The Lawn Boy Ch. 01

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Writer’s Note: This is a story for adults over eighteen years of age about adults over eighteen years of age. While the story line is true the dialog has been compressed for the sake of time and space. Safe sex was not an issue in the early seventies, but should be a concern for everyone today.


I was about twelve when an elderly couple in our neighborhood offered to pay me to mow their lawn while they were away on vacation. It did not take long before I realized that with a couple hundred homes in the nearby adult community, I could make some serious money.

When I first began my lawn mowing business it was mostly to supplement my allowance at home and to save money for college, but over time I found that there were other rewards to be gained from the retired widows, ignored housewives, and divorcees living in a nearby adult community on the out skirts of Tampa; I quickly learned that they had a great appreciation for young men who were not only handy, but also good listeners.

Of course life was completely different during those days. People were trusting and thought nothing of leaving their doors open; few people had air conditioning so screened windows were left open to allow the Gulf breezes to cool their homes. Any respectable housewife had her home clean and was completely dress by nine o’clock ready to receive visitors; it was not at all unusual to see women working in their flowers in a dress wearing make-up and the works. I didn’t even know women who lounged around the house in sloppy clothes. Close neighbors and friends were not required to even knock before entering; they would open the screen door and give a, “yoohoo” and walk in.

In the early years of my business I was often invited into homes after my lawn work was done for homemade cookies and milk. That’s when I learned the attribute that women appreciated in men; being a good listener. I would sit and listen to stories about places I had never been and adventures I had only read about. By the time I was in a senior in high school those memories were often shared over a cold beer or a glass of wine by a widow who had lived through the Great Depression and World War II; a widow who was also willing to share her knowledge of life’s pleasures with an inexperienced young man eager to learn.

Mrs. Steinman was one of those widows; she would invite me in and give me a towel to dry off before she poured us a glass of sherry and pulled out one of her photo albums. Whether it was around the kitchen table or on the sofa she always sat close to me and showed me photos of her as a young woman; photos of her welding on tanks in a factory during WWII or wearing a one piece bathing suit in a beauty pageant to raise money selling war bonds. She was still a pretty woman too, possibly in her fifties and about five feet, five inches tall; she was curvaceous with a top slightly larger than her hips and firm round bottom. Her slightly large Romanesque nose, beautiful wide smile, and sparkling green eyes were topped by a head of thick, salt and pepper hair which she often wore in a long braid down her back or in a bun on the back of her head.

I often saw her working in her flower beds dressed in a full cotton skirt that hung low on her wide hips and a knit halter top to harness her “C” cup breasts leaving her tanned mid drift bare; for some unknown reason, her unshaven under arms and legs seemed to draw my attention. The Florida sun had given her a deep tan and a crop of freckles sprinkled over her shoulders and the top swells of her breasts; there wasn’t even a hint of tan lines visible. She would smile at me when she caught me staring at her more than ample cleavage or her hard nipples pushing against the knit fabric. On several occasions when I opened the gate of the privacy fence around the pool and backyard I got a glimpse of her rushing into the house nude trying to cover up with a small towel.

During one visit she picked up several photo albums from a shelf and sat down beside me; the first album showed photos of her living in an airstream trailer in the desert, near what would later become Las Vegas, while her husband worked on the Hoover Dam project. The second album she “accidently” picked up; she opened it then quickly closed it, but not before I got a quick glance at a group of people playing volley ball nude.

“Well that was a bit embarrassing, I hope that didn’t embarrass you ” she said without a hint of blushing. “My late husband and I used to belong to a nudist colony near Ft. Myers.”

“Not at all; I have been to the nude beach near Clearwater several times. Do you not go to the nudist colony anymore?”

She chuckled, “Well, I guess you could say I’m a backyard nudist now; that’s why I have the privacy fence. It’s a long ride to go by myself, but I do miss being with other nude people.”

“Then maybe we could go together some time.” I suggested.

She chuckled, “At my age it is probably better if I just stay in my backyard.”

I had already learned that whenever possible give a woman a compliment.

“Nonsense, bahis firmaları you are a very pretty woman. I know women half your age that would kill to have your figure.”

“Ooh, that’s so sweet of you.”

