Zooey Ch. 01

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(This one is true from beginning to end. Only the names have been changed to protect the far from innocent!)

“Hi Eddie,” she purred in a voice that made me think of missed opportunities and my incredibly bad luck. It was a voice that brought a remembered pain to my lips and a whiff of the sharp scent of a woman in heat to my nose.

“Hi Zooey, what’s new?” Did I really want to know? I had fucked up such a good thing here. Maybe her mother had forgiven me, or better yet, died. Zooey was the one that got away, the one I should have been fucking, but never got the chance. She had an incredibly tight little body with small firm tits and very curly Jewish hair. My first Jew and I’d fucked it up with her mother before I got the chance to fuck the little minx.

Zooey just sort of fell into my lap; I was seeing a girl named Pam who was a virgin and didn’t want to lose it to me, so she introduced me to Zooey. I guess Pam figured that Zooey would take care of my sexual frustration and relieve her of any obligation or guilt. And it looked like Zooey was all for it.

The first night we got together alone was out on a golf course near her home. I had her under a tree and bent down to kiss her and she jumped into my arms and attacked me. Zooey was an animal, but the strangest kisser I have ever met. That first kiss caught me by surprise and she put her mouth over mine and sucked as hard as she could. My lips were slightly chapped and she sucked the skin right off of them. Had I been able to scream I would have, but she had me in a lip lock that was not going away. At the same time she slammed her body into mine, her hard little tits digging into me her pussy mound grinding into my stiffening cock.

My hands palmed her perfect round butt and ground her into me even harder, while she continued to apply the vise grips to my lips. The extreme pressure on my mouth numbed the pain and I began to get into her hard style of loving. When I could pry our lips apart I bent down even further and bit her nipple though her blouse, gnawing the nib with my teeth. She moaned loudly, but pushed me off her.

“We can’t finish out here tonight and if you keep that up I won’t be able to stop.”

I nodded, kissed her once more and we started walking back to her house, my hand squeezing her ass all the way back. We were both 19 and both lived with our parents. Later that week she invited me to her house where I met her parents and her brother. Her parents went to bed early and her brother eventually left us alone and we made out once again in her living room. When she kissed me good night at the door we made our plans for the following night, a Friday. We didn’t know how or where but we knew we were going to be fucking within 24 hours. I backed out of the door that night with our hands mauling each others sex, my finger pressing the seam of her shorts into her cunt crack, her fingers surrounding and stroking my throbbing cock.

I called her from work the next day to finalize when I would pick her up and it all came crashing down around me. I had fucked up, I had dropped a roachclip in her house and her mother had found it. She had not known what it was but Zooey’s brother was happy to enlighten her. Her mother had a zero drug policy while her children lived at home. I could not see Zooey again. She was sorry, but there was nothing she could do about it, her mother’s rules and all. And that was the last time I had talked to Zooey, until now. “What’s new?” I had asked.

“We’re moving. Back to New York.”

“Oh, thanks for letting me know, I guess.”

“I’m calling for a çubuk escort reason. I have a list of every guy I never got a chance to fuck. We won’t be coming back to California, I want to fuck you before I go.” I had recently moved out of my parents house into a church parsonage; it was a big four-bedroom house with almost no furniture. I’d moved in the previous week. I explained it all to Zooey.”

“Would you like to christen my new bedroom?”

“For a start. How many times can you cum in one night?”

“Four or five,” I bragged.

“Don’t promise what you can’t deliver,” she said with a laugh in her voice.

“I would never do that.”

“Good, I can pencil you in for Saturday night. You free?”

“What’s wrong with Friday night?” I asked.

“I’m already fucking someone else that night. Does Saturday work for you or not?”

“The guy on Friday will be a waste of time compared to me.”

“Maybe he will, but I won’t know that till I fuck you both, will I?”

I laughed, gave her my address, hung up the phone and stroked myself to a messy climax in anticipation of Saturday. That gave me three days to build up my load for Zooey’s pussy. I would need every drop I could muster.

She showed up half an hour early. I met her at the door with a lit joint in my hand.

