The Surprised Attraction Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Note from the Author: This is my first piece I have written for this site. I have read many and have been inspired to allow the viewers of the site into my twisted head. This is the first chapter which I will use as feedback if I should continue the series or not. This is more of an introduction chapter and to build a little tension between the characters. There is still some hot stuff in this one, I didn’t want to leave that out but I hope for this story to build up and get even hotter throughout. If you enjoyed the read and want the story to continue I would appreciate it if you would leave your comments down below. Any criticism is welcome, it helps as a writer. If it will continue the I hope to write the chapters quickly to provide you guys with material at least every week. Enjoy!



Chapter 1 – The Meeting

Sixty five miles per hour hitting seventy on a forty five. Sam was not one for living the slow life. Everything was spontaneous with him. The only thing he truly took time to pursue is a relationship. He viewed himself as the faithful type and chose wisely when it came to girls. It was a thing he liked to tell himself through his whole life. He didn’t have his first girlfriend until High school, unlike all of his friends. The first lasted a year, followed by a second two years after the fallout. The second one only lasted for half the time but it wasn’t his idea to end things. His partner was not as committed as he was and she saw that and ended things to save him. Her final words to him were “find me when we are grown up”. He let that just slide right over him because if she didn’t want him then he didn’t want her in the future.

He was driving a 3 series BMW. Sam’s parents were very well off, with his mother working as a surgeon and his father being the CEO of a very successful start up company. Sam could have lived the high life, but chose not to. He wanted to do everything on his own. The car was the only thing he accepted from his parents because it was a dire necessity at the time.

One hand on the steering wheel and the other nuzzled in between the female sitting in the passenger seat. Seventy, Seventy Two, Seventy Five. Not a cop in site. His girlfriend, Kelly, of two years relaxed in the passenger seat as she got a warm massage between her legs. She was wearing a black dress that was tight around her body but relaxed after it got to her hips. It went down to just above her knees. Something conservative for her parents but also sexy for Sam. Rubbing up and down, Sam hit all the right spots. Kelly squirmed so much in her seat with her eyes closed and head arched back. Small moans were coming from her as Sam circled her warm crotch with his hand. Kelly as well as Sam starting to feel her panties getting wet which is when he decided to take it a bit further. He moved his hand up all the way to her belly button and plunged back down gliding smoothly through the barrier that covered up Kelly’s privates. At that instant Kelly’s eyes shot open and she swatted his away as soon as he got to her clit.

“Oh no you don’t! Not right now!” Kelly said all flustered.

“Aww come on you were enjoying it.” Sam replied.

“Yes but we are on our way to see my parents and this is the first time you’re meeting them!”


“So, I don’t want to be sitting in front of my parents with wet panties and uncomfortable.”

“But they are already wet!”

“Not now Sam. Trust me I will have my way with you later.” She gave him a sexy look.

“How about right now though?”

“Are you crazy? You are already speeding. Do you want to kill us?”

“Nothings going to happen, c’mon”


“You know you want to” Sam said as he started to unzip his jeans.

“I do but not right now. I am not trying to die right now.”

“Fine. Party Pooper.”

“Aw hush now. Ok we are getting close you wanna take the next exit.”

As Kelly said that Sam’s heart started to pound harder and faster than usual. He thought he was ready. This was the first time meeting Kelly’s parents. You would have thought this would have happened already but the distance from the two of them was so far, there was really no middle ground. They both went to college and were in their senior years but it was only close to Sam and not Kelly so she would take trains to the university and they would meet up there.

“Ok so refresh me on everything I need to know again” Sam said.

“Oh shush you’re going to be fine!”

“No for real I like to be prepared for things like this.”

“Fine. My mom is an accountant and my father works with stocks. He is very proud about his job. You can ask him what he does to start a conversation. I think you’ll enjoy it.”

“Ok, Ok. Sounds good.”

“And my sister… Well she’s quiet the social one so you shouldn’t have a problem with her at all.”

“Ok but tell me a little about her incase I need some startup conversations.”

“Um… She’s in her freshmen year of college at bahis firmaları UCSB. She plays for the soccer team there, so she is really athletic.”

“Interesting. Hmm anything else?”

“I don’t know Sam, ask her yourself!”

“Fine, fine!”

