Wife Poses for Old Artist Ch. 02

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Another JenniJuggs adaventure


Well, it had been a month since the escapade at Andrews with David and Ed.

I’d been back to Andrews three or four times subsequently to finish off the painting, but nothing had been mentioned re the photo session with Andrews friend David.

I understood that he (David) was travelling, but all was a bit vague.

Then I got a call from Andrew asking which day the following week I’d like to come over as he had persuaded David to do the photo session at his house.

It was quite amazing, David had fucked me whilst Andrew and Edward had watched and wanked over me, now they were asking about photographing me!

Jesus, why didn’t they just say,

Jenni, can you come round next week to Andrews wearing a secretary outfit so David can photograph you as we all fuck you!

Anyway, I agreed to visit the following Wednesday.

Why? well although I’m only in my late thirties, I love old men lusting after me, not only that, they’re so fucking horny that I’m guaranteed a good shag, also, there’s no chance of me leaving my husband for a dirty old good shag!

Come the following week I got my wardrobe together, I also remembered what David said.

Exposing myself and being fucked and fingered by old men turns me on likenothing on earth, I can cum in my knickers fantasising about it!

I put on a grey tight fitting skirt, white button up blouse, red bra, knickers and suspended belt, almost black stockings with a red top and black 4″heels.

My look said “fuck me”, I went downstairs and picked up the keys to my car……..

As I drove towards Andrews my mind was racing, I’d dressed as sexy as hell to please these old guys. My god, my fanny was soaking at the thought of posing for two 70 odd year olds and a 60-year-old, I wanted them to photograph me as I fucked them all.

Andrew had suggested that I arrive around 7pm and we’d all have dinner before David photographed me. I don’t normally drink so I thought a few drinks would help me loosen up!!!

When I arrived Andrew opened the door and greeted me with a kiss on the cheek, he led me into the dining room were Ed and David were waiting, both of their faces lit up when they saw me. I thought Ed was going to have a heart attack, his face went red and his eyes were on stalks, judging by the front of his trousers, not the only thing.

I gave both a peck on the cheek and David handed me a glass of wine, we all chatted friendly and really about nothing as David readied his camera. The air was full of sexual tension, am sure that they could smell me, my twat was literally dripping!!

David picked his camera and took a photo of me standing with Andrew and Edward, he suggested that rather than me just pose, he thought it better if he pictured me natural, like serving a drink to the boys etc., I was fine with that, and agreed that it would be less formal and more relaxing.

Andrew sat on the sofa and Ed in a chair, David was clicking away as I picked up a drink and sashayed over to Andrew, I stood in front of him with my legs slightly apart and bent forward to serve him.

As I leant forward Andrew got a really good view of my tits and with my free hand I opened a couple of buttons on my blouse so beylikdüzü otele gelen escort they were almost dropping out of my blouse!

Bending from my waist had caused my skirt to ride up a bit showing a bit more leg, David was behind me and complimented me on how my tight skirt showed of my arse.

I stood and my tits were visible through my open blouse, my skirt was still a bit high as I collected Ed’s empty glass. I walked back to fill Ed’s glass and Andrew and Ed were making comments about how gorgeous my tits were and how sexy I looked in general.

David was still taking pics as I walked back to Ed with a fresh glass, as I gave him the glass the dirty old fucker put his hand up my skirt.

He got my skirt above my stocking tops and he was rubbing my cunt through my knickers, I stood there and let him!!

David moved alongside and crouched so he could take pics of Ed rubbing my fanny, he’d got my pants right up my slit as he tried to shove his fat finger up me.

I moved away and walked back to the table , I turned to face them and sat on the edge of the table, I put one foot on a chair, doing this pushed my skirt up to my waist, my legs were also parted , they all had a perfect view of my thighs, pants pulled tight over my fanny and up my crack.

Both Andrew and Ed were openly rubbing their knobs through their trousers, when David said to Ed, sit on the sofa next to Andrew, then looking at me , said go and sit between them.

I made no attempt to cover up as I walked to the sofa, my pants were up the crack of my arse as David took pics and complimented me on my sexy arse.

I sat between the two old boys and put my legs over each of them, my legs were spread wide open , I grabbed my pants tight and pulled them right up my slit, my cunt lips were on display.

David was in front taking pics, his trousers looked like a tent as his thick cock was hard as a rock.

Before I could say anything, David said, wank them off Jenni, in a flash both Andrew and Ed had their trousers round their knees with cocks standing to attention. I grabbed each clock and started wanking them as David took pics, fucking hell, I was on fire, I was being a slut and loving it.

Both Andrew and Ed were sucking on my tits as I wanked their knobs, I looked at David who was still taking pics.

Get your fucking knob out and fuck my mouth I said to him, Jesus, I’d lost control I was so horny.

David took off his trousers and stood astride me on the sofa, I opened my mouth and his thick knob went down my throat, I looked up to his eyes as he fucked my face and photographed me.

I was in absolute heaven, I was sitting on Andrews’ sofa between him and Ed, my blouse was open down to my waist and my bra had been pulled down, they were sucking on my nipples which were like fucking door stops!

My skirt was up around my waist and my legs spread over both Andrew and Ed’s thighs, both were fingering my fanny as though their lives depended on it, I’d already cum once and the tops of my thighs were wet with my fanny juice.

Both had their trousers down round their ankles and I’d got my hands wrapped around their knobs. Having two 70 year olds rock hard beylikdüzü rus escort with pre-cum making their bell ends all shiny was fantastic!

Oh, and I was looking up at David as I licked and sucked his balls and he took pics.

