Your Sissy Session

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Once you’re dressed appropriately — high heels, stocking and suspender, panties, corset and bra with breast forms, hair and make-up and nails all done, hair removal sorted and a little black dress, the standard bimbo outfit for this kind of session – we will start you with the fairly normal sized dildo to begin with, as you can see, a smooth tapered shape, 6 inches long, 5 inches in circumference, fairly average for a white male, this will get you used to being penetrated, we’ll have a fairly slow speed, cycling up to moderate, just a little faster, and the depth will vary a bit but not too much. You’ll be on your back for this, you’ll be able to see it, feel like you are in control. We’ll secure your arms by your side, but your legs and hips will be free to move, so you can get comfortable. 10 minutes will do for this, it’ll leave you wanting more, I promise. You’ll be fucked with your knickers on throughout.

All the while, you’ll be in chastity, unable to get hard, by now you’ll have your VR visor on, watching some intense sissy porn, some denial porn, with some Britney, some Nicky Minaj and similar female artistes playing in your headphones, plus the kinds of girly moans and grunts which we know you enjoy. I’m told that it turns you on to be able to smell what you can’t have too, so you’ll have worn panties taped over your face, with the gusset over your nose, we know how the scent of pussy drives you crazy.

Once bahis siteleri that’s done, we’ll lube you up again and move on to the next size up, this is more realistically shaped, with a bigger head, as you’d have on a real dick, it’s somewhat bigger though, 7 inches long and 5.5 around, so on the bigger end for a white guy, it’s a decent-sized cock, the sort of cock that most women would be pleased to get fucked by after a date with a guy they fancy. You’ll be taking this one from behind, ass up on the bed, dress up and legs spread wide, probably secured round your ankles, arms tied in front of you, a nice and easy pace to begin with, cycling up from slow to moderate, but with periods of a faster more relentless pace for short spells of maybe 30-60 seconds before slowing down again. The depth will vary too, from quite shallow at first to deep, you’ll be taking almost the full 7 inches at times. There’s also a bit more contouring on the shape, so it’ll provide a bit more sensation as it goes in and out and there’s a nice heavy set of balls attached to it which will slap against you, very realistic. We will have you taking this for 15 minutes. You’ll be leaking quite a bit by now, and moaning. You’ll love it.

After that, you’ll take a minute or two to rest and we’ll get more lube for you, maybe put a new pair of worn knickers over your face, then we move on to the bigger dildo, this is really quite substantial, 8.5 canlı bahis siteleri inches long and 6.5 inches around, in real life a guy with this would be bigger than maybe 95% of guys, certainly the great majority of white guys. It’s like being fucked by the guy in the rugby club who everyone called The Horse, the guy who your girlfriend or wife and her friends whisper about from uni, or that hung black guy from the gym you can’t take your eyes off in the changing rooms.. The head is bigger, and there’s a prominent ridge which will give your prostate a workout, that will take some getting used to, and it’s thick all the way down. You’ll have been warmed up and opened up by the first two but this will hurt so we’ll start you off slow and shallow but the pace and depth will build over time, as you get more able to take it, and we’ll have periods of 2 minutes where this is giving you a proper hard, deep, fast seeing to, slowing down again, and backing off, then building back, cycling back up. That will happen five or six times in the 35 minutes you’ll be taking this and will imitate what a real man would be doing to you, taking it slow and easy to start but also fucking you hard and deep when he wants to give it to you like that and when he wants to get himself off too. Again, a nice big pair of balls on this one, slapping against your ass.

You could be on your back for this but then again we might keep you taking it canlı bahis from behind, that does enable the deepest penetration and there’s something about not being able to see such a big dick as it fucks you hard and deep which makes you feel more submissive and girly, which we know is something you enjoy. It’s quite common for sissy bois like you to panic and think they can’t take this when it starts but the machine doesn’t take no for an answer, it’s relentless, like a man is when he has decided he’s going to fuck you whatever you think about it. Once we start it, we don’t turn it off, so you are just going to have to find a way to take it like the whore you truly are.

You’ll be filmed throughout, the knickers over your face will most likely hide much of what might identity you, but we’ll capture your dick in chastity and the way the machine and the dildos penetrate you, and how you take being fucked, in high definition. You’ll be making a fair bit of noise too, sometimes involuntarily, like when the biggest cock goes in and starts speeding up and fucking you deeper, hitting your sissy spot, and as you get into it and get used to what’s happening, you’ll be insanely turned on, desperate to cum, being taken to the brink of a sissygasm, and you’ll be making the kinds of noises that women make when they’re loving what a big cock is doing to them. You might not have heard those in real life, but I promise you, they’ll come naturally to you as the session wears on and the machine takes control of you. The footage will be sold to sissy porn sites, you’ll be able to find clips within 24 hours, you’ll be a sissy slut porn star on the internet forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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