The Collar Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Nikki walked in the door, two bags of groceries in her arms, expecting to hear the din of the television and find her husband and kid at home. Instead there was silence. She walked through the house, with her boot heels clicking in the hardwood floors.

“Todd? Anyone home?”

Nothing. Laying on the dining room table was a note sitting next to a leather dog collar with rhinestones on it. The envelope read: Happy Anniversary. “Anniversary?” she thought. It wasn’t her wedding anniversary, that was almost a month away. And what was with the dog collar?

She opened the note and in her husband Todd’s handwriting it read:

“Happy Anniversary of our first date. I know our wedding anniversary is coming up, but I didn’t want to forget about this anniversary. Head upstairs and you’ll find some more plans for the evening. The kid is with my sister.”

Anniversary of their first date? It had been too long since they had done something special for that. Suddenly it was clear what the collar was about. Back in their college days, on their first date, Nikki showed up at Todd’s dorm wearing a dog collar. His roommate, a real jerk, quizzed her about it non-stop and she seemed embarrassed. Todd thought it was really hot, but was too shy to bring it up. She never wore it again, but he never forgot about it.

Their sex life was rewarding and sometimes naughty. In recent years they had been pushing their own boundaries more and more and it was getting hotter all the time. Todd had been introducing sex toys over the years and they enjoyed torturing and pleasuring one another with them. She wondered if tonight would push more of those boundaries.

When she got upstairs and saw what was laid out on the bed, she had the answer to her question. Laid out on the bed were a new pair of black stockings, a matching black garter belt, a little black thong, a pair of sexy black pumps, a hotel room key card and a second note.

The note read:

“Remember the collar you wore on our first date all those years ago? I never forgot. Tonight I am going to worship your sexy body while you fulfill some of my greatest fantasies. Tonight will be about pleasure, decadence, and perhaps a little exhibition.

“Take some time to get ready and pamper yourself. Meet me in room 2202 of the Grand Hotel downtown at 7:00 pm. You are to arrive wearing only these items and a coat. I have brought clothes and overnight items. You don’t need to bring anything.

“With dearest love always, Todd”

He always signed his notes to her that way. She was his Zelda and he was her Scott.

She looked at the clock and realized she had some time to get ready. She ran herself a hot bath and pulled out her razor and cream. She turned down the lights and slipped into the bath to relax. She lathered up her legs and drew the razor across her skin. She loved the way that her legs felt after a shave. She felt sexy. She knew what was next.

Nikki draped one leg over the edge of the tub and opened herself up. She ran her soapy hands down her thighs and brought a slick finger inside of her fold. She let it drift up to her clit. As she brushed across it a charge went up her body and she felt her nipples harden. Her other hand went up to meet them as she rubbed herself all over. Next, she lathered up from her pubic mound down under her perineum and around her tight asshole. She took her razor and removed all the hair, except for a lush, inverted triangle of hair two inches across, lewdly pointing down at her prize. A soapy finger penetrated her tightest hole and she bucked against her own finger as the soapy water lapped against the sides of the tub. God, she was wound up and ready to go.

She lifted herself from the tub and gently patted her soft, China-white skin dry with a towel. Still naked, she dried her hair and styled it. Her mind drifted to the outfit, or lack of it, waiting for her on the bed. She was nervous. What if something happened on the way to the hotel. She was completely vulnerable. She put it out of her mind and finished getting ready. She hardly ever wore makeup, but for this event she applied a thick layer of cherry-red lipstick and a slightly-heavy amount of eye-liner. Standing in front of the mirror, she put on the collar.

“I look fucking good,” she thought as she scanned up and down her naked reflection. And she did. She was on the tall side, and had a curvy body. Her breasts were full and perky. Just a little bit more than a handful. Todd loved her tits, he loved it when she was bent over and they swung back and forth. But his favorite part of her body was her ass. It was round and athletic. When he fucked her from behind he loved the view, like an upside-down heart. He worshiped it, and looking at her reflection, she knew why.

She turned to the bed and wrapped the belt around her waist, at the apex of her hourglass figure. With the belt straps dangling over her hips, she sat down to pull the stockings over her legs. They felt divine sliding kaçak iddaa up her smooth legs. They were a heavy black-not sheer. She fastened the clips and grabbed the thong.

