The Quest for Daddy’s Dick

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All characters are over 18.


I was eighteen years old the first time I saw my dad’s cock. I had come home early from school because someone had scrawled a bomb threat in a stall in one of the boys washrooms. He was coming out of the washroom naked, just having taken a shower, as I was coming up the stairs en route to my bedroom. I only got a couple second look at it as he saw me, covered himself with his hands and stepped back into the washroom.

It was an image that stuck with me, and it wasn’t because of the size — I had seen big cocks before — but something else, something I couldn’t articulate. Maybe it was because his was the first Man’s cock I had seen, or maybe it was just because it was so taboo. Whatever the reason, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. My masturbatory fantasies — usually centered around Gina’s muscular cousin Zack pinning me down and fucking me like he had once when I was over at Gina’s working on a group project, or the time last Christmas when I blew Eric (a hot black guy who had a full-ride on a soccer scholarship) at a party when he was back in town for winter break — now involved my daddy.

After the daddy fantasies began, a question formed in my mind and would not go away: Was he as attracted to me as I was to him? Judging by the volume and quality of my tinder matches, the amount of shit that got talked about me by jealous bitches, and the way that boys looked at me at school and men looked at me out in the wider world, I was a babe. Did my daddy look at me in the same way that all the other men did? Did he want tear off my clothes and fuck his little girl? These were the thoughts that were swirling around my brain as I rubbed my clit at night. I knew that I was potentially fucking up one of the most important relationships I would ever have in my life, but I had to know the answers to these questions; my body demanded it, and what I wanted, I got.

Normally I wore moderately slutty clothes to school and then changed into sweats or jammies when I got home, but after beginning my quest for daddy’s dick, I stepped my home-game up. I ditched the jammies in favour of thin yoga pants, and I turned my sweatpants into cut-offs that barely covered my ass. Sometimes, when I was wearing my cut-offs, the bottom of my butt would peek out for a moment when I bent over (which was often). I felt like maybe he was paying more attention to me, but the results were far from conclusive. The parent who was paying attention to my new fashion choices was not the one I wanted to fuck.

“Zoe, you need to put on some more clothes,” said my mom, obviously jealous. “You look like a tramp.”

A familiar stab of anger throbbed in my head. “If you can’t handle that there’s someone hotter than you in the house, that’s your own shit.”

“You look trashy, Zoe. Don’t try and spin this into something it’s not.”

The anger spread, tightening around my chest. She was so transparently jealous of my body; it was pathetic. “Listen, mom,” I said, “just because men don’t look at you anymore like they look at me doesn’t mean you have to take it out on me. It’s petty.”

My mom’s eyes widened and the corners of her lips tightened. “You’ve got a twisted mind, Zoe,” she said.

“Jealous,” I said.

“Daniel, say something to your daughter,” my mom said to my dad who was sitting at the table, wordlessly watching the scene play out in front of him.

“Listen to your mother, Zoe,” he said.

Mom turned to him. “Really? That’s all you’re going to say? Your daughter is dressing like a whore!”

My dad opened his mouth to speak, but my mom turned on her heel and stomped up the stairs to her bedroom before he could say anything.

I turned to him and with wide eyes, I said, “You don’t think I’m a whore. Do you daddy?”

“No, princess. Your mom is just under a lot of stress at work. She doesn’t mean it.”

My daddy always gave me what I wanted. I wrapped my arms around him and, pushing my breasts right under his chin, hugged him tightly. “Thank you, daddy.”

That night, mom went to bed at nine thirty (“I want to be well-rested for my flight tomorrow. You should do the same, Zoe; you’re grades could use the help.”), leaving me and daddy alone in the living room. I was on facebook on my tablet and he was sitting next to me on the couch, watching black and white footage of World War II.

“Ugh, turn that off, daddy,” I said.

“I’m watching it, sweetie,” he said, patting my leg without taking his eyes of a wildly gesticulating Hitler.

I buried my face into his chest. “It’s too scary,” I said into his shirt.

He stroked my hair. “Don’t look, then,” he said.

I pulled away and, giving him my best puppy-dog eyes, said, “Please turn it off, daddy.”

He smiled and reached for the remote. “I can’t say no to my princess,” he said.

I shifted my ass onto his lap and threw my arms around him. “I love you, daddy.” I was wearing a pair of threadbare cut-offs and I could feel the warmth of his lap on my butt. I nuzzled my face onto the escort ataşehir side of his shoulder and could smell the faint odour of his body, but it smelled good to me, like a man, not like the gross, perfume-like deodorant that all the boys at school bathed in.

