Unexpected Three Way

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Like every morning I woke naked and hard. I made coffee and read the paper and awaited sunrise. Being an ordinary Thursday I had no expectation that today would hold a special surprise. I went to the pool for a swim and work on my full body tan. The sun was warm and it was a pleasant eighty-two degrees.

Not expecting a call my phone rang. I usually don’t bother answering at the pool but today I answered. To my surprise, it was my friend and gay sex partner Tom. Tom asked if I was free, I was so I answered yes. Tom said he’d received a call from a friend who invited him over to his condo this afternoon. Tom asked if I’d like to join them for an afternoon of sexual playtime. We agreed to meet and park at the local bicycle shop then it was a short walk to Ted’s condo.

We met at the shop’s parking lot. Tom dressed in his usual tight tee shirt, shorts and flip-flops gave me a big smile when we met. I had on a tank top, shorts and flip-flops. Neither of us ever wear underwear so we both could see each other’s semi-erect penises.

We had a very short walk to Ted’s ground floor yalova escort condo located at the first tee of a local golf course. Ted’s condo was beautiful. Painted shades of gray the condo was a two bedroom two bathroom unit. The white cabinet kitchen had very high end appliances. The modern furniture was also shades of gray beautifully coordinated. We all shook hands and Ted offered water as we walked to his lanai to look out at the men on the golf course. I asked and Ted said his daughter is an interior decorator and she had recently renovated the condo.

Ted is older then me perhaps five years older. Ted was probably five feet-eight or nine inches tall probably one hundred seventy-five or eighty pounds. Ted was well tanned and handsome with an older physique. Asking Tom how he came to know Ted, they’d met on the internet a few years ago.

After our chat Ted invited us into his bedroom. The well coordinated bedding had been removed to a chair, the the white sheet with four pillows was all that remained on the bed. With excitement building we removed our clothes and climbed yalova escort bayan into the king size bed. Tom and I had rock hard cocks, Ted’s cock was uncut and only semi-erect. I asked both Tom and Ted if it would be alright if I started by sucking Ted’s cock? My offer was quickly accepted. Ted’s cock was now erect, it was almost eight inches long, thick and exciting as the head slipped past his foreskin.

OMG! Of all the cocks I’ve sucked Ted’s was probably the biggest. Taking his cock in my mouth I started to gag, but I could not stop sucking his huge and delicious cock. I stopped sucking so I could lick his shaft and balls, then started sucking again. Tom stood next to the bed stroking his cock and watching. Then leaving Ted I had to suck Tom’s cock, and it was at once familiar and fun.

As Ted watch us he started to pump his cock, harder faster then he released semen into his hand. Visibly spent Ted collapsed on his back in bed. Ted was clearly happy despite the low volume of semen.

Now Tom was really excited as was I, all three of us were sweating but Tom and escort yalova I were so excited having Ted watch that we knew we wanted anal and wanted it NOW. Ted positioned himself on the corner of the bed near the headboard. Ted played with his cock as Tom and I got into position. With my ass at the end of the bed I lay on my back. Tom bending over started sucking my cock. We asked but Ted had no lube, so Tom stood face to face with me as we pushed very very hard to get my cock into Tom’s gorgeous ass. Slowly I entered him as I saw both pleasure and pain on his face. As we worked the wet warmth of his body allowed my cock to slide easily into Tom. Ted moved to within inches of us as he watch my now glistening cock slide in and out of Tom.

As our orgasms hit Tom was touching my pecs as I was touching his. Semen shot out of Tom’s cock as he screamed with pleasure. Line after line of his sperm covered my abs. I pounded up into Tom as my sperm jetted into him. I thought my brain would explode as Tom rolled off me onto the bed. Ted licked Tom’s sperm off me as my sperm leaked from his ass.

We laid on the bed as Ted got three wet wash clothes so we could clean up and get dressed. We thanked Ted for the very enjoyable afternoon. Tom and I left and walked to our cars knowing we’d had an afternoon to remember.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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