The Sex Diaries: A Mother’s Love

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Abella Danger

Dear Reader:

This will be a new, ongoing series that I’ve dubbed The Sex Diaries. I was an investigative reporter living in NYC. In the Fall of 2018 I decided to write a piece on the darker side of the American sex life. I posted on Craigslist with a request to interview people in regards to this topic. I got over three hundred responses. In the end I chose forty two people, emailed them and closed the request on Craigslist.

I chose twenty one people that were already in some kind of sex related industry and twenty one of them plain citizens. I then spent the next six weeks interviewing those people, all from different backgrounds, all pertaining to the taboo side of sex. I spoke with prostitutes, high class escorts, BDSM and Swinger’s Club patrons, and even your average citizen. I learned a lot about what really happens during porn shoots and behind the closed doors of your average home, even the unbelievable truth about the fabled gloryhole.

In the end I never ran the piece, my boss said it was too edgy and shut me down. I have never told anyone about any of this, until now. So, going forward you’ll be exposed to stories that I’ve heard about, spoken by real people that have opened up to me and told me about their deepest secrets– and some from reliable sources. I’ll of course change their names and such as a way to protect their identity, but I’ll keep everything they told to me in regards to the actual sex act exactly as they told it to me (well, minus some artistic freedom that I’ll take to keep the story as viable as I can.)

I hope you all enjoy these sultry tales,


* * * * *

It was a beautifully warm day in July. It was almost noon, the birds were chirping and the sound of children’s laughter mixed with a slight breeze, adding to the peaceful sounds the rustling of leaves. In here, every house looked exactly the same, everyone kind of knew each other and most people that grew up within those hallowed streets now had kids of their own, never having left the sacred cul-de-sac.

It was American suburbia at its best, and even in here there are sex stories, and man you’d be surprised just how many there are, and of all kinds. As thus, here begins our first venture into the foray of the eclectic American sex life.

A Mother’s Love

The bleachers had its normal array of people sitting on its wooden benches. They were called parents and they sat watching as their kids played in organised sport. In this particular case, soccer. As the sun lay overhead and brought its warm light for all to enjoy, not a single cloud could be seen. The azure sky stood as an omnipotent being over Hyde Park as the cheers of onlookers continued to inspire the next generation.

A whistle blew, causing parents to look around, among them were three women, all of them friends. They sat in those bleachers just as they had for the last few weeks, they sat and watched as children continued to play. While the hour passed, they laughed, joked and encouraged the team with clapping and loud gestures.

Another whistle blew from the referee as a penalty was called, causing the three women to stand up and see what was going on, they looked at each other before sitting again.

Kathryn Smith, a mother and the protagonist of this tale sat down after fixing her light blue summer dress. She then looked at her two closest friends, Daphne and Barbara. They had been friends since they were in High School. Ironically, in the path of life, none of them chose to leave their little hamlet and now their own kids were growing up together.

“So, did you guys hear about what happened to the Peterson’s?” Asked Daphne.

“No, I didn’t, what happened?” asked Kathryn, despite the fact that she did know what had happened, but she also knew that her friend liked to divulge gossip and pretended that she didn’t know.

“Richard was caught in bed with another woman. I believe it was someone from the faculty staff.” she said vibrantly. “Oh, and guess what, she was in her late twenties.”

“Wait, Richard Peterson? You mean, the balding, out of shape, middle-aged man was banging a twenty year old?” Barbara said interjecting. “No way that’s true.”

“It is! I heard it from Chantelle, Sheila threw all his clothes out and changed the locks.” Daphne continued to say.

“I feel sorry for those kids, having to deal with all that.” Barbara added and stopped talking.

“Never would’ve guessed.” Kathryn said almost instinctively as she sat there suddenly lost in thought, her mind was a million miles away when suddenly a phone rang. Barbara took out her phone and excused herself.

With Barbara now gone Daphne continued to talk about the incident and then some, before finally saying that she was thirsty and went to go buy something to drink. After a few minutes Barbara returned and sat down.

“It was Zac, he was telling me that he’ll be stopping by to spend time with me this weekend.” Barbara said, putting her esat escort phone away.

“How did you do it, Barbs?” Kathryn asked Barbara.

“Hmm?” her friend replied.

