The Cab Driver – A Crazy Twist

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All characters in this story are mature and 19 years and above.


Tunde pulled into the compound and parked the car in its usual spot. He was already tired from the long day of driving, and hunger pangs gnawed at the walls of his stomach. Luckily, he had the mind to buy some fried yam, akara, and fish on his way home and he couldn’t wait to get inside and do justice to it with the chilled bottle of kunu he had kept in his fridge the night before.

Today hadn’t been a bad day at work. He left home at the usual time that morning. After buying five thousand naira’s worth of gas, he spent the morning picking and dropping passengers off in Central Area, Maitama, and Garki. At around noon he had taken a break and a light brunch. Afterwards he continued to drive and finally, at around seven in the evening, decided to call it a day. He dropped his last set of passengers at the Lugbe overhead bridge before heading home after making a quick stop to buy his dinner.

It had been about a couple of weeks since his escapade with Blessing. Each time he thought about it, he kept shaking his head. It was one crazy and risky thing he had attempted, and being the young guy that he was, filled him with thrill and foreboding. To complicate matters even more, the girl herself didn’t seem to want to care what they had done was very dangerous. She had become somewhat more demanding, and a few days after their first fuck, she had suddenly appeared as he parked his cab after he had got home quite late (he had been hired by one young woman to take her and her kids to Kaduna and back for the day). Moments later she was on her knees sucking his piddlestick. How that had happened, he had no idea, but as he spread her face down on top of the bonnet of his car and inserted his dick into her for a quick fuck, they had heard her mother call out to her just mere feet away around the corner. Only God knows what would have happened if she had come around a few seconds earlier, but for some reason she hadn’t.

After that close encounter, Tunde had come to his senses and figured out that the sweetness of her inner core was just not worth the hassle of being caught and disgraced. There were several other older girls in the area he could lay. He just had to play his cards right. Be it as it may, it was easier said than done, and though he tried, his raging boner always won at the end of the day. Finally, after their third tryst in their “secret” location in the uncompleted building, he decided that enough was enough. Through sheer determination, he had managed to push her away the last two times she had tried to seduce him. On both occasions, she had left all grumpy and unhappy. It was hard for him as well – even though his body cried out for the sweetness of her smooth young body, he had to reject her advances. It wasn’t worth it. The girl herself finally stopped bothering him after a while. And he was glad for that. Now he would have happily let things be that way, but for some reason fate had other plans in store for him.

The following day was a Saturday and he woke up quite late, having been up till around 4am binge-watching an erotic series through the night. The boner he sported in his boxers took his mind back to the erotic scenes of the show. He slowly got out of bed and waddled to the bathroom to take a leak. His dick was hot to the touch and his balls throbbed heavily. This reminded him of the forced abstinence he had imposed upon himself. He decided he would have to relieve his aching nethers before he could get any respite and a clear head from his blue balls. He peered into the large water drum behind the bathroom door; he had not had the time to fill it up and it stood almost empty, the remaining water inside not even enough to brush his teeth, not to talk of taking a bath. He found a pair of shorts and grabbing two of his buckets, he headed outside in hopes that he would find any Mairuwa(local water seller) around from whom he could purchase a keg or two of water from.

Stepping outside into the mid-morning sun, he ran into one of the girls from the other day. She was one of the two he hadn’t known their names (not the one that Anaconda had abducted). She was more blessed in the chest and arse regions than Blessing was, but was a bit shorter than her. She seemed to be the quiet one of their group and really didn’t see her talk much when they were all together. Heck, he doubted he had ever seen or heard her talk at all. Today though seemed quite different.

“Bros T, I dey hail oh,” she greeted cheerfully as he strode by where she sat outside Blessing’s mum’s small canteen.

“Good morning, er…”


“Yes, Nkiru,” he replied, scratching his bushy hair in embarrassment. “Sorry, I didn’t remember your name.”

“It’s okay sir.” She replied. She eyed the buckets in his hand. “You want to fetch water?”

“Yes. There’s no water in the tank. It seems everyone has emptied it.”

“Don’t mind them jare. People don’t know how to manage water here.”

“It’s bahis firmaları my fault. I woke up quite late. It’s almost ten-thirty.”

“Ehyah, and the tanker won’t come until evening time.”

“Yes oh. Did you see any Mairuwa around?”

“They have all come and gone.”

