The Brat

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Alli Rae

N.B. This is a work of pure fantasy & is not intended to be anything else. I am not a professional writer, and as such do not want to be ‘criticised’ as such, although constructive is always welcome.


Lilly walked through the front door, chucked her bag at the bottom of the stairs and walked through into the kitchen. Without saying a word to anyone, she headed straight for the fridge and poured herself a glass of orange juice.

‘Oh, hi – you’re back early?’ Jane, her mum, said.

‘Uh-huh’ Lilly grunted, and walked out of the room.

Jane looked across at her husband and rolled her eyes.

‘Here we go again.’ He said.

Jane & Bob had been married for 12 years. Lilly was only 6 years old when they had gotten together. She had recently turned 18, had already been through a string of jobs since dropping out of 6th form school and lacked the motivation & enthusiasm to do anything other than sit at the computer watching video clips or chatting to friends.

Jane walked into the living room, looking across at the computer desk where Lilly had dumped herself.

‘Lilly, why are you home early? What’s happened?’ Jane asked.

Lilly stared at the screen, almost in a trance like state.

‘Lilly? Are you listening to me?’ Jane said, only louder this time.

Lilly swivelled around in the chair and took some earphones out of her ear – the sound of the “music” was still loud, even without them in your ear!

‘What? Did you say something?’ Lilly snapped.

‘Yes, if you wouldn’t have that so loud you might have heard me. I asked what was up? Why are you home early? I thought you weren’t supposed to finish until half past five today?’ Jane said.

‘I quit. I’m not working there for that slave driver anymore.’ She snapped back at her mother.

‘Oh Lilly. Why? What happened this time’ Jane sighed, recalling the other 4 jobs Lilly had ‘quit’ in the past 6 months.

‘The old git wanted me to get on my hands and knees and scrape muck out of the corners. I’m not bloody doing that for anyone. No way.’ She snorted, before spinning around and resuming her video watching.

‘But Lilly, your job is a cleaner. That’s what you are meant to do.’ Jane replied.

‘I’m not there to clear up other peoples shit mum. No amount of money is worth that.’ Lilly replied defiantly, whilst stomping out of the room.

Bob walked into the living room to see his wife looking upset.

‘Quit again?’ he asked.

‘Yes. Again…’ she replied, slumping down into the arm chair.

Sat at the dinner table there was an uneasy silence as the three of them sat finishing their meal.

‘So are you all packed dear?’ Bob asked his wife.

‘Yes almost. I’ll be leaving early in the morning if I want to avoid all the traffic.’ She replied.

‘That’s a good idea. It’s a long drive up to Sunderland.’ He said.

Jane was going to spend a week looking after her mum who was recovering after a fall & had arranged to travel the next morning.

‘And what about you Lily? Have you got anything else planned for this week, seeing as I thought you would be working?’ Jane asked.

‘No. Nothing planned. Guess I’ll just slob it around, as usual.’ She replied, completely oblivious of what she was saying.

Jane just sighed, while Bob sat there getting agitated. Eventually, Lily kicked her chair back and sloped out of the room.

‘Bob, what are we going to do with her?’ Jane sighed.

‘Don’t you worry love. I’ll have a chat with her while you’re away & she can help me do some jobs around the house anyway.’ He replied.

As they finished the washing up, Lily came trudging back into the kitchen.

‘Mum, Katy’s just text. She’s having a party tonight, it’s a dress up theme one. Can I borrow your black cowboy boots?’ she asked.

‘No dear, I’m sorry. They were very expensive. You know I only use them for my line dancing.’ Jane replied.

‘Oh but mum, come on. I’ve got this cute little denim mini skirt and I wanted to go as a cowgirl!’ she argued.

‘Lily, I said no. You’ve plenty of shoes & boots up there in your mess of a room. Enough to open your own shoe shop!’ Jane answered.

‘Fine. Whatever.’ Lily snapped back and stomped out of the room.

Later on that evening, Jane & Bob were sitting in the living room when they heard a thud in the hallway. Lily trudged into the living room with a holdall over her shoulder.

‘I’m off Katy’s. I’ll stay over at hers. Not sure when I’ll be back. I’ll text you.’ She said, and with that, was gone.

Jane burst into tears as she realised just how insensitive Lily had been. She didn’t care that her mum was going away for a week, let alone for a week to care for her sick Grandmother. As she sobbed, Bob put his arm around her.

‘Oh Bob. Is it me? What have I done to deserve this?’ she asked. ‘Nothing dear. It’s not you. Don’t worry. I’ll speak to her.’ He replied.

