The Injection Club Pt. 01

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[This is a story about Injection fetish. If you’ve never read those two words in that sequence and don’t know what it is, this is going to be boring for you. You’ve been warned.]

+I appreciate all feedback. Better if it’s direct.

+All characters are 18+.


It was a regular Monday at the college. I was having a very bland lunch in the canteen when the screen of my phone lit up. A WhatsApp text from Ayesha. I quickly opened it.

“I’m finally back in Mumbai. And I’m craving some vitamins. (Winky Face Emoji 2x)”

“Finally! Something good on a bloody Monday!” I thought to myself.

Ayesha was a fellow Injection Fetishist. We met a year ago. I was in my third year of medical degree and at the time was interning at a small clinic. Ayesha was a junior college student who lived right next to the clinic and often visited the clinic for common illnesses. I was interning as an assistant to the doctor and had met Ayesha on a few occasions.

The clinic was a small establishment. A small, but neat and posh one. It contained a tiny reception area at the front with the doctor’s office right next to it. There were two other rooms that had their openings in the doctor’s office. One of them was a medical storage room while the other was used as an injection room. Dr. Peston was an elderly man of 60 with a head full of white hair and a fatherly expression in his eyes. Dr. Peston was a very amiable person and was known for his painless treatments. He never forced unnecessary injections onto his patients and was very considerate of everyone’s wishes.

I’d been in the injection room many times but I wasn’t allowed to administer injections yet. The possible opportunity of administering injections had played a major part in my decision of joining a clinic. But that opportunity hadn’t come yet. I was trained by the doctor but he had never asked me to administer IM injections yet. He had allowed me to take blood samples and administer IV injections but never the IMs. Taking blood samples and IVs is fun too but IMs were what I wanted to try the most. Specially butt-shots. A lot of women visited the clinic and I suppose he didn’t want to put them in an awkward position with a young guy like me around. His reasons were valid and I had much respect for him to ask him for anything.

Anyways, coming back to Ayesha.

A couple of times I had caught Ayesha trying to peek in the injection room. The next time I caught her, I’d jokingly asked if she wanted one. She had responded with silence and a blush. A few days later the same incident happened as her roommate was getting an injection in the room. This time though, she had boldly answered affirmatively. She told me about how many times she had tried to get the doctor to give her an injection for things like fever and flu and how the doctor had always refused. I began talking more to her after that. We were very excited when we realized that we shared the same fetish. We became friends as we discussed more and more about our little secret.

That friendship with Ayesha had then resulted in the creation of The Club. The Club started with the two of us as a group for injection fetishists in Bombay. It’s been growing ever since. Currently, we have more than 8 members who actively participate in roleplay sessions. There are 2 doctors in the club and the rest are patients. In the last year, I’ve done a few sessions with a couple of girls from The Club and the group has been very beneficial for all of us. We have insightful chats and discussions within the group. Some great friendships have formed and we even have got a few people dating each other now. Quite a feat for such a small and a rare fetish group, I must admit.

After long chats and many discussions, Ayesha and I decided to do our first little experiment. I had gotten the supplies from the clinic on a quiet day when Ayesha’s roommates had gone back to their native towns. We were incredibly excited. She hadn’t received an injection in years and she was so eager to get this one. It was a simple B12 shot in her left buttcheek. When I gave her the injection, her reactions were so amusing and even funny to observe. She was not a shy one when it came to her pleasure. The session was delightful and lived up to the hype. We did a couple of sessions after that but then Covid19 struck and everything just stopped. Ayesha went back to her hometown. And I suddenly had an insane workload to handle in the clinic. We kept in contact, kept finding new people, and kept expanding The Club.

The back-to-back bursa escort lockdowns came and life became a completely different thing for us medical professionals. As the time went by, the dust settled and our clinic started breathing normally again. December came and everything felt normal, just like it was before. Masks were the only reminders of the ongoing pandemic.

My internship at the clinic also came to an end in December. Dr. Peston gave me a warm sendoff by gifting me a high-quality stethoscope. “When you start your own practice…” his note read.

January was lazy and not very exciting at all. I was afraid that February was going to be the same; till this moment. A text from Ayesha always meant fun.

I called her after reading her text.


“I would love it if you could come today.” Her response ended with a giggle.

“I can come today, sure. What do you want me to bring?”

“Surprise me.”

“You sure about that madam?” There was a smirk on my face as I asked.

“Yea, just don’t bring anything too painful. Mayyybe bring a bigger needle.” She said cautiously.

“Of course, princess.”

“Stop. Calling. Me. That.”

She hates when I call her Princess and so obviously I keep calling her that.

“I’ve moved to a different apartment btw.” She said, interrupting my laugh-fest.

“And I got zero roommates now.” She continued and made no attempt to hide her cheeky tone.

“Ooooooh, interesting.”

“Yep. Very interesting.” Both of us had smirks on our faces.

“Send me the address, I’ll be there in a couple of hours.”

“Sure, Sir.” She said in a voice full of slyness. Heavy emphasis on ‘Sir’.

After that, my lunch tasted like it had been cooked by Gordon Ramsay himself. I quickly finished the food and went back to my dormitory to gather supplies.

