The Cabin Ch. 04

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The sun shone brightly through the great room window, casting soft morning light onto three sleeping bodies and so began Day 4.

I opened my eyes to soft morning light. Stretching I realized that I was sandwiched between two very warm, naked bodies. In the fireplace the embers smoldered, softly glowing. My stretching moved my body along Russ’ chest, our skin rubbing. As I attempted to roll to my back, I found Eric snuggled behind me, his body wedged tightly. My movements awakened them both. Both sleepy-eyed, they reached out with warm hands to gently caress my breasts and tummy. Eric glanced over at the clock and cursed quietly. “Damm, Russ, we are going to be late for that meeting. We’ve got to get up and go… now.” My sigh was unheard as they both rustled under the blanket to get off the floor.

“Gina, can we get a quick shower?” Eric asked.

“Of course, you can. Go, I’ll make some coffee.” I replied as I pulled the blanket over me and got off the floor. The guys quickly headed for the bathroom and soon I heard the water running. I gathered up their clothes and slipped into the bathroom as Russ showered and Eric brushed his teeth. It’s a good thing I keep extra toiletries! Handing Eric a couple of towels, I received a quick but passionate kiss from Eric just as Russ stepped out of the tub.

Eric tossed a towel to Russ and stepped into the tub for his quick shower. I watched as Russ dried his magnificent body. As he rubbed the towel over his abdomen, I could barely restrain from offering my assistance. Instead I gave him a quick kiss, a new toothbrush and headed for the kitchen and the promised coffee. From the kitchen, I heard the water turn off and quiet talking between the two.

With the coffee brewing, I made my way to the least used room this trip, the bedroom. As I slipped on my robe, my mind wandered to chores that needed to be done this day. A trip into town is in order for groceries. The cabin needed to be opened up and aired out…the smell of sex was prevalent throughout. Smiling I heard the guys moving into the great room and, pulling my robe closed, I followed them into the room. As I entered they both turned and smiled. Looking very content and rested, they crossed the floor to me.

Russ stepped up and his lips brushed mine as I felt his whisper, “We have a meeting; neither of us wants to go, but we need to finalize the big deal.”

I looked up into his beautiful gray eyes and smiled.

“I know you have to go. I have to take care of some things as well. Would you like to come back tonight for dinner and maybe a hot tub?” I asked.

“I will be here and bring the wine. Do you want to ask Eric to join us?” Russ whispered.

“I would love for both of you to have dinner with me,” was my answer. Turning to face Eric, I reached out with one hand to him. As he took my hand and slipped up close to me, I asked, “Will you join us for dinner tonight, Eric?”

His smile lit his face from lips to eyes. “Oh, yes, I would love to!” Raising my hand to his lips, he kissed it then turned and said, “Russ, if we don’t go now, you are not going to be able to get me out of here!”

Glancing down, I saw that the front of his jeans has begun to lose its normal shape. Laughing I told them both, “Go on to your meeting, make the deal and I’ll see you both tonight!” I called after them as they headed out the front door, “And bring some wine. I’ll get steaks!”

Quiet settled over the cabin, as I wandered back to the kitchen to refill my coffee. Cup in hand, I pulled open the sliding glass door and stepped out to the warmth of the sun-drenched deck. A gentle breeze kissed my cheek and ruffled my hair. Smiling I thought about preparations for the evening, as I relaxed and drank in the view of the valley beyond the deck. Finishing my coffee, I returned to the kitchen, washed and put away the cups and the plates from last night. In the living room, I paused to open the lower windows to let fresh air into the room. Giggling, I realized just how much the room smelled of sex. Three days and nights of raw sex does tend to leave its mark in the air.

With a sigh, I straightened the pillows and then folded the blanket over the sofa. A quick dusting of tables and the wood floor and the great room shone in the sunlight. On the way to the shower, I stopped in the bedroom and giggled again that the bed hasn’t been slept in for two days. I grabbed up jeans and a shirt and made my way to the bath. Still damp from their showers, I gathered up towels as I turned the faucet on to run my shower. As the water heated, I tossed the towels into the washer along with several items. I’ll wait to run it after I finish my shower.

