The Oddest Couple Ep. 01

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The Oddest Couple on Earth: First Times and the Best Bet Ever

She wanted to cum, she couldn’t begin to describe how badly she wanted to just pull out her cock and squirt her futa load all over the place. Her arousal was becoming a problem; she noticed a wet spot developing on her jeans from all of the precum that she was leaking. Being in such a public place she knew that if she ejaculated into her pants that she’d get in trouble. She felt the vibration inside of her ass intensify and she knew that she was about to lose the bet that she had made. She heard her phone ring and she answered it with as steady a voice as possible.

“Hello.” She muttered as she felt her cock throb hard.

“Hey there Jessica, just checking in. Is somebody about to lose our bet?” asked the person on the other end of the phone, Jessica covered her mouth and she tried to silence a moan.

“Yes, please turn them off, I can’t hold it much longer.” Begged Jessica to her tormentor.

“You said that no toy could ever make you cum, did you not? You said that as a futa you didn’t derive sexual pleasure the same way as a woman does. Well this toy is going to stimulate you like a woman and make you ejaculate in public like a dirty futa. Then I’m going to collect on our bet and enjoy my winnings my sexy little futa friend.” Said the woman on the other end of the phone. The panties that she was wearing were going to be her undoing. Jessica couldn’t believe that she had agreed to this bet, damn her arrogance! She just hoped that her tormentor didn’t activate the vibrator pressed up against her pussy. Walking with a vibrator in her ass and one pressed against her pussy was stimulating as is. Now that the vibrator inside of her ass was buzzing away; it was only a matter of time. Before she could finish her thought she felt the tell tale buzz of the vibrator pressed against her pussy begin to tease her. As her clit was relentlessly stimulated, she realized that she was definitely going to lose this bet in very explosive, very public fashion.

“Oh god,” moaned Jessica into the phone.

“Where are you now?” asked the other woman as the buzzing drove Jessica closer and closer to the edge.

“I’m at the park just like the rules of our bet, thankfully there aren’t that many people here today or I’d really be fucked…” Jessica trailed off as her pussy quivered from the pleasure causing her painfully erect futa cock to release another bead of precum. She could feel the wet spot on her jeans growing as time went on.

“Is the buzzing on your clit going to make you cum Jessica? It must just feel so good in your pants right now. Wouldn’t want to make a mess all over the place in such a public place now would we?” Teased the woman on the phone. Jessica’s eyes shot open as a familiar feeling began to emanate from deep inside of her.

“Michelle please stop this, you win the bet. You were right, I can cum like a girl…” Jessica trailed off from her plea for mercy as her cock began to pulsate rapidly in her jeans. Jessica suddenly found standing to be difficult; she found a tree several yards to her left and hastily stumbled to it trying not to stimulate herself too much. Jessica grabbed onto the tree and began to breathe heavy as her pussy and ass began to quiver, signaling that she was close to ejaculating.

“Oh no I’m gonna… I’m gonna cu…” she didn’t finish her sentence as the sensations within her became too much, her pelvis unconsciously thrusted lewdly as her cock prepared to burst.

“Don’t cum baby, you better hold back that load. Hold it in or you’ll lose the bet remember?” Michelle chastised as Jessica prepared to go over the edge. Jessica felt her cock jolt inside of her jeans once twice three times and then she could stand it no more. She looked at her futa cock confined in its denim prison just as she was overcome with pleasure. There was no stopping now, she was about to cum and she knew that this would be the most intense orgasm of her life. She saw the bulge in her jeans from her cock continue to lurch and then she felt the intense feeling of ejaculation, she had never felt her cock squirt so hard, and it overwhelmed her.

“Jessica, tell me what is happening to you, are you cumming?” teased Michelle as Jessica’s futa cock began to erupt while still concealed within bahis firmaları her tight jeans. Rope after rope exploded out of the tip of her sensitive futa cock and immediately splattered all over her panties and coated the inside of her jeans. Jessica felt a warm sensation suddenly emanate from her panties as she continued to squirt rope after rope of hot futa cum into her pants.

