The Secret of the Storm

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Jason thought the smartest thing he could have done was delay his trip back to college. But it was too late, he was over halfway there. The road to I.U. in Bloomington was covered with ice and snow. Periodic wind gusts were pushing his Bronco dangerously close to the edge of the highway. Visibility was poor; his speed now reduced to twenty miles per hour. The blowing snow was nearly blinding, and ice was beginning to cling to the windshield wipers.

Jason told his mother he would wait and go back Monday, except he had an important Physics exam he couldn’t miss. There was always the possibility of classes being cancelled because of the weather, but he didn’t want to take that chance. Besides, after one quick stop, it was only another five miles or so to his apartment.

“Can you see well enough?” Leah asked. Leah was Jason’s aunt, his father’s sister. She and his uncle Michael lived in a small community just a few miles east of the I.U. campus. His uncle had dropped her off at his parents home Friday on his way to a week long business convention he was attending in Cincinnati. Jason had readily agreed to give aunt Leah a ride home on Sunday evening when he returned to school.

Although Leah was two years older than his father, at 51, she was still quite an attractive woman. She is tall and slim, with shoulder length frosted hair. She is the co-owner of a combination health, fitness, and tanning salon near campus. She keeps her body well toned, and always has a year round tan, even during the winter.

“It is a little hard to see,” Jason said, turning to see the somewhat worried expression in Leah’s eyes.

“Do you think we should pull over and wait for the snow to stop?” Leah asked, as another gust of wind caused the back end of the Bronco to slide to the right, which made her grab the dashboard.

“There’s really nowhere to pull over, aunt Leah,” he said.

It was 6pm and almost completely dark. During the past hour only one car had passed going in the opposite direction, and no traffic on their side of the road. The windshield wipers, now covered with ice, were of little help.

Jason turned off his CD player and tuned to the local radio station. A severe winter storm warning was being issued for the Bloomington area, which included below freezing temperatures and an additional three inches of snow accumulation. All residents were being advised to stay at home, and off the roads, unless it was an emergency.

“I wish we were in a more populated area,” Leah said.

“Yeah, me too,” Jason said, as he leaned even closer over the steering wheel to try and see the road.

“With these hills and curves, I’m worried we might slide right over the edge, and it could be days before someone would find us,” she said.

As they climbed to the top of a hill, their speed dropped to less than fifteen miles an hour, as the Bronco fought for traction on the now ice-covered road. The headlights were casting eerie shadows on the trees.

Jason reached for his cell phone to call his mother and let her know they were all right. “Damn,” he said.

“What’s wrong?” Leah asked.

“We’re right in that area where we lose the signal for a few miles.”

“I have no signal either,” Leah said, as she put her cell phone back in her purse.

As the Bronco crested the hill and started down, Jason lightly applied the brakes. There was a sign indicating a sharp right turn ahead. Their speed increased as the front wheels locked and began to slide on the ice. As they continued downward bahis firmaları toward the curve, the back end of the Bronco began to slide around. Jason fought for control, turning the wheels sharply to the right, but it was no use. The Bronco went sideways through a small guardrail and slid down the embankment. It seemed to happen in a split second. There was the sound of crunching metal and breaking branches as they continued their downward slide. Thankfully, they didn’t tumble, but came to rest right side up, fifty feet straight down from the road into a small gully.

The engine stalled, and the head and tail lights were broken.

“Are you all right, aunt Leah?” Jason asked.

“Yes, I think so. I must have bumped my right elbow against the door handle when we hit the guardrail. It’s a little sore, but other than that, I think I’m fine. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay. It just scared the crap out of me, that’s all.”

The snow was beginning to accumulate along the side windows. There was a slight chill, but the heater had stopped only a few minutes ago, so it still wasn’t uncomfortable.

“So, what do we do now?” Leah asked.

“Well, our cell phones won’t work, and we can’t stay here all night and freeze to death, so I guess I need to walk and get some help,” Jason said.

