Your Husband’s New Girlfriend

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The saying, “The good ones are always taken” has always held special meaning for me. It has never failed. The men who seemed the most perfect for me were already married or had a girlfriend. And inevitably, as much as we exchanged flirty glances or parried sexually charged innuendos, nothing would come of it. I was single. My last relationship had ended disastrously with my significant other going out in a blaze of glory. He tried to kill me and I repaid him in kind with a glass picture frame upside the head, leaving a scar reminiscent of Harry Potter. Since then, I had been keeping my options open but was living fuck buddy to fuck buddy, and tiding myself over with my vibrators in between.

I’ve never had a problem with finding my next dick. Though I’m not a skinny chick, by any means, I am not fat. I had curves in all the right places, big, soft DD tits, thick, nice shaped lips and almond shaped brown eyes. I had a very pretty face—or so I’d been told on numerous occasions. Combine that with a good personality and sense of humor and I was a force to be reckoned with. The job I held put me in contact with several of the men I’d had an encounter with and this day was no different.

July 3rd

It was hot. My city boasted temperatures of 105 degrees in the shade and it was dry heat. It was the sort of hot ass day when you could see the heat waves rising from all inanimate objects cursed to be touched by the sun. It was hotter than Satan’s sperm and would scald you twice as fast and it wasn’t even 7:00 a.m. I was walking towards the building I work at and trying to get there as fast as my 5 inch red heels would allow me to. Today was Friday and I had a date after work. So I had decided to cut out the middle man and wear something cute to work that could double as date wear. This translated into a red and black corset top, a black skirt that came to just above my knees and a pair of red heels. I had sandals and a pair of jeans shoved into my backpack just in case I ended up having a hectic day.

The soldier who had been flirting with me most recently, text me asking where I was about 10 minutes ago. He had left his number on my desk last week and during a text session, had made his intentions clear. He wanted me to be his girlfriend. It was in name only and by no means to the fullest extent of the word. He had a wife and kids at home and just wanted the conjugal visits to the pussy denied to him at home. There would be no dating. There would be no daytime visits, no movies watched, no real time spent. It would be straight fucking. He told me what I would be getting. Said he did not have a big dick—maybe only about 6-7 inches fully erect. But what he did not have in dick, he said he would make up for with his tongue. I was still considering it, but had not committed to it or the other.

I heard his text chime play Chris Brown singing emek escort about how we should rip off our clothes and get naked.

7/3 6:43 A.M. I see you. Nice outfit, sexy ass

I couldn’t help it, I smiled. Looking up, I tried to find him. He must’ve been close. This space was open. Not too many cars around. It was still early and the soldiers were still at PT. I knew he smoked, like me, but did not see him at any of the designated smoking areas within sight. Where was he?

7/3 6:45 A.M. Well, thx. Whr R U? U shud smoke a cig w/ me

I sat down, adjusted my corset, dug my cigarettes out of my backpack and lit one. I was listening to the music saved on my phone through earphones and had taken two puffs when he walked up to me. I looked up and smiled at him, knowing full well he was not looking at my face.

“You like the view?” I asked, smirking.

“Very. What’s the occasion?”

“I have a date tonight.”

His smile disappeared and he frowned. He sat down and lit his cigarette, staying quiet for a long moment to make me start to wonder.

“Who with?”

“A soldier. Comes into the office all the time. Actually, he’ll be in today if I’m not mistaken.”

“Oh, really?” He asked. But he didn’t sound interested. He sounded pissed.

He fell quiet again. We smoked in silence for a bit longer. He sat facing me, looking away and then at me with a heated, penetrating, possessive stare, “I want you—now. I don’t want anyone else to have that pussy.” He said this quietly, with force and a sexual intensity that stirred things deep within my nether regions. “Get in my car.” I didn’t move. He leaned closer to me, glared deep in my eyes—almost to my soul—and repeated the command practically with our lips touching. “I will have that pussy. You are mine and I aim to claim you—today. GET…IN…MY…CAR.”

My pussy directed me. She wanted all the things his directive offered—a thorough tongue-lashing and maybe more. Oh God, hopefully more. She desired his tongue on her and in her; she wanted all the rough thrusting he could offer. I stood up, already feeling my juices dampening my panties. I grabbed for my bag at the same time he did and our eyes locked. He licked his lips and in doing so, the tip of his tongue touched my bottom lip. I was undone. Goose flesh raised on my skin, my eyes rolled back and my mind imagined that same tongue lower on my body. He pulled the bad from my grip and we walked to his nearby SUV. He opened the back door and threw my bad unceremoniously inside, then opened the front to let me in. As I lifted my leg to the foot rail, I felt his erection press into my lower back as he leaned closer to lick my neck.