“You know, how did you fix Zac? I’ve seen how much he’s turned around. It’s like he’s a completely new person. When was it, it was like two years ago that he was on the verge of getting sent to juvie”

“Oh, that.” Barbara said, looking at the playing field. “I told you, I talked with him, gave him chores. Taught him the value of respect and hard work and all that.” Barbara continued to say, never looking at Kathryn.

“No seriously. Look at me.” Kathryn said as she sat there and seriously looked at her friend. “We’ve known each other for what, thirty years?” she asked and waited for her friend to nod her head. “I’m desperate, things with Kyle aren’t going so well. The sheriff’s department dropped him off at two in the morning on Saturday. I don’t know what else to do, and before you ask, yes I have spoken to him and his father, and yes I did all that you said you did with Zac.”

“I see, how bad is it?”

“It’s bad, you know that he turned eighteen in April. The only reason he didn’t spend the night at the station was because Frank was the one that caught him.”

“Oh, lucky you huh?”

“And he has to repeat his senior year due to bad grades.”

“Oh honey, I’m so sorry to hear that.”

Kathryn shrugged her shoulders and suddenly looked despondent, Barbara looked at her friend long and hard, finally sighing.

“Look, Kathy, I’m here for you.” Barbara said as she put her arms around Kathryn and hugged her.

“Okay, so tell me how you really did it. And no lies, you were never good at lying to me.” Kathryn said.

And that was actually true, in her thirty years of friendship, not once had she been able to pull the wool over her eyes. However, it wasn’t as simple as saying it.

“Where’s Daphne?” asked Barbara as she looked around.

“Pretending to be getting water, she’s most likely with her ‘friend’ getting railed in her car.”

“Kathy!” Barbara said, looking around. “That’s a secret.”

Her friend shrugged.

“Okay, fine. I don’t like to see you sad. I’ll tell you, but you have to promise to never, ever, tell anyone.” Barbara said.

Kathryn nodded and sat closer to her friend.

“Okay, phew…” Barbara said nervously. “C’mon Barb, you can do this. Okay, so, you know how Zac almost had to repeat senior year as well?” she asked and waited for Kathryn to nod her head. “I was at my own wit’s end. Zac had been acting out since his father pretty much abandoned us. For two straight years, Zac was completely out of control. I didn’t know what else to do. I tried literally everything I could think of. Then he turned eighteen and I’m thinking… okay, now things should get better… but they didn’t. So, I finally confronted him, spoke with him and after he gave me the cold shoulder, he simply said that I was his mom and I couldn’t help him with his problem. I put two and two together and had a few sleepless nights. Then one day, his school called me, they said: ‘Your kid is about to flunk unless he gets his grades up’…” Barbara said and suddenly trailed off.

“And what happened?”

“Well, I did something I never thought I’d do… I waited till… phew.” again, Barbara looked nervous and slightly out of breath. “Okay, I waited till he was about to go to bed, you see, he had a habit of masturbating right before going to sleep. Trust me, I could hear it, no matter how much he tried to hide it. It was that damn noisy bed of his. Anyway, I walked in and caught him mid-jerk and tried to talk with him. He tried desperately to get me to leave his room, but I stood my ground. After a few uncomfortable minutes, I finally asked what he was doing, since he looked so nervous when I walked in…”

Kathryn was now completely enthralled, her blue eyes opened wide.

“Finally he tells me that he was having some private time. I asked if I could see his ‘private time’, and he said okay. I watched him jerk off that night. The next night I again came in abruptly and again I sat with him. After a few nights, he didn’t even try to deny it anymore and continued to masturbate, even as I walked in. Needless to say, a few times here and there and finally he asked me what it would take for me to help him.” Barbara said, removing her sunglasses.

“Oh my God…” Kathryn said.

“I told him that if he brought his grades up and stopped all his shenanigans, that I would personally help him with anything. And now, two years later, he graduated with A’s and is in college. All it took was me milking him– literally dry, on a daily basis.”

“Oh my God, Barb… I… I…”

“Hey, it’s not bad at all, I mean, when was the last time you fucked for hours? I mean, young men have that amazing stamina… and you can’t argue with the results.”

Kathryn simply sat quietly, her mind full of images and she had so many etimesgut escort questions.