She knew that Todd liked the thong on over the belt and straps. This way she could keep them on if he wanted the panties off (which he often didn’t). She looked at the thong in her hand it seemed impossibly small. However, when she pulled it up over her hips she saw that it was extremely stretchy and extremely comfortable. It felt like she wasn’t wearing any panties at all, and given how naked she was, that was saying something.

But it sure didn’t provide much coverage. It barely covered the small patch of pubic hair her razor left behind. The bare skin where her pelvis folded into her thigh, was exposed. She could see why Todd had picked these out. That pervert had a thing for seeing her in little, tiny panties.

She looked at the clock and could see she needed to get going. The anxiety was wearing away and by now she was feeling a little wicked and excited to get this evening going. She threw on the shoes, grabbed knee length coat, and threw her wallet in a clutch purse and headed out the door. On her way out to the car one of her neighbors waved and said hello, oblivious to Nikki’s naked body underneath her coat. Nikki laughed to herself as she hopped in the car. She was get so excited she could smell herself getting wet. Just to be safe, once she was in the car, she hiked the bottom of her coat up around her waist so as not to soak it with pussy.

* * *

The hot water from the shower streamed down his torso as the steam created a lingering fog in the hotel bathroom. Todd finished bringing the razor across his dangling testicles and was satisfied that he was clean and well shorn. Just a small patch of wiry pubic hair sat above his shaft. He soaped himself up one last time and his dick was feeling heavy and strained. He wasn’t erect, but the blood was flowing and he could be “ready for action” at a moment’s notice.

He rinsed off the lather and suds and turned off the water. He stepped out of the shower and looked at his watch on the counter. If she was on time, Nikki would be walking through the hotel room door in about 30 minutes. That was plenty of time to finish getting cleaned up. He remained naked as he took care of his face and hair. He then walked out into the hotel room and surveyed the scene.

The room featured a king-sized bed in the center of the wall. On the side of that bed was a large window that was open to the skyline. At this height, there was the view was just one-way. And what a view it was. In front of the window was a lounge style padded bench behind a coffee table. The coffee table held a wide variety of Todd and Nikki’s favorite sex toys. Some of them he had specific plans for, but he brought all of them, and even a couple of new ones.

Seeing that the hour was nearly upon him, Todd decided to get dressed, such as it was. He grabbed a pair of underwear that was just a silver waistband with two small elastic rings hanging from the front of it, one slightly smaller than the other. He pulled the waist up over his hips and then pushed his cock and balls through the larger loop and his growing cock through the smaller loop. The rings strangled his genitals and lifted them up, leaving them on display. He saw himself in the mirror and his dick was swelling to near capacity. IT was dark and red, almost angry, as it was starting to point up. The head flared out.

In the corner of the room, surveying the bed and the doorway, stood a camera on its tripod. He walked over to it, his dick bouncing up and down, and turned the power on and made sure most of the room was within the frame of the shot.

Then he heard the key card swiping through the lock and he pressed record.

* * *

Minutes earlier, Nikki was walking down the hotel hallway. On the drive to the hotel she had her fingers buried in her cunt and had left quite the stain on her car seat. She strutted down the hallway, with only her knee length coat covering her sexy outfit and body. Also visible was the collar around her neck that started it all. She ran her fingers across the leather and buckle and giggled to herself. The collar gave her permission to give in to her sexual desires and act out the fantasies she had long wanted. She was determined to let Todd have his fun, but she would have hers too.

She came to room that her not told her. As she was about to slide the key in the lock a creeping feeling came over her that she might have the wrong room. She pulled the coat up around her neck and hesitated. But then then hand brushed the collar and she found her courage again and threw caution to the wind. She looked around the hallway and saw no one around. So she threw the coat off in the hallway and stood in front of the door in only her stockings, belt and panties-and of course the collar. An electric charge went through her body as she stood there, practically kaçak bahis naked, certainly nasty, exposed to whomever might open their door or come around the corner. Her nipples were pointing straight out and stiff as erasers. She walked in the door and tossed her coat on the floor.