As she sobbed into him, Bob felt his blood boiling as he remembered all the little things that Lily had gotten away bahis firmaları with over the years.

As they got into bed that night, Jane cuddled up to Bob.

‘Sweetheart, would you mind if we just made love tonight. I just want to feel you…’ she asked.

‘Of course not honey. Of course not.’ He replied.

The next morning Jane kissed her husband and opened the front door.

‘You’ll speak to her?’ she asked.

‘Of course I will. Don’t you worry about it. Focus on your mum. We’ll be fine.’ He answered her soothingly.

As they kissed, she got into the car and pulled away. Bob went back inside and made himself another cup of tea.

Just as he was finishing reading the morning paper, the phone rang.

‘Hello, is that Mr. Hedges?’ the voice said.

‘Yes, this is Robert Hedges. May I ask who is calling?’ he answered.

‘Yes, good morning. This is Sergeant Spencer. Can I ask if you know of a Miss Lily Hedges?’ the voice continued.

‘Yes, she is my daughter. What has happened? Is she ok?’ Bob asked worried.

‘No, no, everything is fine. Well, it is now. Your daughter and a friend of hers were picked up this morning by one of our patrols a bit worse for wear.’ Sgt Spencer said.

‘Oh my god!’ exclaimed Bob. ‘I’ll be straight down.’

As Bob entered the police station, he approached the front desk.

‘Good morning, I am here to collect my daughter. A Miss Lily Hedges?’

‘Yes good morning. I am Sgt Spencer. You’ll be glad to know that we are not going to press any charges, but this young lady does need a stern talking to. Drunk and disorderly in a public place is not the sort of thing we tolerate. Fortunately, there was no harm done except to their heads this morning I believe. Her friend has already been collected by her parents. Please wait here and I will bring her out.’ The officer said.

As Bob sat waiting, he considered calling his wife to let her know but then thought better of it. This was the last thing she wanted to her. No. He’d let her get to her mums in peace. He would deal with this. A plan was forming in his mind.

After a while, the door opened and a very hungover Lilly was marched through the doorway by Sgt Spencer.

‘Thank you Sgt Spencer. I will be in touch.’ Bob said.

Lily, confused by this, trudged through the entrance and out into the street. The fresh air hit her like a ton of bricks.

‘I see you ignored your mother and decided to steal her cowboy boots in the end?’ Bob asked.

‘Erm, yes. I’m sorry.’ Lily replied quietly, keeping her head bowed down. She was in no mood for an argument, especially given her humiliation at having to be picked up from the police station.

As they walked along the street towards the car in silence, Lily was being unusually quiet.

As they approached the car, Bob shot her a stern look. ‘Get in.’ he snapped.

The journey home was in silence. As they pulled into the driveway, still silence. They entered the front room, with Lily almost creeping silently through the door.

She went to make for the stairs, but her path was blocked.

‘Where are you going?’ Bob asked.

‘To bed Bob. I’m so tired and my head hurts.’ She replied quietly.

‘Oh no. I don’t think so. In the living room.’ He replied.

‘Oh but…’ she started.

‘I SAID NOW!’ Bob thundered.

Lily almost jumped. She had never heard Bob like this before. She scampered into the living room and threw herself onto the sofa.

A few minutes later Bob walked in holding a cup. Handing it to Lily, he stepped back and looked down on her.

‘Drink.’ He said.

‘What is it?’ she asked.

‘hangover cure. Now drink.’ He snapped.

As he sat down, he watched her gulp the tonic down. She sat back in the chair, still looking like a puppet with her strings cut. Although Bob was her stepfather, he still admired how long her legs looked in her tiny little denim mini skirt. Her little crop t-shirt was barely covering her already well developed breasts and her tight little leather jacket just enhanced her look. Topping the look off though was her mothers cowboy boots. They did look incredibly sexy on her.

After a few minutes, she started to brighten up. Bob was sat in his armchair, relaxed and cross legged.

‘So’ he started ‘We have a situation here don’t we Lily?’ he asked.

‘Do we?’ she mumbled.

‘Yes we bloody well do!’ he snapped. ‘Not just this morning, I’ll come to that in a minute, but your general lack of respect for anyone – especially your mother.’

She looked as disinterested as ever, slumbing on the sofa.

‘Right. You have 15 minutes. Pack whatever you can into your little holdall and I will give you a lift to wherever you want to go.’ He snapped.

‘I’m sorry?’ she replied.

‘That’s it. I’ve had enough of your behaviour. You have 15 minutes to collect what you can in your bag and then you are out.’ He answered.