Leah looked at him with a shocked expression, “You can’t go anywhere in this weather. You would freeze to death in less than ten minutes with this wind chill. And besides, I don’t see any houses or lights anywhere.”

“Then what should we do?” he asked.

“Well, first of all, we need to take stock of our situation and supplies. I have a bottle of water we can share, and two packs of cheese crackers, so we won’t starve or die of thirst, but we’re going to have to find a way to keep warm.”

“Aunt Leah, I’m 21 and healthy. I work out fours days a week, in addition to running three miles every day. I really think if I just start walking now, I’ll find either a house, or run into someone to help us soon.”

“That’s out of the question, Jason. I know you’re young and strong, but this kind of weather is dangerous for even the most healthy people. We have to wait here. At least until the storm passes, or someone spots us.”

Thirty minutes had passed since the accident, and the interior of the Bronco was getting much colder. The blowing snow had almost completely covered all of the windows. Leah pulled her leather coat tightly around herself and shivered. Jason turned the ignition key but nothing happened.

“Do you have a blanket or an extra coat in here somewhere?” Leah asked.

“No, I wish I did. Mom always told me to take one along in the winter in case I had car trouble, but I never listened.”

“And all you have now is that light weight jacket, right?”


“We’ll get through this somehow,” Leah said, trying to sound reassuring, but the fear was apparent in her voice. “We need to help keep each other warm. We can’t let hypothermia set in.”

“What can we do? We don’t have the heater and I don’t have any matches or a lighter to start a fire outside,” Jason said.

“We can try and keep each other warm with our body heat,” Leah said. “Scoot over here next to me.”

Jason moved next to Leah. His hands were beginning to shake, and his fingers were feeling numb. She took his hands in hers and began to rub them. “Lean over closer,” she said.

The temperature had dropped inside enough for them to be able to see their breath. Both Jason and kaçak iddaa Leah were shivering. Leah opened the front of her leather coat and pulled Jason closer to try and enclose him.

“We need to keep moving, we need to generate more heat,” Leah said, between chattering teeth.

Jason, despite being so cold, found himself becoming aroused being this close to his aunt. She had stopped rubbing his hands, and was now rubbing his arms and shoulders. In turn, he moved his hands farther inside her coat, and his fingers made contact with her right breast. It felt nice and firm. She put her arms around him and pulled him closer. Jason snuggled his face against her neck. It felt warm to his nose and mouth. It was then he noticed the smell of her perfume. Now feeling both of her breasts against his chest, and the fragrance of her perfume increased his arousal. She must be able to feel my erection pushing against her, he thought. He couldn’t believe he was trapped in a stranded car during a snow storm, and being sexually excited by his own aunt.

“We need more movement,” Leah said. Jason nuzzled his face more firmly to her neck. “Do you want my gloves?” she asked.

“No aunt Leah. You need them, and besides, they’re too small for me.” Their shivering increased. The wind was howling against the windows. They could see nothing outside of the snow-covered windows.

“Put your hands between my thighs to get them warm,” she said.


Jason moved his hands from her shoulders and placed them between her thighs. Her firm thighs clamped tightly around them, and the sudden warmth felt wonderful.

“We have to have more body heat,” Leah said. “Try to move your hands and legs around, and I’ll do the same. Maybe we can prevent frostbite.” Jason rubbed his hands together between her thighs, while he pulled his legs up together with hers. She could no longer mistake his erection, nor did he try to hide it.

Shifting position caused his face to come in direct contact with her chest. Unable to help himself, he rubbed his face against one breast and then the other. Leah stiffened for a moment, and then relaxed. A soft moan escaped her lips, and she pulled his face closer.

“Did I hurt you?” Jason asked.

“Oh, no Jason, keep moving.” She closed her eyes and leaned her head back in the seat. “Put your face next to my skin. It will make you warmer,” she said, as she began to unbutton her blouse and unhook her bra. Her large firm breasts with dark swollen nipples were now directly in front of Jason’s face. He moved from one breast to the other, licking and sucking as much of the warm flesh as he could. Her gloved hands were moving slowly through his hair. Leah moaned again and shifted her hips in the seat. “Your hands too,” she said, as she removed her gloves and unsnapped the front of her pants, and moved his hands from between her thighs and put them down the front of her pants.