Stepping into the tub, I immersed myself in the steady stream of hot water. It cascaded over my head to run down my body. Shampooing my hair, the aroma of soft lilac soothed and relaxed me. Thoughts of two new men in my life quickly filtered through my mind. Like a flash back I could feel their bahis firmaları hands on my body. Almost instantly I feel myself tighten and begin a steady pulse. I can’t believe how turned on I get just thinking about them, I think to myself. Even as that thought flits through my brain, I remembered the plans for the evening. I pushed down any thoughts of self-gratification, giggling at my excitement. Quickly I finished up my shower and dried my hair. Getting dressed for my supply run, I grabbed a t-shirt and jeans. The top was a bit tight but it fit so well and besides, I enjoy wearing it braless. My nipples show through the soft material and it makes for some rather interesting glances. After a light application of make up, I ran the brush through my hair, leaving it hanging loose and straight. As I gathered my purse and keys and the grocery list, a quick look around the cabin assured me that it was ready for tonight.

The drive to the little nearby town was pleasant. As I approached the town, I remembered just how small and quaint it is. Turning off the main road and into an open area for parking, I pulled up close to the General Store. Everything that a person could possibly need can be gotten at this little Mom and Pop run store. With my list in hand, I opened the door to the tinkle of a little bell. Just inside I found a basket and started my way to the back counter. Mr. Turner who has to be nearing 70 years old greeted me with a wide grin. “Afternoon, Miss Gina. It’s good to see you again. What’s it been, about two years since you been up to the cabin?”

“Hello, Mr. Turner, it’s great to see you too! Yes, I was so busy with work last year I missed getting here. How is Mrs. Turner, by the way?”

“She’s as good as ever,” he laughed. “She’ll be back in a bit. She had to go out to see about a friend of hers. What can I get for you, Miss Gina?”

“I need three nice steaks. I’m going to get some baking potatoes and stuff for salad too, so please take your time” I said. I turned to the produce section, a counter about the size of a kitchen table that held baskets of fresh lettuce, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and even some red cabbage. As I was making my selection, I heard the door bell tinkle. Curiosity made me look and I was surprised to see my friend and real estate agent, Mandy, as she walked in the door, smiling.

“I thought that was you I saw drive up, Gina.” Mandy called out as she crossed the small store. “How the heck are you, my friend?” I put down my basket and turned to embrace my long time friend. “You look wonderful, Gina. Life is treating you very well indeed!”

I laughed and replied, “Not life so much as a couple of very wonderful days at the cabin! Thank you for getting everything ready for me again this year. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“It’s what I do, girlfriend” Mandy said. “I heard you met my brother, Russ. He had some excellent things to say about ‘my friend’ and how he really has enjoyed getting to know you.”

Smiling I answered, “Mandy, your brother is a wonderful man, who by the way is coming over for dinner tonight. Do you think maybe you could join us? His friend Eric will be there as well.”

“Oh, I’d love to, Gina. I’m finished for the day and if you don’t have anything else planned I could help you finish your shopping. We can go by my place and I’ll change into something more appropriate for dinner!” Mandy excitedly replied.

“Mandy, that is an excellent idea. I’m almost done here. Why don’t you go grab something to wear and you can change at the cabin. We can soak in the hot tub and then shower and dress for dinner. Meet me at the car when you get done?”

“It’ll take me maybe 10 minutes, Gina. Can I bring anything from my house?

“Not a thing but yourself! Your brother and Eric are bringing wine. Go. I’ll see you in ten!” I said as I picked up another potato and added additional salad fixings.

As I turned back to the counter, Mr. Turner just smiled. “I’ll get another steak, Miss Gina, don’t you worry!”

Laughing, I unloaded my basket on the checkout counter as he came from the back of the store with the steaks. As he approached he reached up for a bottle of wine. Puzzled, I looked my question at him.

He just chuckled and said, “Well, you never know about young men these days. They mean well and try to remember but just in case, I’ll donate this bottle to your dinner party.”

My laughter rang through the store again as I packed my own sack with supplies. “Thank you, Mr. Turner. You are the best. Please give my regards to your lovely wife.”

When he came around the counter to hand me the sack, I kissed him on his wrinkled cheek and was rewarded with a blush of crimson. “You, Miss Gina, are a breath of fresh air. It is always good to see you!”

Smiling, I crossed to the door and out into the bright noon sun. Just as I reached the car, I heard a horn and saw Mandy pull up. In just a minute I had the groceries loaded into the kaçak iddaa back seat and I drove off with Mandy following right behind.

