The Camping Trip Ch. 02

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This is the second part to “The Camping Trip.” (again this is a precursor to the events in “The Mistake”) Enjoy!

Ava hopped out of the air mattress so quickly Matt was a little shocked, usually they talked after sex. He knew that their “friends” status sometimes caused them to be less cuddly, but what was her problem?

“Erica!” she exclaimed again, giving him a pointed look.

“Oh… Damnit.” Matt grabbed his watch, she was right; the other girl would be there any second.

Sure enough, he barely had his own clothes on when he heard another car pull up. At least it had stopped raining. Ava wasn’t quite ready; she was running a brush through her long, shiny hair. He had to rip himself away from the image in front of him. Those sheepskin boots were just so sexy combined with those tiny shorts. He hurried out of the tent to greet the other girl camping with them before he got hard again.

Erica was just getting out of the car. Compared to Ava she was just cute. Short, shoulder-length blonde hair, athletic-build, nice smile. She grinned big time when she saw him. Now he saw it, the crush Ava had been talking about. He felt flattered, but not attracted. For a second though, he thought “Two girls, just me… Threesome.” Then, in his mind’s eye, he saw the hurt look on Ava’s face the last time a threesome went wrong with them. “Nope, not even gonna go there” he thought.

“So how was the drive?” he asked.

“Long” she said getting things out of her car.

He helped her and they made small talk about work and the beauty of the campsite. They were just about finished unloading her car when Ava finally stepped out of the tent. Ava still had the boots and shorts combo on, but now that it wasn’t rainy and it was a bit warmer she’d changed into a thermal, long underwear shirt. It was a light blue color and contrasted prettily with her skin. It was unbuttoned quite a way, and Matt’s gaze was drawn to her chest. She didn’t look slutty, just so simply sexy it reminded him of discovering that she was wearing plain white panties instead of her usual G-string.

Speaking of, he wondered where the panties had gone, since he’d ripped them off. Then he noticed that one of Ava’s hands was hidden behind her back. When he looked in her eyes, she blushed a little.

“Hey Erica!” she called from the tent waving with the other hand “I’ve gotta run to the bathroom, back in a sec to say hi.”

Ava hurried off in the other direction toward the campers’ station. Matt noticed Erica watching Ava retreat, the look in her eye was a little mean.

“Does she have to dress so… appropriately… for everything?” Erica said spitefully.

Matt frowned, “What are you saying?” he asked.

“It’s like she knows what will be ‘sexy’ for every occasion, it just seems like she plans it like that.”

Matt grinned thinking about Ava when she’s sick in ratty pajamas, he didn’t think Erica would think those “planned” or illegal bahis “sexy.” But he didn’t want to start the weekend off wrong so he said “Hey, Ava likes what Ava likes, you like what you like, whatever the difference is it’s not that big of a deal. Don’t be so hard on her.”

Erica shrugged, “Whatever.”

By the time, Ava got back from the bathroom Matt had started a fire and set up chairs. Erica was lounging in one, obviously checking out Matt’s tight ass. Ava took a deep breath, consciously trying to be friendly. She grabbed Matt’s fleece from the car, she offered it to him, then at his decline put it on herself. She sat down in the farthest chair from Erica, Matt handed her a beer. Erica was already a few in herself; she was starting to act tipsy. When Matt had the fire going, he sat in the middle of the two girls.

“So Ace, what took so long in the bathroom?” he asked, snickering, knowing she’d been looking for somewhere to get rid of the ripped panties.

She shot a glare at him then said, “It was a long way out there, shut up.” Then she kicked him lightly.

“Maybe you couldn’t find your way back without Matt’s help,” Erica said snidely, just barely covering the venom in her voice; she was trying to sound like she was joking. Ava knew better. Ava just smiled sweetly at her, “Nah, not this time, but whenever I AM lost, Matt finds me.” He smiled; somehow, she’d managed to come back at Erica without sounding bitchy.

They all settled in around the fire with a few beers. The conversation eventually trailed off as they got a little drunk. Then out of the silence Erica started to ask Matt questions about himself.

“Matt, why aren’t you in a relationship with someone?” there was an emphasis placed on the “someone” part of the question.

“Um, I’m just not ready for that yet” he mumbled.

“Oh, I see, just haven’t found the right girl yet?” Erica was on to something and she wasn’t about to let go.

“Uh,” Matt stammered, he knew he’d been trapped and he felt a little confused. The beer wasn’t helping. Before he knew it, he’d waited too long trying to figure out what to say. When he looked up Ava had disappeared. He thought it might be best to let her cool off for a bit, and for him to try to sober up. He suggested to Erica that they roast marshmallows. By the time they’d roasted a few Ava stepped out of the woods. She’d been crying, he could tell. He felt really awful. She dragged her chair around the fire to the farthest point away from them both. She shook her head when he asked her about a marshmallow.

Eventually, Erica got drunk enough she was ready to pass out. Matt took her in the tent. Ava had set up a cot for her and he helped her into it. She clumsily took her shoes off. Then just as he zipped her into a sleeping bag, she touched his face. He stopped short. She pulled his face closer to hers and sloppily tried to kiss him. He pushed her away gently, and she immediately passed illegal bahis siteleri out. Shaking his head, he returned to the fire.

