The Greatest Sex Toy Ever

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Thanks to wT for editing.


I had a good day today. I sell adult toys to those little stores you see advertised on the interstate. You know-the ones with the sexy blonde wearing skimpy clothing. It’s a good business to be in what with the sexual revolution having won over the hearts of many married couples, and free thinking singles.

It was about 10 PM, Tuesday and I was sitting down at a small restaurant- bar in downtown Mobile Al. I went to when I was in town roughly once a month. I was working on my second Bourbon and Coke and starting to feel some pangs of hunger. The smells from the kitchen were beginning to interest me.

The bar was not that big, having 6 booths with a little privacy and a good dozen barstools around the long modern bar. There was the usual large group of different alcohol blends and mashes on the shelves along the back. I’m partial to those cute bottles of Crown. There were only about six other late-night drinkers in the place and two booths with diners. Two couples, and four singles at the bar kept me company with a space between us.

Hearing the front door open, several of us looked that way and saw Miss average working lady walking in, looking around and choosing to sit at the bar with us. She chose to set herself between myself and an older gentleman who just stared into his draft beer not acknowledging her presence.

I turned slightly to her, nodding my head slightly and said. “Good evening ma’am.” I got a better look at her profile and it was nice. She wore a yellow and white sun dress that reached midway between hips and knees. It had a pleasant, shallow V that accented her pert breasts. I felt she was a strong b cup and they rode pretty high. I wondered what her nipples looked like.

She wasn’t wearing heavy makeup and had a cute upturned nose. Nicely tinted blonde shoulder length hair completed an attractive looking woman. Nothing spectacular. Just a good-looking woman in a bar in downtown Mobile.

Feeling me gazing, she turned and nodded to me, smiled and ordered a vodka and water with a twist from the bartender. I assumed she was a regular as the bartender did not ask what kind of vodka but immediately filled a tall frosted glass with ice and the booze and water.

Bringing her cocktail over to her, the bartender set it down in front of her and asked . “Have a rough day at the hospital Sally?”

“Or did Bobby cancel on you again?”

“Yeah Peggy, just once I wish that bastard would keep his word when he says he’s coming in town to take me to dinner.” She took a long drink from the glass and held it in her hand looking at how much she had downed. “That’s twice in the last month.” She took another smaller sip and set her glass on the bar’s counter.

The bartender looked at me raising her eyes to the ceiling said to the lady. “Sorry about that honey, just relax and enjoy.”

“When I close if you want we can grab a bite before you head home and call it a night.”

“We’ll see Peggy; would you bring me another one?” Holding up her almost empty glass she drained it.

I was wondering if Sally was going to quickly get drunk or slow down. If she chugged that second drink as fast as the first, she was going to need the bartender to drive her or a cab ride home.

I had my answer in less than a minute as she quickly sucked half the contents through the straw, and down the chute. Turning slightly to see her face I saw her watching me out of the corner of her eyes. I think she winked but as I only saw one eye was unsure.

“And what’s your story Mister?” “I hope you’re day went better than mine.” She sipped conservatively this time from her glass.

“I had a good day Miss Sally, sorry to hear yours didn’t go well.” I gave her a lopsided grin and holding my cocktail up to hers said. “Here’s to a happier tomorrow with no hangover or regrets.”

Looking at me questioningly with her head bent over slightly said. “Thank you sir, I greatly appreciate that sentiment but if I don’t have some fun soon, I’ll probably beat my head against a tree somewhere.”

“I hope it’s not that bad Sally.” Not realizing I had suddenly become familiar by using her name.

“If you consider a nice dinner fun, I will buy you and our bartender friend dinner here, then bid you both a polite good night.”

Peggy, the bartender overhearing us, walked over smiling and said to Sally. “Not a bad idea hon. But I have to get home shortly and pay my babysitter.”

Nodding in my direction said. “This is Jack, I see him here time to time and he is always a gentleman, I think dinner might be a good idea for you both.”

“You remember my name Peggy?” I was startled, forgetting that bartenders hold the knowledge of the world in their hands.

“Well yeah! You gave me your credit card, remember?”

“Oh yeah! forgot about that!” I held back a chuckle!