‘Bbbbbbut Bob. You can’t be serious?’ she snapped into conciousness.

‘I’m very serious Lily. And you are in very kaçak iddaa serious trouble. Did you hear the conversation I had with the police lady? You have 24 hours to pay the bail you are out on. If you don’t pay the £5,000 bail bond you are going to be put in remand until your court appearance.’ He said, smirking.

‘My what? £5,000! I don’t have that sort of money! Court appearance? I thought that was it, just a warning!’ she stammered.

‘Oh no young lady. You’re an adult now. Drunk and disorderly in a public place? The police lady said if found guilty it could mean at least 6 months.’ He continued.

‘6 months! But, but, 6 months?!?’ she stammered again. ‘Oh Bob, you’ve got to help me. I don’t have the bail money or anywhere else to go if you chuck me out! Please!’ she replied, now fearing

‘Well we have tried to tell you. Your mother has tried to warn you about acting your age, taking up your responsibilities. And now, it looks as though you have paid the price. And I won’t have that Lily. Not in my house. You have had plenty of chances. Your mother has given you plenty of chances. And as for me, well, if it was up to me you would have been out a long time ago.’ He sneered.

Lily sat on the edge of the sofa, her head in her hands. She had certainly sobered up as Bob sat in his chair looking very smug. He wondered if she wasn’t still half drunk whether she would have believed him so easily about the bail & the court appearance.

‘Go on then. Get your bag…’ he said.

She flew off of the sofa and knelt next to his armchair. Sobbing uncontrollably, she was mumbling something incoherent.

‘Lily. Stop. This just won’t do.’ He said to her.

‘Please Bob, Pleeeeeeease. Help me.’ She whimpered.

She looked up at him, he could see that she was sobbing. Her dark eye make up had run and had streaked down her face. She looked very sorry for herself. She went to say something, then stopped herself. She went to say something again, and again, stopped.

‘Do you want to say something Lily?’ Bob asked.

‘Please Bob. I’ll do anything. Just don’t let them take me away. I promise I’ll be good. I promised.’ She sobbed, harder.

Bob stood and motioned her towards him. She crawled and wrapped her arms around his legs as his hand leant down to stroke her hair. He could see that her long red nails were all chipped and her hair was slightly matted from her night in the cells.

He reached and took hold of her hand, pulling her up onto her feet. As he held her hand, he looked her in the eyes.

‘You do realise what this means?’ he said.

‘Please Bob. I’ll do anything. Anything you ask. Just, please help me.’ She whimpered.

‘I might do. Anything?’ he questioned.

‘Anything Bob.’ She pleaded.

‘Ok. First thing. Wait here a minute.’ He said, and strolled off to the kitchen. When he returned, he took her by the hand and lead her over to his desk and motioned her to her knees.

He sat at his desk and pulled out a piece of paper and his cheque book.

‘Now, I am going to write you a confession. Then you will sign it. Included in this will be you giving me your permission to administer a punishment I see fit for your behaviour. After you have signed the confession, and if you behave yourself, I will write a cheque for your bail. Then I will deliver it this afternoon to the police station. You have one chance at this or you are out, on your own. Do you understand?’ he snapped.

‘Yes Bob.’ She replied, ‘Thank you Bob!’

‘First lesson Lily, from this moment on you will refer to me as Sir.’ He said softly.

‘Excuse me?’ she queried, not sure she had heard him correctly.

‘SIR! Or the deal is off!’ he snapped back at her.

‘Yes, yes sir. Sorry Sir.’ She replied.

As Bob wrote out the confession, she watched him intently. Her head was a cloud of emotions and the after affects of a hard nights drinking.

‘There. Shall I read it to you?’ he asked.

‘Yes please sir.’ She replied.

‘Good. You remembered. Now, this is not a negotiation. Not a two way deal. You learn my way. Or no way. The first time you break my rules or question my rules, the deal is off and you are on your own. Do you understand?’ he said.

‘Yes Sir.’ She answered.

‘I, Lily Jayne Hedges, hereby confess to the following unsatisfactory behaviour:

1.)Complete disregard for my attitude and my responsibilities as a young adult resulting in my arrest, bringing embarrassment and shame on my family and costing my stepfather the sum of £5,000.

2.)A lack of respect for my mother and a lack of appreciation for her efforts in everything she has done for me.

3.)A lack of respect for my step-father and the stable upbringing he has tried to provide for me.

4.)My unwillingness to learn and appreciate that hard work is necessary in life and that I need to be trained.

5.)I stole off of my own mother, when explicitly told that I couldn’t borrow her boots showing a complete lack of respect.

