The Beginning of My New Life

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The story I’m about to tell you is a true one and took place not so long ago. Before that time I had never had much luck with men, they all seemed to think they owned me and I never truly felt that they cared for me, they just wanted me in their bed and rarely took the time to talk to me except to tell me what they wanted, never caring or listening to what I had to say, and on top of that most of them weren’t even any good in bed so there rarely was anything good in those relationships.

Then it was about 3 weeks before the weekend I’m going to tell you about that Sara, one of my dearest friends, came to visit me and the first thing I noticed was how joyful and happy she seemed, far removed from the Sara I had seen only four weeks before. After she had heard of my latest misadventures with a prick called David she told me about this club she had joined. After seeing how happy she was and hearing what she had to say about it I felt I should give it a try. Sara then called her group leader and asked if he would take me into his group or if he could recommend a good group leader for me. After a short time Sara hung up the phone and gave me an e-mail address she had written down and told me I should write a letter about myself including what I had done and learned during my life and also sending 3-12 pictures of myself along with the e-mail.

Being only 19 years old I felt I couldn’t know all that much but Sara told me that didn’t matter as far as my acceptance into the club would go, they just needed to know as much about me as I was willing to tell them. When I asked her what kind of pictures they wanted of me she told me just to send any pictures I wanted, they were only needed so that the group leader would recognise me when I came to see him. She then told me that she was moving to another country because that’s where her group was located and when I asked her about it she told me that most groups were small and since a group leader decides how large his group will be there might not be any openings here, but since the club operates in many countries there should be a seat for me somewhere in the world, but if I didn’t want to travel all over the world I could join as a long distance member, I would be missing out on much but I’d still be a member.

After Sara left I just sat there thinking about what she had said and how I should join. What little she told me about the interview with the group leader I must admit made me a little scared, but thinking about it the reasons for it all made a certain kind of sense to me and I felt I could do it. Before I went to bed I finished writing a rather long letter about myself, picked out 7 pictures and e-mailed it all.

Two days later I had a reply. I was surprised because Sara had told me it might take a few months to find me a group, the reason for this quick response I found out later, Sara had talked to her group leader again and he had wasted no time to interview me.

Now here I was, shaking like a leaf in front of his hotel room getting up the courage to knock on the door. After a few moments I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. The man who opened the door had on a robe and apparently was just out of the shower. When I saw him I was sure I had made a mistake and gone to the wrong room, he was about 5’ 10”, slightly overweight and with a kind face but he looked like he was only 20 years old, I had expected a man between 30 and 40 (I found out later that he is 32 years old and he often has this problem of being asked to show his I.D.)

I was about to excuse myself when he asked if I was Linda, Sara’s friend, shakily I said I was. He then told me his name and that he thought I had decided not to come, I tried to apologise for being late but he understood my fear of coming to see him and told me I had nothing to fear. He then led me to the bed, where I sat down, and handed me two printed pages and told me these were the club rules and if I didn’t want to join after reading them we’d need talk no more about it and I could go home, he then sat down by his laptop and started to work on something there.

I looked at the first page where I found the club rules and after reading them I looked pendik escort at the second page which listed recommendations by other club members about what a new member should do the first two months after joining. Sara had told me that if I intended to join I should follow the first part of the recommendations but the second part, which was printed on the other side of the page, were untested recommendations and if I wanted I could try some of those as well and then later write to “The Office” telling them if I had found any of those untested recommendations useful.

When I put the pages down he turned around and looked at me asking me what I thought. After a slight hesitation I told him that I wanted to join but wasn’t sure about all those recommendations. He smiled then and told me that if I felt I could not follow those recommendations I could and should say no. I thought about that for a while but decided that I should at least follow the tested recommendations because, as Sara had told me, it would greatly improve my chances of being accepted into the group. The combination of my ability to follow those recommendations and the talk I would have with the group leader was what he needed to find out if I could function within his group. I told him my decision. He looked at me for a few moments as if to decide whether I was sure about it and then he asked me if I had followed the instructions in the e-mail and been tested. I said I had been and was free of all diseases and showed him the results. He nodded and said that we should then get started.