“That was quick, I thought the two of you would take longer,” Ava griped jealously.

He looked at her, then sighed dragging his chair closer to hers.

“Not my type Ace” he said tiredly.

“Neither am I” she replied bitterly.

He sighed again “Did you ever think that maybe you’re exactly my type, like the type I want forever type, and that scares the shit out of me?”

She looked a little confused “No.”

He sighed again; he couldn’t stop sighing, “Well maybe you should think about that.”

“Maybe YOU should think about that,” She repeated back at him.

“Give me some time?” he asked.

She nodded. Her eyes were teary and he motioned for her to come snuggle on his lap.

He kissed her softly, and pushed back a stray hair. Her heart was beating quickly; he could feel it under her soft skin. She kissed him back running her fingers through his hair and over his chest as she knelt on the ground in front of him. Her slender fingers flew threw his belt buckle, the button and zipper to his pants before he could think straight. All he could see was her beautiful mouth. It was smiling at him as he felt her silky hands help him off with his bottoms.

She knelt on top of his pants, he was glad she had something soft to kneel on. Her body was warm as she pressed between his legs. She had shed the fleece and was lifting her shirt to reveal that she’d never been wearing a bra. He was surprised again, and again that natural breasts like hers could retain such firmness, especially as large as they were.

She pressed her chest closer to his groin and

surrounded his cock with her breasts. Deftly she slid it through them over and over until he was at his full length. Then she bowed her head and her warm, wet mouth engulfed him. He felt the head of his cock hit the back of her throat and she swallowed, drawing him in deeper. He knew not to push too hard so she’d still be able to breathe.

He enjoyed the way he felt in her throat. One of her perfect hands encircled his balls she squeezed them gently, massaging and playing with them as he began to moan. When he couldn’t hold out any longer, he began to push against her. She drew him out of her throat and used the other hand coated with her saliva to stroke his cock. She tasted the precum in her mouth and swallowed it greedily. He was starting to moan loudly, too loudly. She offered him a finger to suck and bite on. She swirled her hand and mouth around his long hard dick, so that no surface of it was ever untouched. He was surrounded constantly by wet pulsing pressure. He began to lose himself in her mouth and as he came, he sucked hard on her fingers trying not to scream her name.

He didn’t scream though, he didn’t want anyone to wake up; he surely wasn’t through with her. When she was done canlı bahis siteleri licking and sucking every drop up off him he pulled her up and yanked his pants on but didn’t bother to fasten them. He kissed her hard. He grabbed at her breasts, pulling at her nipples ’til they stood firm. He sucked and bit at them relentlessly.

Then he scooped her up and marched her over to the picnic table. There he yanked off her shorts. This time he was greeted with bare pussy. He let his pants fall around his ankles and positioned her on her back on the table. He knelt on the ground and began to suck at her clit. He rolled the tiny nub gently in his teeth and stroked at it with his tongue. He inserted two fingers inside her, he pushed them as deep as he could the wiggled them gently as if motioning for her to “come here,” this stroked at her G-spot and he could feel her precious pussy getting wetter for him.

He pulled his mouth off her pussy and grabbed on of her hands.

“Show me,” he said “Rub your clit for me, show me how you like it”

He watched her fingers circle her clit, then rub it, slow sometimes, faster others. His cock was at full strength again.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he whispered to her.

She nodded, and mouthed to him in the dim flickering light “Please.”

That was all it took. He stood, and drew her quickly to her feet. He turned her around and pushed her front half gently down on the picnic table. He admired her smooth, round ass as he pushed his dick into her sopping wet pussy. She was tight and he could feel her juices seep out as he pushed farther in. Her pussy was at just the right height that he could simply pull her gorgeous hips back and forth to get himself off.

But that wasn’t enough. He wanted to feel her convulse, he wanted her to lose control. He wanted her to wake Erica up, so she’d know that he had the girl he wanted. He reached around Ava’s body and began to rub her clit, just the way she’d shown him.

“Baby, does that feel good?” he said, a little too loudly in her ear.

Ava whimpered with pleasure. He bent over and kissed the back of her neck, then between her shoulder blades. Then he began to bite her gently as he felt her climax approach. Even in this position her back arched. He pulled at her hair with one hand, never letting his other hand leave the assault on her clit.

He pulled her head towards him as he whispered hoarsely in her ear, “I want YOU Ava… YOU.”

That did it, as he thrust into her ever harder she began to moan loudly, then she cried out his name, just once as she came. The sound of his name was all it took for Matt. To his increased pleasure, he heard Erica stir in the tent “What’s going on?” she mumbled. Then it seemed she passed back out again. Matt had to hold Ava to keep her from rolling on the ground laughing.

He sat her back on the table and dressed her as she started to shiver. He hugged her close to him and she wrapped her arms and legs close to him.

“So you want me, huh?” she asked, her face buried in his chest. She felt him nod yes and stroke her hair. She looked up at him, hazel eyes shining “I love you, Matt” she said softly. He didn’t answer.

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