The Sins of the Fathers Ch. 15

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***** Writer’s note: If you missed Chapter 14, which was posted in Erotic Couplings because it had no overt incest., click on the blue author name below at end of page and read it. You will need to have read Chapter 14 in order to understand the Pon Farr portion of this chapter. It further develops the character of ‘Just Jess’ or Jessica.


Boys will be boys!

By the time MacKenzie and Nick got out of the mall and back to her house, it was almost dark. Because they were the children of lawyers, their plan was logical, highly detailed, well thought-out, and foolproof: Simple! Sneak into the house. After all, they were trained marshal artists–little ninjas, at heart. What could possibly go wrong?

They parked Mac’s car a couple of blocks away, walking down the street and holding hands like a couple of dating teenagers. Which, of course, was exactly what they were. At one point they stopped, ostensibly for a kiss; but, in reality, they were both scanning the surrounding homes for any nosy neighbors, who might be watching them. Once the coast was clear they quickly darted down the side of the house and ended up in the back, right at Mac’s bedroom window. Mission accomplished… except for one, minor hitch. The window was a couple of inches too high for Mac to get a proper foothold.

Immediately Nick stepped behind her, cupping her ass in his hands.

“Quit it, Nick!” she hissed at him, slapping his hands away. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? This is no time to start playing grab-ass!”

“What I think I’m doing is trying to help you break into your own house! So do you want my help or not, Sweet Cheeks?” he whispered back, totally exasperated. They are so very sweet!

“Probably a good idea,” she humbly conceded.

Nick hoisted Mac’s bare ass in his hands again, heaving and grunting loudly from the strain. Across the street, one of the neighbors’ dogs started barking.

“Shh,” she warned him, “Somebody will hear us!”

Nick scrambled up behind her, his jeans and boots making it slightly easier for him to squirm through the window. The barking dog quieted. The two little burglars took a deep breath. We made it!

Mac used her cell phone as a flashlight. They could see a little. Enough. She found her bed’s night light switch, flicking it on. A soft golden glow filled the small bedroom. The light was both sufficient and romantic. It looked like a room lit by candles. Perfect!

From down the hall came a definite squeaking sound, rhythmic–coming and going. Faster, then slower. Then faster, again. Then fading away. Bed springs. Then another deeper sound started up, kind of a banging as the bed’s headboard hit the wall. And the sound kept getting louder.

“Your dad?” Nick giggled softly. Uncle Spencer’s ‘gettin some’!

“Yeah, of course it is.” Mac merely shrugged; but, as she listened, her eyes darkened. Jesus, do they spend every minute that I’m away, fucking their brains out?!

Nick moved into Mac and took her head in his hands, gently covering her ears with his hands as he turned her face to his. “Don’t listen, MacKenzie…don’t!” he whispered. “It’s just a bed.”

Mac closed her eyes. She couldn’t hear a thing. No headboard knocking, no grunting, no bed squeaking. She felt Nick’s lips touch hers. She felt his tongue. Timid, at first. She felt him against her. He kissed so gooood. Holy shit, my nipples are getting hard!

Then Nick did something Mac never expected. Without breaking the kiss, he took a breath; Mac’s eyes fluttered open as Nick literally ‘took her breath away’.

Nick closed his eyes and breathed out. Mac let him. Her lungs filled again. Nick’s breathing for us! For me!

She pushed him away, just a little. “Oh my God, Nikki.” She was shaking like a leaf and abruptly sat down on the edge of her bed. That makes my head feel all funny like I was gonna faint.

“I learned it from you, don’t you remember? You were showing me how to kiss my dad? Turns out, you were just showing me how to kiss someone I love.” I love you!

With that, Nick bent down and tenderly removed the black velvet bow tie from around her neck. “I don’t think we’ll really be needing this anymore.” Folding the tie, he tucked it into the pocket of his jacket. Caught up in the fantasy, he grinned. “Now that I think of it, I don’t believe I need this either,” he stepped between her legs, reaching down and lifting the little black dress. Demurely, MacKenzie raised her arms. Then it was simply gone, landing soundlessly on the floor near the open window; but, not for long. Outside, the off-shore wind was definitely rising; a strong breeze blew through the room, rattling the window slightly and lifting one edge of the dress like a caress.

MacKenzie reached down to take off a boot. His hand caught hers. “No, leave them on. Please, Mac, like in the theater.”

Mac bahis firmaları smiled. She scooted back from the edge, spreading her boots and legs wide.

Off came his jacket with a flourish and Nick started pulling the shirt out of his jeans. It got tossed. Then Mac watched as he unbuckled the jeans, pushing them downward. His ‘problem’ was now obvious again. Except now, he looked totally ludicrous with his pants down around his ankles.