I started to undress while he kept writing something down in his computer. I felt rather uncomfortable being there naked with a man I had only just met and my hands kept wanting to cover my breasts and my triangle. He finally got up and looked at me. Understanding how uncomfortable I was he told me that it was always like that the first day but I would get used to it soon and even forget that I wasn’t wearing any clothes. He then took of his robe and I saw that he wasn’t wearing anything underneath. We then got comfortable side by side on the bed, where he put his arm around me and we started talking. He asked me about what I wanted out of life, what my dreams were and how my life had been up to this moment. I found myself telling him all about myself and for the first time in my life I had a man who listened to me and seemed to understand what I had gone through and what I wanted. Later we ate and watched a movie on TV, some time later I heard him snoring. I looked at him where he lay by my side, still with his arm around me, and was surprised that we had been naked together for almost 11 hours and he had not tried to have sex with me. I have to admit I found that strange, since I had never before met a man who didn’t want to jump me the moment I had my clothes off, or even before I had them off. I smiled, kissed his cheek and put my head on his shoulder and some time later I too fell asleep.

I woke up when he kissed my cheek and bid me good morning, I replied the same way then he went to brush his teeth. I thought about what was to come, I knew from the recommendations sheet, and what Sara had told me, that we would be spending at least 48 hours together, naked except for the times when we went out to eat and I knew that now we would bathe together and wash each other. The reason for being naked together for two days and nights was to get rid of all shyness that might be between us and to learn to be comfortable with each other, if we could be comfortable with each other naked we would be so fully clothed as well, and the bathing was a part of this as well. I had my doubts at first but after last night they were mostly gone and I no longer felt the need to cover myself up. Later I realised just how important these 48 hours were for my future with the group, for during this time I got to know my leader very well and he got to know me even better. Like he said, a good leader must know and understand the feelings of each individual in his group and they must be able to talk to each other about anything and everything. This at least became true between me and him and I know that it turned out the same maltepe escort way with Sara and most of the others, so I no longer doubt this 48 hour system.

I got up and went to the bathroom where he was getting the tub ready. We lay together in the tub talking until he asked me to stand up, he first washed my hair, then took the soap and started to wash the rest of me, I got very aroused by his gentle hands moving over every inch of my body and came very close to climaxing right there. When it was my turn I took great care to be as sensitive as he had been and soon I could see by the hardness of his cock that he was just as aroused as I was. I saved his cock for last and when I put my hand around it I could hear a low moan escaping his lips. I kneeled in front of him and washed his cock and balls, after I had cleaned his cock I still kept on stroking it. I looked up and could see that his eyes were closed and that he was enjoying my touch, I then kissed the head of his cock and started licking it from the head to the balls, finally taking it in my mouth, sucking and stroking it at the same time. I had never taken a cock down my throat and since his was a fair 6” or 7” and the thickest cock I had ever had in my mouth I didn’t feel ready to try it now, so I just kept on with my sucking, licking and stroking. This was the hottest I had ever remembered being and never before had I gotten so much pleasure out of giving pleasure so I suppose it was understandable that I forgot myself in my excitement and he came in my mouth. Always before I had been careful not to let men come in my mouth so this was the first time I had tasted a man’s cum, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but I still didn’t swallow it and let it seep out instead, but I still kept on sucking his cock for a while. When I stopped I saw him looking at me, he helped me to my feet, kissed me and told me that I had been amazing, I was very pleased with that. We stepped out of the tub and after drying each other he took me in his arms, kissed me again, picked me up and carried me over to the bed.

Lying on top of me he kissed me again and for a while with our tongues we explored each others mouth. He then proceeded to kiss my neck and found his way to my breasts. I started to moan when he began licking and sucking on my erect nipples, he took his time which was driving me crazy, I desperately wanted to feel him inside me but he kept on with his lips and tongue moving slowly down my body. He eventually found his way between my legs and started on me there, working the lips and my clit with his talented tongue and fingers, he finally drove me over the edge and I came like I had never come before and for the first time in my life I experienced multiple orgasms.

