Under Your Desk

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The minutes were creeping by in my interminable meeting. Why do these meetings always have to go on and on? Why do people feel the need to hear themselves talk for so long?

My phone buzzed. “Come to me. I need your mouth.” That’s all it said. That’s all it needed to say to get my heart racing. God. I needed you.

The minutes were agony. I needed this meeting to be over. I needed to be out of the office and on my way to you. I needed you in my mouth so bad I could barely breathe.

After an eternity of bloviating, the meeting finally, finally ended. I nearly sprinted out of the office. “OMW,” I texted you. “I forgot that I have a doctor’s appointment across town that I’m late for” I shouted to my assistant as I tore out the door.

The conundrum – public transportation or uber? The T would probably be faster at this hour, but it is so unreliable, and I think I might have a heart attack if there are delays. I bite the bullet, though, and on the subway I go.

I’m standing in a fairly crowded train, my body on fire. I look down at my phone again. “Come to me. I need your mouth.” It’s like a lightning bolt between my legs. Every time the train jolts or jerks I feel like my insides are being ripped apart. I need you inside me so much right now. Any part of you. Inside any part of me. As long as it’s really soon.

Luckily, there are no incidents casino siteleri on the train and it’s not long before I’m at your office building. “I’m downstairs,” I text you. I look at your text again. “Come to me. I need your mouth.” Oof.

The elevator doors open and you walk out. God you are so hot. You wear a suit better than anyone I’ve ever seen. The sight of you is enough to make me dripping wet. Your broad shoulders, your perfectly round ass. Jesus.

You walk up to me and say hello, all professional. You escort me upstairs to your office. Being inches away from you and not being able to touch you is excruciating. It’s so hard not to reach out and touch you.

We arrive at your office, finally. The second the door shuts my hands are on you. You have to restrain me because you’re worried I’m going to actually rip your clothes and you don’t have a change in the office. But I need you. I feel like my heart will stop beating if I can’t have you in my mouth.

I get a hold of myself and, in a slightly more controlled manner this time, unbuckle your belt, unzip your pants, and pull that gorgeous cock out of your underwear. Dear god you are a sight to behold. I gently rub my cheek against you. I feel such tenderness toward your cock. Except right now, my overwhelming feeling is need. I need you.

I grab a hold of the base of your cock and take canlı casino your head all the way into my mouth. I love the texture of you. I run my tongue around and around your head. I love hearing your breathing change when I do this. I love how your whole body tenses up.

While my tongue is moving around the head of your cock, my thumb starts rubbing up and down your shaft. Slowly, I take more and more of you into my mouth. You have me by the hair now. You need me almost as much as I need you.

I take you out of my mouth for a moment so I can guide you to your chair. I know you fantasize about me being under your desk, eager to please you throughout the day, so I pull you close to your desk and kneel in front of you, my body halfway under your desk.

I take you back into my mouth. I am sopping wet at this point. I cannot possibly describe to you how the sounds you make, how the way your cock reacts to me, how your body reacts to me, while I have you in my mouth turns me on. It is utter bliss having you in my mouth. I am euphoric.

You are now covered in a mix of precum and my saliva. Your cock is a sloppy sloppy mess. I love looking at it like this, wet and hard, so I take you out of my mouth. I stroke you up and down, gently, watching you. You look at me with that look that drives me insane. Your deep, dark brown eyes stare into mine like kaçak casino they would consume me if they could.

I continue to stare at you while I stroke you, moving faster now, my thumb paying particular attention to that v on your head that drives you wild. I take you back into my mouth. I can feel you getting closer now. You need it.

My other hand starts caressing your balls. You breathe in sharply. My mouth and hand are moving up and down your shaft, my tongue moving furiously around your head. I look you in the eye, take you out of my mouth just long enough to tell you “I want your cum. I need your cum. I cannot leave this office without a belly full of your cum.”

My mouth resumes its assault on your cock. I really do need your cum. I can feel you getting so close and I’m moaning in anticipation. Your hips are moving and your grabbing on to me so tight. I can tell you’re trying so hard not to make any noise. You want to be grunting right now.

You start to twitch. Your hands are full of my hair. You can’t help yourself and a whispered “oh god” escapes your lips as you ram yourself into the back of my throat. I feel your cum traveling up your cock and then spurting into my mouth. You fill my mouth with your deliciousness. I savor every drop.

When the spurting stops, I take my mouth off of you and just hold on to you, firm. I open my mouth to show you my prize and then I swallow. I am satisfied. I clean off my hands and my chin, readjust my clothes, then give you a kiss right before I walk out the door.

You resolve to yourself to send me more texts like that in the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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