Sally was following the conversation with a small smile and the beginnings of a buzz. “Well then if you’re serious okay! But I warn you, I’m a big eater!” She began to look bahis firmaları and sound like she was cheering up somewhat.

“Great! Pick out your favorite booth and I’ll bring our drinks over and see about menus!”

Sally picked the corner booth closest to the back wall and I quickly joined her. I sat with my back to the wall and she across from me sipping her drink. I smiled and told her this was a pleasant surprise as I generally ate alone being I was on the road constantly.

It did not take very long for Peggy to bring us menus

“Take a minute to decide and just wave at me, and I’ll be right back.” She walked back to the bar.

We only took a minute to decide what we wanted to eat and Peggy took our orders, smiled and walked to the kitchen.

“Jack this is very sweet of you, I don’t know you but I feel good about having a quiet dinner and a new friend.”

“What kind of business are you in that keeps you on the go so much?”

“I’m in sales and my territory is roughly the southeastern states where I travel and talk to retailers. I show them the latest we have to offer and take your order.” I wasn’t sure if I should mention that I had over 200 vibrators, masturbators, and the latest innovations a loving couple would use to fuck each other’s brains out.

“Well what is it you sell?” She asked sipping more of her cocktail which was getting close to empty.

Uh Oh! I was afraid of this. What could I say?

“Let me get you another cocktail from Peggy and I’ll give you a quick rundown on our products.”

Oh man! How do you tell a cute, slightly inebriated woman that you sell toys that would make her scream, cream, and moan till she was hoarse? I hoped this little dinner party wouldn’t end in Sally getting pissed off and stomping out the door. I casually walked to the bar and ordered additional drinks while I thought out a solution.

Sitting down at the table I gave Sally her glass and watched her take the first sip. I also took a small drink and leaning back, casually asked. “Where were we?” Hopeful that dinner would arrive and take her mind off the subject.

“You were going to tell me what it is you sell.” Looking innocently at me with her straw in the middle of her lips playing with her drink.

“Oh I don’t think you would be interested in my boring job, what do you do?”

Lowering her drink Sally began by saying she worked for the hospital as a surgical nurse and worked long days but enjoying what she did helping others. She had no children, two small dogs, and an asshole boyfriend who was a pharmaceutical rep with stupid excuses for not showing up for the occasional dinner when he was in town. And she was studying for a degree in psychology.

Lifting her glass she drank half of her cocktail and I noticed just a slight glazed look in her eyes as she smiled across at me and said. “Your turn Jack, what do you do?”

I guess I could’ve lied and made up a dumb story about car parts or women’s purses but since I knew nothing about anything else I decided to tell the truth. Slowly.

“I sell a line of products that help people, they range from simple to experimental electronic gadgets.”

“Oh! You mean like sports!” She was grinning from her drinking and I was hoping that was a good sign.

“Not quite, these are more personal items, things to get you over a hump” Damn did I just say hump?

Starting to giggle some, Sally leaned forward and said. “Hump? What sort of hump? You mean like Wednesday or a bad day?”

“Yes! Exactly! “A bad day- sort of like your day today!” Oh shit! I hoped that would end the job description.

Sally really had the giggles now, obviously a combination of the booze and feeling relaxed. I was beginning to feel slightly more relaxed also and took a sip of my cocktail.

“No, really, I represent a product line that you probably have used once or twice in your life.”

I had her attention back again and she looked at me grinning and said. “Oh my goodness!

Leaning towards me she looked around and whispered. “You mean like vibrators?”

It was now or never. “Well yes, and a lot of other new things that are just in the experimental stages and I’m lucky to be part of a serious company that has developed them.”

“It’s amazing what the technology is making available today!”

I said that with a straight face but then had to grin because of the look she gave me. A look that was suddenly wide-eyed like she wanted to hear more.

“Are you serious? That is so interesting!”

“I’ve heard some very speculative things from some of my instructors and thought it was all crap.”

“What are some of the new things that you’ve heard about? “

“Are they computers? Can you tell me what they do?”

The words are coming out so fast that I held my drink up and said.” Hold on, I don’t want to spoil dinner or embarrass myself in front of you.”

