The Root and Nasty Rachel Pt. 04

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Before her next date with Luther, Rachel decided it was time to reveal their relationship to their friends. It had become increasingly difficult for her to treat Lute with her usual coolness at school. And one day she caught herself absentmindedly touching him when they talked – nothing too personal, just innocently caressing his hand in the hallway by her locker. But she was pretty sure it was noticed. “What the hell,” she thought, “Let’s give ’em something to talk about!”

So, rather than just having a clandestine date at her grandparents’ house, Rachel proposed to Lute that they go get something to eat beforehand. And Paisano’s, the pizza place where most of their friends and schoolmates would be gathered on a Friday evening, seemed like the logical choice for their coming out party.

Lute and Rachel got some surprised looks when they walked into Paisano’s together that Friday, but their friends all greeted them warmly and made room for them at a big table. As they all ate pizza and talked and laughed, Rachel kept a hand under the table and on Lute’s leg, where she stroked the hungry python that was stretching down his thigh.

When Rachel got up to use the restroom, in true female fashion, two of her friends joined her. Lute knew they would soon be pumping her for information in the ladies’ room, and when they returned, his suspicions were confirmed when both of the girls with Rachel gave him big raised eyebrow smiles.

After that, Rachel nuzzled Lute’s neck a few times and showed a physical familiarity with him that was well understood by anyone who cared enough to notice. And though their friends weren’t aware of Nasty Rachel, they were all sure of one thing: Rachel and Lute were tight. And if they weren’t already fucking, well, they would be soon. But “very soon” would have been more accurate.

Because, after one couple split off to go to a movie, Lute and Rachel also took their leave, anxious to be alone, but knowing there would be a buzz of conversation starting up as soon as they were out the door.

And, of course, they were right. The guys at the table were all jealous of Lute’s scoring with Rachel. And leaning in as they talked, they marveled to each other about the undiscovered wonders Lute was no doubt exploring beneath Rachel’s sweater – and perhaps even at that very moment, or so speculated one especially randy fellow, swearing that if he were in Lute’s shoes he’d be jumping Rachel’s bones in the back of his van, right out there in Paisano’s parking lot.

The girls were equally jealous, because all of them had heard (though none could personally confirm) that Lute had a huge cock. And also that he knew how to use the big thing to make girls cum like crazy. Rachel confirmed that she and Lute were dating, the two girls who had joined her in the restroom passed along. But she had only smiled when they pried her for more information. illegal bahis And though the girls all agreed that Lute was a great guy, they also knew that if any one of them were to date him, they’d be all over his big cock in a hot minute.

Unconcerned that they were now the new topic of conversation for their friends, Lute and Rachel’s thoughts were far away from the high school intrigues they had fueled. They had the whole night together, and making their first public appearance had, interestingly, made them both horny as hell. And the extent of this was beginning to play out in some salacious ways as they prepared to leave Paisano’s in Lute’s van.

“God, I want to fuck you!” Rachel said unabashedly as she climbed into the van’s passenger seat, “Stroking your cock under the table in there – Jesus, you got so big, so fast! I swear to god, it stretched halfway down your thigh!”

“That was some fine handwork you were doing,” Luther chuckled as he put the keys into the ignition, fired up the Ford’s engine and put it into gear. And then he couldn’t help adding, “You definitely like sausage with your pizza!”

This made Rachel giggle, and then they were both quiet for a bit as Lute began driving while the radio played Jethro Tull.

“Wanna’ take the long way back to your grandparents’ place? Just to see what happens?” Lute then inquired, giving Rachel a sly sidelong look.

“Sure!” Rachel replied, “Just to, uh, see what happens?”

“Right!” Lute said as he pulled onto the street.

After he had driven a few blocks, Lute looked over again at Rachel and asked, “‘Why don’t you pull down your jeans and put your feet up on the dashboard?”

“Is this part of our ‘just see what happens’ thing?” Rachel sniggered as she began to undo her pants.

“Yup,” Lute chuckled. And when Rachel had done as instructed, and her feet were on the dash and her jeans and panties were at her knees, he asked, “Well, what do you want to do next?”

“Hmm, well, I really want to finger my pussy,” Rachel whispered naughtily. “But, it will make me even hotter if you take out your cock and stroke it while I do.”

“Good idea,” Luther said as he shifted the van’s manual transmission into fourth gear. And while he cruised down a road leading to the outskirts of town, he undid and lowered his pants, releasing his thick pecker, which rose up against his stomach like a muscled forearm.

“This is really hot, Luther,” Rachel whispered as she continued sliding a finger over her pussy, making it increasingly wet. And as Lute slowly began stroking his big cock with his left hand, she had to laugh when he shifted gears again with his right.

“Just make sure you shift the right stick there, stud!” Rachel chortled, “I’d hate for your cock to get stuck in Reverse!”

“Now that would be really painful!” Lute laughed as he recommenced stroking his big meat.

They illegal bahis siteleri continued driving and pleasuring themselves for another several miles until they were on a country road outside of town. Noticing that Rachel’s talking had decreased and her breathing had grown heavier, Lute knew she was on the verge of a climax.