“Turn right over here. It’s number 46. The big white one.”

“They are all big and white.” Sam gave her a face.

“Shush just go slow, i’ll tell you when.”

Sam slowed down the speed to a steady five miles per hour to carefully examine every front door or mailbox to scout out the numbers. Twenty three, Twenty five. Wrong side. She said to the right. Twenty six, twenty eight. As the numbers grew, Sam’s heart beat faster but he didn’t show it. Nobody would have ever guessed that he was nervous. No sweat, no hesitation, just internal nervousness. It would go away though as soon as everything was in motion. He was good at this type of stuff. At least he thought he was. For all he knew he could have sounded like an 8 year old kid trying to impress a fellow classmate and failing horribly.

“It’ s the one after this one.” Kelly pointed.

Forty four. Forty six. Sam cruised passed the house but stopped and pulled toward the curb when he got to the edge of the house. He put the car in park and turned the ignition off.

“You could have parked in the driveway.” Kelly pointed out.

“I didn’t want to block anyone incase one of your parents had to make an emergency escape. Not because of work. Because of how awkward this dinner is going to be.”

“Oh stop being a drama queen, you’re going to be fine!”

“Yeah I know, I just get a little nervous. I want to make a good first impression. You only get one of those, ya know”

“Yeah. Thats why they are called FIRST impressions. Now get yourself together and lets go.”

Kelly leaned in for a kiss and as their lips touched all the weight on Sam’s shoulders lifted. His heart came to a comfortable beating rhythm and his muscles loosened up. It was time. The girl that he loved was bringing him to meet her parents for the very first time.

Sam got out of the car and quickly ran to the other side. As Kelly opened the door, Sam quickly grabbed it and showed his chivalrous side in case her parents were watching through the window. Making the “this way” hand gesture he tilted his head to signal Kelly to exit the car. She sprang up a huge smile because she loved the small things like that. She got out of the car and gave sam a huge hug. It felt so warm and comfortable to Sam that it was good and bad at the same time. Her hugs always did some things to Sam. Kelly was a very good looking girl with long brown hair and hazel eyes. She has a 34B bust that when pressed up against Sam, it got him going a little bit.

“Oh god no. Not now.” Sam said looking down at his pants where a bulge started to appear.

“Hide that monster!” Kelly exclaimed. “You are about to meet my parents!”

“This was not my fault! You could have taken care of this before we got here.”

“Just think of something else. Lets go.”

The more Sam tried to think of something else the harder it was to not think of sex. He was a college guy, that was a main thing on his mind most of the time. But he wanted to keep his composure while he was meeting his girlfriends parents for the first time. He started to force himself to think of the latest hockey game that was on TV. That was working. Every step closer to the door the bulge got weaker and weaker. Once they reached the door it was nearly gone. Sarah got her keys out and started to work the lock and opened the door.

The first one to greet the two was Kelly’s mom. She was around 5’6 with long brown hair and didn’t look a day past 30 but was in her early 40s. She also shared the same bust size which Sam couldn’t help but noticing. The two of them looked so similar. Like mother like daughter. Sam politely shook her hand.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you Sam, we’ve heard great things about you!”

“Oh no Mrs. Dalton, the pleasure is all mine. This has been an over due visit.”

“Max!” Mrs. Dalton yelled. “Kelly and Sam are here. Come down!”

“Ill be down in a second!” Mr. Dalton replied.

“Whatever you are cooking smells fantastic.” Sam pointed out.

“I am making some steaks and home made mashed potatoes. I hope that is okay with you. I can make something else for you if you don’t eat meat.”

“Oh no that is perfect! It smells amazing. I cant wait!”

Mr. Dalton started to head down the stairs. He was on the phone which seemed to be a very important call. Sam picked up on that and waited until he was approached to say anything.

“Ok we’ll talk later, I am about to have dinner” Mr. Dalton said thought the phone and clicking the end button. “Sam Mattherson. It’s nice to finally put a face to the name.”

“Likewise Sir.” Sam stretched his arm out for a handshake.

If there was one thing Sam believed in, it was a proper handshake. He gripped Mr. Dalton’s hand fully and firmly. The kaçak iddaa squeeze was not too hard but not too soft. He took time in perfecting it and believed that it was the best way to make an unnoticeable good first impression.

