The Kid Hits the Jackpot

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Anal Sex

The Kid Hits the Jackpot

Disclaimer: All characters are over the age of 18

The Kid doesn’t generally chase women, they chase him. Or, more accurately, they chase his huge cock. But not Kelly, his new neighbor, the one that moved into Rick and Sandy’s place when they left (Sandy still stops by occasionally, and not for the conversation). Kelly was a bit of a party girl, going out almost every night, and bringing back a new guy once or twice a week. She was a major league hottie, but the Kid had had his share of super hotties (see Sandy), and she obviously loved sex, so he couldn’t see the angle.

The Kid’s normally very high confidence was even higher recently. He had started going to the gym a few months back, and even though he was still fairly skinny, he had developed some muscle tone and he started looking pretty good in tight shirts. And he just so happened to be wearing a tight tank top and his customary tight jeans when he bumped into Kelly in the laundry room. She was just finishing up folding her laundry when he walked in.

“Hey Kelly,” he said, and smiled at her, putting his laundry bag down next to one of the washers.

She replied, “Hey stud,” and gave him a sexy wink. The Kid’s cock twitched.

Kelly was a brunette, about 5′ 5″, and she had a face pretty enough to be on the cover of a magazine. She was wearing a tube top that hugged her huge tits and her tiny waist. Her fantastic ass was also on full display, shown off perfectly by her yoga pants, which were practically painted on. The Kid had banged several very hot chicks, but Kelly turned him more than all of them. She was sexy and a bit slutty, but it was her incredible tits that really got him. No one that petite had any right to tits that big and perky.

“You should stop by my place one of these nights. I could save you time looking for the man of your dreams,” he said, making sure she had a clear view of his bulge.

“Oh stud, you couldn’t handle me,” she said, making a sexy pout. “I’ve heard the rumors. I know you have a big dick. But I’ve had plenty of big dicks, and I’ve broken off every one of them.” She paused for moment. “Besides, I don’t need apartment building drama.”

Her smack talk was turning him on, and he undeterred. “No drama here, and I promise you, you’ve never had a dick like mine. Isn’t it worth the payoff? What do you have to lose?”

“I’ll think about it,” she said, smiling. Then she scooped up her laundry and walked out. The swaying of her hips was incredible, and the Kid’s cock twitched again.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Felicia was one of the Kid’s regulars. He typically banged her out two or three times a week, and he fucked her bowlegged every time he did. He got out of class early that morning and he was bored, so he texted to see if she was home, and then dropped by when she said that she was.

It only took about twenty minutes to completely rock her world. He went through the usual process, starting with her giving him head, which was never fully satisfying, since she started gagging when he was only halfway in. Then he laid her face up on the bed and pounded her until she came a few times. At that point, he flipped her over and just beat her pussy doggystyle until she came so hard that she blacked out. At last, he’d fuck her ass until he finally came. He could only get a little more than halfway into her ass, as well, so that was usually the longest part. He then left her on bahis firmaları the bed drifting off into a pleasure coma as he unceremoniously got dressed and left.

This time, as he was leaving, he bumped into Kelly, who lived right across the hall from Felicia. She was just getting home from class, and she put her bag down when she saw him.

“Hey stud. Come over here,” she said, beckoning him with her finger.

He walked over; his usual swagger enhanced by the cum that was still keeping his cock wet. “What’s up?” he said with a curious smile.

“I’m going to grant you your wish, stud. Come by tomorrow night around 8, and we’ll see about that cock of yours.”

“What’s wrong with right now?” he said, his swagger at an all-time high.

“Un hunh. I want you fresh and well rested for me,” she said, casting a glance at Felicia’s door.

“Oh please,” he said, rolling his eyes. “Like she could wear me out.”

“Right. But still. If I’m going to test out that cock, I want you at your best.”

“Okay,” he said, holding out his arms to concede the point. “However you want it. I’ll be there.”

