Thursday Morning

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Big Tits

It was a Thursday morning.

I had worked 12 hours the previous day, and so was taking a much-needed day off to rejuvenate.

Maybe she was, too. My friend sets her own hours, and I’m never sure what she’ll be doing at a given time.

I texted.

“Are you working today?”

Probably just wishful thinking, I knew.

“Planning to. Not there yet. What’s up?” Came the reply.

My dick perked up. I ignored it. It was already after 10:00 A.M. She wouldn’t have time to stop over. I responded and told her I was home, probably just going to vegetate today.

“Should I come harass you before work?”

Again I felt my pants tighten as her reply lit up my phone.

“Sure,” I typed. “Come on over.”

She arrived wearing the oversized cardigan I can’t stand, but the tank she had on underneath was soft enough to show off the outline of her bra. The shirt surely hung lower than intended on her petite frame, giving me a nice view of her cleavage. I wondered if this was intentional; whether she chose the top especially for my benefit. Her pants fit nicely, too, and I found myself wishing she hadn’t worn a long sweater that covered her ass.

For a moment, my mind flashed to the time I had bent her over the arm of my couch, pulled her pants down, and watched my cock almost disappear into her. My dick stirred again at the memory, but I ignored it. I tried to put those thoughts out of my mind for now.

My friend took off her shoes and flopped down unceremoniously beside me on the couch. We talked about our weeks and our friends, nothing sexy or exciting. I tried my best not to stare at her mouth as she spoke; I held back the urge to reach a hand into her shirt when she leaned toward me. She was a bit more serious than usual, and a little more animated; perhaps she’d had coffee today, though I didn’t smell it on her breath. She certainly didn’t seem particularly aroused. And I was enjoying her company.

But when she fell silent and looked into my eyes, I couldn’t resist any longer. I reached a hand out and rested it first on her knee, then slowly made my way along her inner thigh.

“Hey…” it sounded like a protest, but she was smiling.

I pulled my hand away.

“Hey what?”

She didn’t answer me verbally. In one motion she was on top of me, straddling me on the couch, kissing me. In my surprise at how quickly she had escalated the situation, all I could do in response was kiss her back. She tasted good; a little sweet. She wrapped an arm around my neck and tangled her fingers into my hair. I allowed my hands to explore her body. I couldn’t wait to feel all of her.

As my tongue pushed deeper into her mouth, my cock swelled. I’m large enough that my dick will often end up confined inside one leg of my pants, and now illegal bahis it ached to be set free. As if she could feel my predicament, my friend began running her hand along the inside of my waistband. She wanted to to feel me. I didn’t need much persuasion.

I slid my hand inside my pants, and pulled my cock up and under the waistband, offering it to her. Her hand found it instantly, as she kissed me all the more passionately. Her touch was soft and just a little too gentle. I grew as hard as I’ve ever been.

As we kissed, she unzipped my pants so slowly, I wondered if my erection might cause the zipper to break. Every few moments she would stop to tease and caress me. Once my whole cock was exposed to her, though, she stepped back, bent forward, and slid her tongue from the base to the tip, before returning her lips to mine, her hand never leaving my hard cock.


I’m still not sure whether I said this aloud, or if she sensed it from me. It wasn’t tough for her to feel how ready I was.

“I want you,” I whispered almost breathlessly into her ear.

“My pussy is driving me crazy right now,” she whispered back, “but I’d love to make you feel good.”

What? In the same moment that my mind tried to make sense of this, my body already understood. Her breath felt warm in my ear, and I could swear that I felt it on my dick as well. I would be receiving a blowjob to completion today, I knew. The lust that surged through me became almost unbearable.

I had wanted to make her feel good too. I loved feeling her come all over me. I particularly loved when we both retained enough control that I could sink myself into her as deeply as she could take me, and hold very still there. If we could stand it long enough, she would begin to come, lightly at first, but the longer I pressed into her this way, the more intense her orgasms would become. No one else has ever done this to her, she often told me with mild amazement in her voice. When a girl says that to you, if you believe her, it is one of the most incredible feelings in the world – especially if you’re still holding your cock as deep inside her as possible, while she writhes with pleasure in the throes of yet another orgasm.

As much as I love to make her come as many times as I can, my dick now throbbed at the thought of the way she would suck me. She was one of the few girls to tell me she loved giving head. She would imagine what I was feeling as she brought me closer and ever closer to the brink, and this excited her so much she often had trouble stopping in time to let me fuck her. She even liked letting me come in her mouth – so much so that she would let me pull out of her dripping wet pussy so that she could suck the orgasm from me. Before I knew this about her, I’d have hardly illegal bahis siteleri believed it myself. I still wonder sometimes if she tells me these things because she knows how hard it makes me. But I can tell when a girl is into what’s happening, and when she’s humoring me. I’m not a fan of being humored. This girl honestly loves to give me pleasure.