Mac couldn’t help it; she giggled. Well, that’s an iPhone photo moment! It’s like the dumbest selfie ever. Nick looked ridiculous standing there in his glasses and wearing a ball cap with his cock sticking out, his pants around his ankles, and his boots trapped by the pants.

“Hey, no laughing; I’m new at this,” Nick grumbled.

“That’s what you get for trying to look at me and undress at the same time. Getting rid of the sunglasses might help.”

Nick set them over on the desk.

Mac’s eyebrow lifted. “The hat?”

He twisted the ball cap backwards, like he had in the theater. God you look like such a redneck!

Mac giggled. “Maybe, the boots should be next.”

Grinning sheepishly, Nick looked down past his ‘erection’. “Oh yeah, huh? Definitely the boots.” He tried lifting a leg; but, with the jeans still around his ankles, he ended up falling unceremoniously with a solid thump. Shit! Fucking ouch!

MacKenzie rolled her eyes, scolding, “Farm Boy! You don’t want my dad to catch us like this. Trust me!”

Down the hall, the pounding was slowing; but, it was definitely louder and more forceful. A strong male voice bellowed, “Goddamn! Take that fucking meat, baby.” A heavy grunt punctuated the last of the outburst,”Fuck yeah … take it all!”

Nick fought one boot off, then a sock, then another boot. One after another, they were tossed beside the bed. The boots did make a slight noise, but not as loud as the banging bed coming from the other room. Suddenly, the squeaking and pounding of the bed stopped. Utter silence! That can’t be good!

Nick and Mac held their breaths. Shit! Did they hear us?

After what seemed an eternity, it resumed. The young lovers took another breath.

Nick stood, his cock hanging out of the shorts and walked slowly towards the bed with it bobbing proudly before him.

Mac couldn’t help herself; she giggled, “Please, I’m begging you, get rid of that,” pointing at the dildo.

Nick looked up, somewhat confused. “Are you sure? It’s for you.”

Mac’s simple answer “Yeah, I’m sure” said it all.

Off came the black boxer shorts! With a distinct thud, ‘Little Nick’ fell onto one of the discarded cowboy boots, knocking the standing boot over and coming to rest under the edge of the bed. Out of sight, out of mind.

“We really have to work on your pick-up lines,” Mac said, tenderly, “I mean, don’t you think ‘It’s for you’ is kinda lame?” But, I love how ‘hard’ you’re trying.

“Being a boy is hard,” Nick whined as he climbed onto the bed between Mac’s open legs. His hand ran over one thigh then the other before he lowered his head. He placed a kiss on the inside of each of Mac’s wantonly inviting thighs. Then, he slowed, placing a longer kiss one a thigh. It lingered and wandered sensually upward like a caress. So, MacKenzie, you get goosebumps, too!

“Oh, I don’t know; you seem to have gotten to ‘third base’ pretty easily, Nick.” Mac grinned, purposely stopping Nick by putting her fingers under his chin, lifting his lips from their intended target.

She pulled Nick up from between her legs. “Now, how about scoring that ‘home run’, Farm boy?” Mac pulled the John Deere ball cap from Nick’s head and tossed it to the floor with the rest of her ‘boyfriend’s’ clothes.

Her hand reached up and pulled the ponytail free. “Kiss me, Nikki; kiss me again like you just did. I didn’t even know there were kisses like that.” That kiss took my breath away!

Nikki just whispered, “But, that was Nick.”

Mac brought Nikki’s face nearer, her eyes dark. “Nikki, do you remember when your dad showed us that old movie, ‘The Princess Bride’?”

Nikki nodded her head, Yes.

“How many great kisses were there, in all of history?”

“Five. And, Princess Buttercup got one of them.”

“Well, Nikki, now there are six! If you don’t kiss me soon, I really will die of terminal horniness. So, please kiss me again, one more time, before I die, Farm Boy. “

“As you wish!”

Her hair tumbling about her shoulders, Nikki leaned in and kissed Mac’s lips; then she took Mac’s mouth, taking her breath away again. She reached down, placing her palm over Mac’s sex, extending a finger; but, when it slipped into her best friend, Mac was already cumming. Her lips and sex chewing on Nikki’s finger.

Mac finally broke the kiss, her eyes wild. Hands tangled in Nikki’s hair, She shoved Nikki’s head downward. “Now, Nikki, eat me like you did kaçak iddaa in the theater.”

“That was Nick.”

