The Screaming Trees

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“Go ahead, then.”

“You don’t want to go first? Alice yelped as I smacked her upper arm. “Sarah! Ouch!” She lifted a pale hand to cover her smile.

“Please, Alice, walk! I really do wish to go home, but I know you won’t let it happen. So just get on with this childish idea of yours!” Fog curled around the forest before us. Squinting, I tried to find the dirt path my friend insisted lead to our destination. I readjusted my handle on my lantern and sighed. Even after having our twenty-fourth birthdays the month previous, Alice still was like a girl. She got into a mood around harvest time, insisting we try to spot spirits wandering the hills. She even made strange charms to hang around her neck to keep evil ones away from her. I would much prefer to stay beside the fire and get some chores done. But she was strong-willed, and I was the opposite, and so she always managed to entice me.

“Sarah? What do you think it is?”

“I believe it’s only a story. Something mothers make up to frighten their children into keeping away from this place.”

“Oh, but I’ve heard the screams myself!” She didn’t see me roll my eyes at her as she continued marching down the sparse path. For as long as I could remember, people in our village shared legends of these woods. The Screaming Trees. Some guessed it was a place for ghosts of distraught women to gather and mourn the lives they were cursed to live before death. Others said the horrifying moans came from witches carrying out dark sacrifices. My father believed that the sounds originated from some creature- not of this earth- who imitated people in distress to attract unsuspecting villagers near to help. He refused to speak of what the creature did with the poor, good-natured souls.

“How much farther?” Alice turned to answer me, but stopped abruptly, mouth hanging open dumbly. A long, low moan had begun to drift on the cold wind. Hurriedly, I stumbled forward and grasped Alice’s arm. Shakily, I whispered to her: “Alright, I believe you now! That is proof enough! Please, we have to get back to the entrance! Run!” I turned and kept hold of my friend, attempting to drag her along. She stayed stubbornly in place.

“Shh! It sounds close, doesn’t it?” She began to cautiously follow the trail deeper.

“No! Come-” A second moan, higher this time, made my blood run cold. For a moment, I considered leaving Alice and escaping on my own. But she laced her fingers into mine and pulled. I had no choice but to follow. On our tip-toes we snuck into the trees, eyes wide with fear. Alice could finally end the argument of the source of the wailing once and for all, an opportunity she wouldn’t easily give up. A woman’s voice continued to cry out. Sometimes high and breathless, and other times a long lasting, almost pained groan. Shortly we came to a clearing just off the path. We could tell the voice was coming from inside it. Alice motioned to a large boulder that would conceal us if we stood behind it, and we moved quietly to take cover there.

I covered my ears and squeezed my eyes shut. I sensed my friend beside me move. She must be peeking from behind the rock, attempting to view the source. For what seemed like eternity, she said nothing. All I could hear were the terrible sounds. I jumped out of my skin when a hand laid itself on my shoulder.

“Sarah! Look! It’s only…human people. Two women. But- I don’t know what they’re doing. The screams are coming from just the one. She’s on her back, and the other woman- well, just see for yourself.”

“Is she hurting her?”

“No, I don’t think so. She’s not trying to run from her.”

Slowly, I shuffled to the other side of the boulder and looked to the clearing. Alice was right. A woman with brunette bahis siteleri hair was laying on a large cloth, her legs splayed. Between her thighs was another woman, wearing a strange garment. It shimmered in the moonlight, translucent fabric doing little to conceal her body. Her long, elegant fingers dug into the other woman’s flesh. Her face was hidden between the brunette’s legs. She made strange motions with her head. Above the ethereal person, the woman on her back furrowed her brow. She was the one letting out the strange noises. They sprang from her throat louder and faster as we watched. After a moment, the woman began to scream in earnest, and her entire body quivered. I gasped, fearing she had been injured. The one making this woman react so strangely flicked her eyes toward the rock.Her piercing eyes locked with mine. I pulled myself back and slid to the ground, terrified.

“You can come out. We’re finished up here now.” A clear voice rang out from somewhere very close. Alice’s breathing was shaky as she, too, sat frozen in fear. I said a prayer and hoped she’d leave us alone. “I’ve already seen you, and you know it.” The woman walked from behind the boulder to stand in front of us. A scream ripped out of my throat. Vaguely, I was aware of Alice doing the same. She had made no footsteps we could hear to travel to us.