“Barbara, I don’t think I can do something like that.” Kathryn said looking very uncomfortable.

“Okay, okay… I know, that was too much… hey, listen…” Barbara said with a nervous laugh. “What I said was in… I really trust you, a lot, please, whatever I said, please keep it between us.”

Kathryn nodded in agreement and both ladies sat quietly until their friend suddenly reappeared with her hair slightly messy.

Once the game had ended, Daphne went and grabbed her daughter and then returned to Kathryn and Barbara. “Hey, I just wanna say thanks for coming to spend all those days with me while Mary played. It meant a lot to me that you both came, despite not having kids on the team. Seriously, thanks.” Daphne stopped talking and then hugged her friends.

As the other two women waved goodbye, they both knew that they had been invited just in case Daphne’s husband asked questions. Now that the season has ended, Daphne will need to find other excuses to steal away and fool around behind her husband’s back. They said their goodbyes and left as well.

Three months later…

Barbara’s car came to a stop as she pulled into an empty parking spot. Once the car was turned off, she exited and walked into a small diner. She looked around before finally seeing Kathryn and started to approach her. Ever since she had told her about her indiscretion, Kathryn had become slightly distant. Barbara wanted to change that since she felt somewhat responsible. So, she agreed to meet her in the middle of the day, despite having to work.

“Hey.” Barbara said as she sat down across from her lifelong friend, Kathryn. “You look thinner.” she added as she observed Kathryn, she had lost, easily about twenty pounds.

“Thanks, it’s the stress, not dieting.” she said, although not smiling.

“Is everything okay Kath?” she asked, worried.

“No, it’s not.” Kathryn responded then took a deep breath. “Wes and I split up, a few months ago now, and now, suddenly I am a single mom. It’s not like Wes doesn’t pull his weight, you know? He’s a good dad, but in the end I am mom, the one who is actually raising him, is there for him, day by day.” She sighed. “It’s Kyle…”

“Oh honey… what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know… I’ve tried everything. I got a call from his school. I went to see his principal, he said that if Kyle has just one more unexcused absence, then he’ll be forced to expel him.” Kathryn looked at her friend deeply before grabbing her hand. “I’ve been thinking, a lot, about what you said… you know, what you did with Zac.”

Barbara quickly looked around and shushed her friend. “Hey, that’s between us, yes I do remember very vividly.”

“I am not going to lie to you… I don’t want to do this, but I saw first hand how much it changed Zac. I’m guessing that… well, you know what they say about idle hands and all that… and despite myself and what I really think about this… it might be the only real way.” Kathryn said, taking a big swill from her beer bottle.

“Okay, why do you think that?” asked Barbara.

“He hasn’t had a girlfriend… ever, at least I don’t think so. I peeked at his browser history… so much porn. I wanted to not go this route, but every time I think about what you’ve accomplished with Zac, well… I realised in the end that it might work for me too.”

Barbara took a deep breath before answering Kathryn.

“Okay, in all honesty, I did something that no parent should ever do. I… well, you know.” she took a deep sigh. “Are you sure Kathy? I mean, if you go down this route, you could never, ever look back. It will be set in stone, quite literally.”

Kathryn sat there quietly before finally answering. “I… don’t want my kid to…” she said, sobbing back some tears. “… to end up in jail… I know, that’s a bit extreme, huh?”

Barbara sat there listening to her friend confess; and despite herself, despite her own hesitation, she chose to be there for her. “Okay… I’ll help.” she said as she ordered a beer as well.

Kathryn stopped sobbing.

“I’ll be honest, my approach may not work for you… but I do have some ideas. Now, I need to ask, do you own sexy underwear?” Barbara asked and watched as Kathryn shook her head. “Okay, you need to buy some. Now, have you ever walked around your house in just your underwear?”

Kathryn shook her head again.

“Okay, you need to start doing that as well, let him see what a sexy woman looks like. I recommend wearing thongs, let him really see what you’re offering.” Barbara said without batting an eye.

“I…” Kathryn began to say but was quickly cut off.

“No, if you want this to work, you have to set the mood, show him that you’re offering yourself. He may be a bit indifferent at first but I can assure you, he’ll eventually come around.” Barbara added before taking out her phone. “Look… here.”