“You’re early.” She smiled broadly, took a huge hit off the joint, grabbed me in a patented Zooey lip lock and blew the smoke into my mouth. She released me from her vise grips and said:

“Sorry, I couldn’t wait to get fucked by you. I wanted your dick so bad and you had to fuck it up with my mother,” she said as she hit me on the arm. “Dumbshit!”

“Would you like a beer? When are you leaving for New York?” I rambled off a handful of silly questions.

“I don’t want anything that might numb my senses and I’m not here for small talk.” She took me by the hand. “Show me your bedroom, then show me your cock.”

“I have missed you so much baby.”

“Once you fuck me you’re going to miss me even more. I’m a good fuck, you’ll see.” We kissed again and being Zooey there was nothing tender about it. My fingers fumbled with the buttons on her blouse as we took a step toward the hallway and the bedroom at the end of it.

“So am I,” I said as I slipped her blouse over her shoulders and down her arms, Zooey wasn’t wearing a bra. She yanked my shirt out of its tucked position in my pants and quickly started to work on the buttons.

“You better be prepared to fuck me all night.” She kissed me, running her hands up my chest, bending to nibble at my nipple. I pushed her blouse to the floor as we took another step into the hall. “Promises have been made,” she said as she tossed my shirt onto the floor. Lifting up one leg she slid off a shoe as she bit hard on my nipple. “I would hate to be disappointed.” I kicked off a shoe and it bounced against the hall wall as we slowly made our way to the bedroom. I cupped a sweet tit in my palm then grabbed the nipple and twisted hard. “Oh fuck, that hurts… so good.” I reached my hand down toward her crotch and Zooey unbuttoned and unzipped her pants in one clean move, my hand slipped under her panties, finger extended and slipped into a hot dripping wet fuck channel.

We both lost another shoe as I forced her up against the wall, my finger digging into her sopping cunt, She kissed me, dropped her lips to my nipple, then slid even lower. My finger slipped out of her pussy, my hand out of her panties as she caught my belt in her mouth and pulled it from it’s clasp. Unhooking my belt she pulled it from demetevler escort my pants with a flourish, tossing it down the hall. Grabbing my zipper in her teeth she jerked her head down unzipping me and pulling my pants open wide. Zooey ran her tongue up and down the length of my growing cock. Turning her head sideways she grasped my member between her lips and sucked it’s length through my underwear.

I pushed my pants to the floor and kicked them off. Zooey pulled my jockies down to my knees and ran her tongue from the head of my cock down to my balls, slipping one and then the other into her mouth where she sucked on them painfully hard. I fell back against the wall, my jockies around my ankles as Zooey attacked my family jewels with her vacuum cleaner mouth. I stepped out of my underwear, nude as Zooey smiled up at me. “Just the way I’ve always wanted you.”

She sat up a bit and took the head of my dick into her tight sucking mouth. It was excruciating bliss as she pulled at my engorged cockhead. She leaned forward and my dick disappeared into her sucking maw, her lips pressing against my pubic hair, my cock completely engulfed in her mouth and throat.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned digging my fingers into her hair, pulling her head hard against me. With her mouth full of dick, Zooey couldn’t suck as hard and the easing of the pressure on my tool brought forth an explosion of sensation. It was like my cock had been dead before and was now alive, every nerve ending excited and abuzz. Zooey rolled her head in a circle, my dick sliding back and forth as she did; painful when she sucked the head and then unbelievable as the constriction subsided and I slid back into her throat bursting with heightened sensation.

“I thought you wanted to be fucked?” She slid her mouth off my cock, flicking her tongue back and forth along the sensitive underside as she disengaged.

She stood, siding out of her pants and panties as she did. Zooey shoved her fingers roughly up into her pussy, pulled them out and popped them into her mouth, licking her juices. “Oh, I am so ready for some dick.”

I pulled her to me and we kissed again. Reaching down I lifted her up into my arms and carried her the rest of the way into my bedroom. “I’ve wanted to fuck my baby for so long,” I whispered as I laid her down on my bed. I kissed her forehead, her nose, her lips, her chin and between her tits. I took first one and then the other nipple into my mouth and greedily sucked them. I ran my tongue under her small hard tit and worked it down the center of her taut stomach, digging it deep into her navel. I looked up into her eyes, “But I’ve wanted to eat your sweet pussy just as long.”

