The Seduction of Mrs. Zoe Templeman

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My story starts in early 2017.

WOOH! WOOH! WOOH! The siren from the canteen one arm bandit went off, followed by the rattling of 100 £1 coins.

This was followed by the sound of cutlery being banged on Formica covered tables and my bus driver colleagues shouting at the top of their voices as young Nathan Templeman began scooping his winnings into his money bag.

I looked across to see a young man looking a lot more relieved at getting his money back than actually the excitement of being a Jackpot Winner.

“Wait ’til I tell your Missus how much you’ve won.” I shouted across the room.

Startled, he stood bolt upright and glared; “Don’t you fucking dare. This is none of your fucking business, or hers.”

The room went quiet.

I dipped my head and squinted my eyes, “Or else?”

“Tell her about this and I’ll fucking drop you on your arse. That’s what else” He spat out through clenched teeth as he fixed me with his ‘death stare.”

“What?” I asked for clarification. “What did you say?”

Suddenly the 10 or 12 other men in the room were looking from one to the other, then to the two of us. The tension was suddenly electric.

“You heard me.” My much younger colleague hissed. “Tell her about this and I’ll fucking knock you out.”

Two seconds later I’d lunged forward with clenched fists, kicking my chair back so hard it clattered against the metal radiator.

Out of nowhere my mate Keith blocked my path, with his open hands held out in front of him.

“Whoa there cowboy… slow down.” He cocked his head and then whispered; “think of the cameras mate … think of the cameras.”

I took a deep breath and scanned the four corners of the room to see the CCTV cameras all blinking green; meaning they were still streaming and not recording.

Still glaring across at the games machine I saw two of Nathan’s friends standing in front of him too, with Matty T whispering something which quickly deflated the lad’s testosterone filled balls.

As a friend of my eldest son since their schooldays I guessed Matty was explaining about my ‘chequered past,’ to the knob-head, emphasising the day that has gone down in depot folklore when I sparked out a chav car driver that was blocking my bus route four years previously.

His car had been half on the path and half on double yellows, his GF was in the drivers seat while he was in a sandwich shop. For him it was a case of ‘wrong place at the wrong time.’

My wife had died a couple of months previously and I was about to turn 50 the next week.

I tooted my horn several times but she totally ignored me and when he reappeared he did the big ‘posture’, holding his arms out wide and bouncing on the spot like a wannabe football hooligan; whereas I was a 30 year man at the front line of the Soccer Casual world by then.

I was fuming but stayed in the cab until he threw his pie at my bus widow and laughed.

The next few seconds were a complete blank until I was throwing a right to his chin making him jerk backwards and his Gucci cap fly off into the road; followed by a left to his gut which made him start to double up as I headbutted his nose, spraying blood onto my pale blue work shirt.

By now is girlfriend was screaming and manhandling him into the back of their Chav-mobile before tear-arsing off down the road like a rally driver.

I just stood in the road until I saw my mate in his bus, parked straight opposite waving his arms in the air like a cup winner and laughing his head off.

When I got back on my bus a Granny clapped her hands and told me “Good on ya son… you showed that Tosser!”

With no complaints forthcoming over the next few days, it was only because of depot gossip that I got called in to see the Boss.

He was sympathetic to my situation but suggested I took time off to see a GP (who suggested a therapist) and come off the ‘big bus routes’ for a while to avoid any similar flash-points; and just do ‘little bus’ around the local estates and villages until ‘I felt better.’

Angry at the time; but with hindsight it was the best thing I could have done, as I have loved flirting with the old Dears and young mums too; and the kids give me sweeties and draw me pictures after letting them press the bell.

My therapist diagnosed an ‘addictive personality’ with ‘occasional anger issues’ … which was no surprise to anyone but her.

A new combination of medication meant I wasn’t supposed to drink alcohol; but I found out when I did have a couple of beers I became ‘supper horny;’ which was a bit of problem for a recent widower; but with so much Free Porn available; after a fun day flirting at work and getting to look at lots of hot women of all ages and ethnicity, I had a few beers before going to bed and then wanked myself silly every night.

This was until a month or so after my 50th birthday when my mates from ‘the football’ virtually kidnapped me one Friday night and dragged me to Moncur’s Bar where a Beautiful South casino siteleri tribute band were playing.