I added, “Of course, we could go to the river where I go skinny dipping sometimes.”

We both laughed and she began flipping through the album and telling me about the black and white pictures; many of which were of her posing nude on the beach or engaged in some of the group activities with her husband. It was nice seeing all of her parts, even if it was only a photo.

After that, Mrs. Steinman stopped going into the house when I opened the gate to the backyard; she would roll over on her stomach and pull the towel partially over her bottom until I finished mowing. One day when I completed mowing and was gathering my equipment she invited me to have a drink with her; she stood up from the lounge chair while awkwardly trying to keep her body somewhat covered with a towel that was much too small for the purpose intended.

“Here let me help you with that.” I said as I reached out and took the towel from her hands then promptly laid it on the patio table. “Now you don’t have to worry about those awkward times when your towel slips off,” I added as my eyes surveyed her lovely tanned body.

For several minutes I was able to take in all the beauty of the woman whom I had admired and fantasized about for some time. For the first time I was able to fill in all the missing parts of my fantasy; I saw her very kissable, brown, silver dollar sized areola and short thick nipples. She smiled as I looked down at the triangle of thick, graying pubic hair. I could feel my hardening phallus push against the fabric of my cutoff jeans; I was hoping the legs were long enough to hide its sudden growth.

“I just didn’t want to make you feel awkward or think that an older woman was trying to lead you astray.”

I smiled, “You are too late for that; an older woman has already led me astray, of course I was eager and easily led.”

“Oooh, you must tell me about that sometime. By the way, since you have seen me nude on several occasions, I think it would be okay for you to call me Margaret when we are alone.”

I was desperately trying to keep from getting a raging hard-on in front of her; I kept telling myself, “Look at her eyes; look at her eyes.”

“I would be happy to, Margaret. I’m glad you don’t go running for the house when I’m working in the back yard; I love seeing you nude.”

“Okay, you rinse off under the pool shower and come on in the Florida room; I’ll fix us a snack and something to drink.”

She left her towel on the table for me to use and walked into the house. I marveled at the fluid motion of her mature body as she seemed to glide into the house. I kicked off my tennis shoes and stepped under the shower wearing my cut-off jeans; once they were reasonably clean I took them off and laid them in the sun to dry. The cool water on my body did lessen the heat that emanated from my loins. When I turned around, Margaret was standing at the door watching me shower; we smiled at each other then she turned and disappeared into the house. After several minutes of cool water running over my body I shut off the water and dried off; my phallus, while still a bit swollen, was again able to point toward my toes.

As I walked into the sun room nude, Mrs. Steinman, ah…Margaret was slightly bent over placing towels on the sofa for us to sit on; I got a quick glance at her hair covered vulva through the hollow space between her thighs. My cock pulsed and expanded to its pre shower state.

“Proper etiquette for nudist is to always have a towel to sit on; these are made just big enough to sit on and thick enough to be comfortable when sitting on wooden furniture around the pool.”

She looked at me and teased, “Of course it is also proper etiquette for men not to have an erection, but we won’t be concerned about that now.”

Her eyes seemed to be admiring my erection instead of admonishing me.

“I apologize, but considering you are one of only a few women I have ever seen nude I guess it’s just showing off.”

She reached out and took my cock in her hand and laughed, “My husband was always bad about that too; he could get an erection at the drop of a hat. I often had to “take care” of it before we could leave our cabana to go outside on the beach. I would like take care of yours, if you don’t mind.”

My engorged cock pulsed in her soft, warm hand.

“I don’t mind at all; my experience has been that my second erection lasts much longer than the first.”

Suddenly she was on her knees and her warm mouth engulfed my entire shaft; her nostrils flared a bit as the tip of her nose bumped against the fleshy mound covering my pelvis. She took a deep breath through her nose; I felt the constriction of her throat around the head of my cock. When she pulled back, my shaft was glistening with her saliva; her tongue danced around the edge of my glans kaçak iddaa and over the engorged, purple head. I wrapped her long braid around my hand and pushed my hips forward as her head took another plunge down my shaft. I felt her hand cup my cods then her fingers gave my sack a gentle tug. When her nose again made contact with my pelvis she shook her head from side to side as if to get the last fraction of an inch in her throat. I moaned loudly as she began bobbing her head up and down my shaft. In only minutes, my legs began to feel weak; my head was spinning.