As a result of these failings, I submit myself to the trainings kaçak bahis of my mother & Step-father and give myself over to their guidance and punishment, however they see fit.

Signed: Lily Jayne Hedges’

Lily knelt there feeling numb. She heard the words, but for some reason they had not sunk in. She wasn’t sure she had heard correctly. Submit? Punishment? She was confused.

‘Sign it.’ Bob demanded.

‘Err, Sir. I’m not sure I understand though’ Lily stammered.

‘I’ll explain it really simple. You either sign it to agree to submit to me & your mother and allow us to deal you with a suitable punishment or you are out on the street, facing a £5,000 bail out fee which will probably end up with you going to jail anyway. The choice is yours, it’s that simple.’ He said, leaning back in his chair with a smarmy grin on his face.

He looked down upon her, noticing how the words rang through her sending shivers down her. He could see that she was visibly trembling, and he liked the way her cute little tits were shaking in her terror.

‘Ok Sir. I’ll sign.’ She submitted.

As she reached up onto the desk and signed, she felt a wave of defeat shoot through her. She sunk back down to her knees, looking down at the floor.

Bob stood up and towered over her. He reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair, twisting it so that she could not escape.

‘That’s good. I’ve waited so long for this.’ He said, and started walking off towards the doorway. Lily had no choice but to crawl along with him being dragged.

As they reached the hallway, he beckoned her to go upstairs – following her up admiring the way her long legs sexily swayed in those cute cowboy boots.

Once upstairs, he pushed her back onto her knees and again by grabbing her hair, led her into her bedroom.

‘Now, I am going to go and pay your fees. In the time I am gone, I expect you to have cleaned yourself up. You are a disgrace. You will bathe, put some effort into your appearance and start to act like a young lady. You will redo your nails, straighten your hair and apply some liberal make up. When I return, we will discuss our situation further. Do I make myself clear?’ he snapped.

‘Yes Sir.’ Lily replied, still kneeling on the floor of her bedroom, still in disbelief.

Bob left the room, grabbed his coat & car keys and left the house. He pulled out of the driveway, smiling to himself as he headed off to the pub for a lunchtime pint.

Lily sat in her room on the bedroom floor and started sobbing, not knowing how she was going to get out of this mess.

Bob turned the key to the front door and stepped through. He hung his coat up and put his car keys on the kitchen table.

As he walked into the living room he saw Lily sat on the sofa. The TV wasn’t on, there were no noises in the house, she was just sat there.

He looked her up and down and noticed that she had bathed and was wearing some shorts and a little t-shirt. She had done her hair, repainted her nails – this time a deep purple colour, and had made herself up.

‘There, now that’s a little better isn’t it?’ he said, trying to break the ice.

‘Yes. Sir.’ She hastily added.

‘Now, I’ve paid your fee. The police woman seemed to think she would be seeing you a lot sooner! I assured her that you were sorry, and that you would comply with whatever they wanted to do.’ He stated.

‘Thank you sir. I really do appreciate what you have done for me. Are we going to tell mum about this?’ Lilly asked.

‘Well, that all depends on you. Do you think your mother needs this aggravation right now?’ he replied.

‘No Sir. No, she doesn’t.’ Lily had answered her own question.

‘That’s right. Now, let’s go back upstairs. I want you to explain something to me.’ He said, and beckoned her to his side. Instantly, she obeyed as they left the room.

As they entered her room, he stood in the middle while she knelt.

‘I must say Lily, I appreciate the way you are showing your obedience to me. Continue to play by the rules and we will have a much better time, don’t you agree?’ Bob said.

‘Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.’ She replied.

Bob did a little lap of the room, inspecting the untidiness around him. Clothes & shoes & boots strewn everywhere. Dirty underwear on the floor, drawers half hanging open with shirts and trousers half hanging out.

‘Answer me a question. Does this look like the room of a young woman? Or the room of a toddler?’ he asked.

Lily looked around and knew there was only one answer.

‘More like a toddlers room sir.’ She replied.

‘You’re right. Does a mature young woman leave all of her dirty & clean clothes lying around the place as though she doesn’t want them?’ he asked.

‘No Sir, she shouldn’t.’ She replied. She could feel the embarrassment raging inside her, because as much as Bob was being sarcastic she knew that one false move would have him throw her out & cancel the bail cheque.

‘So, do you think a mature young woman deserves to have all these clothes that a.) she shows a complete lack of respect for, b.) cannot keep tidy in one small room, let alone the rest of the house, and c.) gives extra work to her mother who struggles to keep on top of the laundry as it is!’ he sneered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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