I’ve ever experienced.

I’ll never know how long that kiss lasted, certainly after a while it became less intense and became just occasional alternating pecks on the lips until finally, overcome güvenilir bahis siteleri by the events of the day, we drifted off to sleep, still connected down below.


I woke with the dawn light filtering through the curtains. Evidently I’d become soft enough in the night to slip out of her but our legs were still intertwined. I needed to piss, but I didn’t want to wake her by untangling. Finally though, it had to be done and I started to move my legs as gently as I could.


‘Yes, sorry I disturbed you, but I gotta go pee’

‘Wait’ she said, ‘remember what we talked about?’

‘Huh?’ I responded, vaguely.

‘Anal,’ she said, ‘and piss-play’


‘I want you to take me up the ass and fill it, then I’ll go empty out, it will be just like an enema.’

That was just too much for me and I was instantly hard. Anna rolled on to her front and then got up on her knees.

‘Just slip it in my pussy for a bit of lubrication first.’

I did as I was told, she was still so wet from last night. A couple of strokes and my shaft was covered in a slimy mix of our juices.

‘Now my ass’ she breathed.

I pressed the head against her sphincter for a moment but nothing doing. She reached under herself, gathered a handful of slickness from her pussy and smeared it around her crinkled rear entrance.

‘Now try’

To my surprise the head slipped in and I was able to slowly slide further in. Heaven, she was tight.

‘Ooh that feels so full, it’s good, but I think I’d need some more lube if we were going to fuck like this. Can you pee now?’

With the tightness of her ring gripping the base of my shaft and keeping it erect I didn’t think I could although I was painfully full. Finally though, I was able to relax enough to allow a dribble to start, and once I did things got a little easier.

‘Fuck that’s hot, it feels so dirty being filled like that’ Anna whispered.

I don’t think I ever got to full flow pushing past the tightness which encased me, so it seemed as though I was pissing for ever; to Anna’s evident delight, as she started to squirm and squeal, finally reaching under with one hand to diddle her clit.

Finally, though, I was done and started to pull out slowly. A little spurt of pee leaked as I disengaged completely, but with all the other juices on the sheets it wasn’t going to matter. Anna walked on her knees to the edge of the bed then stood up gingerly.

‘Oh, so full’ she squealed, as she tottered to the bathroom, still with one hand over her clit. I followed as quickly as I could and watched as she sat quickly on the WC.

An expression of pain, quickly followed by one of relief across her face as I heard her void noisily into the water below, all the while rubbing herself towards another little climax, which I watched as I stood in front of her, my erection pointing at her.

‘Now it’s my turn to pee’

‘Not there,’ I replied, ‘let’s get in the shower’ moving in that direction.

I got the water running to a reasonable temperature and she quickly joined me.

‘Now what?’ she asked.

‘I want you to hold it as long as you can’ I replied squirting some body wash onto my hands and lathering up her shoulders, her back, and then her gorgeous breasts.

Of course thumbing her nipples was too much and she started to squeal and cross her legs.

‘Nooo! that’s too much, I can’t hold it if you do that.’

I let go of her breasts and pulled her close with one hand, running the other down her body to her vulva.

‘How about this?’ I asked as I slipped a soapy finger into her slit.

A squeal, and I was rewarded with a hot rush of pee over my hand. I dropped down to my knees on the floor of the shower and just watched in delight as she peed, much of it splashing on me, and immediately being rinsed away.

As her flow died away I reached in with my tongue to lick across her lips and to taste it. That’s always been a fantasy of mine but I’ve never been sure if I’d be able to deal with the taste. In the shower I figured I’d be able to spit it out without drawing attention to it. In fact with the water washing down from the shower and with all the lubrication from her pussy mixed in, it wasn’t unpleasant, although I wouldn’t be ordering it in a restaurant.

My tongue was certainly having its effect on Anna though, and after a few moments I felt her hands on my shoulders, pulling me up.

‘Can you fuck me against the wall of the shower?’

‘I can try,’ I said as I held my erection in one hand and brought her hips towards me.

Her nether lips were just at the right height for me to slip my shaft back and forth and of course at the closest point her clit was rubbing on it too. With her slickness that was good for both of us, but not quite what we wanted. Standing on tiptoes Anna finally managed to position herself so that I could slip fully inside her.

Now, with the water pouring down over us we were able to hold each other up, and get a good rhythm going, and kiss at the same time, although that could make breathing difficult. It wasn’t the comfortable position we’d achieved in bed but it certainly worked for a quickie. Soon I was pumping my load into her and she was quivering in her second orgasm of the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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