Standing in the room, near the bed was Todd. He was naked except for his tiny underwear, which exposed and lifted his shaft and balls. She dropped to her hands and knees and slowly crawled across the floor towards him. His view was incredible. Her her shaped ass looked so good crawling towards him. She stopped about ten feet in front of him, sat up on her haunches, and slid her hand inside the crotch of her thong and slid two fingers inside her wet pussy.

“You naughty little fuck,” she moaned. “You’ve got me so hot and wet. I feel like I’m on the edge already.”

“I plan to push you over the edge again and again tonight,” he answered.

She gazed upon him, his feet slightly spread apart and his dick pointing up at a 45 degree angle, bobbing slightly. She looked at its flared head, and the smooth underside of his shaft. It was positively lewd how it was pointing out like that. She loved it when he was hard and she knew that she was making him so hard. It was red, almost purple and it look angry, like it may even hurt her. But she wanted it.

“What should I do first?” she asked innocently.

He smiled. “Crawl over her and suck my dick. I’ve been thinking about you and your hot body all day.”

She smiled and slid her thong down, just on to her thighs, showing him her handiwork with the razor. “Do you like it?” she asked.

His knees nearly buckled and all he could do was simply nod. If he thought the collar would give him control, he was finding out that she still held control over his desire.

She crawled in front of him and put her hands on his hips and butt. Then with one hand, she took his dick in her hand and looked it over, teasing him with little licks and kisses to his hips and thighs. She slowly stroked up his rod in her hand. God, it was so hard.

He liked to be teased, but he grew impatient and locked one hand behind her head, grabbing her hair, and hooked a finger with his other hand into her collar and pulled her mouth. He hooked her mouth with his thumb and forced his prick inside her mouth.

She moved his hands away and grabbed on to his ass with her left hand and his shaft with her right. She pulled back and stared at his bobbing dick before spitting two times on top of the shaft. The strands of her saliva ran down his smooth balls and onto his thighs. She was really working her mouth up and down his dick now, moaning loudly. She stopped, panting for air and saw all of the spit and drool hanging obscenely from his dick in long strands. She reached over to the dresser and grabbed a bottle of lube. She squirted a large amount other hand and fingers and began massaging his balls and asshole with it.

Todd moaned. She knew what to do next. She slid into his rectum and curled the finger, working it against his prostate. He moaned again, and she took that cue to slip a second finger inside of him and worked them up and down, while she slobbered all over his stiff prick. The drool running down his shaft and balls was mixing with the lube and pooling on the floor between his feet.

He was loosening up now, so she added a third finger and he let out a low, guttural moan. He couldn’t take much more.

“Oh, god, I’m going to come! I’m gonna come hard!” he rasped. His legs buckled, but with Nikki’s hand up his ass he was forced to stay standing. He erupted in her mouth; she locked down on him, trying not to let a drop spill from her mouth, but some oozed out of the corners. She pulled her head back and showed him the pool of white come sitting on her tongue. She smiled and laughed a little as she looked straight at this still hard cock, bobbing menacingly in her face. She pulled her fingers out of his ass and slapped his cock hard, twice. He winced as she leered up at him and grabbed his balls and slowly pulled him down to the floor until they were face to face. She stood and bent at the waist to keep eye contact with him and leaned in and kissed him. It was the first kiss they had since she entered the room. As their lips opened and tongues met, she forced his come back into her mouth. At first, his eyes popped open, but grabbed his face and wouldn’t let go. Soon he was grabbing her face and they tumbled to the ground, kissing passionately and rolling on the floor in ecstasy.

Nikki stood up and laid on her back on the bed, opening her legs and stretching the thong to its limits across her thighs. She curled her finger, directing Todd to come closer. He leaned in for another kiss and then she whispered in his ear, “Now it’s my turn,” and pushed his head down to her soaking wet pussy. Todd knelt down on his hands and knees on the bed, with his hips and ass pointing towards her face and buried his face in her cunt. Nikki illegal bahis gasped in ecstasy as her head whipped backwards. Todd loved eating pussy and Nikki was in for a treat. He ran his tongue inside her slit and settled on her throbbing clit. He focused there for a few minutes while his fingers ran around her lips and down to her perineum and asshole. She bucked back.