Her fingers slipped past my cod sack and I quickly felt pressure against the tight opening of my ass. I yelped as her finger sunk deep in my rear cavity and came to rest against my deep seated nut. My cods seemed to explode then spurt after spurt tore through my shaft and into her mouth; small rivulets ran down her chin. It took several minutes for me to regain my composure.

“Oooh Margaret, that was wonderful!”

She stood up and wrapped her arms around me and smiled. When I kissed her she pushed a load of salty, warm cream into my mouth with her tongue. We shared the creamy treat back and forth for several minutes before it was completely gone.

Margaret sat down on the sofa then patted the towel for me to sit down beside her; I took in the beauty of her full, round breasts. Gravity and age had given them a gentle nudge causing their full, round bottom to rest against her rib cage while giving her hard nipples a slight upward tilt.

“You are certainly a well endowed young man; I almost didn’t get all of it in my mouth. My husband was also well endowed, but he was not circumcised and had a rather long foreskin that would tickle my throat and cause me to gag; yours looks so fresh and shinny.”

She quickly broke the spell and asked, “Would you like a glass of sherry?”

I nodded; she poured us each a glass. It was my first experience with the rather strong, dry wine. We sat facing each other with an arm resting on the back of the sofa and a leg bent on the seat; I was again drawn to tuft of hair under her arm and the light covering of downy soft hair on her lower leg.

We talked and laughed as we eyed each other’s nude bodies; Margaret shared stories about her nudist colony experiences with her husband. The lips of her vulva were partially open displaying her exposed, pink labia; my cock was already beginning to swell. I noticed that her nipples hardened as she relived those younger days with her husband in which she often added some of their sexual exploits.

Margaret poured us a second glass of sherry then said, “Were you serious about an older woman leading you astray?”

“Yes, she was a nurse twice my age, but I guess you could say she was my teacher rather than my seductress; she was an excellent teacher too and I was a very willing student. I never considered her as leading me astray; she just got me started on the right path.”

Margaret smiled, “Please tell me more.”

As the warmth of the sherry spread through my body I told Margaret about my first sexual experience with my best friend’s step-mother; an attractive, thirty-five year old nurse who married the doctor she worked for. The doctor was my friend’s father and was twice her age; a few years after they married, he suffered a stroke and was unable to make his own house calls.

As I told the story, Margaret’s hand moved to her exposed genitalia, her breathing increased and several times her eyes closed for a few minutes then opened with a smile. I reached over and gently ran the backs of my fingers across her hard nipples; her fingers began slowly stroking her clit. I thought my cock would split wide open. When the story ended her fingers stopped moving and she smiled at me; I lifted her hand to my lips and tasted the sweet, glistening cream on her fingers.

All of a sudden we heard a “Yoohoo.”

Before we could respond, a woman entered the room.

“Oh my goodness, I didn’t know…” She stammered realizing we were nude.

Margaret and I stood up and moved toward the woman; there was no need for me to even try to hide my erection.

Margaret introduced us, “It’s alright Nora we were just sitting and talking,” which was basically true when she walked in on us. “Nora, this is Will. Would you care to take of your clothes and join us?”

Nora recovered from the initial shock of seeing us nude, but she made no effort to turn and leave as her eyes surveyed our bodies. She quickly became indignant, “Of course not; I’m a married woman; I couldn’t display my body to another man,” she stated emphatically as her eyes drop toward my erect cock.

Margaret quickly challenged her, “So the stories of you modeling a red teddy from Frederick’s of Hollywood for Carl, the mailman, aren’t true?”

The color drained from Nora’s face and she began to stammer again, searching for the correct words to counter Margaret’s assertion.

Margaret moved close to her and put her hand on her shoulder; her bare breast pressed against Nora’s upper kaçak bahis arm, “Relax Nora, you are among friends and we are all adults here. You and I have shared secrets before, besides, I’ve had a few special delivery packages from the post office myself.”

I moved closer and held out my hand, “Hi Nora, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

She forced a smile, quickly glanced down at my erect cock, and extended her hand, “Will? You must be the lawn boy I have heard about at the courts.”