Ayesha’s regular preference is two injections, one for each buttcheek. But she had asked me for a surprise, and I was determined to give her a good one. I grabbed my injection kit (Just a black leather pouch haha.) I started by packing nearly 5 clear plastic syringes. Added 5 regular 40mm, 25G needles to the pack. Then a small bottle of medical alcohol and a pack of ready-made cotton swabs. I had a few 70mm needles in my inventory that are usually used for deep IM injections, so I added a pair of them to my kit cause she had specifically requested a big one. Multiple vials of vitamins. And finally added a small bottle of distilled water. I threw the pouch in my backpack and also shoved a kidney tray in there. I was ready.

An hour and a half later I knocked on her door. I was greeted with a familiar smile when Ayesha opened the door. She hadn’t changed one bit in the last year. The same shoulder-length, wavy, brown hair, the same smile on her face, and the same excitement and enthusiasm in her twinkling brown eyes. She was wearing a plain pink T-shirt and black comfortable shorts. Her attire is always about comfort and I love that about this girl.

A few minutes later we were sitting on the sofa sipping some lemonade that she had procured from the kitchen. We talked about 2020, covid, The Club and our lives and so many things. We are very comfortable with each other about everything and that adds to the fun of this strange relationship.

We finished the lemonade and moved to the bedroom. It was time for some fun.

“So, what do you have in store for me today, doctor?” She asked as I started unpacking my injection kit on the desk in her bedroom.

“Surprises..” I told her with a smirk and signaled her to go to the bed.

“What position do you want me in?” She asked standing by the bed.

“I’d like you to lie down for the first one.” I told her.

“Okay!!” She exclaimed.

I began preparing the injections as she made herself comfortable on the bed. The first injection I prepared was a regular B12 shot. (Ayesha loves B12 shots.) I removed the default red, 40mm needle from the syringe and replaced it with a blue, 70mm, 25G needle. The first injection was ready and placed in the steel tray. I chose a thin 5cc syringe for the second injection and loaded it with 2cc saline. I attached a default 40mm needle to the syringe and capped it with its plastic lid and placed it in the kidney try besides the first injection. Finally, I took a few dry cotton swabs and applied a generous amount of alcohol on them, and tossed them in a corner of the tray with a pair of plasters. The scent of alcohol filled the room. The injections were ready.

I took the tray to the bed and placed görükle escort it in a way so Ayesha couldn’t see what was in it. I wanted to keep the surprise.

“Pants down princess!” I told her as I sat close to her on the bed.

“Yes, doctor.” She teased.

She moved her hands under her stomach to loosen her shorts and then slowly moved them down. Then she quickly lowered her light blue panties as well and uncovered her lovely ass.

Ayesha has a nice, full butt. A perfect one, in my opinion. Somewhere between medium size and big but not overly big. Just the perfect size for injections. Her skin is smooth and almond-colored. Just perfection. Even after 5 sessions, her amazing bum has never failed to stun me.

With her lying there in front of me with her naked butt, I couldn’t wait any longer.

“Ready to start?” I patted her left buttcheek and asked. The touch of her skin excited me even more.

“Yes sir.” She responded.

I picked up an alcohol swab and started cleaning the selected injection site. For a few seconds, I cleaned the spot carefully. The wet spot on her dry skin shone in the light. Then I waited for the alcohol to dry.

“How do you feel?” I placed my hand on her lower back and asked.

“Cold. And excited.” She said.

“A bit nervous too, but I always feel nervous before the first injection, so no worries.” She added.

“Good, it’s time for your first injection then. Your first dose of the day is your favorite B12…” I informed her as I picked up the injection from the steel tray.

“Yay!” She said in a low voice.

“….and I’ll be injecting it with your specifically requested big needle!” I continued.

“You’re giving me the big one first?!” Her surprise was audible in her response.

“Yup.” I said.

I uncapped the needle and tossed the plastic lid in the tray. Tensions were rising in the room. She impulsively looked back and found me holding the syringe in front of my face. The long needle shining in the light. I was tapping the barrel of the syringe with my finger to pop the air bubbles inside.

“Okay, that’s a pretty big one.” She said with a tiny bit of hesitance.

“You told me to get you a big one, so I got you a 70mm.” I replied innocently.

“But if you don’t want to take it, I got the usual 40mms too.” I continued.

“Nah okay, I wanna try this one but please be gentle. This is my first time trying a 70mm.” She requested.

“Have I ever been rough with you?” I pushed a little bit on the plunger of the syringe and a little bit of the red liquid came out the top of the needle.

“No, but still. That thing looks scary.” I signaled her to look ahead and she obeyed. I moved her T-shirt towards her torso to reveal her lower back and placed my hand right above her butt-crack.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful.” I told her as I lowered the injection towards the rapidly drying alcohol spot. My other hand gently caressed her butt.

“I’ll go with a single jab if that’s okay? Less painful than our usual slow torture.” I asked her as I positioned the needle at a 90° angle from her smooth skin.

“All of it in one thrust? That sounds scary.” Slight surprise and resistance in her tone.

