The Plan Ch. 01

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I have always had a very heavy sexual appetite. Even with a hot, sexy wife willing to do anything; I always seem to need more. Thus, the old adage that reality is stranger than fiction comes to mind. It is so accurate when applied to relationships and sex; it is wild what people will do, especially behind closed doors. The following is one more episode of my life, cluttered with sexual adventure. Amazingly, everything is true, except the names and some minor details that I just don’t remember. The series of stories act as a sexual biography. On the surface, I have such a normal life…I go to work every day. But a couple years ago, I established an online presence; which in many ways is a more accurate portrayal of me and my sexual realities. It has been healthy and restorative to finally be myself in this public forum.

It all starts with a surprise visit from our former neighbors, Racheal and Justin. I explained to them that Tina was gone out of town, again. Always on the go, she had a meeting in Chicago. I then proceeded with a neighborhood update of who was still there…who got divorced…who had kids. You know the drill. They both seemed a little chatty, which was unusual for him…he was usually very quiet. I was thinking I should offer them a drink or something. Maybe later. Racheal was very cute…yes, she was hot. Yeah, bahis firmaları I noticed her, especially when she was sunbathing in the backyard. She was maybe 5′-6″ with long hair, thin and shapely, with big, full breasts. Her husband, Justin, was similar to me, lean, muscular and a little bit of a nerd. I always thought they made a good couple; I am happy they got together. We small-talked for a while, discussing their marriage which was already four years past and they were looking forward to their upcoming anniversary. They had decided on a cruise to celebrate.

Technically, Racheal was really our neighbor, but she my mind was just racing and Rachael had already engulfed the tip of my cock, aggressively working it in he knew the plan and he knew his role. He pushed her head back to receive his cock, gradually stroking it deeper into her mouth; a mouth that I had primed for him. He was moaning, too. We were facing each other as we both pumped our dicks into his subservient and very hungry wife. She was satisfying both of us. We fucked for a long time, enjoying her tight holes and muffled moans…after all, Justin’s cock was stopping most of the sound.

Finally after some very hard action…long powerful strokes, she pulled off Justin and choked out “Stop!”

I heard it very clearly and it wasn’t at all what I expected kaçak iddaa to hear from my moaning woman…and I thought she was mine, or she was ours. Fuck! What is going on, now?

She said “I have to taste my pussy.” She flipped around and licked her juices from my cock, plunging it into her throat, yet again.

Justin stood and watched, stroking as if he was on cue. He was an actor on his mark…it was his role to watch her satisfaction…but…he was really enjoying the sight of a cock feeding his wife. Who wouldn’t? I know I was enjoying it.

She pulls off and looks directly at him. Their eyes met and that’s all it took; he was on his knees with her, sharing my cock. They licked me and traded it back I wanted to hear her moaning…I love to hear a woman during orgasm. It’s amazing. Her whole body was shaking…it was a good one. It pushed me closer to mine.

Then, Justin looked at me, “I’m going to cum, too!”

In reply, I said “Make it a good one…shoot it hard!”

Justin pulled out with a big grunt and a breathless, muffled “Got to cum, gonna cum…gonna shoot it…spray it all over you Rach!”

It sprayed all over Racheal’s ass and up her back…looked like a couple days’ worth. It was a fucking pornstar cum! A pornstar cum! I found it very sexy and thrilling.

Again, moving in unison, they kaçak bahis dropped to their knees and begged me “Please, cum…give us your cum…we want your load. Shoot it! Shoot it!”

It didn’t take long because I had been holding it back for some time…I couldn’t believe this was all happening, but I knew it was part of the plan. Love the plan!

I exploded with a huge load, a couple strands for each. Fuck, it was a big load!

After the last big shot, she lunged forward to take my dripping cock in her mouth and sucked every last drop from me. She even stuck her tongue in the tip to extract it all.

Exhausted and sweating, I watched them as they swallowed every last drop that they held on their tongues. Again, they moaned with satisfaction, as they enjoyed every bit of my cum.

Still horny as fuck…Justin and I turned Racheal over that chair again and licked up the remainder of his load, still coating her back.

All three, savoring incredible sex, orgasms and the taste of cum, we looked at each other and smiled.

Justin then declared, “Well, I think we need to plan another visit.”

I said, “Let me offer you a drink and we can discuss that.”

Racheal smiled at me “I hope you’re trying to get us drunk.”

I reply “Maybe, but I think I am outmatched by the two of you…but I do want to plan a rematch?

“Absolutely, we want that too!”

We walk into the house for that drink and a new plan…

I told them that I wanted to have a closer look at Justin’s cock. He smiled with pride, “Okay! It’s a plan!”

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