“No, Nikki; you and I both know that wasn’t Nick. That was you. Now, do it again. Please?”

Three things happened all at once. Maybe it was fate, karma, luck, or merely synchronicity; but, as Nikki covered her best friend’s pussy with her mouth and extended her tongue, Mac came so hard she grabbed Nikki’s head, held it and screamed. In that same instant, the bedroom door flew open as Mac’s naked dad exploded into the room. And, fickle fate’s grand finale: the rising wind caught Mac’s bedroom window frame, slamming it closed.

In a single glance, Spencer saw all that male clothing littering the floor: the jacket, John Deere ball cap, cowboy boots, jeans, shirts, and socks. Additionally, as he turned towards the sound of the slamming window, it diverted him just long enough for the girls to unlock from their embrace. They separated, squealing in terror at having been caught.

Mortified, Spencer turned, glaring at his daughter and Nicole; both were wide-eyed and trembling. Like all outraged fathers in the classic stories of teen romance, he ranted self-righteously, “You had a boy in here, in my house, in your room, at 3 a.m. in the morning?!” Have you two lost your fucking minds?

Dying of shame, Nikki tried to crawl under the covers. Oh my God, he’s lost his mind. We’re dead. We are, so dead!

Spencer stopped her with a single finger pointed in her general direction, “And, you, Nicole Grant, what the hell are you doing here? You young ladies were fucking in my house! In my daughter’s room? You’ve been out of school…for what? Three weeks? And, now this?!”

Nikki cringed, but he wasn’t done. He got in Mac’s face. “Well, your little boyfriend better be glad all he lost was his clothes, because if I catch the little fucker that slipped out that window ….” He paused, pointing at the window for dramatic effect. “I will fucking kill him!”

He stalked over to the still-open window, roaring out into the darkness, “I will FUCKING! … KILL! …YOU!”

Turning from the window, he caught Mac and Nikki surreptitiously smiling at one another.

“Wipe those smirks off your faces!” he shouted. “What are you two smiling about? MacKenzie, you are so fucking grounded!” Instantly, swung back to Nicole. “And YOU! Get your clothes on!”

He watched as MacKenzie slipped off the soft slouch-boots, handing them over to Nicole; then, he reached down, picked up the small black dress, and literally flung it at Nikki.

He scanned the floor again, looking around. “Panties?”

Nikki shook her head. “No, Sir,” she confessed in a low whisper.

“Too Much Information! Goddamn it!” he railed, the veins popping out on his neck. “I do not need to know this kind of shit.”

Nikki slipped one boot on, then the other. Raising her arms, she dropped the little black dress over her head and felt it fall into place. At least on her, it was a little more modest than when MacKenzie had worn it.

Jesus, little girl, when did you fucking grow all-the-fuck up? I haven’t seen you naked since you took baths together with MacKenzie. You’re shit hot!

Mac started to scoot off the bed. His head snapped around. “Don’t you dare move, young lady! Not one fucking inch. It’s time for you and me to have a fucking ‘Come to Jesus’ meeting when I get back. As for you, Olivia Nicole Grant, get your ass out to my car. I’m taking you home to your dad, because YOU are not MY problem. Get moving!”

When he reached out to take her arm, she glanced down; it was then that Spencer Phillips realized he was naked, totally naked. He grabbed the first thing he could reach. It happened to be the John Deere ball cap. He covered himself. The ball cap was ridiculously small over Spencer’s still erect cock.

Mac couldn’t stop herself; she started laughing, holding her tummy. Look girls, no hands!

“Oh! You think this is funny, young lady?” Unwittingly, he pointed at her with the same hand already holding the ball cap. Hat, fist, and arm extended in a rage, he’d forgotten what the hat was covering.

Nikki looked down, again. Spencer noticed her gaze. She blushed. Once more, he covered himself and she smiled. “Nicole, not a fucking peep; do you understand me?” he warned.

She nodded her head. Niiiiice!

“My car, now!”

He stomped back into his bedroom. Tammy was propped-up, leaning on an elbow. “Nice hat,” she teased, laughing at his nakedness.

“Tammy, don’t you fucking start with me too,” he growled, grabbing his pants and a light-weight sweater. “You just don’t know…”

“Well yeah, I do,” she interrupted. “I’d bet money that the whole neighborhood knows after all your shouting.” ‘I will fucking kill you!’ Oh Spencer, you are such a good dad. A little old fashioned but still … so cute!

“I don’t give a continental damn, if the whole fucking kaçak bahis town heard me! I’m pissed!” Still furious, he plopped down on the edge of the bed, donning some socks and his sneakers. “Listen, I hate to ask; but, can you watch MacKenzie for a while?”

