Work Place Encounters Ch. 02

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Once Kay had signed the contract and showed off her tits to me in my office to I decided to just play it cool for a while so she would understand that I was the one in charge of our relationship. I didn’t want her to think that I couldn’t stay away from her and let her think that she was the boss so I let several weeks pass before I made any sexual contact with her again.

I think that she was wondering what was going to happen as several times when we passed in the hallway, or talked about business, she looked at me like she was waiting for the next move. When she finally was past that anticipation stage I walked up to her desk one day and simply told her to meet me in the storage area at 3pm and to make sure she was topless when we met. With that I walked away so she couldn’t have a chance to respond or ask me any questions.

I made sure that I was in the storage area several minutes before 3pm so I could watch as she arrived. This is a large unfinished warehouse area that has lots of shelving and used office furniture stored in it. There are also only a few people that have keys for this area, so the chances of being discovered were very slim.

I was waiting behind some shelves and between some file cabinets when exactly at 3pm Kay arrived. As soon as the door closed behind her and locked she pulled her sweater over her head and took off her bra. This part of the building isn’t heated very much esat escort and the cool air immediately tightened her nipples into hard points and her breasts seemed to stiffen as well.

She walked into the area several paces and then quietly called out my name. I didn’t respond so she started to walk towards the far end of the building. I watched as she passed me by and continued to watch in amusement as she walked slowly through the area looking side to side. Even though she was chilly and her tits had stiffened the still swayed nicely as she walked and turned side to side.

When she reached the area where the extra office chairs were kept I called out for her to sit down. She sat down right away and watched as I walked up to her. She looked like she wanted to cover up but bravely held her sweater and bra in her lap. When I reached her I simply held out my hand, she handed me the clothes and watched as I tossed them several chairs away from where she sat.

She sat quietly, watching me, waiting for some kind of instructions. After looking at her tits for a few minutes I finally asked her if she was any good at sucking cock. She replied that it had been several years since she’d done that, but thought she could still give a good blow job. I then asked if she was ready to suck my cock, and waited until she give the full answer; “yes, I’m ready to suck your cock.”

She leaned forward etimesgut escort in the old office chair and as soon as I took out my cock she started to lick and suck on it like it was the best thing she’d ever tasted. She certainly was giving it all the attention that she could come up with. Even though it may have been along time since she’d tasted someone’s cock she was right about the fact that she could still give a good blow job.

After a few minutes of enjoying her attention I pushed her off and asked if she swallowed or not. She told me she didn’t like to swallow cum but would try to do it if I wanted her to. I just said that a good slut swallows as much cum as they are given, unless the purpose of cock sucking is to cover the slut’s face with cum. I asked did she like facials, and finally she remarked that she’d never had one before.

Of course this gave me an idea so I told her that this would be her first facial and that I wanted to make sure that she would cover as much of her face a possible when she finally made me come. I then held her hair and pulled her back to my cock. She didn’t hesitate at all but went on sucking and licking with as much enthusiasm as she had previously.

It didn’t take much longer and I was ready to cum so I gently pushed back on her forehead and she let my cock pop out of her mouth. She didn’t miss a beat as she started to pump my ankara escort cock with both hands and moved out of the chair and onto the floor so she could catch my cum on with face. As soon as she was in position I quit holding back and let the cum go. The face shot caught her along the face, from chin to hairline, and the second ended up shooting half into her nose which caused her to cough and lose some guidance for the last spurts of cum.

She had done pretty good though, her face was mostly covered with cum, but some of the strands had caught her under the chin and were starting to drip down on neck onto her tits. She looked up for approval and I must say she looked great with cum dripping off her. I told her she’d done pretty good considering how long it had been. I also told her she’d need to practice some more in the next weeks as eventually she may have to do several guys at a time.

I said that mostly to see if she’d react, but since she didn’t complain I just kept the thought for later use. I walked back and retrieved her sweater and bra and once I was back in front of her used the inside of her bra cups to wipe off my cock and then to wipe the cum off her face. I then handed it to her and she quietly put it on. The sticky cum in her bra would give her a reminder for the rest of the day and evening about what a slut she was willing to become.

Even before she pulled on her sweater I was out the door and on my way. I saw her return to her office several minutes later and she was looked very composed and had washed her face and redone her makeup. There was no way to tell what had just happened, except for the tugging she did on her bra when we passed in the hallway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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