David got off the sofa and stood in front of us, he looked a sight, totally naked, his 7-inch knob sticking out like a truncheon and his helmet was glistening with my spit. Lift her legs boys David said, I want to get some pics for the lads at the bowls club!”

Without moving from my tits, both Ed and Andrew put a hand under my thighs and lifted my legs.

I looked a right slut with my legs in the air, my suspender belt was stretched tight over my thighs with my stockings and heels, my twat was gaping!

As I was leaning back, my arse was also on show, David said, hold it like that and took loads of snaps. Think the old boys at the bowls club will like these Jenni he said, the thought of more old men seeing me like this turned me on even more!!

As David took the pictures Ed moved his mouth away from my tits and moved to kiss me, at the same time he moved his hand down my thigh and on my clit. My eyes nearly popped as the end of his fingers rubbed the nub of my clit, god I felt electric,

finger me I said to him. His fat finger went right up my hole, I kissed him, my tongue was in his mouth and his in mine, I was on fire!

I couldn’t believe I was snogging a 70 old year old man and letting him finger me in front of a camera!

I head David say, wow! I’m putting this onto video mode, I looked up and David was filming me slobbering all over Ed, he’d also got one hand wrapped round his prick and was wanking himself silly as he filmed.

Give a message to the old boys he said, I broke the kiss with Ed and said hi guys, am having a great time, look at this slut of a wife wanking these old boys pricks while they finger me, they’re going to fuck me soon, do you want to see this slut fucked by 70 year olds?

Andrew moved off my tits and looked at the camera and said Hi guys, as he shoved two fingers up my cunt!

Don’t worry guys, all will be on film I’ll soon be caked in their spunk, as I said this both were kissing my face.

Andrew then said, need to fuck you Jenni, I moved across onto Andrews lap, got my feet on the couch and lifted myself up. Andrew held my hips as I reached down and grabbed his cock,I rubbed the end of his cock up and down my crack and then lowered myself, it went in all the way, his hairy balls were banging my clit.

As he started to fuck me, Ed put the finger that had been up my fanny on my lips, I didn’t even hesitate, I sucked his finger whilst Andrew pounded my fanny.

I could feel myself creaming all over Andrews cock, I was loving being a slut for old men.

Ed stood on the couch and his knob was bobbing in front of my face, out of the three, his cock was biggest in length, it was about 8 inches long but very thin, his bell end looked deformed as it was big and purple and made his cock look like a toffee apple!

I started to lick his bell end, rubbing the tip of my tongue over his pee hole, David had moved closer and was taking close up pics of me doing this, I started to lick round beylikdüzü türbanlı escort his helmet, all the time looking at the camera, I wanted these pics for my collection, my dildo was going to get an awful lot of future use as I looked at these.

The two old fuckers kept this up for about 20minutes and then the doorbell rang. Fuck, Andrew said, it’ll be the takeaway, he pulled out of my hole with a plop, I was soo wet. As he left the room, David moved over to the sofa, he sat down and I climbed on top of him, fucking hell, his thick cock felt great as he went balls deep. He held my bum and started to fuck me, wow, his knob was banging my cervix, it was like a piston going in and out, he was literally fucking me silly, my cunt was squelching as I came all over his prick, I couldn’t stop cuming from the knobbing I was getting.

I nearly died as Andrew came back in the room with the Indian delivery guy, as Andrew said, wait here whilst I get some change, the guy looked at me, I was being fucked senseless by David and had a mouth full of an old guy’s knob.

I didn’t try and cover up, well I couldn’t if I’d wanted to, and I didn’t want to!

I looked at the guy as I was being fucked like a whore, the guy was about 22, Indian and fat, it was clear we weren’t going to stop and he started to rub his prick through his trousers. I was getting even more excited as he opened his flies and a big thick brown knob appeared, he was hard and about 10inch, it looked like a fucking brown snake.

He walked toward the sofa as he started to wank his cock, he stood right in front of me and started to wank like mad, it was obvious he wanted to cum on my face.

Ed’s knob was fucking my face, David was pounding my twat to submission as this guy was tossing himself off in front of me.

Andrew returned to the room and started to say, here’s your change, when he saw the scenario.

Luckily he picked up the camera and got all the pics as the bloke shot his load all over my face, the first strand hit my cheek, some went in my hair, a load on my tits and some on Ed’s knob which I sucked off!!!

I couldn’t believe that a bloke had plastered my face while I had another blokes cock in my mouth-and fuckin loved it.

As he put his prick away and Andrew paid him, spunk was dripping off my face onto my tits!!!!

Andrew showed the guy out and came back in the room, the end of his knob was dripping pre-cum as he walked toward me, he got on the sofa in front of me and grabbed my massive juggs. He rubbed the end of his knob over my tits making them wet with pre-cum. Squeeze them together Jenni he said, I squeezed my tits together as Andrew ‘s knob went between them and started to fuck them!

Fucking hell, all three were in fucking overdrive, David’s knob was stretching my cunt and Ed’s was halfway down my throat as Andrew fucked my tits like no tomorrow. I was loving this, I was being treated as a slut and couldn’t get enough.

Just then David said he was cumming, I clamped my cunt muscles round his cock as he bucked and shot a massive load of hot spunk up me. As he continued to cum, I felt Ed’s knob swell in my mouth which was then followed by a gush of salty cum, luckily it wasn’t too much and I managed to swallow the rest. Just when I’d got my composure, Andrew grunted and his knob started spewing spunk all over my neck and tis, I was covered in it, never mind the load I’d had from the Indian guy earlier!

By the time we had got back to normal, I noticed the time, Christ it was 11pm, we’d been fucking for nearly 4 hours!!!

Too late to drive home, so I decided to stay the night!

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