Your Liquid Lips

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Big Tits

Oh yes. Come in. Close the door behind you while I just ease myself down into this big leather chair here.

No, Stay there. Don’t come any closer yet. I want to look at you.

Ah. You are quite attractive. Are you someone who knows that about themselves? I have been watching you all evening. You have caused me a little, ah, problem, in fact. I need your help to fix it. No, don’t move yet. I’m still looking you over. Look at the ground please. Now lift your eyes to me, but don’t lift your head.

Good. Bite your lip.


Ah good. You know, I could swear your lip is fuller, plumper from that little bit of pain.

Don’t be nervous! Why don’t you unbutton your shirt, it looks a little tight around your chest — opening it will make you more comfortable, I think. It is a little warm in here.

Good, good. Slowly! Take your time. Don’t fumble the buttons — I want to watch your fingers work. I admire someone capable of graceful and fluid movement. That is really the reason I have been watching you all evening. The obvious qualities of your physical allure are what first caught my eye, of course, but I am sure everyone recognizes that about you. Many people are attractive. It is not a thing that is particularly special, really, and our society puts far too much value on what a person simple looks like. Though, as I say, you ARE obviously visually appealing.

But it was your movements — your smooth flow through the room. Like deep water in a channel — that is what kept me watching you all evening. That lithe liquid quality of movement: it is a rare thing. It’s something that I keep a particular eye out for — and almost never find. Are you a dancer?

Some other discipline where you move your body with consciousness through space then?

You must find something along those lines. You have a gift.

I followed your movements so closely all evening — you see those movements caused my little problem.

I originally had no intention of staying here this late tonight. But I found I could not look away from you. I tracked you. Discreetly.

Over the rim of my glass, most of the time. I hope others did not notice. I did somewhat hope you would notice yourself though.

You did? Ah, good.

Anyway, over the course of the evening casino siteleri I realized that I could not bring myself to leave. As it grew later, I also realized there would be no sleep for me tonight — and more importantly I would not be able to focus on my work tomorrow — if I did not get to sample that graceful, liquid movement of yours. Therein lies my problem, and the reason for asking you up here.

Now, are you willing to help me with this problem?

OK, you can relax. Take a few deep breaths, is it not better with your shirt open?

OK. Now over the course of this event that is about to occur, I want you to remain focused on your movement — concentrate on bringing all the grace and fluidity you have to this practice, yes?

OK, please lower yourself to your hands and knees. Don’t rush anything!

That’s it — smooth motion, *liquid* motion.

Excellent. Now approach me. Crawl over here.

Rise up, and place your hands on my thighs. Lift your eyes to me.

Do not break eye contact while you unzip my trousers.

Put your hand in — it is such a lovely small, soft hand. Take my cock out and hold it. Feel how warm it is! It has been pressing to escape all night! Because every time I looked at you — standing there with that gentle sway like you continually dance to soft music — messages were telegraphed down my spine to my cock.

Now look down at it. Admire it. Circle your gaze around it.

Lick your lips, moisten them. Now kiss my cock.

You see how it throbbed when you kissed it?

You know why that happened? It’s because of love. My cock is in love with your lips. Not some casual kind of love where the word ‘love’ is just a stand-in for meaning ‘really likes’ or ‘really wants,’ but an epic *true* love for the ages — like Orpheus and Eurydice, Merce and John, Buffy and Spike. My cock wants to spend eternity washed by your lips. Kiss it again and feel it throb at the touch of them.

Look up at me.

Put your hands on my body. Feel how tense the muscles are?

That’s love too. My body is in love with your touch. Your warm, flowing touch.

Now look back down at my cock. Take it in one of your hands again. Put your lips over the end of it.

Ah, perfect. Would you mind sucking very gently güvenilir casino for a second?

Ah. Kiss it again. See it continues to throb with love every time you do that!

Take my balls in your other hand.

Feel how heavy they are? They are wound tightly with my cum. A raging course restrained.

Roll them a little between your fingers.

Bathe them with the movements of your warm little hand.

Ah. Good. Now lean down and take my balls between your lips.

These too: suck them gently.

One at a time.

Back and forth.

Feel how soft they are? Can you feel the weight of them in your mouth?

OK, rise up higher now. Don’t look up at me! Keep your eyes on my cock.

Open your lips a little. Don’t take your hands from my balls, but take my cock in your mouth. Come down on my cock from above.

Slowly, slowly. That’s it.

Let your lips spread around the head, and then follow the shape of my cock as you take it in.

Let the fluids of your mouth run out ahead of your lips. Think about how hungry you are for my cock. Salivate for it.

Always think about how hungry you are for it. You are starving for my cock.

Ah, so good. I can feel your warm mouth sliding wet and hot down the shaft.

See how far you can go.

Don’t gag though! Gagging is a response to something gross. My cock is not gross. It is lovely and delicious for you. You want to swallow as much of it as you can, like it is your first meal after a fast.

I am just going to put my hand on the back of your head here, and guide you a little.

Your hair is so soft! I love the feeling of it between your fingers — and the shape of your skull underneath.

OK, slowly raise your head up. Look up at me.


Now look down and close your eyes. Concentrate.

Now take it all back in again, like a huge wave washing up on a long sandy beach.

Slide your lips as far down as you comfortably can.

That’s good! Very good. Hold it there for a moment, will you?

Don’t forget to breath — through your nose. Focus on your breathing.

Now, wrap one of your warm little hands around the base of my cock.

Raise your head up and relax for a second.

Give my cock some small strokes with your hand.

Gently, canlı casino gently. You are not going to make me come like that, it is just an interstitial movement.

Now, take my cock back in your mouth. As you go down, stroke downward with your hand. As you come up draw you hand up a short way. My cock is caught by both your lips and your hand — it feels like you are fucking me with two orifices at once!

Make sure you get everything wet and keep it wet. Don’t worry if it gets a little sloppy, if your warm saliva slips down my balls it will only be an enhancement.

Now imagine you are fucking me wildly with your mouth.

Don’t just slide straight up and down, bring your head forward as you come down, and then roll it backwards as you come up. Roll your head along my cock. Circular motions are what makes the man come! Imagine you have the unstoppable power of a deep-ocean swell, and with that power you are going to wash an orgasm up from the deepest parts of my body.

I can feel it lurking somewhere down there. It desires to rise for you — does that not make you feel special?

I told you: you are special.

Now I have to warn you: when I cum it will be super-sonic, like one of those mantis shrimps punching its way out of an aquarium. You need to be ready for it to be smacking against the back of your throat, because I promise you it will have the weight of lead and enough propulsion to drive it deep down into you.

I still don’t want you to gag! Ugh. That would be so disappointing now if you did.

I can feel my orgasm. It is still holding itself deep down inside me, but I assure you it is coming up for you. I’m going to hold it back. I want you to try to summon it forth with all the skill of your motion.

Ah! Yes! It is suspended, floating with no restraints.

No, not floating. It is in fact buffeted — it is being thrust back and forth along my spine like a trapped wave bouncing between two seawalls.

No. I cannot hold it back any longer……. Get. All. The. Way!… Hold it! Hold it! Tighter! Do not fucking move!… OK! Now, roll your mouth up and down my cock with everything you have got!… Like a fucking storm in the North Atlantic! Get it all. Fucking. Wet…. While I. Ah!… Feel it flowing down your throat!? Feel how fucking hot it is? That is my fucking molten core washing down your throat! Suck it all down!… Cycle it deep down inside you, and keep it there in the dark. I want you to keep that for me.

Back down there past those lovely liquid lips of yours.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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