The Waiting Game’s Reward

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It is dark outside. There’s a full moon tonight, hanging voluptuously low in the blue-black sky. It’s the kind of moon that makes you believe anything is possible and there are no limits to having what you desire. I have been waiting for you to arrive. I pace restlessly around the house, wineglass hanging forgotten in my hand. There’s a pattern now to my path. Bedroom to living room. Sit in the chair briefly. To the kitchen to look out the window of the back door. No headlights. Back to the chair to sit impatiently, fidgeting. Back into the bedroom…and over again it begins. Finally! I hear the crunching of the gravel as you pull up and park outside. My heart starts pounding and my mouth goes dry. I feel giddy. Almost light-headed. I go into the kitchen and see your lights go off. I set the wineglass down beside the sink and open the door. You make your way over to the stairs where I am waiting in the warm velvet dark.

“Hey baby.” Your deep voice gives me shivers as you come up the steps towards me. I go into your arms and feel the solid warmth of your body pressed against mine. And just like that all of the stress I’ve been carrying for the week is gone. I take you by the hand and lead you into the bedroom, and as soon as the door is closed I am in your arms, my mouth on yours. You pick me up, never breaking contact, and I wrap my legs around you as you walk to the bed. We fall onto the bed and you are pressed against me, body to body with my legs still wrapped around you. I feel you press into me and moan softly against your mouth. I think I will die if you do not fill me up with you soon… You thrust against me again, grinding me lightly and I almost cry at the intensity bahis firmaları of the feeling. I need you inside me right now. I fumble with your belt, and you take over, stripping quickly. You are erect and ready and you palm yourself a little as you watch me slide my bra down my shoulders. I love you watching me, and I watch the change in your eyes as I drop the bra to the floor and show you my bare breasts. I reach for the lace edge of my panties, but you stop me.

“Uh uh. I’m doing that.” You tell me with an intense look on your face as you go to your knees on the floor in front of me. Pulling the lace to the side you lower your head and breathe warm air over me. My own breath catches and my entire body tenses in anticipation. Goose bumps break out over my arms and legs, and I can feel myself becoming wetter.

“Do you want me?” You ask me. I can only nod at you.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you then.”

“Your mouth.” I say.

“What about my mouth?” You ask. Your voice is almost a growl. My own has gone dry and I’m hoarse when I answer.

“Please.” I whisper. I can hear the strain in my own voice. I see you lick your lips as your gaze shifts to my smooth mound and feel myself clench in response. You’re looking at my pussy as if it’s the best dessert you’ve ever laid eyes on, and seeing that expression on your face is about the hottest thing I have ever seen!

“Lie down and spread your legs.”

“Yes!” I breathe.

I watch you lower your mouth slowly, our eyes never breaking contact. I’m mesmerized watching you and watching you watch me as you slowly lick my outer lips. And then I feel you slide two fingers inside me. I’m ridiculously kaçak iddaa wet and I can’t stop the involuntary thrust of my hips to meet you. It’s instinctive. An automatic reaction to the intensity of the feeling that is already an unbearable ache. The sounds are erotic all by themselves. I am so wet, and the sound of your fingers sliding in and out of me makes a juicy noise. Hooking your thumbs into the soft lace above my hips, you strip the panties off me and then spread my legs a bit wider. You’re looking at me up the line of my body and I feel a jolt as your gaze connects with mine again.

“Raise your legs and spread them.”

I instantly do as you say.

“I want to suck on you.” You tell me and I know what you’re about to do. The anticipation alone makes me even wetter as you seal your mouth over me and suck gently.

“Oh my God!” I cry out as my legs go boneless and my knees fall backwards towards my chest.

“Good, baby?” You ask. But I am incapable of speech and can only moan as you lower your head again to place your flattened tongue against me to massage that tiny ball of fire. I can feel myself spiraling towards orgasm and it intensifies even more when you slide your fingers back inside me. My hips are bucking and my nipples are stiffened into nubbled peaks. We are in a rhythm…your mouth and tongue, your fingers, and my hips and all I want is to explode and release this pent up feeling.

“Come for me, Brandy!” You command and resume sucking. Instantly I feel it coming…the wave rolls up through my body and the sun explodes from my clit outward, waves of pleasure rippling over and over and making me clench and spasm as I melt into bonelessness. But kaçak bahis we aren’t done. I sense your urgency. It is that primal urge to mate…to possess. You’re going to fuck me, and God I want you to! I am floating on a haze of endorphins as you slide up my body. The feel of your chest as it slides across my breasts is electric and I can feel myself spasm again in response. My nipples are incredibly sensitive and the hair on your chest keeps them at attention. I feel you slide against my lips, the head spreading them apart. I can’t help it, I’m spasming again. My hips bucking against yours in response. It’s so sensitive and I’m still so incredibly aroused.

And then I feel you sink into position. I am open and soaking wet, my lips wrapped around the head of your stone-hard dick as it presses against my opening. My body is tense with need. It’s the knowledge of what you are about to do and how it is going to feel when you do it. The anticipation is agony and I press upward, my mound against you, silently begging you to please, please, please fu… our eyes meet and I feel that electric connection between us blaze and then “Now!” You growl and slam into me hard and deep. You sink into me full length, the head hitting my cervix and drawing a scream of mixed pleasure and pain out of me. I sink my teeth into your shoulder as my orgasm rips through me, the center of me clamping and spasming around you as you fuck me hard, the slap of your body against mine reverberating through my very bones until you explode inside of me, nearly shouting my name as your own climax rages through you, leaving you spent and trembling in my arms.

“I’m sorry I bit you.” I murmur in quiet lassitude.

“It’s ok, baby, I earned it.”

I hear the grin in your voice as you say it. I fall asleep safe in your arms, my body imprinted with yours, the smile of a woman well and truly fucked by her man on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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