“Please! Do not hurt us! We will leave and never speak of you to anyone, we swear! Let us go!” A warm laugh bubbled up from the stranger.

“Hurt you! No, of course not! Do not be afraid of me.”

“Did you hurt that woman?”, replied Alice, stuttering.

“Quite the opposite, actually.” She raised a perfectly arched brow. “Did she seem to be in pain?” The two of us stared blankly. She made no moves to grab either of us. The woman didn’t seem angry, either. She kneeled on the wet ground. “I see. So, you don’t have any idea what I was doing with her.” A tinkling sort of giggle came from her as she watched our dumbfounded faces. “I was giving her pleasure. She very much enjoyed it.”

“Are you a faerie?” Alice blurted out. A wide smile appeared on the woman’s face.

“You are very clever! Yes, that is correct. I’m surprised, most people don’t know a faerie when they see one.

“Pardon, but why would a faerie be out here in our realm, doing…things with human people?” I whipped my head to look at Alice, wondering if she had gone mad. For all we knew, this woman could be very dangerous! And yet she was speaking with her as she would a normal person.

“Faeries are a hedonistic bunch. And humans interest me. They spend their short time alive in the strangest ways. Plus, faeries have certain effects on humans that others of our kind are immune to. It is quite entertaining to me to make humans feel such things.” She smiled once again, this time a hint of wickedness gleamed in it. “Your people- the women, anyway- have been coming to visit me here for centuries.”

“Centuries? But, why?” The words left my mouth of their own accord. One part of my mind knew I should be running for home right now, but another was too curious about the woman to resist asking.

“Well, I use my magic to make women feel pleasure. Mostly by methods anyone could master, but it’s made even better for humans by my more arcane skills.”

“Then, all this time, the screams that come from this place have been people all along?” The woman nodded.

Alice interjected. “They say you can hear them every night! Is it really that often? Why do so many people come here?” The supposed faerie tossed her head back, beautiful shiny hair cascading down her shoulders, and laughed heartily.

“If you want, I can show you why.” Her slender hand cupped Alice’s face as she said it. My friend’s canlı bahis siteleri pale skin did not help to hide the blush that brightened her cheeks. To my horror, Alice stood.

“You won’t hurt me?”

“I will make you feel more bliss than you’ve ever known.” Then the faerie leaned forward and pressed her lips to Alice’s. Her blush deepened, and she kissed the woman back. A strange feeling began to swirl in the pit of my stomach as I watched them. In the back of my head, I realized I wasn’t afraid of her at this point. I just wanted to see what she would do to Alice. Suddenly, she pulled her mouth away from my friend and took her hand. She began to lead her into the middle of the clearing. As she did, she turned her eyes on me. “Will you stay? You may watch. I do not mind.” Nodding stupidly. I walked behind her.

I lingered some yards away and watched as the faerie kissed Alice once again. I felt my own face redden as the kiss quickly became more intense. I began to notice the faerie woman’s tongue dart out from between her lips and into Alice’s mouth. She began to melt into the other woman’s arms, becoming desperate for more. The two embraced for a while, and then the faerie spoke. “May I remove your dress? I want you to experience this properly.”

“Please, yes, please take it off.” Alice spoke strangely. Her chest heaved as she gasped air. She turned and allowed the taller woman to unlace her garments. Soon, she stood completely nude. I felt a heat building between my legs. I sometimes experienced the feeling alone in my bed at night, but it had never been so intense before. Nudity should embarrass me, and I should feel wrong to look at my best friend in such a way. But a force took over, and I felt no qualms about watching this unfold. The faerie looked up and down Alice’s body, eyes lingering on her breasts. She gently traced the lines of my friend’s collarbone, then her shoulders, and gave her another quick kiss. Then I let out a small gasp as she leaned down and placed one of Alice’s breasts in her mouth.

Alice threw her head back and moaned. The faerie pinched the pink nipple on the other breast as she flicked her tongue over the other. I had never seen anyone do this to another person. The outside force pushed my confusion away, and I was able to turn my attention to the scantily clad body of the other woman. The see-through garment clung to her as though it were wet, though I could see that was not the case. Dark circles where her own nipples were shown through the fabric across her chest. Her full, round behind was plain to see underneath the sheer skirt. I felt myself becoming wet between my legs. The faerie had moved on from Alice’s nipples and was dragging her tongue along my friend’s stomach. Alice’s sounds of ecstasy echoed through the trees.