“I’m cumming so hard, oh my god I’m cumming all over the inside of my jeans, oh fuck it feels so good.” Moaned Jessica as she felt the intensity of the vibrations in her most private holes increase. She couldn’t stop herself from cumming again as the pleasure continued to build. By this time Jessica was just a blubbering mess clinging to a big oak tree in the middle of a grassy park. She felt her pelvis involuntarily thrust as she continued to release. Families frolicked about in the distance as she continued to partake in her most dirty of deeds.

“How does it feel baby? You’re squirting so much cum for me aren’t you?” Michelle asked as she heard Jessica grunt as she presumably busted all over her pants in a lewd act of exhibitionism. “Futa’s like you can’t help but squirt squirt squirt can they? No place is too public for a futa to release a big load is it? But that’s okay that’s why I love my Futa girlfriend, always ready to go no matter when, no matter where.” She said nurturingly as Jessica’s seemingly unending ejaculation continued.

“It’s okay Jessica, we all have accidents every once in a while, just relax and let it all out.” Jessica would have cursed her girlfriend but she was too overcome by the amazing feelings emanating from her clitoris and ass. As she orgasmed over and over, she became more and more sensitive making the next orgasm arrive faster than the last. Michelle continued her verbal assault on her poor helpless girlfriend.

“How many times have you cum in your pants Jessica?” asked Michelle curious as to just what kind of state her girlfriend was really in.

“Six…” moaned Jessica as her breath caught in her throat. “Seven.” She added after a long pause.

“Oh my goodness, that is so much hot sticky cum, you must be such a dirty futa at the moment.” Said Michelle feigning surprise. Jessica looked up and spotted an old woman looking at her from several yards away. The two of them met eyes and at that moment Jessica went tumbling into another orgasm. Her body twitched as her pelvis nearly humped the tree that she was clinging to for support. Jessica felt her still hard cock let go of several more thick ropes. Jessica’s futa cock was twitching lewdly in her pants. The old woman looked down at Jessica’s pants and realized from the large stain and twitching bulge that the woman she was looking at was really a dirty futa who from the looks of it was ejaculating in public. Jessica saw the woman groan in disgust and then walk away.

“Oh my god so sensitive, oh fuck please stop, oh my god!” Jessica began to say with rising intensity as her clit and asshole began to grow too sensitive. She felt the two vibrators lower in intensity but not turn off, much to her disappointment.

“There is that better? I want you to be needy and leaking when you get home so we’ve gotta keep you close to that edge.” said Michelle with smugness in her tone letting Jessica know that Michelle was thoroughly enjoying her victory. Jessica began to stand up all of the way, and soon realized that the mess that she had made had been more wide spread than she had first realized. Her blue jeans had a large sticky wet spot on the front of them that extended down her left leg all the way to her knee. Jessica realized just how embarrassing this was going to be as she felt the cold wind against the wet spot that was currently sticking to the skin inside of her jeans.

“I’m fucking covered in cum Michelle, I can’t walk back to my car like this. I parked across the street from a fucking elementary school, I’ll get fucking arrested!” Jessica quietly screamed into her phone in sheer panic.

“That’s unfortunate, I guess you should have parked somewhere else. Well I’ll see you at home later, bye babe.” Said Michelle as she hung up. As Jessica heard the phone go dead she silently cursed at her phone before inserting it into her right pocket. She began the slow walk back to her car trying not to get seen by as many people as possible. As the minutes wore on the cum stain all over her Jeans began to fade leaving behind only the tell tale smell of futa cum.

Back at the apartment…

Michelle heard the door open and turned to see her poor futa girlfriend walk inside and then slowly shuffle over to their bedroom. Michelle saw Jessica take off her cum stained jeans and then immediately remove the sex toy panties that she had been forced to wear. Michelle could only see Jessica from behind, but as soon as Jessica removed her panties Michelle saw Jessica’s futa cock droop down between her legs. Michelle could swear that she saw a bead of precum kaçak iddaa drip from Jessica’s cock. Jessica removed her red blouse and her bra finally releasing her nice pair of g cup breasts from their confining prisons. Jessica flumped over onto the bed unable to stand any longer, her head buried in the comforter.

