The Park: Conclusion

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After finally getting back into our wet clothes (minus the panties you won’t give back), we gather up the blanket and picnic stuff. We leave the park and head to the subway station.

We have to walk several blocks to the station. The wind is gusting, so I still have to be careful with my skirt. I get the thought that I can tease you a bit in retribution for not letting me have my panties back.

I edge in front of you just a little as we’re walking and loosen the hold I have on my skirt. I can feel the wind pick up the back of the skirt a little, giving a flash of my upper thighs and the lower part of my ass.

As with any time my body is exposed, I can feel the heat of your gaze zone in on the flashes of skin. You seem to slow a little more to put more distance between us and give you a better view. I keep walking as if I have no idea what is happening to my skirt.

We get to the station and head towards the escalator. As we’re getting on, I manage to rub against you very slightly. I have to suppress a smile as I feel that you’re getting hard again. Oh, this train ride was going to be fun…..

Once the train arrives, we see that the rain has caused it to be more crowded than usual. There is only one of the sideways seats available. I insist you sit down by telling you I feel like standing for a while.

I go to the pole right in front of you and hold on. After a few moments, I casually wrap my right leg around the pole and slightly rub my foot up and down. I don’t look at you as I do it, trying to act as if it is just an unconscious movement.

Again, illegal bahis I can feel that hot stare watching what my leg is doing. I also know that there are others watching as well. I do this for several moments, enjoying the feeling of power this is giving me.

The rubbing has pushed the strap of my sandal off my foot. Moving myself around so that my back is to you, I move to put the strap back up. Rather than bending down, I slowly keep my legs straight and start to bend over.

You can see the skirt slowly inching up, revealing the backs of my thighs. Higher and higher the skirt rises. Just as the skirt is about to reveal the bottom of my ass, I shift my legs apart just a little. You know that the next little bit will reveal my pussy to you.

This seems to snap you out of it a bit and you look around. You can see that several people have noticed and are watching avidly. You grab my hand and pull me onto your lap.

Since this is where I wanted to be, I just look at you and shrug. I can feel your hardness against me. I start to move just a little bit to feel it better.

You stop my movements and whisper, “Unless you want me to cum right here, you need to stop.”

I just smile and turn so that my back is against your chest. We sit that way until right before we get to our stop. At that point, I deliberately lean forward, pressing against you more, to put the strap of my sandal back on. I can hear you suppress a groan as I straighten back up.

The train stops and I get up from your lap, turning to look as you struggle with the picnic stuff illegal bahis siteleri along with your erection. As we go up the escalator, I hear you mutter, “You’re going to pay for that.” I bite back a grin and pretend I didn’t hear.

I let the wind play with my skirt again as we walk home. At the door, you put down the picnic stuff and unlock it. After opening the door, you put the picnic items at the base of the stairs and turn to me.

Taking my face in your hands you give me a sweet kiss. “Thanks for a great afternoon.” You then grab my arms and say, “Now, you’re going to pay for your teasing.”

You turn me around and put my hands above my head on the open door. You move up behind me, pressing against me head to toe. Your mouth goes to my neck and starts sucking fiercely.

Your hands move down my arms, over my shoulders, around my back to cup my breasts. As you squeeze them, your hips move against my ass, rubbing your hardness onto me. One of your hands travels down my stomach and under the skirt. Your finger rubs hard against my clit and then moves away.

You pull back a tiny bit. I can hear the zipper going down on your jeans, then the rustling sound as they’re pushed down your thighs. You pull the skirt up in back, then take your cock and press it between the lips of my pussy. You move your hips back and forth, causing the head of your cock to bump against my clit.

My wetness drenches your cock as my body prepares to cum. Abruptly, your hips stop moving. You stand still with just your hands on my hips. You next reach up under canlı bahis siteleri the shirt and unhook the bra to keep playing, tugging and pulling on my nipples.

As my body calms, you start moving again. Following several rounds of this stopping and starting, I can’t take any more. “Now. Just fuck me now, please.”

One of your hands moves back down to my hips while you continue to tease me. You position my body just so, and thrust hard inside. You glide in and out, achingly slow. I can feel every inch of you rubbing and stretching me.

I am oblivious to my surroundings, aware only of the sensations running through my body, of powerlessness, of being trapped between the open door and your body.

The strokes get more powerful, pounding in and out of my pussy, pushing me into the door. Suddenly, I feel your body go rigid and you explode, sending a burst of heat into me. The sounds of your groaning and grunting is the end for me. My pussy goes into convulsions, milking the cum from your cock.

Your hips twitch several more times, as my spasms gradually begin to die down. Your arms go around me and you kiss my shoulder.

After a few moments, I leisurely open my eyes and realize I am looking out on the street. At first glimpse, it appears empty. I then see a man standing in a doorway across the street, masturbating.

I nudge you and point at the man, “We were seen.”

“Do you care?”

“Not really. I wouldn’t have noticed anything go on right then, anyway.”

“All the same, let’s take this inside.”

You pull out of me, causing small shocks to go through me. As I stand there, wetness dripping down my legs, you shut the door.

You come back over and kiss me. You look at me with a wicked glint in your eye and say, “We should go to the park more often. But only in the rain.”

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