“Na wah oh. So I can’t bath be that.”

“I can get you some water from our compound if you want. We have a well.”

“Is your place not far?”

“No,” she replied, pointing to a blue building about five hundred yards away, “it’s just over there.”

“No oh, that is too far for you to carry water na.”

“It is okay; it is not far. I will put it on my head.”

Something in her sweet nature made him wonder about the sudden friendliness. Why was she so concerned about getting water for him?

“Okay, but I will go with you,” he replied.

“Okay sir. Let me just tell Blessing I’m coming.”

She disappeared to the back of the canteen, and minutes later, came back with Blessing in tow.

“Good morning, Bros Tunde,” Blessing greeted him. Her eyes twinkled and Tunde couldn’t help but realize what was on her mind.

“Good morning Blessing,” he responded.

“Nkiru said you do not have water, and she wants to fetch some for you.”


“She doesn’t need to do that. I will get you some from our drum.”

“You don’t need to do that Blessing.”

“Yes I will.” She grabbed the two buckets from his hands. He glanced at Nkiru and she shrugged.

“Okay then. Saves us the trip.”

“You don’t need to go to her place to fetch water,” she eyed her friend before disappearing.

“What’s her problem?” Tunde asked when she was out of earshot.

“She think say I wan thief you from her,” Nkiru replied with a small chuckle.

“What do you mean?” he asked, but she just smiled and said nothing.


From that day, Nkiru became very “friendly” with him. She was more in the company of Anaconda’s girl anytime he saw her, but that didn’t stop her from coming up to him. Each time he saw her, he couldn’t help but check her out. What she lacked in height she definitely made up in other aspects of her figure. No matter what she wore — her uniform or plain clothes — she couldn’t hide the two basketballs that stood proudly on her chest or the fact that she was all soft, warm, and feminine. She wasn’t short and fat — far from it. She was what people called “petite” – a small, cute stature but blessed with killer assets. She was quite smart too.

A couple of days later while stuck in some light traffic around NNPC, his phone rang. It was Blessing’s mother, and his heart jumped into his mouth. He put the phone on speaker.

“Mummy Blessing, good eve…”

“It’s me, Blessing,” the voice on the other end interrupted.

“Oh, I thought it was your mum,” Tunde replied in relief, “what’s up?”

“What is going on between you and Nkiru?” she demanded.

“Nkiru? What do you mean “what is going on between us”?”

“I’ve seen the way you look at her,” she replied, a hint of anger in her voice, “I’ve also seen how she stares and flirts with you. I’m warning you, stay away from her if you don’t want my trouble.”

“Now wait a minute young lady,” Tunde replied, “what do you mean? Who are you to warn me about…”

“I’ve told you. I know you want to fuck her. You cannot. Stay away from her.”

“Are you well at all? Who are you to tell me what to do with my life? If I want to fuck her nko? Is it any of your business?”

“Try it and see. You will hear wen. You know my dad is a retired police officer.”

“Is that a threat?” Tunde began to ask, but she had already ended the call. Only then was he aware of the loud blares of the horns of the angry drivers behind him. What sort of nonsense had he gotten himself into? How dare that small girl threaten him? He had definitely gotten himself into worse shit than he had thought.


“NK, what are you…when did you come in?” Tunde asked in pleasant surprise.

“You told me I can come to watch a movie na. Have you already forgotten?”

It was true. For a while now Nkiru had been bugging him to invite her over to watch a few movies at his place, and maybe just to get her persistence off his neck more than anything else, or maybe because he was still pissed at the way Blessing talked to him over the phone last week, he had reluctantly agreed to her demands a few days ago. He figured he wasn’t going to be around in any case, and had put it to the back of his mind and totally forgotten about it.

He had refused to relate with Blessing again even though she had tried to apologize. It was better that each person kept to his/her lane in order to avoid stories that touch the heart, he told her. That really stung her hard and she had hissed and walked away. Tunde had simply chuckled as he watched her walk off in a huff. He didn’t blame her though; if he had kept his dick in his pants, she wouldn’t have had the guts to disrespect him, but kaçak iddaa like they say, once these small girls taste a guy’s dick, all respect she has for him flies out of the window in an instant.