Kathryn ankara escort perused Barbara’s phone for a few minutes and was surprised at what she saw. There were pictures, sexting and everything in between all over her phone, all from Barbara’s own son.

Barbara looked around and got really close to Kathryn before speaking. “I was scared and hesitant at first. But, like a bandaid I pulled it, clear off. After our first fuck session, I clearly set boundaries. Since then, he has never let me down, trust me… it’s free pussy… he definitely followed my rules, and I know Kyle will do the same with you.”

Kathryn sat, flabbergasted and wondered if she could really do this? She looked at her phone and quietly thought about everything that led to this very moment. Her memories were full of happy moments, all of them of Kyle running around, laughing and joking. Despite that, she still decided to do it. As long as it helped, she’ll be there for him, even if it meant giving up her own body.

“Okay, I’ll do it… walk me through it.” she said to Barbara.

A couple of days later..

Kathryn looked at herself in the mirror and suddenly her nerves became frayed. Today was the beginning of what might be a terrible mistake, or a blessing in disguise. She stood and looked at herself in the reflection. Her long dirty blonde hair was tied up into a loose bun, her light blue eyes adorned her thin face, she had a beauty mark just underneath her left eye, right where her upper cheeks began. Kathryn then started looking down, her natural big breasts hung slightly, she wasn’t as skinny as she used to be in her younger years but somehow she’s managed to maintain her waist decently slim, even though her tummy wasn’t as flat as it used to be.

Kathryn continued to gaze at her reflection, now she turned around and looked at her round butt, it was slightly bigger than it was in her twenties, but not overly either, it was somewhere in between and appeared to fit comfortably with her wide hips. After looking for just a while longer, she finally decided to put on a tight, blue sleeping shirt with no bra, and a matching blue thong. She turned around and noticed that her ass looked almost bare, if you didn’t know any better, you’d think she wasn’t wearing anything.

“Okay… you can do this Kathy.” she whispered to herself, left the room and headed downstairs.

After dinner Kyle sat at the table browsing his phone, looking through his social media. He was particularly interested in the videos of young women dancing provocatively. So much so, that he failed to realise that his mom had just walked in. As Kathryn walked right behind him, she saw a video of a young woman dancing on his phone. She continued to walk and started tidying up.

He sat, completely ignoring her, at least until by chance he happened to look up and saw that his own mother was literally, almost naked. It took him a whole second to realise that she wasn’t actually pantiless, but was actually wearing a thong. In just that one second, suddenly, his mom wasn’t just his mom, she had become a sexual entity. He watched as her nice round ass simply sat there, taunting him. He watched it as she moved around, causing it to slightly jiggle. It looked so milky white and soft.

As Kathryn continued to wash the dishes, she tried her hardest not to lose her nerves, she needed to stay the course, and as thus, she made the decision to not look back at him, to pretend that he wasn’t even there. However, try as she might, it was inevitable, as she continued to clean the dishes, she caught a glimpse of Kyle’s face, reflected off the kitchen window. It was completely glued to her ass. Suddenly, she felt really embarrassed.

After she had finished the dishes, she held her breath and turned towards her son. His eyes met hers, and just as quickly he excused himself and left.

Kathryn sat down in order to deal with how embarrassed she really felt, and once she had composed herself, she also left the kitchen and headed to her own room. As she walked past his room, her thoughts suddenly came alive, vivid images of what most likely was going on in there.

She closed her bedroom door and laid on the bed, and did not sleep.

“After he’s noticed you, you can’t let up. Let him, on occasion, catch you slightly naked, maybe show some skin… maybe, after a shower, come out naked, not covered… Trust me, he’ll eventually get the message.” Barbara’s voice sounded within Kathryn’s thoughts.

Kathryn continued to show her body to her own son. At first, she slowly started to walk around the house in just her underwear, and on occasion even topless. That caused Kyle to rush to his own room on several instances, and even though Kathryn couldn’t hear or see what was going on inside she could only imagine.

Next, she started to shower and exit the bathroom naked, or even to leave the bathroom door slightly open. On more than one occasion, she noticed him staring at her. To say that she didn’t find the idea of a younger, fit man finding her attractive, or even as an alluring, sexual being didn’t excite her, but the grim reality always lingered, hidden within her thoughts that this simply wasn’t some young guy, it was her own flesh and blood.

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