“If you’re really serious you can look at my special catalog and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.”

“This isn’t something you kaçak iddaa normally talk about it dinner!” I added.

“Oh Jack, this is more interesting to me than you realize.”

“I am working on a degree in psychology and right now we are studying sexual dysfunctions.”

“I would really love to see your catalog!”

“Okay, it’s in the trunk of my car and I’ll be right back.”…

It only took a couple minutes to retrieve my case from the car and returned to the table where I saw our dinners had been delivered. I saw a way to procrastinate.

“Oh good, I’m starved why don’t you look at these after we eat?”

“I can read while I’m eating! You don’t know how excited I am!” Sally jammed a forkful into her mouth and reached out a hand in my direction.

Not knowing what else to do I handed her a small folder that listed items that were in the test stages. Most were still being developed but I had several for field testing that really showed promise.

Opening the folder and taking out one of the pages, Sally began eating and browsing the information when I saw her eyes get big, then bigger and she looked up at me and whispered. “You have got to be shitting me! This is unreal.”

“They really have a gadget that small, that fits on a woman’s privates and computes where her nerve endings are, and her partner can control all of this with a remote?”

“Even make her, you know…cum?” He asked.

“Well yes, it won’t be ready for production until the field trials are completed and that takes years sometimes.” I could tell she was looking at the ‘his and her foreplay and orgasm multiplier. It’s going to be a big success once they work out how to limit how many orgasms it can generate between two people. Right now the only safety feature is that the battery depletes itself after roughly an hour and can’t be recharged or replaced in the field.

It’s made of a new space age gel material that measures 4″ x 1″, rounded at the top and the bottom ending in what looks like almost a circle of the same material. That’s where a man’s cock would go as he entered the pussy. Of course it can be used by a woman solo but seems to work best when a man is fucking her and using the controller to control mutual pleasures.

Still wide-eyed Sally looked at me and said quietly. “Jack, tell me how this would work, I think I know where you would put it but wouldn’t it fall off?”

“Are you sure you want to discuss this at dinner?” “This is quite possibly the most erotic sex aid to hit the market ever!” I bit off a piece of bread and looked at her questioningly.

“To be honest I’ve tried one at the factory and it blew my mind and no, it does not fall off until the programming is finished!”

Sally appeared to think for a moment and putting her fork down asked. “Are you serious?”

“You have got to tell me all about it, where is it, can I try it?”

Lowering her head a little she explained that sexual satisfaction eluded her quite often and she would willingly be a test subject if at all possible. This could be a dream come true for her.

“Besides, if I’m going to be helping others I’ll need all the tools I can get my hands on!”

“Please, please Jack-you have no idea what I would give to experience this, this thing!”

“Well it wouldn’t be a good idea to demonstrate the only unit I have with me in a restaurant.”

“If you are really sure you want to we can go to my hotel room and give it a whirl.”

I motioned to her dinner plate. “You better eat up because you’ll need all the energy you have!”

Sally insisted on paying for dinner and telling Peggy she was going out with me and she would call her later. I insisted on leaving a sizable tip and my business card on the table.

It took less than five minutes to get to my hotel room and unlocking the door with my key card I motioned Sally inside. She walked in and went straight to the bathroom. I retrieved my box of samples and sat on the sofa. She didn’t make me wait long.

Walking out she came over to me and sitting next to me asked. “What do you want me to do?”

Holding up a small plastic box which held the multiplier I said. “Let me explain to you how the device will work and you can decide if you really want to experience it.”

“That way if you change your mind I can put it away and we will still be friends, okay?”

Sally fidgeted on the sofa and looked from me to the little box that promised ecstasy and pleasures that sounded unreal and slowly nodded her head.

Opening the box I lifted out the device called the connector which had a pleasant light pink color with light blue lines running the length of it. Turning it over you could see the bottom was studded with many fine purplish hairs about 1 mm in diameter. At the bottom horseshoe I called it, the same hairs covered the inside portion. Reaching further into the box I pulled out the remote controller. It looked like a standard television control but had a touch screen at the top with all the buttons below. “Okay!” I kaçak bahis breathed. “This was its first use outside the factory.

