The Stalker

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I watch from the shadows as you opened your door. I have been watching you for about a week now. First at the bus stop to determine when you arrive – then, after stopping to return a movie rental and, perhaps, rent another, you hurry to your home, some 2 and a half blocks down the street.

It is dusk now and the streetlights are just beginning to glow – ready to illuminate the area around your house. No matter, I lie in wait behind the Japanese Boxwoods surrounding your front porch. You insert your key into the deadbolt above the door knob – turn and unlock – withdraw the key and insert it into the door knob – turn and unlock – withdraw the key and turn the knob, opening the door.

As you push the door open – I pounce – one arm around your neck (from behind), I pull your right arm behind your back and snap on the handcuff. Holding your right arm – I pull your left arm behind you and snap the other cuff on it. It’s done in seconds. You open your mouth to scream and I cram the nerf ball deep in your mouth so that you can’t spit it out.

Your eyes search mine trying to find recognition – to no avail. I’m wearing a ski mask that covers my features. You start to hyperventilate and I slap your cheek, telling you to breathe. Slowly the situation sinks in – you are not going anywhere unless I let you.

I close and lock the door – then half pushing – half dragging you by your long brunette ponytail – down the hall, flipping on lights as we go. Finally I find the Master bedroom. Good – you have a huge 4-poster bed with a canopy over it. Perfect for tying you up.

I throw you on the bed and, grabbing your legs, one at a time, I take off your running shoes and your little girl anklets. Your feet are so pretty – scarlet toenails belying your pretended innocence.

Next – I reach for the button on your Levis at which time you aim a kick at my groin. Slapping you again – harder this time – I tell you to behave and you won’t get hurt. Undoing your Levis, bahis firmaları I pull them off your legs – roughly because you are fighting me.

Once done, I take one leg at a time and apply another pair of cuffs to each, spreading your legs open wide and cuff each leg to a post on the bed. Except for your little red thong, your sex would be wide open. I notice a wet spot forming. Good – this is exciting you but you wouldn’t admit it.

Releasing your hands, I leave one cuff attached and cuff you to a third post on the bed. Using my last pair of handcuffs, I cuff the other one to the remaining post. Now you are completely spread out on the bed and totally helpless.

I pull out my knife. Opening it, I run the point of the 6” blade along one leg up toward your little red thong. Goosebumps appear and you shiver thinking, perhaps, that I plan to kill you. Not so. I just need to cut your tight T-shirt off you. I would have slipped it over your head, but you were fighting me so.

After I cut off your T-shirt, I take the sleeping mask out of my pouch and place it over your eyes, adjusting it so that you can’t see my face. Then I remove my ski mask and get undressed. My cock has already swollen – just the sight of my darling lying there – helpless – just ready to be fucked. I won’t disappoint you. I see the wet spot on your little red thong is growing. Good!

I kneel on the bed and take one of your breasts in my mouth. Suckling your growing nipple while I massage and pinch the other nipple. Your body betrays you. You begin to respond, moaning and twisting. You want this – oh, yes – you want this.

I start moving my lips down your body, pausing at your belly button to dip my tongue in and twirl it around – causing your body to jerk. Slowly on down your body toward your sex, I kiss and lick all around your little mound that is so prominent under your little red thong. Your labia seems to be swelling – indications that you want me to continue. You kaçak iddaa can’t tell me, but the moaning you are doing into the nerf ball gag tells me how much you are turned on. I slowly, deliberately stroke your sex – forcing the thong between your pussy lips – searching out your hardening clit.

I leave you for a moment to gather up a couple of pillows to place under your firm little butt. Doubling them up, I force them under you – raising your pussy some 12 inches off the bed. Perfect.

Pulling your little red thong to one side – I tease you with one of my large fingers. Up and down the slit, flicking your clit in passing. This elicits further moaning from you. Your body jerks even higher, trying to force my finger even deeper in you. I pull it out, leaving you frustrated for the moment. I want you, baby daughter – more than you know. Ever since you turned 18 years old – I’ve wanted you. But I want this to be enjoyable for you. I want to excite you so much that you’ll pass out with happiness.

I kiss around your labia, dipping my hot tongue inside to drink your nectar. God! You taste so good. Running my tongue up and down your slit, I pause at the rose bud of your little puckered anus to twirl my tongue around it and try to poke it inside.

Back to licking your pussy, I wet a finger in your juices and probe your rose bud. Slowly my finger slips in to the first knuckle and, again, you emit a loud groan. I continue licking you, placing another finger deep within you searching for your G spot. Finally, I find it and your body goes berserk. You begin to orgasm like mad. I stop. Not good to have you cum too much before I’m ready. I continue licking, moving into position to insert my cock in your pussy.

Some 30 minutes have passed since I began kissing and nibbling on your tight little body and my cock is hard as a rock. Stroking my cock four or five times – I’m ready.

I lean forward and ease my cock-head into the opening of your bald little kaçak bahis cunt. Moving it up and down your slit, you try to reach up to me. You want my cock buried deep within you. Patience, baby girl. Patience.

I ease an inch or so of my cock into your cunt. God! You are so tight. I support myself on my hands and knees – maintaining contact between your pussy and my cock – and start slowly, ever so slowly – fucking my cock deep within you. I can’t believe how hot you are. You are constantly moaning and thrashing your head back and forth.

With my cock buried into your depths I stop fucking you and just lie on top of your lithe little body. Removing the nerf ball gag from your mouth – I clamp my mouth over yours and insert my tongue deep in your mouth. You suck it inside so passionately – I know you love me.

Then you begin to cum. Your tight little pussy clamps down on my cock and begins milking it, making the cum boil up in my balls – racing out of my cock and deep into your womb. Now baby girl, when I take the sleeping mask off – you smile. That radiant smile from ear to ear – then you tell me the truth. You knew it was me all along. The smell of my Lagerfeld Cologne gave me away. Damn! Why didn’t I think of that? All I could think about when I was showering and shaving earlier was what I was going to do to you. Damn!!! You’re smart, darling.

Lying there in post-coital bliss, my cock has not shrunk one bit. You keep squeezing it with your cunt muscles, trying to milk more cum from me.

I ask if you would like me to release you so you can get on top. “No,” you reply – time enough for that later.

Our hips continue little fucking circles against each other – my cock withdrawing and inch or two, then burying deep into you again until finally both of us are at the peak – ready to cum again. It’s fantastic – this love you have for me – and my love for you.

Finally sated – I release you so that we might dine together. Little kisses all up and down each of your limbs as I release them. Finally, the last handcuff off – I take you in my arms and hold you, kissing your neck and shoulders in those special spots that make you shiver and makes your pussy wet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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