“I love you, too, princess,” he said.

I pressed my butt harder into his crotch and started wiggling it very slowly — I hoped it was imperceptible — on his dick. I thought I could feel his dick growing, but I wasn’t sure.

“I think I’m going to go to bed now, princess.”

“Wait, daddy,” I said. “I don’t you to go yet.”

“Alright, but only ten more minutes, then I’m off to join your mom. She’s right, you know; it’s very important to get enough sleep. Did you know that after being awake for twenty-four hours, you are more impaired than if you had consumed something like four drinks? Something to consider now that you have your own car.”

I was not liking the direction our conversation had taken. “Do you like the way I dress, daddy?”

“I think that both you and your mom have a good sense of style — you inherited that from her, along with a lot of other things even though you don’t think so — and you guys always look sharp.”

“But do you like the way I’ve been dressing recently, around the house?”

“I think what you mother was getting at, even though she didn’t phrase it in the kindest way, is that maybe your clothes have maybe been a bit too revealing lately.”

“Is that what you think too, daddy?”

“I think she may be right.”

“What’s wrong with wearing revealing clothing?”

“Some people may get the wrong idea about what kind of a girl you are.”

“But I only wear them around the house, daddy, and only because that’s how I feel the most comfortable.” I was pushing my ass and wiggling it around in his lap harder. I was sure I could feel his cock now. “Don’t you think I have a nice body, daddy?”

“Of course,” he said quickly. “You inherited that from your mother too.”

“Did mom look like me when she was my age?”

“You’re the spitting image of her. Sometimes I look at you and I think I’ve stepped out a time machine.”

“So you think I’m pretty, daddy?” I could feel his cock pushing against my ass-crack.

His breath had grown more rapid. “Yes, I think you’re pretty, baby.”

I shoved my ass down hard on his cock. “Do you like my butt, daddy?” I leaned in and whispered in his ear, “Does it make you hard?”

“This is wrong, sweetie. I need to go to bed now.” He halfheartedly tried to push me off, but I clung on.

I reached under my ass and grabbed his cock over his sweatpants. This confirmed my earlier suspicion; he was rock-hard.

“Stop, sweetie,” he said. “This isn’t right. What if your mom comes downstairs?”

I slipped my hand under his waistband and wrapped my fingers around his cock. My fingers didn’t reach all the way around; he was too thick. I squeezed his cock, making him groan. Then, I kissed him hard on the lips, pushing my tongue into his mouth. Pulling away, I said, “It’s not wrong. Just pretend I’m mom. I look just like her, right?”

I slid to the ground, to my knees, and pulled his sweats down around his feet, revealing his cock. It was seven or eight inches long and fat, the thickest cock I had ever seen in person. “Oh, daddy, you’re so big!” I opened my mouth and moved my lips so they were just about to touch the head of his cock. “Do you want me to stop, daddy?”

He was looking down at me with an expression of pure lust on his face. “No, don’t stop, baby.”

I licked the underside of the head of his cock slowly, maintaining eye contact. “Oh, daddy, your cock tastes sooo good.”

“Oh, sweetie,” he said, breathless.

I licked all around the head of his cock, and then put my lips on the very tip for a moment before taking them away. “Do you want me to suck your cock, daddy?”

“Yeah, suck daddy’s cock.”

I kissed the tip of his penis before putting my lips over the head and sucking. I slipped my hand into my shorts and began rubbing my clit with my daddy’s cock in my mouth. I moved my mouth up and down on his cock, focusing on the top, using my tongue to tease the head. The whole time I was rubbing my clit vigorously, getting close to cumming. A couple more minutes of sucking and I had an orgasm with my daddy in my mouth. His cock muffled my high-pitched moans of pleasure.

I took his cock out of my mouth. “Oh, daddy, you made me cum so hard. Do you want to cum on my face?”

“Yeah,” he said. “I want to cum all over your pretty face, princess.”

I put his cock back in my mouth. This time, I took it all the way down my throat until my nose was touching him. I pulled back and repeated the process. I sped up, allowing my daddy to fuck my throat. Having lots of practice, I gagged only a few times.

“I’m going to cum,” he said, pulling his cock out of my throat.

“Cum on my face, please, daddy,” I said.

I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. He only made it kadıköy escort two strokes before cumming all over my face, missing my mouth almost entirely.

I wiped the cum from my left eye. “Thank you, daddy,” I said.