“I can, and I don’t mind. Where are you going?”

“I need to take Nikki home, and I gotta talk to Jack.” Jesus! Fuck! Shit! Piss! Damn! Hell!

Tammy placed her hand on his arm, he was so angry he was shaking. “Gentle! Spencer, you’re big, you’re black, and right this moment, you’re really angry. Don’t scare her any more than you already have, OK?

Spencer looked at her and nodded. You’re right! I’ve lost my mind. Calmly Spencer.

Pon Farr!

By the time Spencer and Nikki got in the car, a heavy drizzle of rain had started falling. Pretty typical for that time of year; generally, weather on the Oregon Coast never really clears up until about early July. Considering the blind rage that Spencer was in, the rainfall proved to be a small blessing; it forced him to slow down and, probably, kept him from killing them both. When he spotted Jack’s Jeep in the driveway, he pulled in behind it.

“Wait right here, Olivia Nicole Grant. Don’t you move an inch from this fucking car–not a fucking inch–young lady!” Spencer got out, slammed the door, and strode towards the Grant house. Damn, I’m still mad?

Spencer keyed-in the security code for Jack’s front door. Walking into the living room, there wasn’t a sign of Jack, but a bath towel lay on the floor near the couch. It’s unlike Jack to leave stuff laying around. He picked up the towel and walked over to the kitchen’s breakfast nook. No signs of coffee. Jack’s an early riser and he always makes coffee. Spencer checked his watch. Well, 3 a.m. is early even for Jack. Shit!

He paused for a second, weighed his options, and finally decided, Just fuck-it! I’m not gonna sit here, stewing by myself; by God, Jack Grant can get up off his butt and be as miserable as I am. But first, we’re gonna need some coffee!

He was no stranger in Jack’s home; he’d certainly spent of lot of time there, especially while Jack and Jennifer had still been married. Once upon a time, long-long ago, they’d all been friends, law partners, and lovers. He opened one of the kitchen cabinets, pulled out a bag of whole coffee beans, found Jack’s hand crank coffee mill, ground some up, tossed them into the French-Press coffee maker, and started the water boiling.

Walking back into the living room, he spied two shot glasses on the table. And, the bottle. THE BOTTLE. That fucking bottle. I didn’t even know Jack still had this bottle. And, two glasses?

He made two cups of coffee and headed quietly up the stairs towards the master bedroom. He saw Nikki’s door closed. Curious.

Then, he stepped into Jack’s bedroom. It might be more accurate to say, he entered what was left of the bedroom. A crime scene? A disaster area, it looked like it’d been hit by a hurricane; pillows were strewn everywhere. There was a comforter dumped on the floor; and, the bed was tilted at a weird angle. Spencer looked closer, one of the bed’s support legs was broken.

Jack’s shirt, belt, pants, and socks had been tossed helter-skelter. Spence looked around, Nope, no underwear, no panties, no bra!

Focusing on the bed itself, Jack was lying there face-down, sprawled like Warner Brothers’ cartoon character, Wile E. Coyote, after one of his signature falls into the Grand Canyon. Under a corner of a sheet was a decidedly female form with a very, very nice ass exposed next to him. Spencer sorted it all out, finally determining that one of the woman’s arms was across Jack’s back, while the other was draped over the edge of the bed. She was face down, too.

No one was stirring, so he set both coffees next to the bed. He whistled softly, eyeballing her butt in appreciation. “Jesus, now that’s a fine ass!” Fine, hell. That ass is a freaking work of art.

“Thanks, if you mean mine.” A small hand rose from Jack’s lower back, after grabbing his butt for just a second. “Go away, if you’re referring to his. ‘Cause, right now, that’s mine too and I’m not sharing.”

Spencer laughed. Jess was all-ears and liked what she was hearing. His was a good laugh, genuine, gentle, and all-man. Obviously, he liked asses, and, he showed great taste when it came to a woman’s ass. However, she didn’t look up; she was way too tired to bother. Nor did she bother to cover her ass.

“Is he okay?” Spence asked.

“I don’t know; check his pulse,” she teased weakly and groaned because her tummy hurt when she laughed. Her abdominal muscles had taken a real workout during the night.

He shook Jack gently by the shoulder. Then he checked his pulse. Jack still hadn’t moved. “Yep, not dead.” You’ll survive, old buddy!

She sighed with relief. “Thank you, God.”

Jack stirred, Why is everyone checking my fucking pulse tonight?

“What exactly happened here?” He focused in on her ass again. “God damn!”

“Stop looking at my ass, okay?” She still didn’t look up.

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