“Are you gonna’ cum for me, Rachel?” Lute inquired as he looked over and saw that her head was tilted back and her eyes were closed, wickedly working her fingers over her furry twat. “Do it, baby! Do it! Cum for me!” he coached her in a deep whisper.

“Oh, yeah, Luther, I’m gonna’ cum!” Rachel moaned as she planted her feet more firmly against the dash, grimacing as she gripped one of her big sweater-covered tits and rubbed her cunt, until she finally gasped, “Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah…baby, yes…yes…yes!”

And though she didn’t squirt (which would have been hot, Lute mused, but kinda’ messy to clean up,) Rachel’s rousing climax was a fine first orgasm of her evening. And when she hazily looked over at Lute, who was still slowly stroking his big meat with his eyes on the road ahead, she couldn’t imagine waiting until they got back to her grandparents’ place before she had his cock shoved up her wet pussy.

“Is there anyplace around here where we can park for awhile, Lute?” Rachel asked as she reached over and relieved his cock stroking, replacing it with her own. “I’m so horny, I want you to put this big cock inside my pussy, and soon!”

“Yeah, I think I know someplace,” Lute replied as he looked in his rear view mirror, and then downshifted and maneuvered a U-turn.

Lute had several places scoped out around town that were suitable for just what they had in mind. And the one that was closest was also one of his favorites.

It wasn’t long before he pulled into a long drive that led to a secluded farmhouse surrounded by acres of trees and fields. Lute’s family was friends with the longtime owners of the property – they still worked the farm but now lived in town, so the house was vacant. Lute had been out here several times with his dad to help out their friends during harvest time. And he had also stopped by on a few nights with female companions when a very private parking spot was needed.

After driving around behind the barn, Lute shut off the engine and undid his seatbelt. Rachel was already unbuckled and anxiously pulling Lute from his seat and into the back of the van, dropping them both onto the big pillows and carpeting.

Since Lute’s cock was already out and Rachel’s pants were at her knees, it didn’t take long for them to finish pulling off their lower garments. Needing no further foreplay, Lute was soon pounding Rachel’s cunt, releasing some of the pent-up excitement that had accrued during their drive, fucking her hungrily as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“God, yes, fuck me, canlı bahis siteleri Luther. God, I want it so badly, baby. Fuck me with that big cock! God, I love it so much! I love it, baby!” Rachel moaned as Lute drove his thick meat in and out of her gaping cunt.

“When all of those girls at Paisano’s saw us together and realized we were fucking, I could just read the envy in their faces. Because this is what they all want, they all are dying to have your big cock shoved into their pussies. They all want you to fuck them crazy and make them cum like nasty sluts. But you’re mine tonight, aren’t you, Luther? I’m your nasty slut tonight! “

“That’s right, Rachel, I’m all yours tonight!” Lute groaned in reply, “I’m all yours, baby!”

And as they continued thrashing and fucking and kissing, Lute managed to get Rachel’s sweater pulled up and her big tits lifted out of her bra. Now able to more completely ravage her whole body, he began groping and kissing her tits while their bodies slapped together and his hungry python plumbed the depths of her sweet pussy.

“Are you ready to cum again, baby?” Luther asked as he looked down into her glazed eyes, sensing that she was on the verge of another orgasm. “I’ve got a big load of something special for you!”

Bucking her hips up against his groin and grinding on him like a cock-crazed slut, Rachel cried out greedily, “I’m ready baby! Give it to me! Give it to me!”

Needing no further encouragement, Lute drove himself into her again, and with a big thrust he blasted her cunt with a huge spew of spunk, followed soon by another, while Rachel raised her hips and ground onto him as she came with her own screaming release.

“Oh, Luther, oh, baby, yes!” she moaned as she flailed atop the big overstuffed pillows. “God, what you do to me! Oh, my god! You make me…such a nasty…cock slut! And I love it…god, I love it!”

Lute eased off his thrusts as their orgasms finally began to subside. And after several last pumps of his cock inside Rachel’s drenched pussy, he dropped down and draped himself over her body while they both grabbed deep breaths.

It was a perfect early-autumn evening, so after Lute regained his wits, he slid himself off of Rachel and opened up the back doors of the van to let in the cool night air.

While Lute sat half naked in the doorway, Rachel looked over and saw his slick cock glistening taut and hard in the moonlight. Unable to resist, she crawled over and grabbed a nearby blanket, wrapping it around Lute’s shoulders. And then she dropped her head into his lap, and placing her mouth over his muscled stallion, she began to leisurely suck off the last of Lute’s piquant spunk. When she finished, they wrapped their naked bodies in the blanket and watched the rising moon.

Looking at his watch, Lute saw that it wasn’t even yet 9pm, meaning they had a full night in a comfortable bed awaiting them back at Rachel’s grandparents’ place. And if he needed any inspiration to rouse himself from their countryside haven, Nasty Rachel took care of that when she whispered, “So, are you ready to take me home and fuck me in the ass?”

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