It was just as I remembered from a few years previously when it had been a regular haunt for me and The Valley Boys on Friday and Saturday nights before and after ‘the match’; when we would plan then deconstruct what had happened with and against the opposition’s fans.

The bar was full of friends going back years; and my belated 50th birthday party went off with a blast, with me getting drunk, making a tit of myself on the dancefloor and somehow walking a young MILF home.

I still don’t know how it happened and can’t even remember chatting her up; but I soon had my tongue down her throat outside her front door and my hand squeezing her plump arse.

“Are you coming in?” She asked mid-kiss, “Don’t worry … the kids are with their Dads, so we will have no disruptions.”


In the plural?

She hardly looked twenty, yet she had at least two kids to two different fathers and here she was taking a man home old enough to be her own Dad … or even Grandfather!

The times they are a ‘changing indeed!

We were hardly inside when she asked me to unzip her dress, and it was around her ankles in a second revealing she was wearing hold up stockings, sexy see-through knickers and a bra that was hardly keeping her fat tits in place.

“Upstairs or downstairs?” She asked as she unclipped her bra and dropped it on the living room floor.

Downstairs was selected and without exchanging names she was quickly sitting on top of me grinding onto my ever growing cock and feeding her tits into my mouth.

“Mmmmmmm.” She giggled. “Something feels good under there” as she sat up and wiggled her arse which made her titties wobble. Swiftly she switched positions with her arse now facing my head and her legs wide apart revealing a bald fanny under her tiny knickers. At the other end she had my belt undone and jeans around my knees in seconds.

“Fucking Hell!” She gasped and laughed. “It’s fucking enormous!”

Well… it is somewhere between 7 and 8 inches depending on my mood; which I’m rather proud of. She was now rubbing and wanking it until it was at its full 8″ glory and standing to attention for her to start sucking … boy could she suck a cock! I swear she had half of it down her throat at one stage which was something even my wife never achieved in twenty years. As I revelled in her cock sucking I stroked her nylon covered legs and began fingering her, eventually pushing three big fingers into her soppy hole which had her grinding backwards to get as much in as possible.

After a few minutes she sat up forcing her pussy onto my face which I lovingly licked and kept fingering while she kept tugging on my cock.

“Jesus!” She gasped, “I really need to fuck that… it looks like a baby’s arm!”

She then got off me and pulled her knickers right off and; now panting and sweating stepped back onto the settee and slowly lowered herself onto my cock.

“Shit … shit… shit … shit!” She panted as inch after inch sunk into her chubby little body until it was all in, possibly pressing against a kidney or two.

“Fucking Hell!” She gasped, throwing her hair from side to side, “I took it all!” She slowly raised then lowered herself until she comfortable with the size and girth; then there was no stopping her she bounced up and down like a woman possessed; continuously gasping “so big … so fucking big!!” until she came not once but twice in succession, making her flop down beside me.

“Oh my fucking god!” She giggled when she got her breath back, “it’s still fucking rock hard! You haven’t cum yet!”

I drunkenly smiled and shook my head.

“Do you want to wank onto my face and tits then?” She asked in all seriousness.

It would have been rude not too … so we changed positions with her lying on her back and her legs spread wide apart while I stood over her wanking.

This was all new to me and it took a further couple of minutes until I eventually sprayed a load of spunk onto her pretty little face and round titties which she cupped together to catch my load.

Sated, I had to lean forward to hold onto the top of the sofa, which left my softening cock dangling … she took this as an opportunity to suck it clean!

Honestly, I later found out she was still 19 and had two kids … but what an amazing fuck she was.

And still is.

Over that first month I’d fucked four of her friends; all single mothers on her recommendation. It was only on the third time I fucked her that I found out her name was Shona, and is still a regular on my ‘booty call list’ four years later. The ‘lust list’ is now nearly two pages long in the back of my work diary; consisting mostly of single mothers but a few older divorcees and 4 married women too. The oldest is 52 and the youngest 18; none of this is meant to sound arrogant, but Moncur’s Bar was soon to be a never ending source of sexual conquests, canlı casino as were a couple others that had karaoke nights on Tuesday and Wednesdays.