After a while he stood up and spread my legs wider, I had hardly recovered from my last orgasm when he slowly pushed his cock into me, even though his cock was very thick he still found it easy to penetrate me due to how wet I already was. He was again on top of me and we kissed while he kept pushing his cock in and out, he very quickly had me on the verge of another orgasm. I don’t know how many orgasms I had that morning but when he finally came inside me I was total spent. I held him tight for a long time with his cock going limp inside me. Eventually we got up and again cleaned each other, dressed and went out for a bite to eat. When we came back we again stripped of our clothes, talked, watched some TV and made love again and again.

He told me that what the group would be doing is run a sort of family firm (he likes to call us his family) where everybody has a job to do, everybody has his/her own room, though I would have to share with Sara until the group moves to it’s new place. He only took me in because Sara asked him to and told him that I would be able to share her room. The group takes on projects of one kind or another which will bring in some money, part of which goes into the group fund which pays for the food we eat, the house we live in and all the equipment we need for our projects and hobbies, the rest of the money is split up equally between the group members. He told me that I could, if I wanted kartal escort to, get myself a full time or a part time job outside the group and get myself some extra money into my bank account, that money would all be mine since I was the one who worked for it, but what he hoped for was to make each of us at least $500.000 before we leave his group, if we ever want to leave.

The group members also share the chores around the house, some do the cooking while others do the cleaning and the washing and so on. There are always some who leave our group to become long distance members but they regularly visit our house and we even get to see some of those who only joined as long distance members and were never completely a part of the family.

He also told me that everybody has a dream and that the group workers hard to make every members dreams come true, he told me that in his group there were dreams of all sizes and the projects the group takes on are aimed to make somebody’s dream come true. Some want to be writers and they are supported in that goal, others want to be movie stars, models and various other things and every group member supports each other and helps to make each others dreams come true. We put each other through schools and teach each other what we know. He told me that all things are possible if the group works together and I believe him, I’ve already started to see some money and I’ve seen people moving closer to realising their dream.

I still sleep with him now and then, and often without having sex first, I even had anal sex with him, it was the only place where he could be my first and I wanted him to be my first even if it was only there, I also swallowed his cum for the first time a couple of weeks ago, the surprised look on his face was so funny that I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. It’s a good thing he has such a great sense of humour or I might have hurt his feelings or made him mad. Most guys I’ve known would have reacted in one of those ways but he just laughed when he realised what I found so funny. I love this man dearly and would do anything for him, I know he feels the same way about me and all the others in the group, but strangely I don’t feel cheated by that knowledge for if he didn’t love us all equally he would not be the man I love.

We’ve come to notice that he works a lot harder than the rest of us do and the strain of the days takes it’s toll on him. He wants us all to achieve success but we know that he needs to relax once in a while if he doesn’t want to kill himself but we need to find a good way to get him to take some time off. We get him to come with us to concerts, the movies, out dancing and so on but even though he always comes with us when we ask him it still doesn’t seem to be enough. One idea was for all the girls in the group to come together and just wear him out with constant sex for as long as he can last and then make sure that he rests for a week or two with us girls taking care of his every need. I don’t know if that will ever happen or even if he would let it happen, for most of us girls have never been in a group sex situation, but since he’s taking such good care of us and is working so hard to make our dreams come true it’s only right that we should take just as good or even better (if that were possible) care of him and do what we can to make things easier and better for him, for after all, good men are hard to find and I believe that when you’ve got one, you should take very good care of him.

As for me, well I’m in a good group of people who all work to make each other’s dreams come true with a good man to lead us. I now strongly believe that my dreams can come true and that I will have a good life and a good future. It’s a wonderful feeling and a feeling everybody should have.


The story you have just read is pretty much the way Linda told it to me, her version however included a lot more details about the club, her groups activities and more about her life before she joined the club, but I felt that it wasn’t all that important to the story and would make it far too long to submit here. I wrote her story my own way and had Linda read it over, she pointed out a few things she wanted me to include in the story along with a couple of changes I should make, after I’d made those changes she was happy with it and I deemed my job done and submitted the story here, I hope you liked it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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