The Crop

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It’s Wednesday morning, and you’re just leaving work. You get a text from me that says simply, “I feel sick today”, and you know what you’re in for.

You rush home to shower, and you have time for just one smoke before there’s a knock at the door. It’s me, not looking sick at all, instead looking greedy and hungry. Dressed for work, I step into your house and raise a finger to indicate that you should show me the way upstairs. You try to speak, but I’m not answering you, only wordlessly following you to the bedroom. Once there, you turn to me, and with one motion, I strip off my coat and push you up against the wall by the throat, hard enough to snap your head back. Before you realize what’s happening, my thigh is pressed tight against your crotch and my voice is in your ear, hot breath asking you if you’ve been bad. Your hands are clenched at your sides, because you know that if you touch me you’ll be in trouble. I spin you around so your face is against the wall and press hard against your back so you can feel my tits pressing against you, my teeth at the back of your neck, asking you again if you’ve been bad. Your hands reach back to grab my ass and I hear you say Yes.

Face to face again, I grab you by the shirt and take you to the bed and tell you to hold still while I take my clothes off and sit on your face. My hands are on the wall above me and your hands are on my ass, while your tongue teases my clit. You look up to see me playing with my nipples, eyes closed and breath heavy as I ride your tongue. Once I’ve had enough, I get off your illegal bahis face and lick your lips, tasting myself on them. “Now, I believe you mentioned that you’d been a bad boy. Take your clothes off.” You rush to comply, and turn just in time to see me bend at the waist to dig in my bag, getting a glimpse of my pussy as I bend over. I turn around and catch you staring, and you see the whip in my hand.

“Lay on your stomach.” You do, and immediately feel the end of the whip trace down your spine, making you shiver. I sit next to you, giving you light taps on your shoulders with the whip, and a smile crosses your face. This isn’t so bad.

One sharp slap across your ass snaps your eyes open, and you can hear my smile as I ask you if you like it. It stings and your cock gets even harder, pressed against the mattress. Another slap in the same spot, and now it starts to burn. I run the whip down your side, and it tickles, as I run my fingernails down your other side. Across the shoulders this time, the sting of the whip again, and you groan. I straddle your back, and you feel my pussy, hot and wet against you as the hardest slap yet lands on one shoulder. I run my tongue along the welt and press myself against you, one hand in your hair and ask you again if you like it. You nod, eyes squeezed shut. All of the places I’ve hit you are burning and stinging, and you want nothing more than to fuck me hard in retaliation for hurting you, but not yet. I sit up again and the whip lands on the tender skin of your side and you hiss and arch away from it. illegal bahis siteleri I flip you over to run the whip over your lips, along the side of your face and down your chest. Had enough? Does it hurt? You nod.

You’ve been so good, I have to reward you. I slide down the bed, and despite the stinging up and down your back, you groan as you feel my lips close around the head of your cock.

I slide my tongue around the head, flicking just underneath it, wrapping one hand around and bringing my mouth down to meet it. I twist my hand and mouth in different directions as I move up and down, tongue pressing hard under the head. My other hand slides up your thigh, up your chest, to tilt your chin back to expose your throat. My hand moves on your cock tighter as I run my nails down your neck, then sink them into your skin at the top of your chest. Sucking hard on the head of your cock, I draw them down your chest, over your stomach, leaving angry red marks as you hiss and tense. You look down to see me smile around your dick in my mouth, and the hand that hurt you slides around your balls to press behind them as I move my mouth and fist in a steady rhythm.

I lift my mouth away and use just my hand. Do you like that? Do you like it when I suck your cock? I use my other hand to play with your balls again and lick the tip. Who sucks it best?

You bite your lip and answer, You do.

That’s right. My mouth closes over your cock again and your hand rests on my head. Long minutes pass as I tease your cock with lips, tongue, and hand, canlı bahis siteleri and you’re enjoying your reward for being a good boy and taking your punishment. At last, you feel me settle into a pattern, and it feels so good that you know you’ll come soon if I keep it up, and between the scratches on your chest and the welts on your back, you think it’s time to pound my pussy to make up for all of the pain I’ve given you this morning. You pull my hair up, moving my mouth off your cock and tell me you want to fuck me. I lick your lips and lay down on my stomach, one leg bent. You straddle the other leg, grabbing a handful of hair and digging your fingers into my ass and slide your cock into my pussy as I let out a groan when I feel you inside me. You hand jerks my head back and you can see my face, eyes closed , mouth open, and teeth bared as you pound my pussy. Who’s my slut? Oh god, I am. Fuck your slut, baby. My back arches and your cock feels so good and the groans turn into moans that border on screams. I reach up to grab your wrist and you pull on my hair hard enough to bring tears to my eyes and you slap my ass. I let out a growl and press myself back against you and you do it again, letting up on my hair to dig both hands into my ass. I’m face down, both hands clutching fistfuls of sheets as I fuck you back, saying Oh god, yes, that cock feels so fucking good. You slap my ass again and put one hand on the back of my neck, pinning me to the bed, and fuck me hard, sweat beading on your face and dripping onto my back. You start to feel it build again and you look down at your cock as it pumps in and out of my pussy, each thrust making me gasp as your cock rubs my g-spot and I bite my lip as you move faster and harder until you can’t take it and with one last thrust, you come with a groan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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