The Visit

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Bachelorette Party

Well, I had finally gotten the vacation time off and the plane ticket. I was going to see my good friend Dayna, who lived in Houston. My name’s Mike, and I’m a web design specialist in South Dakota. Dayna and I had been talking off and on in a chat room for over a year, and this was our first meeting. Yeah, I liked her, but she’s a lesbian. That was cool with me (wouldn’t it be for most guys? You never know when you might get lucky.)

I slept on the way there. It was only a 3 hour flight, but I’d been up a wee late last night packing. When I landed, I felt the nervous rush of adrenaline that always accompanies meeting a new person from online. I’d met people before, and it was fun.

When I got off the plane, I searched for her and quickly found her. Wow! Her pictures didn’t do her justice. She was about 5’8, 140 lbs, and had flowing blond hair to her shoulders. Her chest looked nice, but it wasn’t too noticeable under her loose shirt and jeans. I hugged her and said “Hey! How’re ya doin!”

“Fine,” she said. “Let’s get your bags and get rolling.” We walked over to the baggage gate and soon had my bags stowed in her trunk and were on our way. We made idle conversation on the way to her place, the weather, the trip, blah blah blah. It was only my second trip to bahis firmaları Houston, having gone there for an uncle’s wedding when I was 10. I didn’t remember much so everything was pretty much new. We even went by Kennedy Space Center, where there was an old rocket laid out on its side. We couldn’t see it, but I hoped we’d get to it in the coming days.

We finally got to her apartment, and brought my bags in. “So what should we do for dinner tonight?” she asked. “Anyplace you want to go to?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “Where can we go?”

Her eyes lit up a bit. “How about we go to that one bar I was telling you about? Great burgers there.” She’d once told me about taking me to a lesbian bar she went to, as her gay friend. I’d laughed at that but decided, “What the hell, why not?”

So that night we went to the bar, had some burgers, met a lot of the people she knew. A couple even checked me out and gave wolf whistles to Dayna. “Going bi on us, Dayna?” one hot brunette said to her. “Nahh, he’s gay.” she told her. They both laughed and sipped their drinks.

It was a good thing her apartment wasn’t too far from her place; she was a bit drunk by the time we left. I had one drink, but I was still pretty sober. When we got back, I helped her to her bed and kaçak iddaa headed over to the couch. We both fell asleep pretty quick, I was kinda tired from the day’s events.

The next morning, I woke up and she was still sleeping, so I figured I’d just shower and make us some breakfast. I hopped in and lathered myself down and washed my hair. As I was getting out I saw the door open, and Dayna walked in. “Mike? You almost done?” she asked. “Yeah,” I said. “Gimme a sec.” I turned off the shower and grabbed my towel and wrapped it around myself. I pulled the curtain away and there she was, in the buff. “When you’re done with that towel, give it to me,” she said. “it’s my last one and I need to do laudry.”

Now, I’m used to seeing a woman naked, lived with a gf for a long while, but when I saw Dayna, ol’ Spike jumped to attention. I turned around and unwrapped myself and dried off. When I turned to face her, she grinned. “Looks like somebody’s awake.” she said coyly. I blushed a bit and said, “ you go.” and walked out fast.

I heard the water running as I sat on her bed. God, she was hot. I needed relief and it’d been a few days since I’d given Spike any attention. I figured, what the hell, I’ll probably be finished before she gets out. I laid back and started kaçak bahis to relieve myself of the tension.

Next thing I heard was, “Gee, you’re mean. You started out without me!” I opened my eyes and sat up. There was Dayna, wet and naked in front of me. “Oh..uh..” was all I managed to blurt out. “Here, let me help.” she said and grabbed my cock and started stroking. “Oohhhh,” I moaned. “Don’t go too fassst…want to last..” She grinned at me and then straddled my hips. “You know, I’ve never had a man in me before. I think it’s time I did.” and with that, thrust herself on my cock. I gasped at how tight she was and blew a load into her. She smiled. “Minuteman.” she teased and started riding me. I instictively grabbed hold of her breasts and played with her hard nipples. “Ohhh! I love that,” she moaned and started riding me harder. I leaned up and sucked on her nipples and she grabbed hold of my head, her hips slapping into mine. God, she was tight

She must’ve had a lot of tension too, as I felt my cock being squeezed and pulled. She was cumming so hard, my cock was stuck in her! I held on and moaned. “I’mmmmmm cummmmiiinnnnnggggg” she moaned and when she could, thrust down even harder on me. I groaned and felt another load about to shoot. “DAAAAYYYYNNNNNAAAAA” I cried as my second load shot out, even more intense than my first. When I was done, Dayna leaned down and kissed my lips. “I can see this is going to be a fun visit,” she said sweetly into my ear.

to be continued…

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