Word soon got around among a ‘certain set of females’ that I had a big cock and knew how to use it, and I always ensured my lady love had at least one orgasm and

So; where does young Nathan come into my story?

As soon as he arrived at the depot the year before our ‘incident’ I had his card marked. He was always an arrogant tosser who behaved like we were all beneath him, but I never had enough ammunition to give him a slap.

Now, the ‘Gods of Bus Driving’ smiled on me the very afternoon of our ‘spat’; as his wife got on my bus with the kids after school.

“Hiya!” I called out as I usually did; but added “Who’s your favourite bus driver? Me or Daddy?”

“You are!” They called back in unison. 1-0 to me I think.

Zoe frowned, “Don’t do that, please?”

“Hey kids! Who’s your favourite bus driver?” Her two sons and 4 or 5 others all called back “YOU ARE!”

I winked at my nemesis’ pretty wife, making her shake her head, but with a thin smile too.

When does a seduction actually begin?

It’s hard to say when I first noticed Nathan’s wife. Probably not long after she had her second kid, which would have been when he joined our depot, as I vaguely remember her taking the elder one to school while pushing a buggy with the baby in. She was quite frumpy back then; mostly wearing combat pants and a parka … but she had just had a baby … I know, I know!

None of that stopped my flirting with her though. I did it with all of my ‘ladies’ old and young; as I hoped it made their day a little better with my cheeky words and disarming smile, making their boring world a slightly better place for a few minutes.

Over the next year she sort of metamorphosed into something of a butterfly; wearing an assortment of leggings that emphasised her very shapely legs, voluptuous arse and occasionally if I looked carefully her camel toe.

Not conventionally ‘pretty’ I suppose, porcelain white skin and she hardly ever wore make up and always had her cheaply dyed blonde hair; masking her natural ginger colour up in a pony-tail, and when she had her contact lenses in, she has squinty ‘piggy eyes’; but when she started wearing her Retro 60’s glasses she really did shine, in my eyes.

In porn terms I guess she’d be deemed ‘chunky’ or ‘thick’; but even when I saw her in shapeless sweatshirts I thought of her as curvaceous and I was 99% sure she had a big rack under there.

Just like all of my other female passengers I’d genuinely never actually given a seconds thought to seducing her; why would I, as I already had more than enough ‘low hanging fruit’ on my table?

Then, as Zoe and the kids stood next to the bus door that serendipitous afternoon I had a blinding flash of inspiration … instead of thumping him at the Christmas Party this would be my revenge on young Nathan. I vowed there and then to fuck his young wife.

Over the next few months I ramped up my flirting with her; complimenting her at every opportunity about her hair, her trainers and clothes, especially her every tighter leggings, which always made her chuckle and say something like “You shouldn’t say things like that, I’m a married woman!”

But I swear, she always walked away with a wiggle or a sashay. It was also fair to say that what God had given her in looks and a sexy body he had taken away in intelligence; just like her husband she wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box; which obviously was to play a major part in my ongoing seduction.

If she was getting on or off with other passengers, obviously I would be as subtle as possible, but if she was alone … all bets were off.

Two things in particular told me she was more than happy to be the centre of my attention.

About 8 weeks after starting my seduction, it was a lovely warm Spring day and for once she was wearing a t-shirt instead of a sweat top and her nipples were sticking out like chapel coat pegs as she stepped up to place her staff pass on the reader.

“I didn’t think it was that cold outside.” I grinned.

“Oh my God!” She giggled and immediately raised her free arm to cover her chest, before looking down the bus to see only a couple of oldies looking out the window. “You shouldn’t be looking; I’m a married woman!”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding,” I giggled; forgetting I’d used the F-Word in public; “I can’t take my eyes off them”. Zoe looked shocked; and I was instantly worried I’d over stepped the mark; but a smile immediately lit up her face and she play-scowled before whispering; “You’re a very bad man; do you know that?” Then there was a definite wiggle of the hips as she walked down to an empty seat.

After turning the corner to exit her street I looked in the mirror to see her looking straight at me.

Caught ya!

She immediately looked away; but then back again and put her tongue kaçak casino out, which was followed by me winking at her.

