Toying With a Fantasy

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You humored me after an impromptu drunken dinner by walking me past a local sex toy shop and asking if I wanted to go in. Of course I said yes. We went in and I let my imagination go wild thinking of the things that I’m not supposed to do to you, with you…Taking in the array of natural and unnatural looking objects we could enjoy each other with…what new pleasures could we discover?

I imagined stumbling back to your car to sit and sober up, arms around each other more for familiarity than stability. I’d know that you’re at the right level to not think twice about making a move on me. You’d know that I’m at the right level to encourage it and not be inhibited about wanting it. You’d want to get in the driver’s seat of course, but I will climb into the back seat for a change and entice you to join me. There, you can sit closer to me, in the middle, and not reach so far to get under my increasingly raised skirt.

You’d politely start off over my clothes and panties, but I would invite you to find out how wet I was for you already or just lead your hand there myself. Excited fingers would push my underwear to the side and rub circles on my engorged clit before diving in. Your lips would run down my neck before finding my own. I’d let out my first of many sighs, letting you know you were on the right track. I would selfishly enjoy the sensation for a little while before I’d return the favor, running my hand up your pant leg and giving your increasingly growing cock some healthy squeezes.

Eager to do more, you’d pull me on to your lap to straddle you face to face as you’d pull my underwear off. My breasts would maltepe escort still be mostly clothed in front of you, and you’d nuzzle yourself in them as you’d run your hands over my stomach and back to take my bra off.

I would run my fingers through your hair and kiss your forehead as your lips trace patterns on my neck and collarbone. Your hands expertly unlatch my bra and take my shirt off only to find their way back into my hair to remind me who was in control. You’d enjoy making me gasp when you pull my head slightly back to allow your tongue free roam from nipple to earlobe and back down again. Your other hand will roam over my back and over my ass and find my wetness from behind. As your fingers enter me again, I’ll beg for your cock instead, grinding down onto you and spreading my knees further.

Still kissing my neck, you’d move to pull your clothes off and I’d enjoy watch your cock bounce free. I’d push you back down again and position the tip against my soaking wet clit, rubbing myself with you, teasing both of us. I’d hold onto an overhead handle for stability, but your hands are everywhere, my tits, my legs, scratching my back, but mostly on my head and neck – you’ve discovered my on buttons. You know touching the nape of my neck makes me weak and you use it to your advantage.

You’d give me a hair pull, then move your hands down my back, under my legs, and spread me open as I hover my clit over your cock. It would of course immediately find its wet, tight target which will cause me to moan and you to graze my collarbone with your teeth. I’ll push down to feel you fully mamak escort inside of me and you’ll resume your control on my hair while burying your face in my neck. I’ll run my nails on your scalp and arch my back to take you deep – with each thrust you’ll hear me gasp.

The pressure in you builds and one of your hands will hold both of mine tight against my back, and the other still keeps hold of my hair close to the scalp. You’ll feel the need to increase the pace and thrust up into me, pulling me closer, feeling my tits bounce against your chest. Your body will hit my clit in just the right way. I’ll regain use of my hands and push your head back against the seat, kissing your neck and mouth as I fuck you at the pace you chose.

You’d tell by my higher pitched moaning that I’m perilously close to coming, so you need to find the self control to stop without pulling out and reach for the toy I drunkenly bought at the shop (as you looked on with bemused eyes) – a butt plug shaped about the same length and slightly thinner than your cock. I bite my lip as you run your fingers through my juices and up to probe my ass, finding the right spot to start slowly fucking me with the toy. A small gasp as you guide it in for the first time, but the feeling quickly becomes pleasurable. I’ll squeal and hold you tighter as I get used to the sensation of my ass getting filled, enjoying knowing your cock is still rock hard inside my pussy. Your breathing sounds constrained because you’re holding yourself off too. You use the unending wetness I’m capable of to drive the last inch of the plug inside of me before ankara escort gently fucking me with it while the rest of your body is motionless. I’ll call out to god for the thousandth time.

I’ll finally take control of the toy when you look so turned on it’s painful, when you’re begging me to start fucking you again. You will resume the authoritative grip on my hair and my hips will resume a sensual pace to match the one I’m using with the toy. I’ll find a good rhythm having both holes fucked at once and start to speed up, eventually just wearing the plug all the way in and enjoying the feeling of being on top of you.

At that point I’ll be overwhelmed with pleasure and will have started to grind my clit against your body. My moaning won’t stop. You’ll stick your hand, slick with my pussy juices, in my mouth as you whisper in my ear that you’re in control of all my holes and there’s simply nothing I can do about it. I’ll never want you as bad as I do that moment, totally submitting to you and trusting you to make me come. Your tongue replaces your fingers in my mouth as I near the tipping point and let out a primitive groan.

I’ll grind my clit against your body and the sensation of my ass being stuffed, my pussy being pounded, and my lips on yours will start the cascade of pleasure and animal noises you recognize as my first orgasm. I’ll pull your hair and cry out into your neck, then whisper to slow down…You’ll do it, imperceptibly, and quickly bring me to my second one, stronger than the first. You’ll have to hold me as I dig my nails around your neck and into your back and feel myself lose control and squirt on your still thrusting cock. You’ll feel it happen and that will compel you to start losing your own control deep inside of me, finally letting go in sweet release. You will empty yourself as I give my final moan and collapse against you, breathing heavily on your shoulder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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