He stood up and walked across the room to retrieve her favorite vibrating dildo. As he returned and ordered her to flip over onto all fours. He turn the vibrator on to a low buzz setting and began to slid it lengthwise underneath her stomach, across her clit. The kept doing this as he moved his face in behind her ass. Her bare shaved crotch was exposed from behind and he started more long licks in the folds of her pussy before eventually traveling up to her asshole. He back off and gave her sweet ass two quick slaps that stung her flesh as she cried out, “Oh yeah, baby. Smack that ass of mine. It’s yours.”

With that encouragement he shoved the vibrator deep into her womb and forced his face between her cheeks and buried his tongue up her rectum. Her head snapped back as she squirmed under appetite.

“My god, you’re such a pervert,” she hissed as she pushed her ass back in his face and moved back and forth on the vibrator. With his tongue firmly planted in her butt she felt an orgasm build up and shake inside of her. She let out a high pitch scream as she dropped her face into the pillow and let out some more muffled screams. Todd doubled down and locked his lips on her asshole. He swirled his tongue around as hard as he could while he whipped and stabbed the vibrator in and out of her pussy as she shook out of control.

The flopped down on the bed, drenched with sweat. Nikki panted and sighed as she reached out to Todd and pulled him closer.

“That was nice,” she purred.

“Well, it’s not over yet,” he stated. “We still have to out out for dinner. I brought you some clothes, you don’t have to wear just that tonight,” he joked.

Nikki saw a beautiful, low cut red dress hanging in the closet. Todd handed her a red, lace thong and said she could change out of her wet panties, and wear these underneath her dress. She smiled and asked him what he was going to wear. He pulled out a tiny steel gray thong. When he pulled it on it barely covered the small patch of pubic hair above his dick. He folded his thick penis into the pouch and smiled at her.

She pulled her fresh thong up to her soaking wet pussy and smiled as she could feel the tiny little crotch hug up against her wetness. She put on the dress, which was plunged too far down her cleavage to wear with a bra. Her nipples stiffened as they rubbed against the fabric of the dress. Todd then went over and picked up a steel butt plug with a glass jewel on the end of it that matched the rhinestones on her collar. The plug was about three inches long, and about and inch and a half at its widest part. It tapered right before the bottom to about a quarter inch before flare out to the wide glass jewel base.

“I know how you like matching jewelry,” he said.

She walked over to the dresser, in front of the mirror, and put her hands on it and spread her legs. She pulled down her thong and looked over her shoulder and said, “Can you help me ‘try it on’?”

He smiled and walked up behind her as she bent herself over the dresser. He dropped two blobs of spit on her ass that ran between her cheeks. She giggled as probed two lubed fingers in her rectum and then brought the steel plug’s tip to her asshole. It was cold and she gasped as he gently pushed it in. She bared down and pushed with her bowels and her rectum opened up and accepted it as she let out a low grunt. It was heavy and obvious, but she like the feeling of fullness it gave her. She pulled her red lace panties back up and let her dress fall back down around her hips.

Todd turned to get dressed, but she reached out and grabbed the back of his thong, lifted him up a little and said, “Wait a minute. I think we need to play a little more fair here.” With that she pushed him face down onto the bed, exposing his own ass. She ran her fingers up and down his ass crack and told him that he was going to get some more ass play too. The lube was in her hands now and she squeezed a dollop down his cheeks and reached over for a hefty silicone butt plug and slicked it up. Todd’s plug was blue silicone and was about four inches long, and nearly two inches at its widest section.

Nikki hooked her thumbs in the waist of his thong and pulled them down over the curve of his ass. She pushed the plug against his rectum and he let out a gasp as she shoved it in without mercy. He tried to draw in a breath, but felt like all the air had left his body. All he could do was grunt with satisfaction as she laughed and patted his bare ass and smiled.

“You’re ass is so greedy,” she laughed. He stood up and smiled at her as he pulled his thong up and the strap rubbed up against the base of the plug. He squeezed his dick back into the pouch of his thong. It was starting to engorge and push against the stretch fabric, pulling at the strap against his firmly placed plug.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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