Right now, here he was faced with a similar situation. As mentioned, he had entirely forgotten he had invited her over. Having cleaned his room that morning, he had gone to get some water for his bath from the large tank. Being a Sunday, everywhere was relatively quiet. Everyone must have gone to or were preparing to go to church to give their weekly supplications. He returned with his full buckets and met Nkiru standing pleasantly in the middle of the room.

“Yes, but…I didn’t know you were going to come today. Didn’t you go to church?”

“I went for the first service.” She replied. Tunde knew she was lying as there was no way the first service would have been over by this time.

As usual, Tunde looked her over, and was mildly pleased with what he saw. She wore a very thin, off-shoulder and very low-neck black dress that flayed just above her knees. His gaze fell to the gentle rise and fall of her exposed chest, and seeing her obviously braless boobs threatening to pour out of her neckline, Tunde started developing a hard-on.

“First service.” He repeated, licking his suddenly dry lips.

“Yes, the first service.” Her eyes were immediately drawn to the bulge that was growing in his towel.

“So wha…what movie do you want to watch? I will soon be going out sha. Won’t it be better if you come back when…”

“Relax now Bros T. Won’t you offer me anything first?”

“Sure, sorry. What would you like?”

“What do you have?” she smiled sweetly.

Tunde walked to his small fridge and pulled out a can of Power Horse Energy Drink.

“This is all I have in my fridge, if you can manage,” he said and handed it to her.

“I will manage it,” she replied.

Tunde picked the remote and turned on the TV. He switched the channel to Africa Magic and handed the remote to her.

“I want to take my bath. I am going out for church customers.”

“Okay.” She replied simply. He expected her to leave, but she instead sprawled herself onto his mattress, her boobs bouncing all over the place. Tunde turned and headed into the bathroom before he embarrassed himself with his hard on. He heard her soft laughter as he closed the door behind him. Whatever she had in mind, he thought, she had obviously prepared well and timed perfectly for it to happen when there were very few people around, as there was no way she could have worn what she was wearing on any other normal day.

After taking his bath, he returned to his room to find her surfing the channels. How he was going to discretely dismiss her without getting her upset was what was on his mind, but the way she was relaxed on the bed told him she wasn’t in a hurry to go anywhere just yet. Her half-filled can of drink sat on the carpet beside her and a dreamy smile sat on her face as she stared at the TV.

Tunde turned to the TV and was mildly surprised to find a very steamy and erotic scene playing on the screen. The rapt attention she gave to it made him laugh, which broke her out of her trance.

“So you like watching things like this, abi?” he teased her, “all you small small girls these days sef. Una all don spoil (All you young girls, you are all to exposed).”

“Bros I no be small girl oh,” Nkiru remarked, sitting up abruptly, “me sef sabi wetin dey oh (I know what’s going on).”

Tunde burst out laughing. “Wetin dey wey you sabi? How old you be?”

“You think say I be pikin(a kid)? I sabi wetin dey,” she posed.

“Tell me “wetin dey” then.”

“You wan know?”

“Yes, tell me. I wan know.”

“Hmm. No try me oh. You dey use small pikin eye judge me(assuming she’s a kid).”

“You no be small pikin?”

“Okay. If you wan know I will tell you.”

“Go ahead.”

“Okay. I sabi say you guys around here dey always chase we young girls around. I know say many of them don fuck some of them sef.” She looked him dead in the eye, “I know say you and Blessing don fuck.”

Tunde stopped laughing. “What do you mean?”

A small, wry smile appeared on her lips. “Shebi you dey make fun of me say I be small girl na. Siddon there dey do like say you no know wetin I dey talk. You think say I no know wetin happen the day wey rain fall? When you grabbed her where all of us dey play come carry her enter that building wey dem neva build finish?”

Nkiru smiled at the surprised look on my face. “The rest of us followed you afterwards. We all watched from the door as two of you dey fuck. You didn’t see us, but she knew we were there.”

“That bitch!!!” Tunde muttered under his breath.

Nkiru laughed. “That’s not the only time. The other night when her mama almost caught the two of you. Who do you think diverted her attention?”

No wonder the woman didn’t show up immediately. There was no way in hell she wouldn’t have caught them if she had come around sooner.

“…and kaçak bahis don’t think she didn’t tell us about the other times as well.” She concluded triumphantly.

“Okay, so I fucked your friend a few times, big deal,” Tunde responded, trying to put some toughness in his voice, “what has that got to do with you?”