Only a few days later she was a bit late for the bus to pick the kids up; and had to run to catch it. The view in my nearside mirror had my cock twitching as she was wearing the same t-shirt and her boobs were bouncing from side to side. Wen she got to the door her nipples were sticking out even more than previously and she made no attempt to cover them this time; panting for breath then smiling that delicious smile, still breathing heavily which made her massive chest heave, she panted in her soft Irish accent;

“Jesus, I’m so out of bloody condition and unfit.”

“You should come around my place one day; I live in the three storey houses behind the market.” Our eyes locked as she placed her pass on the reader. “I can chase you up and down the stairs … and then we can do some press-ups!”

“Ya cheeky bugger!” Zoe laughed, “You’d bloody like that wouldn’t you?”

“You would too… my dear, you would too!” I grinned and winked.

With a nervous giggle she took the first empty seat and sat next to an old man who had obviously heard our conversation and had a grin on his face.

Again when safe to do so I looked in the mirror and saw her smiling back; but then she surprised me by blowing a kiss.

Game on! 2-0 or was it now 3-0 to me?

But; how top convert all of this hard work into getting her into bed?

Over the next few weeks she continued wearing thin t-shirts that emphasised her huge tits and her leggings were always pulled up way too tight, showing off her magnificent arse and g-strings underneath, plus her sexy camel toe; but she was never alone, always with another Mum or two, spoiling me putting Plan B into action.

But, for the third time the God of Bus Drivers smiled on me again. I was in the canteen when I overheard a conversation about Nathan and his gambling problem; with the crux being his wife had just got a job in the Market Cafe a few days a week.

Two streets away from my house and the Valley Boys’ base on match day before we went to the pub. The potential for 4-0 to me.

That afternoon Zoe picked the kids up from school and when they got on my bus I went through my “Who’s your favourite bus driver” routine and her boys called out, “Colin!” and right behind them their Mother mouthed, “You are.” and smiled rather saucily, raising her eyebrows at the same time.

“Fancy that?” I replied; hoping the Mum behind her would think I was talking about the kids.

When they got off, I casually told her that I’d heard she’d got a new job.

Standing with her back to me so I got a lingering look at her luscious arse in the Lycra leggings, she turned her hard over her shoulder, “Someone’s been doing their homework.”

“I don’t like to think I’m missing out.” I laughed.

Because of my shifts over the next week I didn’t get the opportunity to call in the cafe, and Zoe was always with another Mum when travelling; so it was ‘situation normal’ with some mild flirting; but there was something different about her now; but what exactly I didn’t know.

Although I was still banging my way through the rougher end of the gene pool I was becoming infatuated with this young Yummy Mummy.

My 6 day break arrived on Wednesday and I decided to call in the Market Cafe for breakfast … after having a quick wank at the prospect of seeing my sexy young MILF outside the bus.

Knowing her timetable I guessed it would have to be after 9.30 and sure enough there she was. Zoe was serving two old men and didn’t see me; so nearly jumped out of her skin when I walked behind her and squeezed her arse!

“HEY!” She squealed as she turned around; “You! I might have bloody known.” She giggled in her sexy Irish accent, making me laugh.

After greeting the owner Mickey, who had looked up then laughed when he saw it was me; I took my usual seat in the corner by the window.

A moment or two later Zoe, after serving two old ladies with their breakfast, Zoe came to take my order, and I swear she’d pulled her Lycra leggings even higher than when I came in, as they were much tighter around her arse and her camel-tow was now very pronounced and she made the mistake of standing to my right; which was out of view of the 6 or 7 other customers.

“What can I do for you this morning?” Zoe giggled, notepad in hand.

“Pull your pants down and bend over the table.” I told her with a straight face; presuming she was now ‘up for it’; and if she wasn’t , who was she going to complain to.

“You randy bastard!” The young Milf giggled and slapped my shoulder; “what they say about you is right; isn’t it?”

“That depends.” I pulled my ‘little innocent’ face, “what do ‘they’ say?”

Zoe looked around to see if anyone was watching, “just that, you’re a randy old bugger.”

“Is that a problem?” I asked, looking her directly into her pale blue eyes, and slowly slid my hand up her leg until it rested on her ample buttock.

“I don’t know.” She pursed her lips; “I am a married woman after all.”

“They are the sexiest.” I winked and tightly squeezed her arse, then slowly and firmly stroked it; without her moving away.

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