“I don’t know about you Sam but I am ready for this steak Maria has cooked up!”

“Oh I am in the same boat. It smells amazing in here.”

“While we are on the topic of steaks, Sam” Mrs. Dalton started. “How do you like yours cooked?”

“If its not a bother, I like it well done please.” Sam replied.

“Oh ho ho, I already like him Kelly,” Mr. Dalton said.

“A piece of steak Sam. A piece of steak.” Kelly said. ” You just bonded with my dad over a piece of a steak. I told you there was nothing to be worried about.”

“Aw what’s the worry. No need to be worried here. We are a welcoming family.” Mr. Dalton said. “Especially if you’re a well done kind of guy.”

Mr. Dalton gave Sam a little nudge on the shoulder.

“He loves his steak cooked well done. He is a strong advocate of it.” Kelly explained.

“I just think if you are going to cook something, might as well COOK it.” Mr. Dalton said.

“Where is Leah by the way Dad?”

“She is up stairs getting ready.”

“Ugh, so we aren’t going to see her all night.”

“Oh no she should be almost done. Go see if you can get her to come down, and give Sam the tour of the house.”

“Sounds like a good idea. Come on Sam.”

Kelly grabbed Sam’s arm and led him to the the staircase. The house wasn’t as big as sam expected. There weren’t too many rooms. The size mostly dealt with individual room size. 4 bedrooms in total. A master bedroom for the parents, two bedrooms on the opposite side of the parents room for the children and a guest bedroom downstairs. It was very well decorated which Kelly pointed out that her mom took great pride in that.

They finally reached Leah’s room where they heard top 40s music playing. Kelly didn’t even bother knocking. She stormed in and locked her feet and put her hands to her sides.

“You didn’t hear us come in?” Kelly yelled over the music. “I haven’t seen you in four months, you should be downstairs waiting for me!”

“Oh stop being a drama queen.” Leah got up from her bed to give Kelly a hug.

Leah was only an inch taller than Kelly. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes which she got from her father. She had a very athletic body that Sam couldn’t help but notice. Her bust was bigger than Kelly and her mother at 32C. Accompanying her bust Leah had a nicely toned and firm ass. It was a great ratio which Sam thought was perfect. Her athletic body only made Sam stare harder. She was definitely attractive but Sam had to hold it together. Look at the ceiling. Look at the walls. Look at Kelly. Look anywhere.

“This is the Sam I have been hearing so much about!” Leah exclaimed.

She came towards Sam with open arms to give him a hug. He returned the hug but as they hugged, Leah’s tits pressed up against his chest and Sam’s friend started to come alive again. This was not the time. He had to think of something else but failed. The hug released and Sam was standing their awkwardly with a half chub only being held back by the jeans he was wearing. It wasn’t noticeable but it made him feel very uncomfortable. This was his girlfriends sister. He had to control himself. But he thought to himself, ‘thank god I didn’t hug Kelly’s mom, that would have been really awkward’. The whole family was good looking.

“He’s hotter in person too,” Leah winked. “Good catch Kelly.”

“Well thank you. I told you I have good taste.”

That didn’t help the half chub that was now turning into an all out erection held back by his jeans. Find a seat. He had to find a seat. Luckily there was a chair to his left that he nonchalantly made his way to and sat down putting his hands over his full on erection. Leah was all dressed up in a very tight dress that accentuated her nice curves. She was still working on putting on her make up in the mirror. He had to change the subject to get these girls off the topic of how hot he was. But then again he could let it go on and take it all in. Let his ego blow up.

“This is a nice set up you have here Leah.” Sam spun around in the chair observing the place. “I like the color contrasts you chose.”

“Finally! Someone notices how artistic I am!”

“You chose those colors randomly Leah.” Kelly said.

“Sam didn’t know that. Come on Kelly let me have some fun!” Leah smirked.

“But I actually do like it. Even if it was randomly. Good job” Sam said.

“Thank you.” Leah paused from the mirror and turned around and put her hand to her mouth and blew him a kiss.

On the wall to the right there were all of Leah’s trophies on multiple shelves. The tallest and most prominent ones were on top, while the everyday mediocre trophies were on the bottom which was almost to the floor. There had to be around 40 trophies. To the right of the trophies there was a line of pictures of her kaçak bahis playing soccer. To the left there was the typical Beckham poster without his shirt on every girl who played soccer would have.