He drove to a secluded and even more deserted area near my office on post and parked the car. Swiftly climbing over the front seat to the back, he adjusted his dick in his eryaman escort pants, which was even more pronounced now. He raised his pointer finger and crooked it. I was momentarily distracted by trying to figure out how I was going to maneuver to the back seat in a skirt. He solves that by leaning forward, wrapping his arms underneath my armpits and dragging me back with him and against his chest. I placed my hand against his chest to push myself up and he crushed me to him, claiming my lips in a kiss that heated my blood. His tongue invaded my mouth, licking my tongue, coercing it into a seductive dance. He nipped at my bottom lip, sucking it into his mouth and exchanging his tongue for his teeth and he bit my lip.

His right arm was still around me, but his left hand roamed freely. It captured my breasts, massaging and kneading them; finding my nipples just below my corset and teasing them out. He twisted and pulled them til my nipples looked and felt hard as stone. I moaned into his mouth, trying to convey what I wanted in my kiss. He was turning me on and I wanted—no, I needed him in me. He was teasing me mercilessly. It was cruel but terribly erotic. His hand released my breasts and moved lower, much lower. It found its way to my skirt and hitched it up—inch by seductively erotic inch. It was under my skirt, massaging my pussy through my soaked panties. It was like it moved on its own accord, as if my pussy was singing a sirens’ song to it, demanding its presence.

He finally broke the incessant kiss, pushed me away from him just long enough to take his ACU jacket off. He unbuttoned his pants and pushed them to his ankles. He was not wearing underwear. I took my jacket off and unzipped my skirt, dropping it and the panties to his floorboard. I reached for his dick, hungrily, ready to have my lips wrapped around it, but he denied me access. My soldier grabbed me forcefully and angled me down in a prone position on the seat. He leaned his head down between my thighs. He pushed my legs further apart and licked my pussy tentatively. That one lick sent a line of red hot fire down my spine. My pussy began to juice up. He locked his arms around my thick thighs and latched his lips to my clit. My soldier sucked and nibbled on my clit with wild abandon causing me to moan loudly and arch my back. If he kept up this onslaught, I was sure to cum—something I’d never done just from oral.

His tongue dove into my sopping wet pussy, lapping at it like a thirsty man. “You taste so good. So sweet”, he mumbled. And even that action fried my brain. I writhed in ecstasy. I moaned. I wanted to scream his name, but had just enough of my sense remaining to restrain myself. But oh, how I chanted his name like a sacred mantra. I held his head and bucked against his face. “Eat it, baby. Get this pussy.”

“Is this my pussy?” He asked. ankara escort If he fucked like he ate, it sure was all his. I didn’t answer. “Is this my pussy” he asked again. He followed the question with a bite to my clit. The pain woke me from my cum-induced stupor.

“Yes”, I answered breathlessly.

“Then, let me show you how good I treat things that are mine.”

My soldier lifted his head and let go of my thighs. His nose, mouth and chin glistening with my love juice. He positioned himself above me and his dick slide in without effort, owing thanks to his tongue for the natural lubricant. It was quick and unexpected but pleasant. My body quickly responded. My pussy tightened of her own accord, squeezing his thick member. He groaned. “Oh my God, you feel so good. You’re so tight,” he moaned into my neck. “It’s been so long. I don’t know if I can hold out with you flexing like that, baby.”

I was determined to fuck this man. I was determined to be his new religion. Every time someone said my name, I wanted him to involuntarily get hard. I wanted to write my name all over his dick and tongue with my pussy juice as the ink. I wanted to feel his hot, liquid man-candy inside me. If he wanted this pussy to be his, I was going to make sure his cock was mine. I met each of his thrusts with a thrust of my own. His SUV was rocking with the force of our fucking. My soldier lowered his beautiful dark head and captured my lips once more as if he were a man desperate for the air in my lungs. He dug his fingers into my ass cheeks and squeezed hard. He angled me better for a deeper thrust and propelled his dick into my pussy like a heat seeking missile and pounded the walls with a vengeance.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! Right there, baby, right fucking there!”

He found my G-spot and knew it, even without me having to say it. “You like that?” He asked, but he didn’t need a verbal answer. My answer came from the wet noises emanating from my pretty kitty. I was going to cum. I felt the numbing heat rising from my clenched toes. The car was no longer there. Our bodies were gone. There was nothing but his dick and my kitty. My thighs began to shake. My orgasm was imminent. My soldier was moaning my name, but I couldn’t hear it. My mouth was moving. Somewhere my subconscious realized I was screaming “yes, yes, yes” over and over but I couldn’t hear that either. It was drowned out by the blood rushing in my ears.

He rammed his dick into my wet hole one last time and emptied his seed into me at the same time my body exploded into a brilliant fireworks display of an orgasm. I came in a squirting torrent of pleasure. I collapsed—no bones—onto his seat, legs and arms splayed out. My soldier collapsed on top of me. We both were breathing hard. We were sweating. The car smelled like sex and my skin was sticking to the leather seats. But I didn’t care. I ran my fingers through his sweaty high and tight and he looked up at me. We both smiled a weary, sexed out, tired, giddy smile.

“Time to go to work”, I said.

“Yeah and you have a date. But remember, that pussy is mine.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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