The drive to the cabin was quick. As I parked by the front, Mandy pulled in and to the side of my car. When she got out of her car, I heard her exclaim, “Gina, I had forgotten just how beautiful it is here.”

Smiling my agreement, we gathered the grocery sacks and opened the front door. I tossed my keys and purse to the table and Mandy dropped her overnight bag to the floor. We crossed the great room to the kitchen, laughing and talking since we hadn’t seen each other for over a year. Putting the groceries away went quickly and I asked Mandy to pour us sodas while I checked the hot tub for temperature. With a quick trip to the bathroom, I grabbed two big towels and headed for the deck. Sliding open the door, Mandy was right behind me. The afternoon sun was pleasant, not too hot and the soft breeze made it quite comfortable.

As I opened the top on the tub, Mandy set the sodas down on the little side table. Then she lifted the hem of her tee shirt and pulled it up and over her head. As she tossed it to the deck, I thought how wonderful it was to see her again. It had been so long. She smiled as she saw me watching her and with a silly seductive wiggle she opened her jeans and slid both hands down her front, leaning forward so her tits hung and almost popped out of her bra. We both laughed remembering other strip tease moves that we had used to amuse each other in the past. Turning away I unzipped my jeans and slid them to my ankles, kicking them off. My panties were pushed up tight into the crack of my ass so I bent over and wiggled it at her. Her laughter made me look at her between my legs, and that set her off again. Soon we were both half naked sitting on the side of the tub with tears running down our faces.

“Gina, I have missed you,” Mandy said.

“I’ve missed the fun we had together, Mandy” was my breathy answer.

I reached and ran the back of my hand across the top of her breast. That movement caught her breath and I felt her tremble. I slid my hand inside her bra and cupped her, so soft and firm in my hand. My fingers gently trailed under and around until her nipple was centered in my palm. Her nipple went instantly hard and puckered. I slipped my hand out and leaned in with both hands around to the back and flicked the catch. Slowly I raised my hands to her shoulders and slid the straps down each arm. Tugging gently I pulled it all the way off and tossed it into the growing pile of clothes on the deck. I sat back and gazed at her perfect breasts.

Her breasts were smaller than mine but so wonderfully firm, they reached out to offer themselves to my hands. Like a magnet my hands were drawn to them, to caress and then roll the nipples between my thumbs and fingers. Small sounds were coming from her throat so I bent forward and slipped a nipple into my mouth, raising the volume of the sounds to a moan. As I sucked, Mandy ran one hand through my hair and with the other pushed my tee shirt up and over my bra. Flicking it one-handed, she managed to release the clasp and pull it to the front. My large D-cup tits escaped the confines of my bra and her hand cupped and then squeezed. Now my moans joined hers in the quiet afternoon air.

“Mandy,” I whisper.

“Gina,” she answers.

“Lets get naked and into the tub. I want to continue what we’ve started,” was all I could manage to say.

“I’m right behind you, Gina,” she giggled.

Standing, she shed her jeans and panties in no time. I stood and the bra just fell off, and before I could start, Mandy reached over and pulled my panties down past my knees. I let her slip them off my ankles before I could trip on them.

“God, Gina, I’d almost forgotten how beautiful you are.”

I looked up into her eyes and could feel the blush as it crawled up my chest to my cheeks. Chuckling, Mandy took my hand and pulled me close. Our tits brushed…then mashed together as she pulled me tight to her body for a kiss. Our lips moved as one…we pressed in harder and our hands began to roam. Breaking that long kiss, we both gasped for air. I stepped back creating some space between us. I turned and stepped into the tub, ducking down to wet my heated body up to my neck. Standing I held out my hand to my friend. As our hands clasp, Mandy stepped into the tub and wet her body in the same way, then sat back on the side of the tub with just her legs in the water. I see my opening and smile.

Leaning in, I opened her legs with my body as I kissed her lightly on the lips. My lips brushed her cheeks, across her forehead, both eyes then her nose until I found myself back at the beginning and then moved on to the hollow of her neck. Stretching out long she gave me complete access. My lips trailed long wet lines from the center out to the shoulder, back in from the arm and down to the top of the breast. Mandy’s breath quickened. As my lips kaçak bahis traveled wetly along the top line of her firm breast, I could feel her chest heaving. At the center, I pressed my face into her valley of flesh and my hands cupped the outsides of her; I buried my lips and pressed with my tongue and my reward was a moan.

