The Cashier

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It was a busy day at the supermarket. He had just finished shopping and was lining up at the counter, his cart filled with just a few boxes and cans. The carts of the people in front of him were quite full and there was no other registers open. This was going to take a while.

He looked at the cashier. She wasn’t bad looking, only a little plump. She was working as hard as she could to keep up. With nothing else to do, he continued to watch her. She had pale skin, nice thick red lips and black hair. She wore makeup, a cloud of blush around her cheeks and her eyes were heavily painted. The uniform she wore was a little tight around the chest area. He didn’t notice her big bossom until now. His eyes nearly popped out of his head and his jaw dropped at the size of her chest. He quickly looked away but when he looked up again he crossed her eyes staring back at him.

“Did she feel him stare?” He turned red and tried to look at something else but when he looked up again she was still looking at him.

He looked down again: “did he just imagine her biting her lower lip?” He watched again, bahis firmaları she looked angry but she wasn’t looking at him any more.

The line moved on and soon it was his turn. He didn’t say a word and placed his goods onto the belt. She briefly made eye contact and then stared at his crotch while starting to scan his goods. “Oh god.” he thought to himself. She was checking out the slight bulge in his pants he got from watching her rack.

The other cashier opened another register and she made eye contact again. When he was loading his goods in a brown bag she pulled out a small marker from her breast pocket and wrote something on his bill.She put the bill in the bag herself and he payed.

“Have a nice day.” he stammered and made his way to the exit. She didn’t say a word.

While he was walking to the door he pulled out the bill to check on the prices and noticed the words she wrote on the bottom.

“My shift ends in 5 minutes meet me around the back big boy, Tracy”

Surprised he looked back and saw her winking an eye at him. He couldn’t believe it. Another cashier kaçak iddaa walked up to her and said “Take a break Tracy.”

He quickly put his goods in the car and headed to the back of the building. Behind the loading docks near some boxes Tracy was smoking a cigarette. He approached and watched her smoke, her red lips staining the filter.

The slightly small uniform was unbuttoned and underneath a massive cleavage was showing.

He approached her and immediately she groped his crotch:”Wanna stare at my tits?”

Her front closed bra was opened and he could see the soft, milky white flesh of her very big tits. His dick jumped up in his pants as she firmly pinched it through the fabric. With a single hand she opened his jeans and her small cold hand plunged into his boxers to free his dick.

“Nice” she commented, as she took a pull of the cigarette put it out and kneeled to blow the last smoke over his dick.

The next second her mouth was completly covering the full length of his member. It instantly hardened inside her wet mouth and while her lips moved up and down his kaçak bahis shaft she smeared her red lipstick all over. Her dark eyes stared at him while his dick was in her mouth. “Ugh” He moaned softly and in utter disbelieve, while she even sucked him harder.

She started to stroke his cock hard while she held the tip in her mouth sucking it in deeper while toying it with her tongue. He was utterly baffled by her direct approach and his eyes almost turned in his sockets.

She let his dick pop out and pulled her shirt open “You want these?”

The only thing he could come up with was a low moan. She put his wet cock in between her tits and he started titfucking her. She firmly pressed her breasts together, holding his cock in place. He wasn’t going to last much longer.

With a deep low grunt he shot hot streaks of cum in between those giant, milky white tits. She looked amused at him while he came on her tits.

She pulled his dick from between her sticky cleavage and sucked it clean. With a paper tissue she wiped the cum off her tits, closed the bra and her shirt.

Pulled a small cylinder from her purse, opened it and adjusted her red lipstick in a small handmirror then pouted her lips:”Gotta go, break time is over!”

She smiled and left him quite helpless by the service door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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