“So how was the park?” Michelle asked wickedly she had to laugh when she heard a muffled fuck you in reply. “Aw don’t be like that sweetie you had to know that I’d win a bet like this. It’s only natural that a woman’s genitals will be sensitive to vibration. Just because you don’t ever touch your pussy or ass hole sexually doesn’t mean they don’t work. A bet is a bet so I’m excited to collect my winnings.” Said Michelle as she walked into their bedroom and sat down on the queen-sized bed. Jessica flipped over onto her back, her futa cock and balls draped over her thigh. Michelle observed Jessica’s body and couldn’t resist touching her sexy girlfriend. Michelle gently cradled Jessica’s clean-shaven ball sack and lifted it out of the way to reveal the seldom-touched hairless pussy that lied behind it. Michelle saw Jessica’s flaccid cock twitch slightly.

“Does Jessica’s little cum cannon need some attention? I would’ve thought that cumming so much earlier would have silenced her for the evening.” Said Michelle as she continued to fondle Jessica’s tender balls. Jessica drew in a sharp breath as she felt Michelle gently caress her quickly hardening cock.

“I think she’s getting ready to do her thing.” Said Jessica as she sat up to kiss Michelle who proceeded to encircle Jessica’s entire shaft with her right hand. As the couples lips locked in a lusty kiss Michelle felt Jessica’s now completely erect futa cock twitch in her gentle grasp. Their tongues clashed as Michelle began to slowly pump up and down on Jessica’s cock. Jessica’s breath caught in her throat again as Michelle began to harshly pollish the sensitive head of Jessica’s cock. Jessica reached down and began to fondle Michelle’s perky breasts, tweaking her tiny nipples every once in a while. As they both came up to breathe Michelle felt Jessica’s cock pulsate and release a large amount of precum all over Michelle’s warm palm.

“My goodness somebody is needy tonight, apparently seven orgasms isn’t enough for her is it?” Michelle asked Jessica as she observed the futa that had captured her heart turn a dark shade of red.

“It has been a couple of days since she’s been properly loved on you know.” The almost pleading look on Jessica’s face nearly melted Michelle’s heart.

“Well we’ll have to take care of that tonight I guess, but first I want to collect on our little bet.” Said Michelle as she got up and ran to their walk in closet leaving Jessica frustrated and a bit nervous.

“You really want to do this? You won’t get any pleasure from it though.” Asked Jessica as she saw Michelle return wearing an intimidating looking black harness with a black strap on dildo attached to it.

“I know but I want to take my wonderful girlfriends last cherry, which is ironically the first one that I lost way back in highschool. I want to fuck your tight unused futa pussy baby.” Said Michelle with a loving smile on her face. Jessica for her part looked at the fake cock nervously. Being a futanari meant that she was taller than most women and by virtue of her 6’2″ stature she had bigger breasts than most women and a bigger cock than most men. She was truly unique biologically, but at the moment she felt like any nervous teenage girl would; this was truly a new feeling to Jessica.

“Michelle, are you sure that thing is going to fit inside of me? I mean look at it, it looks fucking massive.” Jessica said nervously, which did nothing but further endear her to Michelle who knew that if she wanted this to be a pleasurable experience for Jessica, she needed to reassure the scared futa.

“Don’t worry baby, this is actually about the size of a real cock so it really isn’t that huge. By comparison your futa cock is nearly 5 inches longer and almost an inch thicker than this comparatively small 6-inch long 1½-inch wide strap on. It may be long, but it is down right thin compared to you so if my tiny little pussy and asshole can handle the veritable baseball bat between your legs than you’ll be just fine with this thing.” Jessica knew that Michelle was right considering that Michelle was only 5’7″ and she somehow was able to take Jessica’s futa cock just fine after some careful practice. Jessica grabbed the lube and squirted a generous amount onto her pussy and began to rub it all over. As she lubed up her tight opening she laid back on the bed and brought her legs up by her head, being flexible had its benefits.

“I know you’re right, I’m just scared I guess.” Said Jessica as she looked up at Michelle’s now equally lubed up strap-on in down right fear. Michelle lined up her strap-on and paused.

“Stroke your cock for me as I push into you, it’ll take kaçak bahis your mind off of it.” Jessica nodded and grabbed onto her hard cock and began to gently stroke it.

“Is it gonna hurt?” asked Jessica just as Michelle was about to push into Jessica. Michelle paused once again and thought of how best to answer that question. In the end Michelle decided to tell the truth.