Sliding my hands down along her sides, I pulled her ass to the edge of the tub. My lips descended in a line from the center of her beautiful breasts down and around her belly button. As I circled it, Mandy wiggled. Dipping my tongue into its center, I plunged it in and out like a small dick. Mandy gasped and writhed. Slowly I slid my tongue out and down. Licking as I traveled to the top of her mound, I lapped at her firm soft tummy. I slid to the outside and along her hip; down and lapped at her thigh. Along that muscle to her knee then in and up; up until I reached that junction of leg and torso. I stopped to kiss and, looking up, I see Mandy’s eyes smiling down at me. Quickly I moved in, dragging my tongue directly across her clit. Abrupt and deliberate, my move caused Mandy to jump, pressing her pussy into my face. I flicked out my tongue and licked. Running it down the outside of her lips, and then across the lower junction, I slid up the other side.

“My god, Gina, you are making me crazy. Please suck me,” she cried out.

It was just what I intended to do. Sealing my lips around her pussy, my tongue lashing back and forth across her wet opening, I locked my lips tightly around her and sucked. Pulling her hot wet lips into my mouth, I lavished them with abandon. Soon she was bucking so hard, I had to hold her by the hips to keep from getting hurt. With no hesitation, I licked and sucked, pushing Mandy closer and closer to that wonderful edge. She cried out just as I felt her tighten. I surrounded her clit with my mouth and held it firmly. As her body began to shake, I felt her clit throb and spasm and I pulled it completely into my mouth; sucking and holding her until her orgasm subsided, slowly licking all the juices that escaped her wet pussy.

“Mandy, you taste divine,” I said, trying to catch my breath and straighten up.

I slid up to brush my lips across hers. Kissing, we shared her taste, then I slipped down into the tub and lean back against the side of the tub. With my head thrown back, I savored her taste as my breathing returned to normal.

“I have missed you!”

“I have missed you as well, Gina!” Mandy softly whispered as her breathing slowed.

She slipped over the edge of the tub and close to my side. Turning, we kissed again, our tongues dancing along each other’s lips. I felt her hands caress along the sides of my breasts.

With a huge sigh, I said, “As much as I would love to do this….we need to continue this later, girlfriend. We’ve got two extremely sexy men coming for dinner and we need to prepare!” I hit the button turning on the jets and let the hot water begin it’s soothing of tense muscles. “Let’s just relax for a minute before we have to get out and get ready. Your brother and Eric should be coming back soon.”

After 10 minutes of intense bubble therapy, I stood and let the water cascade off and back into the tub. Stepping out, I grabbed a towel, wrapping myself in soft terrycloth. Across the deck I went, calling over my shoulder, “First shower is mine and then I’ll start dinner prep. Hang out until I finish then you can shower and get pretty for the boys!”

The water in the shower was hot and steamy as I lathered and rinsed my hair and my body. Scented soap soothes my mind and relaxes me. Stepping out of the tub, drying my hair and wiping the mirror, I am startled to see Mandy standing in the doorway, smiling.

“You are still the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, Gina.”

“Oh, Mandy, you make me blush with words like that. Now get in here and get a shower while I get dressed and then you can help me get started on dinner.”

Mandy stepped into the tub as I gathered up hair brush and closed the door on my way out. In the bedroom, I found silk pajama pants and a small tee top. Brushing my hair to a lustrous copper shine, I slipped on black strappy sandals and headed for the kitchen.

Preparations for dinner were simple: steaks ready for the grill, potatoes precooked in the microwave and ready for roasting. As I started preparing the salad, Mandy popped into the room dressed in an ankle length silk skirt trimmed in satin with a matching satin sash top. “Heavens, Mandy, you will drive the guys crazy wearing that!” I laughed as she filled a bucket with ice for the wine.

“Like they won’t have a second glance for you, Gina? That is one hot outfit you have on!” Mandy laughed as she got plates, salad bowls and silverware to set the table. Lights flashed from the front window. “I think Russ and Eric are here. Do you want me to go let them in?”

“Please and see if your brother remembered the wine!” I called out as I stepped out to the deck to light the grill.

As I returned to the kitchen, I was greeted by Russ grinning and holding a bottle of wine. “Do you want this in the ice now or for later? And by the way, you are beautiful!”

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