“Now this is the best part, sweet girl. I’ll give you pleasure the same way I did the other lady you saw. Lay down for me and spread your beautiful legs. Has anyone ever brought you over the edge before?”

“Only my own hand. The boys in the village aren’t good for much, and they would never even think to do something like this!” Alice giddily sat and laid back, letting her legs fall open widely. Suddenly, I realized I had unconsciously moved closer to the two. I could see the delicate flower between my friend’s thighs, glistening in anticipation. She closed her eyes and massaged her breasts as the faerie trailed her hands around her legs.

The faerie woman kissed both of Alice’s knees, then dipped her head down to her wetness. She breathed in deeply. “Oh, you certainly are ready, aren’t you?” With two fingers, she gently parted Alice’s outer lips. She then placed her tongue down flat onto her sex.

“Your mouth!” Alice canlı bahis yelled, then devolved into wordless groaning. My own sex began to drip excitement down my thigh. I let out a small moan as I watched the gorgeous faerie lick all over. I was unaware that anyone used their mouths in such ways.

“Yes, darling, it’s my absolute favorite way to get you human girls off. You’ve a delicious cunt, you know that?” She continued to gently lick up and down Alice’s slit. Hearing such a word used so casually only made me hotter. My own cunt felt like it was on fire. Squirming, I tried to find some way to give myself some relief by rocking my torso while I watched. Alice noticed and, trembling, addressed me.

“Oh, Sarah! It’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt before! I can barely keep from-” She was cut off and began moaning loudly and writhing. The faerie had begun to gently suck on Alice’s cunt further up. Where it felt best to touch. I understood what Alice had been about to say as I lifted my skirt. I couldn’t keep my hands off myself. Spreading my legs a bit, I began to rub myself furiously. I joined Alice in moaning as my fingers felt how aroused I had become. This seemed to heighten her pleasure and the faerie’s as well. I could see her long tongue lick Alice faster, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked the sensitive spot harder. With one hand wildly fondling my breasts, I used the other to shove two fingers inside me. They slipped in with ease. Alice watched me as my fingers pumped in and out of my cunt.

Seeing her blue eyes trained on me while I fucked myself drove me wild. I let go of my nipple and flicked my free fingers over my spot. Screams of pleasure and wet sounds floated into the night sky above us as we let ourselves run free. The faerie grasped Alice’s thighs and began to hum as she sucked her. Alice’s fingers dug into the blanket around her and she began to buck her hips. The faerie had no trouble keeping up with her. Her deft movements kept her mouth exactly where she wanted it. Alice tried to speak but could only form nonsense sounds mixed in with a few desperate affirmations.

“Keep going! Oh, God, never stop! Never fucking stop! Please!” The other woman wrapped one arm around Alice and put the other on the ground. She lifted a hand to my friend’s cunt and slowly inserted a finger inside. Alice continued to plead for release. I felt my pleasure swelling deep inside, and I knew I would feel too much soon, and let myself go. I felt light headed in the most pleasant way as I felt myself rapidly getting to the edge. The faerie slid a second finger in. She was unperturbed by Alice’s wild moans and bucking.

Alice’s breath became ragged, and her legs began to quiver. I forced myself to wait so I could go over the edge along with her. I saw the hint of a smile in the faerie’s eyes as Alice’s eyes began to roll back. She took one last shuddering breath, then shook as she finished on the woman’s tongue. At the same moment I allowed myself to finish as well, warm juice flowing out of me. I lay there in complete bliss for what seemed like hours, the relieving feeling being extended by Alice’s beautiful gasps and sounds. Finally, the both of us sat up, spent. We locked eyes with each other and burst into giggles. The faerie watched us with an amused expression. I couldn’t contain my absolute joy, my heart soaring as I wrapped my arms around my friend.

“Have you ever felt so free before, Sarah? That was incredible! I’ve never felt so good! Did you-” She stopped and looked away, embarrassed by the question.

“Yes, I did. Hard.” We both laughed. “I hope you don’t mind that I watched.”

“No, not in the slightest. It made everything even more intense.” The faerie woman cleared her throat, reminding us of her presence.

“You must want a turn as well, now.” Alice eagerly nodded at me in encouragement, to let the faerie have me. I didn’t even have to consider as I crawled to the blanket and removed my dress.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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