A look of horror had come over his face. “I’m so sorry, sweetie.” He pulled up his pants and hurried away up the stairs. He’d come around. I was sure of it.

I moved into the downstairs bathroom and examined myself in the mirror. My face was covered in cum. Some had already dripped down onto my tank top. It looked like one shot had landed entirely in my long, auburn hair. I was instantly wet again. I took a selfie of my cum-covered self in the mirror with my phone. I stood in front of the mirror and masturbated, focusing on the cum, watching it drip down my face. I scooped a handful up and pushed it up inside me. I was using two hands to masturbate, one to rub my clit and the other to finger myself, feeling the cum squelch in my vagina. I came hard. I texted the picture of myself covered in cum to daddy with the caption ‘Thanks for the present, daddy’.

Daddy was already gone when I woke up the next morning. I went to school, came home, ate dinner and did my homework, but I was still the only one in the house. Evidently my daddy thought that he could avoid me by working constantly until mom got back from whatever shit-box town she had been sent to. What he doesn’t understand is that I grew up spoiled; I fucking get whatever I want, and what I want now is daddy’s cum inside me.

I went to bed early that night, but kept the door to my bedroom open. I awoke to the sound of the shower. It was 12:30 AM. I crept into my parents room and crawled under the duvet so I was completely covered.

Minutes later, I heard him enter the room and felt him lay down beside me on the bed. I popped my head out. “Hi daddy.”

He flinched. “Fucking hell, Zoe!”

I giggled. “Got you,” I said.

“Listen, Zoe,” he said. “You need to go back to your own bed now.” His voice was stern in a way it seldom was when he was speaking to me.

“It’s so lonely in my bed, daddy,” I said, pressing my body against the side of his.

“Zoe,” he said, his voice still stern, “We can’t do this again. It’s really fucked up.”

“Oh, daddy, you hate me,” I said, tearing up.

He immediately softened. “No, sweetie,” he said. “Of course I don’t hate you, but what we did was wrong.”

I wiped my eyes. “Why? Did I do a bad job, daddy?”

“No –“

“So you liked it?”

“Yes, but –“

“You liked when I took you down my throat and let you cum on my face?”

“Zoe, we can’t,” is what he said.

I felt his cock. It was hard. I smiled. Daddy always gives me what I want.

“We can’t,” he said again feebly.

“Oh, daddy, please,” I said. “Please let my suck your cock again.”

He said nothing, so I pulled down his boxers and took his hard cock into my hand. “You’re so hard for me, daddy. Do you want me to put it in my mouth?”

He hesitated for a second, then said, “Yes.”

I moved my lips to his cock. “Say please, daddy.”

“Please suck my cock,” he said.

“Since you asked nicely,” I said. I took his cock down my throat again, but this time I only blew him for a couple minutes. “I want your huge cock inside me, daddy.”

He moaned. “I want to feel my cock inside you, baby.”

I swung my leg over him, straddling him. I guided the head of his cock into my pussy. “Oh, fuck,” I said as he entered me. I slid down his cock slowly until his cock had disappeared completely inside me.

“Oh, baby, you feel so good,” he said. “You’re so tight.”

I was riding his cock hard now, rubbing my clit on his pelvis with every downward thrust. I had been fucked my bigger cocks, but I couldn’t remember ever feeling this filled up and stretched out. My daddy’s cock was so thick. I raked my fingers through his chest hair.

I hopped off him and turned onto my back. “Get on top of me, daddy, but first let me taste myself.”

He brought his cock to my lips. I put both hands on his shaft and put the head into my mouth. I slurped my juices off, and then licked up and down his shaft, removing my hands so I wouldn’t miss a spot. “I love tasting my pussy,” I said. “Now fuck me, daddy.”

He moved his body on top of mine, shoved his cock back inside me and started fucking me, starting out slow, then speeding up until his balls were slapping against me. His heavy body was pinning me to the mattress. He began to sweat, beads running down his chest, some dripping onto my face and tits.

“Oh yeah,” I said, “Fuck my tight cunt, daddy! Fill me up with your huge cock, daddy! Oh daddy! Oh daddy!”

“Oh, baby, I’m going to cum.”

“Cum inside me, daddy. I want to feel your cum inside me. I want to feel your cum dripping out of my stretched cunt.”

“Oh,” he said, panting. “I’m so close.”

So was I. “Does my pussy feel better than mommy’s?”

“Yes, baby,” he said. “You feel so much better than mommy.”

He gave maltepe escort bayan one final grunt and then slowed his thrusts. I felt him spurting inside of me. “Fill me up with your cum, daddy,” I said.