My tongue trailed down to her sparsely haired pussy mound and I sucked it into my mouth. I spread her legs wide and dove for her cunt. The wonderful flavor was intoxicating as her juices flowed into my sucking mouth. I ran my tongue deep into her pussy, joyously drinking down her womanly flow. Her juices coated my chin in my favorite flavor, but Zooey did not come for a tongue-lashing. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up her body. As she did she maneuvered her body beneath me, lining up her cunt with my hard cock. She pulled my dick into her sopping wet pussy in one smooth move. “I need your dick,” she whispered into my ear.

“I need to be fucked, good and hard.”

Her pussy was a clasping oven. Hot, wet, magnificent. I fucked deep into her, my balls slapped against her ass. Her cunt muscles lovingly massaged the length of my dick as I fucked my little Jew slut. ankara escort I wanted to hurry and fill her hot twat with cum, but I held back, breathed deep and slowly deep dicked her clasping cunt. Her eyes fluttered and she moaned as she pulled her legs even wider, wrapping them around me, her heels pushing against my ass, pulling me even deeper into her cunt. “Ohh, Eddie, fuck me baby. Fuck my hot nasty pussy.”

I rotated my hips, fucking her from the left and then from the right. Zooey’s twat was a wonderful clutching channel of hot womanly flesh. We never used the words, but her pussy made love to my cock, until I could stand it no longer. We looked each other in the eye as I emptied my balls into her pussy. We both moaned loudly; watching the orgasmic ecstasy thunder across each other’s face, sharing a moment we should have shared months ago as my dick spasmed and sent another blast of hot cum into her quaking pussy.

I kissed her deeply, thrusting my tongue into her hot mouth, then pulling back and catching her lower lip with my teeth, tugging, biting. “That’s one,” she sighed, a sloppy, satisfied grin on her face. I never deflated; just thrust my turgid cock deep into her cum-filled pussy, surprising her.

“And this is going to be two.” Normally a freshly fucked cunt is too lubricated for me to keep hard, but Zooey’s fuck hole was amazingly tight, gripping my dick the way her lips gripped my mouth when we kissed. I could feel every inch of her hot pussy tugging at my cock as I worked my way into a slow fuck rhythm.

“Oh fuck Eddie. Deep dick my pussy, baby. Give mama what she needs.” I loved watching Zooey’s face as I slowly drilled her tight fuck hole, as she began to undulate under me, grinding her sopping pussy into my thrusting cock. Her arms were around my back, her nails digging into my flesh as we slowly ground our sex into one another. Zooey moved her arms around my neck and pulled my face close to her. Our eyes were locked on one another as she whispered into my mouth:

“We should have done this a long time ago lover.” Zooey was one of those once-in-a-lifetime fucks, our bodies reacted to one another like we were created to be lovers, physically meant to be locked together. I couldn’t get enough of her pussy and she wanted my cock more than anything in the world. The perfect fuck-fit. My body was on fire and her squeezing cunt worked over my dick coaxing my cum from my balls.

But as wonderful as it felt, I was never out of control, but neither was she. We worked me up, and then together cooled me off, prolonging this amazing fuck. I didn’t think I could hold out so long, but I never wanted to stop fucking Zooey’s amazing pussy and so I rode the roller coaster of ecstasy up and down over and over, nearing one peak of sensation and then riding it back down, never climaxing, never crashing. And Zooey rode with me.

I watched her cum three times and then on her fourth orgasm she didn’t stop. Time after time her body twitched and jerked through crashing climax after crashing climax. She rode my dick through it all. Her eyes smoldered, the sweat poured from our bodies.

“Cum,” she begged. “Please fill me with your sperm. Ohhh, fuck, cum in me now Eddie!”

I gave her what she wanted. My cum felt like hot needles blasting up the length of my cock as I filled my lover’s quivering twat with my seed. I kissed her again and this time, for the first time, there was tenderness in the touch of her lips, there was a satisfied playfulness in the movement of her tongue. I think for the first time since I had met her, Zooey wasn’t in need of anything, she was sated and she was happy.

My cock ached with the raw rubbing her pussy had given it. As it deflated I rolled off of Zooey and onto my back, panting.

“That’s two,” I said, gasping for breath. She hit me playfully in the arm.

Our night was just beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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