“Why don’t you join us for a glass of sherry?” Margaret asked as she lowered the zipper down the back of Nora’s bright flowered, summer dress.

Still stammering she managed to get out, “Yes, that would be nice. Thank you,”

Nora was a somewhat attractive, slender, woman in her late forties; her horn rimmed glasses with a chain around her neck gave her a nerdy, June Clever look, but it was obvious that she was also a tense, nervous, tightly wrapped woman who showed signs of being sexually frustrated.

When Margaret and I kissed her cheeks Nora smiled and tried to relax. She allowed us to slowly lower the top of her dress down her arms exposing her bra; to our surprise, the front of the bra had holes that allowed the rose pink nipples of her “B” cup breasts to protrude through the openings. You could tell she was nervous about our seeing her wearing the sexy, daring, bra.

Margaret quickly put her at ease, “Oh my, look at you; that’s very daring. You must be making some man very happy.”

I moved closer and lowered my face to deliver a kiss to each nipple; Nora giggled then nervously lowered her dress to the floor then stepped free from it. She made a quick but awkward modeling pose to show off not only her open nipple bra but her pink lace crotchless panties as well; her thick, dark, bush was displayed between two lace strips.

“Nora! How daring and sexy you are; you look absolutely stunning,” Margaret exclaimed; I quickly agreed, but I could tell Margaret had chosen her words carefully. Nora looked both erotic and a little ridiculous.

Nora held up her arms to welcome us closer; my erect cock brushed against one bare thigh and Margaret’s thick patch of pubic hair pressed against the other bare thigh as we had a threesome hug. Margaret unsnapped Nora’s bra with one hand then pushed the straps off of her shoulders and down her arms. She pressed her breasts against Nora’s breasts; I moved behind Nora, slipped my hands into the waist band of her crotchless panties, and pushed them down her shapely legs. Margaret and I pressed Nora between our bodies; my hard cock pressed against the soft cheeks of her ass.

“Does it make you uncomfortable that another woman’s nude body is touching yours?” Margaret asked Nora.

“Well, I have just never been this close to another woman nude; I’m not a lesbian you know,” Nora said nervously.

“Neither am I, but that doesn’t keep me from enjoying the touch and beauty of another woman.”

Nora did not respond, but I felt her body tremble as we rubbed our hands over her body.

Margaret looked her in the eyes and asked, “Who were you going to model your sexy underwear for?”

She lowered her head and admitted, “I had hopped Carl would like to see them on me when he delivered the mail today, but that old battle ax delivered the mail today instead.”

“Nora, is your husband still not taking care of your needs?”

“No, it has been months since he has even looked at me let alone touched me.”

Margaret moved Nora’s hand behind her back to my cock, “Would you like for Will and I to help you with that little problem?”

I moved my hands between them and gently pinched both of their nipples together; Nora’s hand reached behind her and gently squeezed my cock. She nodded her head and again her body trembled slightly.

“Now that everyone is nude let’s have that drink.” Margaret announced and moved to fill our glasses with the remainder of the bottle of sherry.

“How about a toast to friends and neighbors?” Margaret asked.

Glasses touched with the usual clink then were tilted to drink.

I added, “How about a toast to nude friends and neighbors?”

“Yeah!” Echoed around as the glasses again touched then tilted to drink.

Nora giggled then added as she looked at my swollen, but no longer erect cock, “How about a toast to hard…ah, working young men?”

“Here, here!” Margaret and Nora exclaimed as we lifted our glasses to drain the last of the strong nectar.

I took Nora by the hand and led her to the sofa, “This will take some team work.”

I sat down on the sofa then guided Nora to face away from me and sit down on my lap.

“Margaret you will need to make sure everything is aligned just right then guide me where it will do Nora the most good.” Margaret smiled as Nora opened her legs and adjusted herself on my lap.

I pulled Nora against me and cupped her pert breasts and hard nipples in my hands. Margaret was on her knees between our legs; I felt her warm, wet mouth once again engulf my cock to restore it to its erect and engorged state. Once she was satisfied with it she teased Nora by rubbing its shinny, purple head through her slick, wet furrow. Nora moaned and wiggled her hips as Margaret continued to tease her.

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