My legs were twitching, and waves of pleasure were emanating up from my pussy. I was on the verge of cumming myself, so I brought my hand down and rubbed my clit while my daddy was pumping the last drops of cum into me. That did it. Letting out a scream that I didn’t bother to muffle, I came powerfully with my daddy’s hard cock still inside me.

I fell asleep in my daddy’s arms with his cum leaking out of me into a pair of panties that I had borrowed from my mom’s dresser. It made me feel warm to think of my mom seeing us like this. “Sucks to suck, bitch,” is what I would have told her. I would also advise her to stop being such a cunt all the time and none of this would have happened.

In the morning, daddy tried to slip out of bed without waking me. It didn’t work.

Groggily, I sat up and stretched. “I want you to fuck me again, daddy,” I said.

“I will tonight, baby,” he said.

“No. Now.”

He turned around. I was nude from the waist up, having pulled off the tank top I wore to bed, and I had also pulled mom’s panties to the side, revealing my shaved pink pussy. “Fuck me now, daddy.”

He was staring at my cunt. “I can’t right now, sweetie. I have an eight O’clock meeting that I can’t miss. I promise we will tonight when I get home.”

I pouted. “Maybe I won’t let you tonight.”

He came back to the bed and kneeled on the edge of the bed. He placed his hands on my shoulders and looked into my eyes. “I will make it up to you, princess, but I can not miss this meeting. You understand that, don’t you?”

“I guess so,” I said. “But I want you to take me out for a nice dinner tonight.”

“Whatever you want, princess.”

“And I want you to buy me a present,” I added. “Something shiny.”

“Of course, princess.” He kissed my forehead. “I’ll see you tonight.”

True to his word, daddy made reservations at Du Boeuf, a nice French restaurant downtown. He was meeting me there straight from work. I chose a nice black, strapless dress from my mom’s closet. Daddy was right about one thing: mom did have good taste. It was a simple design, but it flattered my body perfectly, showed off my curves without looking like a slut (and since we were exactly the same measurements, it must have done the same for my mom). I wore the dress braless, but chose a nice red thong from my mom’s panty drawer. For someone who had been on her high horse about me dressing like a tramp, she sure had a lot of g-strings and thongs. I wondered if maybe her success in climbing the corporate ladder was due to something other than the hard work she was always reminding me she had to endure to keep a roof over my head. Probably. It would be just like her to make everyone feel guilty for letting her work so hard while she was cheating on daddy without a care.

I showed up to the restaurant fashionably late — I wanted to build anticipation. The interior was dimly lit, but I spotted my daddy seated at a small table in the back corner of the restaurant.

“Hi Daniel,” I said. I leaned over the table and kissed him on the lips, slipping in a little tongue — it was a French restaurant after all.

He pulled away. “What are you doing?” He hissed.

I blinked innocently. “Why wouldn’t I kiss my husband?”


“Why wouldn’t I kiss my husband?” I repeated, this time enunciating every word. I pointed with my eyes to the wedding ring on my finger (costume jewelry). “Let’s try this again, darling. Kiss me like you did on our wedding night.”

I kissed him again, and this time he reciprocated, albeit reluctantly. I could see his eyes darting around restaurant after we pulled away.

“Relax,” I said. “It’s a big city. No one is going to recognize us.”

My boeuf bourguignon was delicious, as one would expect with that price tag. My daddy eventually relaxed and we had fun pretending to be newlyweds, performing for the waiter and sommelier. After our plates had been cleared away and we were enjoying a chocolate soufflé with our coffee, I slipped my stocking-clad feet out from my mother’s heels and began running my feet up his thighs and teasing his crotch.

“I have to use the restroom, darling,” I said, getting up.

“I’ll be here when you when you get out,” he said, smiling.

“You’ve had a lot of coffee. Don’t you have to use the restroom too?”

“Now that you mention it.”

I walked down the dim hallway leading to the restrooms, but instead of opening the door with the skirt-wearing stick figure, I entered the other. It was a single-occupant deal. My daddy was hot on my heels.

“This is so hot,” he said, locking the door behind him.

I closed the lid of the toilet, which was sparkling for a pubic restroom, and bent over, sticking my ass in the air, propping myself up on my elbows on the toilet lid. “Use my cunt, daddy.”

I felt his giant cock enter my pussy. There was no warm-up period; he fucked me hard and fast, using my cunt just like I had asked for. I was moaning and squealing as he rammed his big cock in and out. He put his hand over my mouth and continued fucking me even harder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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