“Depending on how tight your pussy is you’ll feel varying levels of pain at first but eventually you’ll get used to it and then it will start to feel really good. Trust me babe, I’d never do anything to hurt you.” Jessica had tears in her eyes from the sincerity with which Michelle had delivered that last statement. Michelle leaned forward against Jessica, she leaned in and kissed Jessica on the lips as she slowly began to push inside of Jessica’s virgin depths. Jessica pulled her hands from her cock and gripped the bed beneath her as she drew in a sharp breath, which caused Michelle to stop her slow decent into Jessica’s fertile but virgin depths.

“You okay baby?” asked Michelle as she pulled away from their passionate kiss in order to look into Jessica’s eyes. Jessica’s heart was beating a mile a minute, she had never felt this way before; she’d never felt so vulnerable before. With her legs propped up against Michelle’s shoulders, she was truly helpless to escape if she needed to, not that Michelle would ever do her any harm.

“Yeah it just hurts a little bit, please go slow.” Said Jessica, there was a palpable sense of vulnerability coming from Jessica that Michelle had never seen before. Jessica was truly hanging on every little thing that happened between them at the moment, her body was on fire with virginal lust as she felt Michelle’s fake cock bottom out inside of her pussy.

“Oh it’s all the way in, my goodness you’ve got a shallow pussy, much shallower than mine it would seem.” Said Michelle as she just remained there pelvis to pelvis with her vulnerable lover. “So how does it feel having a cock inside of you for a change?” asked Michelle as Jessica struggled to comprehend the sensations that she was currently feeling.

“I feel so full, it feels like you’re gonna split me in half.” Jessica moaned with amazement and nervousness in her tone. Michelle began to slowly pump her strap on in and out of Jessica, whose futa cock was throbbing and pulsating lewdly. From the looks of things Michelle was assuming that Jessica was really enjoying the sensation. Jessica’s pussy kept quivering and shaking as the fake cock made her feel things that she had never experienced. For several minutes Michelle and Jessica stayed like this, entangled in loving lust.

“How does it feel baby?” asked Michelle as she continued to slowly plow her virgin girlfriend. Jessica had been doing nothing but moaning and whimpering the whole time so she had to take a moment to compose herself.

“Oh my god it feels so good, I think I’m ready to go a little faster.” Jessica said breathing hard from the sensations she was currently feeling. Michelle slowly began to gain speed and before long the two lovers were meeting each other’s thrusts at a fairly steady clip.

“Rub your clit baby, make yourself cum like a real girl.” Said Michelle as she saw her futa girlfriend approach the edge. Jessica frantically started rubbing her engorged clit and almost instantly she saw stars as she creamed all over the fake cock.

“Holy fuck I’m cumming.” Jessica’s cock began to ejaculate but that wasn’t what Jessica was focusing on at the moment. Her pussy was quivering and quaking from her orgasm, an orgasm so intense that her whole body shook. She was surprised when she heard a squirting sound and felt wetness between her legs that she had never felt before.

“Holy fuck I fucking squirted! I’ve never squirted before, oh my god this feels so good.” Jessica said as Michelle started to really pound her lover’s virgin pussy. Jessica’s futa cock was completely ignored as she came over and over like a real girl. The sensations she was feeling were so intense and never seemed to end. She started sobbing from so much pleasure as she rolled into her next orgasm.

“Oh god.” She sobbed with tears streaking down her cheeks as her tender pussy gripped at the fake cock buried deep within her. Jessica had been squirting almost nonstop since she began cumming so her pussy was slippery and more than ready to accept Michelle’s fake cock. Michelle noticed that she might have broken her lover as she saw the poor futa start babbling like an idiot while she came again. Jessica’s cock had been erupting almost nonstop the entire time so Jessica was well and truly covered in her own cum. Michelle slowed down her thrusts and watched her girlfriend come back to the land of the living. Jessica would shake every once in a while from post orgasm mini quakes as she tried to compose herself.

“You okay baby, I think I lost you there for a second?” asked Michelle as she bent down and gave her lover a tender kiss.

“Oh my god, that was so intense.” Jessica said as her body shook, she let out a giddy laugh as she continued to shake.

“How did it feel being the girl for once?” asked Michelle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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