The Logic of Lust Ch. 02

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Alternate Entry

I couldn’t go back to my room. Not just because Tina was there and I had to sleep on the couch, but also because I’m not sure I could face her with what I’ve done. What did I just do?

I fucked my daughter’s best friend. Pretending like she was my daughter. And she cried and asked me to stop. And it may have been her first time. But then she asked me to cum inside of her, and I did.

Is that how a girl wants to lose her cherry? With her best friend’s father? While drunk in her best friend’s bed? I just stole something from her that should have been hers to give. I robbed her. I rap…

No. But didn’t I?

* * *

I needed to get my mind off of this. Let it simmer. Or fester and rot inside of me.

I threw my shorts back on, and I went to the laptop in the kitchen. Check my email. Read the news. Get this in the back of my mind to process. Figure out if I’m crazy, or if any of it–even one little bit–made sense.

Looks like someone never logged off their Gmail. Tina was still on. Okay. Now another conundrum. Just a peek? Just a quick skim? Just to make sure she’s safe, or that she’s not getting into anything risky. Or to see if she’s talking to boys. And figure out whose name I have to start etching into my baseball bat.

I glanced at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, where a chat window was flashing. Without thinking, I popped it open. The last line caught my eye:

db: ur totally going to fuck him!!!!!!

“D.B.” was Tina and Kali’s friend Debbie’s nickname. Oh, God, I thought. Tina *is* having sex! With who? I scrolled up to the top of the chat:

db: id cum ovr but have to do hw

[“Cum?” That cannot mean what I think it means!]

Tina: o cum on itll be fun!!!

[There it is again! And when did Tina write in that kind of trash? I taught her to always use proper English, not this text-speak.]

db: i no pizza and beer and is kali bringing smokes

[“Smokes?” Kali smokes? Does Tina?]

Tina: i got em

[Tina has cigarettes!]

db: k let me see if i can make it out

Tina: too bad he’s not here tonight

[Who? Was someone going bostancı escort bayan to come over while I was gone?]

db: oo i no id get so drunk and cralw into his bed

[And he was going to stay over? Tina and I need to talk…]


[Got it. Kali and Tina must be sharing the same chat.]

Tina: ts hitting me right now!

db: u no youd do it to!

db: ur going to!

db: ur totally going to fuck him!!!!!!

* * *

Interesting. Very interesting. Just to be a diligent dad, I also checked her email. I didn’t touch the unread messages, but found the most recent read one, which was from Debbie. I clicked it, and there was no message in the email, just a picture at the bottom. It was definitely a webcam picture, grainy, and red… Of a girl, legs-spread, shaved pussy, with an arrow and the words “eat me” written in black marker on her inner thigh. Looking at her thighs, her little tummy, and her attitude, I knew who it was. It was Debbie’s pussy that I was staring at, quickly getting hard again.

Okay. This goes a lot deeper than I thought.

* * *

But what about tonight? Or this morning, as it was now almost 3 a.m. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat back down in front of the laptop screen. Funny. The chat window was flashing again.

db: u guys still up

[Oh shit. Am I going to do this again?]

Tina: Yes. What are you doing up?

db: o shit the usual


db: just me and hello kitty

Tina: Hello Kitty?

db: su u no my new vibe

db: i cant sleep all i want to do is frig off to it all nite

db: and think of u t

Tina: Ha ha.

db: ur such a bitch

db: i fking miss u and u jus laf

Tina: Sorry.

db: all i think abt is u and ur fingers inside me

db: god im going to cum again

db: cum with me

Tina: Ok.

What the hell is going on? So Debbie is in love with my little girl. And they’ve been fucking around. So is Tina gay? Or just on both teams? I sat up, pressing my cock up against the edge of the table.

db: ümraniye escort fk i cum so quick

db: im tasting myself i miss u

db: what r u thinking

Tina: I miss you, too.

db: did u cum

db: ur not cheating on me r u

Tina: With who?

db: shut up with kali

Tina: No.

db: shes not still kissing u

[What? Uhm…]

Tina: Sometimes?

db: fuck u

Tina: Hey.

db: dont hey me cant u say anything more than just one word????