My friend does not let go of my dick until we reach my bedroom. Before I can even get into bed, she kneels and takes the tip into her mouth, holding the shaft, swirling her tongue around and around the head until I feel dizzy. Just before it becomes too much for me, she uses her hand to guide my penis into her mouth as deeply as she can take it.

The feel of her tonsils around my cock head always makes me gasp in amazement. Her whole hand still fits around the base, and she uses it to help control the angle and the pace as she gently works me in a little deeper, then pulls back to suck on me.

I can tell I won’t last long; I can feel the pressure building inside of me already. I force myself to speak, and ask her if I can lay down.

“Of course,” she pulls me out of her mouth only long enough to say this, and then takes me back into her throat, so suddenly that it takes my breath away again.

She doesn’t want to stop. I can’t stop her. I can’t protest. All I can do is try to steady myself in case she forces me to come right here, standing up. The thought sends a little surge of excitement through my body, and I have to struggle to retain control. Not yet, I tell myself.

Finally she pulls her mouth away and looks up at me, hands still caressing my throbbing dick.

“I thought you were going to lay down,” she teases. I fairly stagger towards the bed. She stands and gives my chest a playful almost-push, and then I’m on my back. She kneels between my legs.

Now she’s taking her time. She holds my erection in both hands and runs her tongue up and down its entire length, not yet allowing me back in her mouth. More, I beg silently, and it’s as if she hears me. Again, she takes me into her throat. A soft moan escapes my lips, and I barely notice it. It’s all I can do not to come down her throat right then. I focus all my attention into keeping my hips as still as I can. I’m trembling.

She pulls back to take a breath, and then, with one hand wrapped firmly around the base of my cock to guide it, she slips me into her throat again, deeper this time, possibly deeper than she’s ever taken me in her mouth. I am very careful not to thrust.

She finds her rhythm and bobs her head up and down, allowing the head of my dick to pop in and out of her throat on every stroke. All too quickly, the pleasure threatens to overwhelm me.

“I’m close,” is all I can manage to say.

She canlı bahis siteleri slows almost to a stop, then pulls back until only the tip is still between her lips. The message is clear – she isn’t ready yet. She wants to continue blowing me a little while longer.

I try to calm myself for her as she holds my cock gently in one hand, running her lips and tongue slowly up and down the shaft, occasionally stopping to suck just the tip. Her other hand explores my body, her fingertips tracing tingling lines from my legs to my chest and back.

When she senses that I’m no longer in immediate danger of coming, she takes me back into her mouth, bobbing up and down again, but more slowly this time, and not as deep as before. Her lips pull ever so gently at my cockhead on the upstroke, and all the while her tongue caresses my shaft. For a few wonderful minutes I maintain my composure.

But as my excitement builds, so does hers. She takes me into her throat again, and this time I can tell what she wants from me. There is an urgency in her, almost a hunger, that mimics my own arousal. She tries to force me even deeper, until she gags just a little, then pulls back and sucks me hard.

“You’re going to make me come.” My words come out in a ragged whisper.

Her pace is faster now. She seems to want it almost as badly as I do.

“It’s going to be a lot,” I warn her.

“Mmmmmmmm.” I feel her response more than I hear it. The vibration nearly sends me over the edge. I open my mouth to speak again, but at that moment she takes me into her throat.

“It’s yours.”

I can feel the orgasm rising up in me even as the words escape my lips. My entire body quivers. I explode into her. She pulls back only for an instant; later I will realize this was because she wanted to taste me. Then she takes me deep and allows me to come down her throat. Her tongue strokes my shaft, while her hand holds the base firmly. She cups my balls in her other hand, using light pressure like I’ve shown her. It is all I can do to keep my hips still as my cock pumps thick, feverishly hot jets of semen straight down her throat for what might be eternity.

Only when she’s sure I’m fully spent does my friend pull her head back from me, keeping her lips tight so as not to spill a drop. She keeps the tip inside her lips and swallows. Twice. Then she takes me back into her mouth and sucks gently, making sure I have nothing left for her. Pleasurable aftershocks course through my body, and I wonder if any of them cause me to leak in her mouth just a little bit more. Without breaking our connection, she licks my cock clean all over. It’s almost more than I can take. Only when she is satisfied that she’s swallowed every last bit of my seed does she remove her mouth from me and crawl up to lay beside me in the bed. With a contented sigh, she rests her head carefully on my chest.

As my eyes close, the only thought that finds its way into my head is of what I look forward to doing for her the next time she ends up in my bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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