“Just relax and trust me, okay?” I brought my hand around the injection site and applied a little pressure on her buttcheek.

“Um-hmm. I trust you.” Her response was very soft. She was now mentally preparing for the injection.

“Relax your muscles now. Take a deep breath.” I said.

The anticipation was driving her crazy and there was a familiar tension in the air. Ayesha loves this part, the wait. The anticipation. The bracing of senses. Obeying orders like “relax” and “take a deep breath”. And I love this part as well. Making my patient comfortable, watching them follow my orders pleases my dominant nature I suppose.

She inhaled deeply and waited. I held the barrel of the syringe with my index finger and thumb, ever so softly. The tip of the needle moved forward, ready to penetrate. Then came a swift move. Ayesha’s body jolted a little when the sharp point of the needle first made contact with her soft skin. I held her butt in place with my hand and softly pushed forward. The needle created a little valley around its tip before penetrating her skin. The pointed steel punctured her soft skin and the thin tube began to smoothly slide inside her flesh. The valley around the sharp needle tip disappeared cause it had now engulfed the steel tube itself. The main course was about to be served.

Ayesha’s escort bayan reactions are always a delight. Especially her reaction to the first penetration. She never really reacts as if she’s in pain. If she’s enjoying the injection her moans sound almost sexual. But every once in a while there’s a high-pitched “Aaiii” (oh mother!). Watching the patient’s reaction when they feel the needle entering their butt is my favorite part of the injection.

With Ayesha’s obligatory high-pitched “AAAA”, the needle entered her flesh. She buried her face in the pillow that was in front of her. With a fast jab, I had meant to insert at least half of the needle in her butt-cheek. And I had succeeded. I had gotten almost half of the needle inside her with that first quick jab. She had taken nearly 40mm of steel in one single jab. I gently patted on her butt-cheek to acknowledge her bravery, before I started applying a little more force.

“You took half of it in! Let me know if you want me to stop.” I told Ayesha.

“Umm-hmm, how much more?” Came her response from within the pillow, in a muffled voice.

“Nearly 30mm.”

“30 more?!!” She said with a surprise in her voice.

“I thought you gave me all of it. It surely feels like 70 in my butt!” She continued.

“Should I push or not then?” I asked innocently, fully aware of her inability to resist.

“Go ahead, give me all of it.” Her answer came through gritted teeth.

I started pushing. My hand held her butt in place as I slowly inserted another 20 millimeters of the shining stainless steel in her flesh. Her moans were sexual at the start but then as more and more of the needle shaft sank in her skin their pitch shifted higher and they started sounding like she was in pain. The last 10 millimeters were left now. I held the needle in place so she could have some time to adjust to the size. I gingerly caressed her skin around the injection site. She understood my purpose and thanked me softly. For around 10 seconds I held the needle in there.

“Breath.” I told her.

“Hmm.” She did as told.

With utmost care and gentleness, I pushed the last bit of the needle in. A big muffled moan/semi-scream came from Ayesha when the plastic hub touched her bare skin indicating the complete insertion of the needle. Then she shifted her face out of the pillow and exhaled long and hard. The needle was deep inside her muscle and ready to deliver the medication.

“All in?” She asked.


She smiled after hearing that.

Now the easy part. Ayesha loves the mild burn of B12. Loves it. She’d have a B12 injection every day if she could.

“Now your favorite part.” I told her with a smile as I started pushing on the plunger. She let out a low satisfactory moan, she must’ve started feeling the burning sensation. FYI, yes, it did sound very sexual. Drop by drop I gave her the full dose and soon the syringe was empty. Her oohs and aahs continued. Then I carefully pulled the needle out. Her skin gripped the needle and the size of the needle delivered an additional moment of pain for Ayesha. A little red dot appeared on the injection site and I picked the blood with a cotton swab. I capped the needle with its plastic cover and placed it back in the tray. I gently rubbed and massaged the injection site for a while.

“Too painful?” I asked her as I continued massaging the spot.

“A little yeah, but I loved it actually. The final bit was definitely the most painful.”

“You took it well though. You’re a brave girl.” I finished the massaging and tossed the crumpled swab in the tray.

Her smiling face told how much she had loved this injection. I picked up a dry cotton swab and wiped off the alcohol from the injection site. Then carefully I poked a little bit on the spot where the needle had penetrated her and asked her if it was hurting a lot.

“A bit, but I’m actually liking it.” Was her response.

“Alright great.” I then proceeded to move her panties and her shorts back in their place.

She looked back at me in surprise.

“You’re not giving me the second shot?” She enquired.

“Oh you’re getting your second injection, but not in your butt. C’mon now…” I smiled at her as I talked and held her body by the side of her stomach and her thigh and pulled her towards me. She was now resting on her side and her right thigh was in front of me.

“Oh my god! Are you gonna inject my thigh?” I heard the excitement in her voice but a bit of fear was visible in her eyes.

“That’s right. If I remember correctly you were the one who asked for a surprise.” I told her with a smile on my face.


(To be continued…)

(I’m currently looking for proofreaders and maybe even a co-writer. Mail in bio.)

Okay. G’day

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