“Thats a whole collection of trophies you have,” Sam said.

“Thats only the ones she’s proud of,” Kelly pointed out. “She has boxes in the garage that are filled.”

“I honestly hate those trophies,” Leah said. “I don’t care much for them. I just enjoy playing the game, and I happen to be very good at it so its nice. Those are only for decoration purposes.”

“Thats awesome though.” Sam replied. “I used to play football but it was only for the scholarships. I wasn’t in it for the passion. I mean don’t get me wrong it was fun at first but when you put money in the picture, I just feel like it made things worse and different.”

“He played for our college for what, two years?”

“One and a half.” Sam corrected. “My parents said they would pay the full tuition so I wouldn’t have to play anymore because I suffered a really bad neck injury but I’ve healed now.”

“Oh that sounds so bad,” Leah said. “But good for you at the same time? You wanted to stop playing right?”

“Yes, it was the perfect excuse to get out of it.”

“Well hopefully college doesn’t take the fun out of soccer. It’s only been one semester so far and it hasn’t been so bad.”

“Thats good. You should continue with it all the way if it’s something you love. Hey maybe one day you might make it to the big leagues as well!”

“Yeah I hope so.”

From downstairs a yell was heard indicating that dinner was ready. Leah finished putting on her make up and they all headed downstairs. Going downstairs they had Sam in the back and leah in front of him. Kelly was leading the pack. Sam had a perfect view of Leah’s. All he could do was stare at her round toned ass giving a little bounce with every step down the stairs. It was starting up some unwanted things again.

‘That’s your girlfriends sister, Sam. Get a hold of yourself, look at Kelly’s ass in front. No no don’t look at any ass just stare at the walls. Can’t have a full on erection at dinner. Oh shit it’s not working her ass is so nice.’

They finally got to the dinner table and all sat down. The two girls sat at either side of Sam while Mr. Dalton sat at the head of the table with his wife right next to him. Sam sat there trying to get rid of his erection but it wasn’t working. He had to look to his right to talk to Kelly’s parents. Leah sat in between them so whenever he looked over to speak to Mr. Dalton, he got a good peak of Leah’s tits. Her dress wasn’t revealing any cleavage but it was white that was a little see through so you could see the white bra that was holding up her round tits.

The dinner conversations were free flowing, talking about Kelly’s parents jobs, Sam’s past football career, and even a little bit of politics since his major was Political Science. He told them how he wanted to land a job in the senate but anything in DC would be great for him. All of this conversation was being held while Sam had a hard on. It didn’t cause too much trouble though because of the small square cloth he laid on his lap. There was one incident though where Leah accidentally had some of her potato go flying into Sam’s lap right on his hard on that he parted to the side so it wasn’t sticking right up. He was going to get it off himself but before he could do anything she reached down and grabbed it. She apologized as she grabbed the potato for dropping it on him but she got a little too much of a feel. Sam looked at her expression as she picked it up and her eyes went wide for a little but she let it slide because she didn’t want to make anything awkward. They all just went right back to eating and let the night continue.

At the end of the night, Sam thanked Kelly’s parents for the great dinner and that it was really nice to meet them. Both of them had to return to campus for finals week so they made the drive back. Leah already finished all her exams and was relaxing at home. Before they left, Sam said goodbye to Leah with a hug and it felt easy and not awkward. He thought she was just going to let it slide and not make anything of it. For all she knew he could have been fantasizing about Kelly.

As they got back to campus Kelly offered Sam to sleep at her place because her roommate was away until the end of the weekend visiting her boyfriend at their hometown. Sam had no intention of turning that down. He was going to get her back for the car ride there.

They parked the car and headed inside. As soon as they entered the apartment Sam swung Kelly around, grabbed her by the ass, and lifted her up. In perfect rhythm she wrapped her legs around his waist and held on. It was like they were doing a rehearsed dance. They went into a passionate deep kiss. No tongue just kissing. Eyes closed Sam blindly made his way to the couch that was right next to the door. He laid her down gently while their lips were still locked.

“Where did this come from,” Kelly asked.

“From teasing me in the car before,” Sam replied and immediately continued kissing.

“That was all your fault.”

“But we could have done something about it there.”

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