“Bros, calm down.” Her eyes roved over his body and she licked her lips hungrily. She got up and moved over to where he stood and placed a hand on his chest. Her hand caressed his abs, and she pinched his nipples.

“Stop it Nkiru,” Tunde said. He took a step backwards but she boldly gripped the towel around his waist.

“Calm down na bros. Why you dey form like this?” Nkiru snapped. He detected a hint of anger in her voice. “Fine girl dey give you green light you dey act like small pikin. Wetin dey do you?”

“Look NK, it’s not like that,” he tried to explain, “I just don’t think it is right to have sex with you after…you know…Blessing.”

Nkiru stared at him for a long moment. “Is Blessing your girlfriend?” she asked.

Tunde paused. “No.”

“Did she say she wants to be your girlfriend?”


“Do you want her to be your girlfriend?”

“Definitely not.”

She paused. “Do you like me?”

“Why all these questions Nkiru?”

“Answer me,” her big eyes were dark and piercing.

“Yes…you are a very nice girl.”

“So why are you behaving like you are going to cheat on her?”

“It’s not like that, NK…”

“You know you owe me for saving you from getting into serious trouble with mama Blessing (Blessing’s mother).”

“I know that, but I…I can’t give you what you want.”

Nkiru sighed. “I know you want us to fuck. You are just forming conscience.” She said right out of the blue.

“What makes you think I want to have sex with you?” Tunde laughed nervously despite the situation he suddenly found himself in.

Her eyes blazed in frustration. “If you don’t want to fuck, why is your dick hard?”

That shook him a bit. “M…my dick?” he stammered. He looked down and true to her words, he had formed a very obvious silhouette in his towel.

“Yes, your dick. Why is it so hard if you don’t want to fuck me? And why have you been staring at my breasts since I arrived?”

He tried to give her the best reply his scrambled mind could produce at the moment.

“Y-you know I…I am a man. And we…we men naturally respond to beautiful sights l…like you,” he managed to say.

Nkiru sighed. “Bros T,” she frowned, “I know you want to have sex with me. I can clearly see it in your eyes. You just dey form, and that is what is paining me. I am not a loose girl if that is what you are thinking. I just want to sample out of what you gave Blessing, but if you don’t want me, I will go.”

She released her grip on his towel and turned to leave. Her shoulders sagged and she muttered in anger as she walked to the door. Tunde knew if he let her leave just like that, the likelihood of him getting into trouble was high. Her hand was on the latch to unlock it when she felt his arms on her shoulders.

“Look NK,” he whispered into her ear. His hot breath on her earlobe made her shudder. “I’m so sorry. Don’t go.” He paused and caressed her bare arms. “Okay, I will give you what you want.”

“Leave me joor.” His strong arms wrapped around her body and held her tight. Something hard poked her butt and she pushed back into it. Tunde laughed.

“So why you dey set yansh if you wan make I leave you?”

“Why you come dey behave like small pikin before?” she frowned back.

He turned her around and held her shoulders. There was a look of frustrated anger in her eyes. He smiled and lowered his face to give her a kiss, but she avoided his lips.

“Don’t kiss me,” she said, “shebi you do not want me?”

“I’m sorry NK,” he said. He tried again and this time she yielded. Her lips tasted like strawberries. While they kissed, he felt her fingers undo the fold of his towel and casually let it drop. She grabbed his dick and gave it a few pumps. Tunde moaned silently into her mouth. With a gentle push on his chest, Nkiru broke the kiss and backed him to the single-seat sofa he had in the corner.

His eyes never faltered from her pretty young face. He sat down and looked up as she hovered over him. She placed her hands on his laps, her full, round breasts dangling in his face like two ripe grapefruits hanging from a low tree branch. Tunde hesitated a moment, then cupped each one in his hands. He was pleased by how firm they felt. He heard her gasp softly and she reached down and grabbed his hardness. Her eyes glittered and she squeezed firmly and stroked its entire length. She gripped it tightly and expertly ran her fingers in circles around the swollen head. She started to stroke again, increasing the pace. It took a few more deft strokes for him to feel himself being pushed to the edge.

“I…you will make me release if you don’t stop that!” he warned her. Nkiru immediately slowed her movements.

“I think I…I th-think I better sit on it.” She said, encouraged by the firm hardness in her grip. Tunde could only wave his hand as she climbed on top of him and straddled his thighs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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