Tina: Sorry.

Tina: When can I see you again?

db: at school whenever

Tina: Want to come over for dinner tomorrow?

db: idk im mad at u

Tina: Don’t worry about K. She’s so into her guy anyways.

[Shot in the dark there.]

db: never going to happen

db: no way ur dads going to take her


db: no way for her first

db: tell me u miss me again

Tina: I miss you.

db: i cant wait to cum with u again

db: i need to sleep wish u were here

db: luv u

Tina: Come over for dinner, Ok?

db: ok u hurt me gn

db is offline and can’t receive messages right now.

* * *

I finally let out a breath. This. Is a lot to process.

* * *

“Daddy?” I quickly spun, heart-racing, and immediately putting my hands in my lap, hopefully concealing the hard-on I just realized I had. There Tina stood leaning out from behind a wall.

“Oh, hi, Teeny!” I rushed out, using my pet-name for her. “Hey, my flight out of town got cancelled, so I just came home. What are you doing up? It’s after 3 a.m.!”

She just looked at me sheepishly. “Are you mad at me?”

“For what?” Oh, for the obvious. “For drinking my beer? Well, honestly? Not really. At least not yet. Come here, baby.”

She shucked herself off the wall and slowly came over. I nonchalantly shut the laptop cover down and pushed it back from the edge of the table. Tina shuffled over to me, head down, like she would do when she was 12… Not 18. It’s the baby girl ploy, and I love it.

“Come here,” and I grabbed her by her waist and sat her down escort kartal on my left thigh, with her still facing away from me. I started petting her hair, the way I knew she loved it. “It’s OK, baby. It’s not a big deal. No one got hurt. You’ll just have to clean up tomorrow morning with Kali, and maybe I’ll have you two do some extra chores…”

Like cleaning the house in bikinis… Or washing my car in white t-shirts… Or giving me a bubble bath… Or stringing tinsel all around the house in short skirts…

“…Like taking out the trash and recycling. I’ll think of something.” But she still just sat there silently. “Baby. Is everything all right?”

“Yeah. Well, not really, but I don’t know.”

“You can tell me. I don’t know if I can help, but I can at least listen.” Tina shifted in her seat, but all of a sudden lost balance. She reached out to catch herself, but ended up with her hand sprawling out to me. Into my lap.

We both froze. She caught herself. By grabbing onto my cock. Which was still hard and thick, enough for her to grip it like a handle, and it was only getting harder and thicker.

“Oh, God, daddy, I’m so sorry!” But she didn’t let go. And I didn’t budge. She started teetering again, which jostled her arm, tugging even more on my cock. I then reached down, put my hand on hers, and stood up to steady the both of us.

Great idea in concept, but the execution wasn’t as planned. As I hit my feet, she slipped and fell to her side. At the same time, her fall, still grasping my cock, releasing it from my shorts. Shocked, she let out a yelp and scrambled to her knees… Only to come face-to-face with my cock.

We froze again. I could almost hear the pre-cum beading out of my cock-head, and she just stared. I’m pretty sure I didn’t budge, but some how my cock edged even closer to her, and before anyone knew what was going on, her lips were right up against my tip.

Not even a fraction of a second later, I had backed off, slipped my cock back into my shorts, and she stood up, flustered and blushing.

“I’m so sorry, Teeny!”

“I’m so sorry, daddy!”

“Look, well…” What could I possibly say? “Want breakfast?”

She smiled, embarrassed but relieved for not having to continue the conversation. “Sure. I’d love some.”

“Great. How about waffles and bacon?”

“Mmm! Sounds great. Thanks, daddy.”

And she licked her lips.

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