Washing My Car

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It’s a hot summer day and you are lounging outside on porch wearing just your thin silken boxers. And even they are too warm but the view is worth it. The young woman next door is washing her car. Her tiny bikini top covering just the nipples on her ample chest. The white t shirt over it a pretense to show off you think. Because as I washed the car the shirt got soaked making shirt cling to my upper body. My shorts were practically indecent too. Jeans that had been cut so short that when I bent over you could see hint of the red bikini bottoms. The view was definitely worth the heat you thought. Your cock was struggling to be free and you covered it with one hand.

I continue washing car bending over it getting wetter. After I rinse it I pull my clinging shirt off. You watch as my breasts sway freely my bikini top shifted up slightly. The hard nipples showing more clearly now. You watch as I wiggle bahis firmaları out of the shorts. You moan at the sight of my bottom. You grin as I have no tan lines. You watch me shake my slightly damp hair. You admire my body as I stretch out and lay spread on top of car. You let out soft whistle noting the few stray dark strands of fine hair escaping the bikini bottoms. You imagine casually strolling up and fucking me. Then shake your head and decide the heat must be getting to you. You go inside for a glass of ice cubes.

When you return to porch you see I’ve laid out on towel face down. You sigh the view had changed. It was still a great view my round ass, smooth back. My hair pulled away from my beautiful neck. You notice then that my top is undone in back. You chuckle as you consider putting ice on my back and making me stand up topless. Then your gaze notices one of my hands is slide kaçak iddaa under my body. You gasp and watch as my hand works between my legs. Your cock is showing it’s head from top of your boxers. You glance up noticing a dark angry cloud heading this way.

You decide you had better warn me. Still carrying the glass you softly tread over grass silently. You decide maybe ice on my back would be a good idea. You lay one cube on my back and watch as it melts into puddle my body shivering in orgasm as ice hits. My soft moan exciting you more. You watch as I slowly slide my bikini bottoms down. You glance at my firm ass and watch as I lift them saying I have other places that need cooling down. You slowly ease cube after cube of ice into my cunt. My loud moans as I cum encouraging you as you feel them almost instantly melting in my cunt.

Your cock is making it’s needs very clear and you slowly kneel kaçak bahis behind me moving slowly into my cool wet cunt the cold only increasing your hardness as you slowly pump your cock into my pussy. Running your hands up and down my smooth back forgetting about the rain.

The light rain drops hitting your body as you finally erupt into me. The rain grows harder and you withdraw pulling boxers up and slip my bikini bottoms up and retie my top before rolling me over and saying how we’ll have to take our adventure inside. I sexily say you were inside. We smile and run into house stripping clothes easily fucking again in hallway standing this time. The rain urging us on. After we both are satisfied we lounge naked in each others arms looking out the window admiring the beautiful rainbow that formed.

Commenting on how prophetic the rainbow is. Your hands rubbing my aching nipples moving so you can suck them. Saying you have a rainbow of your own to anchor. I grin and we have sex again slowly and passionately fulfilling more than our physical needs now. Both of our faces surprised as we realize our feelings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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