“This is really very simple. The woman or man places the collector, purple side down along the woman’s vagina.”

“As it recognizes moisture and heat, it adheres itself to the woman almost like Velcro.”

“It can be removed at any time with the controller or if the battery goes below a certain point it simply drops off.” “Good so far?”

Sally nodded with her eyes fixed on the device I was dangling in front of her.

“The collector will automatically begin to sense and locate all external and internal pleasure points of the female, and when and if the male enters her vagina it will do the same to him.”

“I almost forgot, there are also wired cups that attach to your nipples leading to the collector if your breasts are an important part of your sex act.”

Looking at her face, I could see I had her rapt attention. Hell! I had my rapt attention! I could feel a little moisture leaking from the tip of my cock. Sally continued to wiggle her ass oh so slightly as if trying to scratch an itch. I continued.

“Next the operator will simply program the remote with the desired time for foreplay or intercourse leading to orgasm.”

“Since the battery is good for a little over an hour, we suggest a 12 minute time limit that will gradually increase in sensation and pleasure to an orgasm.”

“And how many times will that happen?” Sally asked quietly. She was licking her lower lip and looking slightly flushed.

“Well, obviously you can set a limit of from 1 to 5 orgasms, each usually stronger than its predecessor.”

I couldn’t help myself, I was feeling my cock start to swell and I hoped I could retain some professionalism even though I had experienced this device several times during his developmental stage. I took a deep breath, then let it out and continued.

“The microprocessor controls everything at all times, monitors blood pressure and pulse and sensing any high levels will back down sensations to a safe level, which is the only other way the unit will power down.”

“How about the male partner?” Sally’s eyes were fixated on the collector.

“The little horseshoe at the bottom will surround his penis and sense where his pleasure points lie, so you see the collector connects both parties at all times and continuously insures mutual satisfaction.”

I hated to sound clinical when I was feeling so aroused but I felt Sally deserve to know what she was in for. I wished I could squeeze my cock. Hell, I wish Sally would squeeze my cock.

“So what do we do now?” Sally asked, slowly running her hands down her thighs.

Looking at her I breathed deeply and simply said. “If you want to share the experience, I need your signature on one sheet of paper that says simply you won’t share information with anyone else unless given permission by the company.”

I had the paper and pen in my hands in seconds.

Without even looking at me she took them and signed and printed her name at the bottom. Handing them back to me she gently said. “I guess this is where I take off my dress and lie on the bed?”

“And your panties and bra if you want the cups.” I smiled and walked with her to the king size bed.

I sat on the edge of the bed and watched as she slowly undressed. Her pussy was shaved leaving a half inch of pubic hair surrounding her clitoris and about an inch at the very top. I felt a very pleasurable feeling shoot through my body seeing the moisture gathered between her pussy lips.

I pulled back to bed and stacked the pillows so she could recline and covered her with a sheet. Actually what I wanted to do was stripped naked and join her. Hopefully that would come shortly.

I pressed the on button on the controller.

“Okay Sally I want you to rub the collector gently on your vagina with the little horseshoe at the bottom until you feel a small vibration that will tell you that it’s working.”

“It will take a moment to recognize your vagina lips.”

Sally did so with her eyes closed and her tongue in her cheek until she gave a small shudder of pleasure and said. “Ooh, I think it’s working; I feel hundreds of tiny, miniscule climaxes.”

“It’s obviously adjusting itself to you personally.” “In a moment you will feel a rhythmic pulsing not unlike a man’s penis sliding over your vaginal lips.” I would love her to feel my penis sliding over her vagina lips.

Sally pursed her lips when her body started a gentle shuddering centering on her hips. Her eyes opened wide and looking over at me said. “Jack, I am more aroused now than I can ever remember being.”

“Is this how it starts?”

Making some minor adjustments on the controller, I moved up closer to the head of the bed and sat level with her chest and softly said. “Sally, it starts now.”

I pressed the start key.

Sally moaned, Sally moaned again. Sally moved her hands under the sheet and grasped her breasts and began to slowly squeeze them. I watched her take her nipples in her fingers and began to twist and pull lightly. With her eyes closed again she slowly moved her head side to side speaking softly. “I can’t believe how good this feels.”

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