Jason momentarily forgot about the cold. He felt the warmth of her skin, and the thin fabric of her lace panties. He let his hands travel farther downward, feeling the wiry texture of her pubic hair through the material. The crotch of her panties was moist.

Leah moved her hips upward to allow Jason’s hands better access. His cock was straining in his pants, and he felt like he was going to explode any second.

“My hands need to get warm too,” Leah sighed, as she reached to the front of his jeans and unbuckled them.

“Oh, aunt Leah,” Jason moaned.

Then her hand was around him stroking slowly. kaçak bahis In a matter of moments he arched his back, groaned, and unleashed three large spurts of cum against her naked chest. Leah opened her thighs while removing one of Jason’s hands, and guiding the other inside her panties. He moved his fingers over her damp pubic hair and found the wet lips of her pussy. She groaned as his middle finger found her clit.

“I’m getting warmer . . . rub faster, Jason. Yes . . . like that . . . faster.” Jason resumed sucking Leah’s nipples as his finger circled faster on her clit.

Neither Jason nor Leah noticed the cold any longer, as a light sweat broke out on her forehead. Leah was panting and pushing her hips into his finger. ” Please . . . yes . . . like that . . . keep going,” she said between pants. Jason’s finger massaged her clit, while he continued sucking on her erect nipples.

“Oh . . . oh . . . yessssssss!” Leah cried, as she held tight to Jason’s head, and clamped her thighs together, feeling the wave of her orgasm wash over her.

After a few minutes, Leah said, “I need to get warmer, Jason.” She raised her hips and slipped out of her pants and panties. Her fingers traced over his once again erect cock. She helped him push his jeans and underwear down around his ankles, and then pulled him on top of her. She drew her legs up and open, and with Jason’s feet planted firmly on the floorboard, she rubbed the tip of his cock along the lips of her pussy. Placing him at her entrance, she grabbed his ass and pulled him into her. Jason was bigger than her husband, and he filled her completely. Jason fucked his aunt with long hard strokes, with the wet sound of their thrusting filling the cab of the Bronco.

She was tighter than he expected her to be, and knew it wouldn’t be long before he came again. He could feel the tip of his cock rubbing her cervix with each thrust, and this new stimulation would soon send Leah over the edge toward her second orgasm. The windows were fogged on the inside as the Bronco rocked back and forth.

“I’m gonna cum inside you, aunt Leah,” Jason moaned in her ear.

“It’s ok honey, and besides, I’m passed getting pregnant. Just keep fucking me hard and fill me up.”

“Oh, aunt Leah, you feel so good. I can’t hold it much longer,” Jason said between breaths.

” Cum for your aunt Leah, sweety. Give it to me good.”

Jason quickened his pace, while he reached under her and squeezed her ass. Just as he felt the first release of his seed deep into her warm pussy, she raked her fingers across his back, and buried her face against his neck and screamed out her second, even more powerful orgasm.

They lay in each other’s arms for a long time. Leah looked at her watch and realized it had been three hours since the accident. Just as she and Jason began to feel the cold again, they noticed the alternating flashing of yellow and red lights against the snow-covered windows.

They hurriedly dressed before there was a knock on the passenger side window. The emergency crewman asked them if they were injured, and they both said they were not. The driver offered to take them home. They would send someone for the Bronco tomorrow. As they rode in the back of the emergency van, the driver turned and asked how they kept from freezing to death in that car. They both shrugged, and Leah said they were just lucky, she guessed. Leah took Jason’s hand and whispered to him, “What happened back there certainly did save our lives. It kept us from freezing, and besides, it was the most wonderful experience I have ever had.”

“Me too, aunt Leah,” Jason said, and smiled.

“But it must always remain our secret, okay?” she asked.

“Yes it will, aunt Leah, always.”

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