“See you then,” she said, taking a brief look at his oversized bulge before grabbing her bag and heading inside.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Kid generally made women wait if they contacted him for an “appointment”, but he made sure he was on time for Kelly. When he knocked there was a brief pause, and then he heard her yell, “Come in.” He turned the knob and walked in.

The place looked very different from when Rick and Sandy were still living there. Kelly and her roommate had two sets of unmatched furniture, and the place was very cluttered. Kelly’s roommate was a cute Asian girl that briefly said hello as she headed out the door. Clearly, she knew what the plan was for the night. Kelly called out, “I’ll be out in a minute. Take a seat on the couch.”

The Kid replied, “Which one?” and that got a laugh from Kelly. He sat down on soft cloth couch that was covered with way too many blankets and waited. Another thing he typically didn’t do for women.

After a few minutes Kelly came strutting into the living room. She was made up to perfection, and wearing socks, panties, and an oversized men’s dress shirt. The shirt strained to contain her huge tits, with buttons undone in key places to show off her amazing cleavage. The Kid’s cock was hard almost instantly, nearly bursting out of his jeans.

“My, my. I like the looks of that. How about we get a better look at it?” she said, her sexy smile making the Kid breathe a little harder.

She swaggered over to where he was sitting, and stood in front him, hands on her hips. “Get rid of those pesky clothes,” she said, positively radiating sex. Once the Kid was naked, Kelly gently stroked his huge cock from root to tip, and he closed his eyes as her touch sent electricity through him.

She leaned in and whispered to him, “Now that is a very, very big cock.” She moved back and kept stroking him. “It’s even bigger than I imagined it. It actually is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to make you cum. Now open your eyes.”

She grabbed one of the kitchen chairs and turned it toward the Kid, motioning for him to sit. She stroked his cock with both hands a few more times, and then began sucking the head of his huge meat. It was fantastic, and the Kid’s cock twitched a couple of times. When she finally stopped, his balls were so tightly drawn in kaçak iddaa that it was actually a little painful, but the Kid was loving it.

Kelly stood up and took a step back. She took off her socks, and then slowly shimmied her panties down her legs, which was the sexiest thing the Kid had ever seen. He could see her neatly trimmed pussy, its lips fully engorged, ready for his huge cock. But then came the star of the show.

Kelly turned so her back was facing him, and undid the buttons on her shirt, sliding it off her and tossing it to the side. The Kid was staring at her perfectly shaped, full-sized ass, when she slowly turned around. And there they were; her perfect breasts. Each breast was easily the size of a melon, and perfectly teardrop shaped, in all of their gravity-defying glory. The Kid’s cock twitched again. Kelly was a goddess.

She stepped closer to him, grabbing his massive dick with both hands, and guiding it to her pussy. She moaned softly as his fat cock-head pushed into her, and she put her hands on his chest as she slowly shimmied her hips down his extra long shaft. When her ass was resting on his thighs, she leaned forward, resting her huge tits against him, and began kissing him. Her lips sent electricity through him once again, and his cock full on spasmed, which set Kelly to lean back slightly and let out a soft moan.

The Kid’s cock was harder than it had ever been, when Kelly started shifting her hips in a small figure-eight, and the Kid could feel how incredibly tight she was. He couldn’t believe that anyone that had fucked as many men as Kelly could possibly be this tight. She must do Kegels every hour on the hour, he thought. Whatever it was, he didn’t care. It felt amazing.

Eventually Kelly slowly stood up and let out a pleasured breath as hid monster slid out of her. She grabbed him by the hand and led him to her bedroom, having him lay face up in the middle of the bed. She mounted him and guided his hands to her great big tits, and he immediately started squeezing them and shaking them gently with his hands. Her eyelids drooped as he rubbed her nipples, and she began sliding up and down his big dick.

The Kid could feel the grip of her pussy tighten even more, and then he felt pressure building in his big balls. A spasm started at the base of his long shaft, and then spread upwards, until finally his cock exploded. It was the most intense orgasm he had ever had, and his balls were still spasming for a full ten seconds after. His cock had pumped out more cum than even his impressive dick had managed for any two orgasms.

“Not done, are you?” Kelly said, biting her lip in the sexiest way imaginable. The Kid’s cock twitched again. He was softening a bit, but he was no quitter.

“I’ve got a few more rounds in me,” he said, his bravado starting to bring his huge dick around. Kelly could feel it stiffening again and smiled. She rose up off his cock and stepped off the bed, motioning for him to come sit at the edge of the bed. “Don’t worry,” she said, “I’ll help you out.” And then she started sucking his huge cock.

The Kid’s plan was to face-fuck Kelly, but she beat him to it. Within seconds, the entire length of his monster was down her throat, and she was humming and bobbing her head to his delight. He was rock hard again quickly, but she continued on, using her hands occasionally to allow herself to breathe, and he realized this was the best blowjob he’d ever had.

With shock he realized kaçak bahis that another orgasm was building in his great big nuts, and he looked down at Kelly with amazement. She sensed he was just about ready and deep-throated him again, working his balls with both hands. A huge spasm rippled through his cock and he exploded again, even harder this time. His eyes clamped shut as the orgasm spread through his body, and if he wasn’t sitting down, he probably would have fallen over.

Cum poured down Kelly’s throat, and she didn’t miss a beat. She slowly slid his huge cock out of her mouth and stroked it a few times to let the last bit of cum dribble out. The Kid lay back on the bed, very nearly spent. He couldn’t believe how thoroughly she was fucking him. This was easily the best pussy he had ever had, and he just might have to tap out.

Then his bravado kicked in again and he sat up. He looked Kelly up and down, and he stroked his cock a few times, absorbing her epic hotness. I’m not done yet, he thought. And then his cock started to get stiff again.

This time he guided her to lay face up at the edge of the bed, and she complied. “You sure you have anything left, stud?” she said, smiling.

“I’ve got a few more rounds, hotness. Let me show you.”

He grabbed her legs and slowly pushed his meat into her. She let out a couple of pleasured sighs as he worked his way, and then she moaned softly when he hilted. He skipped the usual build up and started pumping her hard, slowly picking up the pace as he went. She was gripping his cock hard, but he was more ready for it the second time around and kept pumping away.

She started moaning more and more frequently, and he began really thumping her. He was hilting with every stroke, and then suddenly she shuddered, and he could feel her cum on his cock. He kept pounding right through, and she groaned a couple of times as more orgasms hit her. He grabbed her waist and lifted her hips off the mattress, plowing away harder than ever, and then she bucked up and her body shook, as cum washed over his cock again.

The Kid pulled out of her and pulled her to her feet. Her legs were a bit wobbly, and he smiled. He motioned for her to get on the bed on her hands and knees, and she complied, smiling. He shoved his cock into her again, and she moaned as he hilted. He slapped her ass, and then grabbed her hips and started pounding her hard.

Kelly was shuddering on and off, and she was swaying side to side, her head in her hands on the mattress. Her moans came steadily, and the Kid felt her body tense when he shifted his hips slightly, and he went in for the kill. He was getting tired but kept thumped away with everything he had left.

Suddenly Kelly bucked and flailed, making incoherent sounds, and the Kid felt her cum pour over his cock. The feeling of her cum, seeing her incredible body, and his exhaustion all combined to his cock exploding again. His balls spasmed, shooting only a few dribbles of cum, and he slumped forward on top of Kelly.

They both took several long breaths, and then laughed. Completely exhausted, they laid there for several minutes, before the Kid spoke up. “Do you want me to pull out of you?” he said, and she quickly replied, “Not really,” and they laughed again.

The Kid pulled out of her, and rolled over onto his side, and Kelly did the same. “That was a nice comeback,” she said, smiling her sexy smile.

The Kid smiled back. “Think you still need to go out every night?” he said, reaching over to squeeze one of her breasts.

“To party? Yes. To hook up? No.”

“Good enough for me,” he said. He was thinking, maybe one woman could be enough for a while. For a while.

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